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2:1  Alef Lam Meem
2:2  This is the Book that, without doubt, has guidance for those who are mindful of God;
2:3  Who believe in the existence of what is beyond human perception, perform prayers and contribute some of what We have provided to them,
2:4  those who believe in what We revealed to you and what We revealed before you; they are certain of the Hereafter.
2:5  Such people are guided by their Lord and are successful.
2:6  As for the unbelievers, it is all the same whether you warn them or not, they will not believe.
2:7  God has sealed their hearts and their hearing and covered their sight. They will have a terrible punishment.
2:8  Some people say, "We believe in God and in the last day," but they are not believers.
2:9  They try to fool God and the believers, but they fool only themselves and do not even realize it.
2:10  They have a sickness in their hearts, and God has made them even sicker. They will have a painful punishment because of their lies.
2:11  When they are told, "Do not cause corruption in the land," they say, "But we are reformers!"
2:12  They are truly corrupters and do not realize it.
2:13  When they are told, "Believe just like other people have believed," they say, "Will we believe like fools?" They are the fools, but they do not know it.
2:14  If they meet believers, they say, "We have believed." But when they are alone with their devils, they tell them, "We are with you. We were only mocking them."
2:15  God will mock them and will increase their arrogance as they stray.
2:16  They have sold guidance for error, what an unprofitable trade; they have not been guided.
2:17  They are like one who lights a fire, and when it shines around him, God takes away their light and leaves them in darkness, where they are unable to see;
2:18  deaf, dumb, and blind, they will not return [to the path).
2:19  Or, they are like a cloudburst in the sky that has darkness, thunder, and lightning. They put their fingers in their ears because of the lightning bolts, afraid of death. God surrounds those who deny [the truth].
2:20  The lightning almost blinds them. Whenever it shines, they walk by its light. When it is dark, they stand still. If God had willed, he would have taken away their hearing and their sight. God has power over all things.
2:21  People, worship your Lord who created you and those before you, that you may be mindful of God.
2:22  He, who spread out the earth for you and built the sky. He sent rain from the sky, and through it, brought forth fruits as provision for you. So do not knowingly set up rivals for God.
2:23  And if you are in doubt concerning our revelation to our servant, bring a chapter like it, and call your witnesses other than God, if you are telling the truth.
2:24  If you do not do that-and you never will-beware of Hell, whose fuel is people and rocks. It was prepared for the unbelievers.
2:25  Give good news to the believers who do virtuous deeds; they will have Heavenly Gardens with flowing rivers. Every time they are provided fruit from it, they will say, "This is similar to what we were provided before." It appears to them that they are given the same thing. There they will have pure spouses, [and there] they will be eternally.
2:26  God is not reluctant to present a proverb about a mosquito or something bigger. Believers know that it is truth from their Lord, but the unbelievers say, "What does God mean by this?" It is a proverb that misguides many and guides many. It misguides only the defiantly disobedient.
2:27  Those who break God's covenant after it is confirmed and sever what God commanded to be joined and corrupt the earth, they are doomed.
2:28  How can you deny the truth in God when you were dead, and He made you alive? Then He will make you die, then make you alive, and then you will return to Him.
2:29  It is He who created everything on the earth for you, and then turned toward heaven, and He made them seven heavens. He has knowledge of all things.
2:30  When your Lord told the angels, "I will place a steward on earth," they said, "Will you put someone there who will corrupt it and shed blood, while we glorify, praise, and sanctify You?" He said, "I know things you do not know."
2:31  He taught Adam the names of everything, and then showed them to the angels. He said, "Tell me the names of these if you are so sure of yourselves."
2:32  They said, "May You be exalted in your glory! We know nothing except what You have taught us. You are the All-Knowing, the Wise."
2:33  He said, "Adam, tell them their names." When he told them their names, He said, "Did I not tell you that I know the hidden reality of the heavens and the earth, and I know what you show and what you hide."
2:34  When We told the angels, "Bow down to Adam," they all bowed down, except for Iblis, who refused out of arrogance. He was one who rejected the truth.
2:35  We said, "Adam, live with your spouse in the Heavenly Garden, and eat freely whatever you want, but do not come near this tree, or you will be unjust."
2:36  But Satan made them slip and caused them to be expelled from where they were, and We said, "Go down, you will be enemies to one another, and on earth you will have a temporary abode and livelihood."
2:37  Then Adam received word from his Lord, and He accepted his repentance. He alone is the Accepter of Repentance, the Mercy Giver.
2:38  We said, "All of you go down from it [the Garden]. When my guidance comes to you, whoever follows my guidance will not have fear or grieve"
2:39  Those who deny the truth and reject Our revelations are headed for Hell, where they will be eternally.
2:40  Children of Israel, remember my grace which I gave you. Fulfill your promise, and I will fulfill My promise, as I am the One you should revere.
2:41  Believe in My revelation, confirming the revelations that you already have. Do not be the first to deny it, and do not barter away My verses for trivial gain, but be mindful of Me.
2:42  And do not mix truth with error or knowingly hide the truth.
2:43  Perform prayers, and pay the purifying alms, and kneel together with those who are kneeling.
2:44  As you read the Book, do you command others to be virtuous and yet forget yourselves? Don't you comprehend?
2:45  Seek help in endurance and prayers. [Doing this] is a burden, except for the humble,
2:46  who assume they will meet their Lord, and they will return to Him.
2:47  Children of Israel, remember my grace which I gave you. I preferred you above all mankind.
2:48  And beware of a day when no soul can benefit another soul, nor will any intercession be accepted on its behalf, nor will any ransom be accepted from it; nor will they be helped.
2:49  When We rescued you from Pharaoh's people, who subjected you to malicious punishment, slaughtering your sons and sparing only your women, it was a great trial from your Lord.
2:50  When We divided the sea for you, and rescued you and drowned Pharaoh's people as you watched,
2:51  when We appointed for Moses forty nights, then you chose to worship the calf in his absence, and were unjust.
2:52  Afterwards, We pardoned you so that you might give thanks.
2:53  We gave Moses the Book and a standard by which We judge right from wrong, so that you might be guided.
2:54  Then Moses told his people, "My people, you have sinned against yourselves by worshipping the calf, so repent to your Creator and then kill yourselves. That would be better for you in your Creator's sight. Then He turned to you, accepting your repentance. He is always forgiving, the Mercy Giver.
2:55  Then you said, "Moses, we will not believe you until we see God clearly." Thunderbolts overtook you as you watched.
2:56  Then We resurrected you after your death, so that you might give thanks.
2:57  And We provided shade for you with clouds and sent manna and quail down to you [saying], "Eat of the good things We have provided you." They did not cheat Us, but they cheated themselves.
2:58  And when We said, "Enter this village and eat freely whatever you want. But enter the door humbly, and say, 'Relieve us from the burden of our sins.' We will forgive your sins and increase the rewards of those who do good."
2:59  Those who were unjust substituted words other than those given to them, so We sent down a plague from heaven on the unjust for their disobedience.
2:60  When Moses prayed for water for his people, We said, "Strike the rock with your staff," and twelve springs broke forth from it. All people knew their drinking place. Eat and drink from God's provision, and do not act unjustly on earth by spreading corruption.
2:61  When you said, "Moses, we will not put up with just one kind of food. Pray to your Lord for us. Let Him bring us herbs, cucumbers, garlic, lentils, and onions that grow from the earth for us." He said, "Will you trade what is good for what is less? Go down to Egypt. You can have all that you ask." Humiliation and misery struck them, and they incurred the wrath of God because they persistently rejected His messages and killed prophets contrary to all that is right. They were transgressors.
2:62  Truly those believers in this message, as well as the Jews, the Christians, and the Sabeans, whoever believes in God and in the Last Day and does righteous deeds will have their reward from their Lord, and will not have fear, nor will they grieve.
2:63  When We made a covenant with you and raised the mountain over you, [We said], "Hold fast to what We give you, and remember what is in it, so that you may be mindful of God.
2:64  Even after that you turned away. If not for the grace and mercy of God towards you, you would have ended up being lost.
2:65  You know those of you who profane the Sabbath, so We told them, "Be despicable apes."
2:66  We made them a warning for their time and for all times to come and an example for those that are mindful of God.
2:67  When Moses told his people, "God commands you to sacrifice a cow," they said, "Are you making fun of us?" Moses answered, "God forbid that I should be so foolish."
2:68  They said, "Pray to your Lord for us that He would clarify for us which kind." He said, "He says that it is a heifer, neither old, nor virgin, but middle-aged, so do as you are told.
2:69  They said, "Pray to your Lord for us to clarify to us what color she should be." Moses said, "He says it is a yellow heifer, bright yellow-colored, pleasing to look at."
2:70  They said, "Pray to your Lord for us, to clarify which one she is. The heifers look alike to us. If God wills, we will be guided."
2:71  Moses said, "He says it is a cow never yoked to plow the ground, or to water the furrows, whole and without blemish." They said, "Now you have spoken the truth." They almost missed the opportunity to sacrifice it.
2:72  When you [Israelites] killed a person and fought about it, God brought to light what you hid.
2:73  So We said, "Strike the body with parts of the cow in this way, God brings life from death and shows you his signs, so you might comprehend."
2:74  Then, after that, your hearts were hardened. They were as hard as stone or harder. For there are rocks from which streams gush forth, and some from which water flows when they split open, and others which fall down in awe of God. He is not unaware of what you do.
2:75  Do you really hope that they will be true to you when some of them heard God's words, comprehended it and then knowingly altered it?
2:76  When they meet believers, they say, "We believe," and when they are alone by themselves, they say, "Do you tell them what God has disclosed to you so they dispute with you about it before your Lord?" Have you no sense?
2:77  Do they not know that God knows what they conceal and what they reveal?
2:78  Some of them are Gentiles, and know only a little of the Book. They are guessing.
2:79  How terrible it is to those who write the Book with their hands and then say, "This is from God," to sell it for a little money. How terrible it is for them for what their hands have written, and how terrible for them what they have earned.
2:80  They said, "we will spend only a few days in Hell." Have you made a covenant with God that He will not break? Or do you say what you do not know about God?
2:81  Truly, those who do evil and are caught in their sins will be in Hell eternally.
2:82  Those who believe and do good deeds will go to Heaven, where they will remain eternally.
2:83  We made a covenant with the Children of Israel: Worship God alone, be good to your parents, relatives, orphans and the poor. Speak nicely to people, perform prayers and pay the purifying alms. Then all but a few of you turned away as you weren't interested.
2:84  We took your pledge that you don't shed one another's blood or drive one another from your homeland. You acknowledged and witnessed it.
2:85  [Nevertheless], here you are, you kill one another and expel some of your own people from their homeland. You assist each other against your own in sin and hostility. But when they come to you as captives, you ransom them, though it is forbidden for you to expel them. Do you believe in part of the Book but not in the rest? What is the repayment for those of you who do that but humiliation in this world? And, on the day of resurrection, they will be sent to the severest punishment. God is aware of what you do.
2:86  The punishment of those who trade this life for the Hereafter will not be lightened, and they will not be saved.
2:87  We gave Moses the Book, and he was followed by other messengers, and [We] gave Jesus, the son of Mary, all evidence of the truth, and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. Whenever a messenger comes to you with a message you do not like, you become arrogant, calling some of them liars, and murdering some of them.
2:88  They said, "Our hearts are hardened." God has rejected them in their unbelief. How little they believe!
2:89  And when a Book came to them from God confirming what they have, while they were themselves asking for help against the unbelievers, they did not believe the Book. Although they recognized [the truth], they denied it. God rejects the unbelievers.
2:90  They sell their souls for nothing of value, denying what God has revealed out of resentment that God reveals his grace to whomever He will from among his worshipers. They angered God more and more. The unbelievers will have a shameful punishment.
2:91  If they are told, "Believe in what God has revealed," they say, "We believe in what was revealed to us." They do not believe in what came afterward, though it is the Truth confirming what they have already received. Say, "Why then did you murder God's prophets beforehand, if you are believers?"
2:92  Moses came to you with clear signs, but then, when he was away, you chose to worship the calf and were unjust.
2:93  And when We made a covenant with you and raised the mountain above you, saying, "Cling firmly to what we bring you and listen," they said, "We listened and disobeyed." Then, in their unbelief, their hearts were filled with the [worship of the] calf. Say, "It is dreadful what your faith commands you to do, if you are in fact believers."
2:94  Say, "If you have a clear and exclusive title to Heaven, you should long for death, if you are telling the truth."
2:95  They will not wish for it at all because of what their hands have done. God knows the unjust.
2:96  You will discover that they cling to life even more than the idol-worshippers. Any of them would desire to live a thousand years, but none will avoid punishment by living a long time. God sees what they do.
2:97  Say, "Those that are enemies to Gabriel should know that he has brought it [the Qur'an] down to your heart by God's permission, confirming what is already revealed and a guidance and good news to believers.
2:98  For anyone who is an enemy of God, His angels, His Messengers, Gabriel and Michael, God is the enemy of the unbelievers.
2:99  We have revealed clear verses and miracles to you. Only those who defy God would not believe them.
2:100  Whenever they make a covenant, some of them violate it. Most of them do not believe.
2:101  And when a messenger from God comes to them confirming what they have, some recipients of the Book throw God's Book behind their backs as if they knew nothing of it.
2:102  Instead, they followed what the evil ones used to practice during Solomon's reign. Not that Solomon himself was one who denied the truth; it was the evil ones who denied the truth. They taught people witchcraft and what was revealed in Babylon to the two angels Harut and Marut, although these two never taught it to anyone without first declaring, "We are nothing more than a temptation to evil: Do not deny [God's] truth." From these two, they learned what can separate a man from his wife, although they harm no one with it except with God's permission. They learned what harmed them, not what benefited them, knowing full well that whoever acquired [this knowledge] would have no share in the Hereafter. Surely, evil is the [price] for which they sold their souls, if only they realized that.
2:103  If they had believed and been God conscious, God would have rewarded them well, if they only knew it.
2:104  Believers, do not say, "Listen to us," but, rather say, "Have patience and listen to us." Those who reject the truth will have painful punishment.
2:105  Neither those people of the Book who deny the truth, nor the idol worshippers would like anything good to come down to you from your Lord. But God assigns his mercy to whom He wills. God has boundless grace.
2:106  Any verse [from the previous Books] We cause to be abrogated or forgotten; We will replace it with one like it or better. Do you not know that God has power over all things?
2:107  Do you not know that God owns the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth? Besides God, you have no helper or protector.
2:108  Or do you want to ask your Messenger as Moses was asked previously? Whoever exchanges faith for unbelief has strayed from the straight path.
2:109  Even after truth became clear to them, many of the people of the Book, out of their selfish envy, wish they could turn you back to unbelief after you became believers. So forgive and forbear until God makes His will clear. God has power over all things.
2:110  Perform the prayers and give the purifying alms. Whatever good you do here you will find later with God. God discerns what you do.
2:111  They said, "Only Jews and Christians will enter heaven." That is their wishful thinking. Say, "Present your proof if you are telling the truth."
2:112  Rather, whoever turns his face in submission towards God while acting generously have their reward from their Lord, and will neither fear nor grieve.
2:113  The Jews said, "Christians are without valid grounds," and the Christians said, "The Jews are without valid grounds," while they chant the Book. The ignorant speak similarly. God will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning their differences.
2:114  Who could be more unjust than the one who forbids God's name to be mentioned in his places of worship and then tries to get them destroyed? They should be afraid to enter them. They will have shame in this world and terrible punishment in the Hereafter.
2:115  To God belong the East and the West, and His face is wherever you turn. God is Infinite, All-Knowing.
2:116  They said, "God has taken a son." May He be exalted in His glory. All things in the heavens and on the earth belong to Him. All things devoutly obey His will,
2:117  the Originator of the heavens and the earth. If He decrees something, He simply says to it, "Be!" and it is.
2:118  And the ignorant said, "If only God would speak to us or give us a sign." Those before them spoke similarly. Their hearts are similar. We have made signs clear to people who are certain.
2:119  We have sent you with the Truth as a bearer of good news and a warner. You will not be held accountable for those who are going to Hell.
2:120  The Jews and Christians will not be pleased with you until you follow their ways. Say, "God's guidance is the guidance." If you follow their whims, after having received knowledge, you will not have anyone to protect you from God or to help you.
2:121  Those to whom We gave the Book and read it the way it should be read, believe in it, and whoever denies it is doomed.
2:122  O Children of Israel, remember my blessings which I gave you and that I preferred you above all human kind.
2:123  And beware of a day when no soul stands in for another. Ransom will not be accepted, nor will intercession benefit any of them, nor will any be helped.
2:124  When God tested Abram with certain words and he fulfilled them, God said, "I will make you a leader of men." He said, "And [what about] my seed?" God said, "My covenant does not extend to the unjust."
2:125  We made the House a destination and a sanctuary for people, and made the place where Abram stood a place of prayer. We commanded Abram and Ishmael to purify my House for those who walk around it, the devout and those who kneel and bow down.
2:126  When Abram said, "Lord, make this town safe. Provide fruit for its inhabitants who believe in God and the Last Day." God said, "I will let them who deny the truth have pleasure for a short time, and then I will force them into the punishment of Hell, a dreadful destiny."
2:127  When Abram and Ishmael constructed the foundations of the Sanctuary, [they prayed], "May Our Lord, accept this work from us. You hear all and know all.
2:128  Our Lord make us submit ourselves to you, and make from our descendants a nation submissive to You. Show us how to properly worship You and accept our repentance, for You are the One who always accepts our repentance and are the Merciful-to-all.
2:129  May our Lord send them a messenger from among them who recites Your revelations, teaching them the Book and wisdom, and purify them. You are the Almighty, the Wise."
2:130  Who but a fool would abandon Abram's faith? We have chosen him in this world and in the Hereafter; he is righteous.
2:131  When his Lord told him, "Submit," he said, "I have submitted to the Lord of the worlds."
2:132  Abram commanded his sons to do the same as did Jacob, "Sons, your God is One, He has chosen this faith for you, so do not die unless you have submitted to Him."
2:133  Or were you witnesses when Jacob was on his deathbed, when he asked his sons, "What will you worship after I die?" They said, "We will worship your God and the God of your fathers, Abram and Ishmael and Isaac. (He is] one God and we have submitted to Him."
2:134  That nation has passed away. They have what they deserve, and you have what you deserve. You will not be questioned about what they did.
2:135  They said, "Become Jews or Christians, and you will be guided." Say, rather, "We will follow the faith of Abram, who turned away from all that is false, and was not one who ascribed divinity to anything other than God."
2:136  Say, "We believe in God and what was revealed to us and what was revealed to Abram, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the tribes, what was given to Moses and Jesus, and what was given to the prophets from their Lord. We do not distinguish between any of them, and we submit to Him."
2:137  If they believe as you believe, they are guided, but if they turn away, they are in dispute. God will protect you from them, and He hears all and knows all.
2:138  This is God's identifying color, and who is better than God at giving us a color of identity? And it is He whom we worship.
2:139  Say, "Do you argue with us about God, when He is our Lord and your Lord? We have our works and you have your works, and we are sincere towards Him.
2:140  Or do you say that Abram, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the tribes were Jews or Christians?" Say: "Do you know more than God does?" And who is more wicked than the one who conceals a testimony with him from God? God is never unaware of what you do."
2:141  That nation has passed away. It has received what it deserves, and you will receive what you deserve. You are not accountable for what they did.
2:142  Foolish people will say, "What turned them away from their former prayer direction?" Say, "East and West belong to God. He guides whoever wants to be guided to a straight path."
2:143  We have made you a moderate nation, so that you may bear witness to humanity and the Messenger may bear witness to you. We made your former prayer direction only so that we could know who would follow the Messenger and who would turn away from him. This change was too much to bear except for those whom God has guided. God will surely not lose sight of your faith. God is compassionate and Merciful-to-all people.
2:144  We have seen you turning your face towards the heavens, so We will certainly turn a prayer direction for you that will please you. So turn your face toward the Sacred Sanctuary in Mecca, and wherever you are, turn your faces toward it. Those who were given the Book know that it is the truth from their Lord. God is aware of what they do.
2:145  If you brought every revelation to those who were given the Book, they would not follow your prayer direction, and you will not follow their prayer direction, and some of them do not follow the others' prayer direction. If you follow their desires after knowledge has come to you, you will be unjust.
2:146  Those to whom we gave the Book know it as they know their children, but a group of them knowingly hide the truth.
2:147  This is the Truth from your Lord, so do not doubt.
2:148  To every community there is a direction to turn to, so compete to do good deeds wherever you may be. God will bring you all. God has power over all things.
2:149  Wherever you go, turn your face toward the Sacred Sanctuary. This is the Truth from your Lord. God is aware of what you do.
2:150  Wherever you go, turn your face toward the Sacred Sanctuary, and wherever you all are, turn your faces towards it, so that people should have no argument against you. Except for the unjust among them, do not fear them, but fear Me, and I will complete my grace to you, so that you might be guided.
2:151  For this We sent one of your own people as a Messenger reciting Our revelations to you, purifying you, teaching you the Book and wisdom, and teaching you what you didn't know.
2:152  So, remember Me, and I will remember you. Thank Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me.
2:153  Believers, seek help through patience and prayers. God helps those who endure in hard times.
2:154  Do not say that those killed in God's path are dead; they are alive, though you do not realize it.
2:155  We will certainly send you trials of fear, hunger, and the loss of wealth, people and crops, so give good news to the steadfast,
2:156  who say when disaster strikes them, "We belong to God and to Him we will return."
2:157  It is they who have their Lord's grace and mercy, and they are guided.
2:158  Safa and Marwa are among the rites of God. Whoever makes the Pilgrimage to the House, or performs the Umrah must stride between them. Regarding those who voluntarily do good, God is grateful and All-knowing.
2:159  Those who hide evidence of the Truth and the guidance revealed after We made it clear to the people in the Book, those God will reject, and they will be rejected by others,
2:160  except for those who repent and make amends and declare the Truth. I will accept their repentance. I am the Ever-Forgiving, the Merciful-to-all.
2:161  God will reject from His mercy those who denied the truth, who died in their unbelief, and they will be cursed by God, angels and all people.
2:162  They will be there [in Hell) forever, and their punishment will not be lightened, nor will they be relieved.
2:163  Your God is one God. There is no God but Him, the Merciful-to-all, the Mercy Giver.
2:164  The creation of the heavens and the earth, the difference of night and day, the ships that sail the seas to benefit people, the rain God sends to give life to a lifeless earth and to all kinds of creatures that He scattered over it, the directing of the winds and clouds that run a course between heaven and earth, these are all signs to people who comprehend.
2:165  Still, some people equate others to God, and they love them as only God should be loved. Believers, love God more than anything. If the unjust could only see, and they will see when suffering becomes their destiny, that all power is God's and that God is severe in punishment.
2:166  When those who were followed disown their followers, and they all see punishment and are at their wit's end,
2:167  the followers will say, "If only we had another chance, we would disown them just as they have disowned us." Thus God will make them bitterly regret their works. They will not leave Hell.
2:168  People, eat what is permitted and delicious on earth. Do not follow Satan's steps; he is clearly your enemy.
2:169  He commands you to do evil and to behave shamelessly, and to say things about God you do not know.
2:170  If they are told "Follow what God has revealed," they say, "Rather We will follow what we found our fathers doing," even though their fathers did not understand anything and were not guided.
2:171  Unbelievers are like ones who call out to that which hears nothing more than a scream and a cry. They are deaf, dumb, and blind; they do not comprehend.
2:172  Believers, eat the good things we provided you, and thank God, if you are truly worshiping Him.
2:173  He has forbidden you to eat dead animals, blood, pork, and meat offered in any name other than God. If someone is compelled to do so; not driven by desire or excess, he does not sin. God is forgiving and Merciful-to-all.
2:174  Those who hide part of what God has revealed in the Book and barter it away for a small price will consume nothing in their bellies except fire, and God will neither speak to them on the Day of Resurrection nor purify them. They will have painful punishment.
2:175  It is they who accept misguidance in exchange for guidance, and punishment in exchange for forgiveness. yet they have no tolerance for the fire!
2:176  That is because God revealed the Book in Truth and those who differed about the Book are deeply divided.
2:177  Righteousness is not a matter of turning your faces eastward or westward. Rather, righteousness is believing in God and the Last Day and the angels and the Book and the prophets; giving money for the love of Him to relatives, orphans, the poor, stranded travelers, beggars, and to free slaves; performing prayers and paying the purifying alms; keeping promises, and enduring misery and hard times in time of threat. It is they who prove themselves true, and it is they who are mindful of God.
2:178  Believers, just retribution is prescribed in the case of those killed: a free person for a free person, a slave for a slave, a female for a female. But If the aggrieved brother pardons the guilty person, then grant any reasonable demand and pay with kindness. This is a relief and mercy from your Lord. However, if anyone then goes beyond these limits he will have painful punishment.
2:179  You who have understanding, there is life for you [by practicing] just retribution, so that you may continue to be mindful of God.
2:180  If any of you is close to death and leaves possessions, it is an obligation that he includes fairly his parents and relatives in a will. This is a duty for those who are mindful of God.
2:181  But whoever changes the terms after hearing it is a sin on the one who changes it. God hears all and knows all.
2:182  He who is concerned that the person leaving a will is deviating from fairness or sinning and then reconciles them, he does not sin. God is forgiving and Merciful-to-all.
2:183  Believers, God commanded fasting for you just as he commanded it for those who came before you so that you might be mindful of God.
2:184  Fast for a specific number of days, and if someone is sick or traveling, then alternate days. For those who can afford a redemption should feed a poor person. If someone voluntarily does good, it is goodness for him. Fasting is good for you, if you only knew.
2:185  The month of Ramadan is when the Qur'an was revealed, giving guidance to humanity, and clear messages of guidance and a standard for distinguishing right from wrong. Whoever lives to see this month should fast. Whoever is sick or traveling should fast on alternate days. God wants it to be easy for you, not hard, so you can complete the days you missed. So praise God for his guidance to you, and give thanks.
2:186  If My worshipers ask you about Me, I am near, answering the prayer of the one who prays to Me. They should respond to Me and believe in Me in order to be guided.
2:187  Sex with your wives is permitted on the night of a fast. They are clothing to you, and you to them. God knows that you used to betray yourselves, so He turned to you and forgave you. So now, have sex with them, and seek what God has ordained for you. [You may] eat and drink until you can distinguish a white thread from a black one in the dawn, then complete the fast until night. Do not have sex with them while you are secluded in the places of worship. These are God's boundaries. So don't go near them. This is how God shows people His messages so that they would be mindful of Him.
2:188  Do not abuse other people's wealth using wrong means, and do not bribe authorities in order to take possession of other people's wealth knowingly and sinfully.
2:189  They ask you about new moons. Say, "They show times for people and for the Hajj." It is not right to enter houses from the back. Rather, righteousness is to be mindful of God and to enter houses through their front doors. Always be mindful of God, so that you may succeed.
2:190  Fight in God's path against those who fight you, but do not be aggressors, for God does not love aggressors.
2:191  [If they start a fight] kill them wherever you find them, and expel them from wherever they expelled you. For oppression is worse than murder. Do not fight them at the Holy Sanctuary unless they fight you in it. If they fight you, kill them. That is the reward of the unbelievers.
2:192  If they stop, God is forgiving and Merciful-to-all.
2:193  Fight them until there is no more persecution and until all worship is devoted only to God. If they stop, there should be no aggression except toward the unjust.
2:194  Fight back during the sacred month: violation of sanctity [calls for] just retribution. Whoever attacks you, attack them as you were attacked. Be mindful of God, and know that God is with those who are mindful of Him.
2:195  Spend your money in the path of God, and do not contribute to your own destruction, but do good. God loves those who do good.
2:196  Do your Hajj and the Umrah for God. If you are prevented, then send what offerings for sacrifice are possible, and do not shave your heads until the offerings arrive. If one of you is sick or has a head injury, then one can be redeemed by fasting, giving the purifying alms or offering a sacrifice. When you are secure, whoever breaks one's purification between the Umrah until the Hajj should offer whatever sacrifice one can; or, if one cannot, one should fast three days during the Hajj, and then seven when one returns, ten days in all. This [observance] is for those whose families are not present at the Sacred Sanctuary. Be mindful of God, and know that God is severe in punishment.
2:197  The Hajj is in the prescribed months; for him who decides to perform the Hajj, there should be no vulgarity, bad behavior, or argument during the Hajj. God knows the good deeds you do, so do lots of them. And take provision for yourself. The best of all provision is being mindful of God. So be mindful of Me, you who have insights.
2:198  It is not wrong to seek your Lord's blessing. So when you flow down from [Mount] Arafat, remember God at the sacred place. Remember Him as He guided you after you had gone astray.
2:199  Then surge onward with all the others, and ask God's forgiveness. He is forgiving and Merciful-to-all.
2:200  When you have completed your rituals, remember God at least as much as you remember your fathers, or even more. Some people say, "Our Lord, bless us in this world." They have no share in the Hereafter.
2:201  Others say, "Our Lord, give us goodness in this world and goodness in the Hereafter. Protect us from the punishment of Hell."
2:202  Those have the portion of blessings they deserve. God is swift in reckoning judgment.
2:203  Remember God on certain appointed days. Whoever completes the process in two days is not guilty, and whoever stays longer out of minding God will not be guilty. Know that you will be gathered to Him.
2:204  Among the people there is a kind of person whose view of this life pleases you. He even calls God as witness to what is in his heart, yet he is the fiercest of [your] opponents.
2:205  When he leaves you, he goes throughout the land, spreading corruption, destroying crops and animals. God does not like corruption.
2:206  If he is told, "Be mindful of God," arrogance leads him to sin. He is headed to Hell, a dreadful destination.
2:207  Some people give their life away, desiring God's pleasure. God is compassionate to His worshipers.
2:208  Believers, enter wholeheartedly into submission to God, and do not follow the steps of Satan; he is clearly your enemy.
2:209  If you should stumble after clear signs have come to you, be aware that God is Powerful and Wise.
2:210  Are these people waiting to see God and the angels coming to them in a formation of clouds? At that point, the matter would already be over. All matters are referred to God.
2:211  Ask the Children of Israel how many times We brought them clear signs. If anyone alters God's grace after having received it, God is stern in punishment.
2:212  This life has been made attractive to the unbelievers, and they ridicule the believers, but those who are mindful of God will be above them on the Day of Resurrection. God provides bountifully for all He wills.
2:213  Human beings were [once] all one nation. God sent prophets carrying good news and warnings, and with them He sent the Book in Truth to judge between people in matters on which they differ. Yet rivalry between those who received it led them to disagreement, even after having received clear signs. God willingly guided believers to the truth about which they differed. God guides whoever wants to be guided into a straight path
2:214  Or do you think you will enter Heaven without experiencing the trials of those who were before you. They experienced misery, hard times, and they were so shaken that even their messenger and the believers with him cried, "When will God's help arrive?" Truly, God's help is near.
2:215  They ask you [Prophet] what they should contribute. Say, "The possessions you contribute should be for parents, relatives, orphans, the poor, and the stranded traveler." God is fully aware of all the good you do.
2:216  Fighting is ordained for you, even though it repulses you. You may hate something that is good for you, or love something that is evil for you. God knows, but you do not.
2:217  They ask you about fighting during the sacred month. Say, "Fighting in it is a big offense. But turning people away from the path of God, denying Him, preventing access to the Sacred Sanctuary, and expelling its residents is a bigger offense to God because sedition is a bigger offense than murder. They will not stop fighting you as long as there is the possibility of turning you away from your faith. But if any of you denies the faith and dies in a state of unbelief, their deeds will come to nothing in this world and the Hereafter. They will be in Hell, where they will remain forever.
2:218  Those who have believed and journeyed and struggled in God's path, they may hope for God's mercy. God is forgiving and Merciful-to-all.
2:219  They ask you about intoxicants and gambling. Say, "There is great sin in them, and also some benefit for humankind. The sin is greater than the benefit." They ask you what they should contribute. Say, "Whatever you can possibly give." Thus God makes signs clear to you so that you might think about
2:220  this world and the Hereafter. They ask you about orphans, say, "Improving their lot in life is good. If you mingle your affairs with them, [they are] your brethren." God knows the difference between one who corrupts and one who improves things. If God had wanted, He would have made things difficult for you. God is strong and wise.
2:221  Do not marry idolatrous women until they believe; a believing slave woman is better than an idolatrous woman even if she pleases you. And do not give your women in marriage to idolaters until they believe. A believing slave is better than an idolater, even if he pleases you. They [idolaters] invite [you] to Hell, whereas God calls for Heaven and forgiveness by His permission. He makes his signs clear to people so that they may remember.
2:222  They ask you about menstruation. Say, "It is painful, so keep away from women during their menstruation, and do not approach them until they are purified. When they are purified, you may approach them the way God has ordained you." God loves the repentant and the purified.
2:223  Your wives are a field for you, so go into your fields however you want and do beforehand all that is necessary, being fully mindful of God and knowing that you will meet Him. Give good news to the believers.
2:224  Do not use your oaths to God as an excuse for not doing good, being mindful of God, and making peace between people. God hears all and knows all.
2:225  God does not blame you for foolishness in your oaths, but only as your hearts deserve. God is forgiving and gentle.
2:226  To those who swear not to have sexual relations with their wives, there is a waiting period of four months; if they change their minds, God is forgiving and Merciful-to-all.
2:227  If they insist on divorce, God hears all and knows all.
2:228  Divorced women will wait three menstruation periods [before re-marrying], for they are not allowed to hide what God has created in their wombs if they believe in God and the Last Day. Their husbands are entitled to take them back if they want to be reconciled. But, in accordance with justice, the rights of the wives [with regard to their husbands] are equal to the [husbands'] rights with regard to them, although husbands have a degree [of right] over them. God is almighty and wise.
2:229  Divorce is allowed twice, after which keep [your wives] kindly, or dismiss them generously. You [husbands] may not take back anything you have given them unless both of you fear that they may not be able to keep within the limits set by God. It is not then wrong for them if she buys her way out. These are God's limits, do not exceed them. Anyone who exceeds them is unjust.
2:230  If he divorces her [for the third time], she is no longer allowed to remarry him until she marries another husband. Then, if [the latter] divorces her, it is not wrong for them to return [to each other] if they think that they can observe God's limits. These are the bounds set by God, which He makes clear to people who have knowledge.
2:231  If you divorce [your] women, and their waiting term is complete, either take them back kindly or let then go kindly. Do not take them back in order to harm them or to treat them belligerently. Anyone who does that sins against himself. Do not mock God's revelations, but remember God's grace to you and what He revealed to you from the Book and the wisdom through which He exhorts you. Be mindful of God, and know that God knows everything.
2:232  If you divorce women and their waiting term is complete do not prevent them from marrying their new husbands if they come to a fair agreement. This instruction is to all who believe in God and the Last Day. This [way] is the most virtuous and purest for you. God knows, and you do not.
2:233  Mothers should nurse their children for two complete years if they wish to complete the nursing period. Their provision and clothing are, in fairness, the father's responsibility. No soul should be burdened with more than it can possibly bear; neither should a mother be made to suffer because of her child, nor a father because of his child. An heir has similar duties. If both [parents] decide to separate, they will incur no sin. Nor will there be any blame if you decide to employ a wet nurse, provided you ensure the child's safety in a fair manner. But remain mindful of God, and know that God sees all that you do.
2:234  Widows of those who die among you must wait four months and ten days [prior to remarrying]. When they complete their waiting period, you are not to be blamed for what they may choose to do lawfully with themselves. God is aware of what you do.
2:235  You will not be blamed whether you publicly announce that you want to marry these women or decide to keep your proposal to yourself; God knows your intentions to propose to them. Do not make a secret arrangement with them, but speak decently to them, and do not confirm the marriage contract until the prescribed period is finished. And you should know that God knows what is in your soul, so be mindful of Him. Remember that God is most forgiving, most forbearing.
2:236  There is nothing wrong with divorcing your wives before you have touched them or paid them their dowry, but make fair provision for them, the rich according to his means and the poor according to his. This is a duty for those who behave righteously.
2:237  If you divorce them before you touch them, but after you have given them their dowry, then let them have half of it, unless they renounce [their claim], or unless the one making the marriage-tie renounces it. Renouncing [the portion] is closer to being mindful of God. Do not forget the grace that is between you. God sees what you do.
2:238  Always be mindful of prayers and perform the intermediate prayer and stand devoutly before God.
2:239  But If you fear danger, pray [whether you are] walking or riding, and remember God when you are safe again, because it is He Who has taught you what you did not know.
2:240  Those of you who die and leave wives should have a will with a provision giving their widows a year without being driven from their homes. If they leave [on their own], you will not be blamed for what they may reasonably choose to do with their lives. God is strong and wise.
2:241  Divorced women should be provided for adequately. This is an obligation on those who are mindful of God.
2:242  God thus makes his revelations clear to you, so that you might understand.
2:243  Did you not see the thousands who left their homes to avoid death? God told them, "Die." Then he made them alive again. God is gracious to people, but most people do not give thanks.
2:244  Fight in God's path, and know that God hears all and knows all.
2:245  Who will make a good loan to God, which He will repay many times over? It is God who withholds, and it is He Who gives abundantly, and it is to Him you will return.
2:246  Did you not see how, after Moses' time, the leaders of the Children of Israel told one of their prophets, "Raise up a king for us, and we will fight in God's cause"? He said, "If it is God's will for you to fight, would you refuse?" They answered, "Why should we not fight in God's cause when we and our children have been driven from our homelands?" Yet, when they were commanded to fight, all but a few of them turned away. God has full knowledge of the unjust.
2:247  Their prophet told them, "God has chosen Saul as your king." They said, "How can he be our king? We are more deserving of being king than he. He does not have a lot of money." He said, "God has chosen him over you, and has endowed him with knowledge and physical strength. God gives his kingdom to whomever He wills." God is Infinite, All-Knowing.
2:248  Their prophet told them, "The sign of his royal authority is that the Ark of the Covenant will come to you, carried by angels, bearing inner peace from your Lord as well as reminders of the family of Moses and Aaron. If you believe, that is a sign for you."
2:249  When Saul divided the troops, he said, "God will test you at a river. Whoever drinks from it is not with me, and whoever does not taste it is with me, except for those who scoop up a handful." All but a few drank from it. When he and the believers crossed it together, they said, "We do not have any strength against Goliath and his troops today." Those who thought they were about to meet God said, "How often small groups have defeated large groups by God's authority. God is with those who endure."
2:250  When they met Goliath and his troops, they said, "Lord, give us endurance and make our feet firm and save us from the unbelievers."
2:251  So, with God's approval, they defeated them. David killed Goliath, and God gave him the kingdom and wisdom, and taught him what He willed. If God had not driven some back by means of others, the earth would have been corrupted, but God shows grace to people.
2:252  These are God's revelations, which We recite to you [Prophet] in Truth. You are one of the messengers.
2:253  We preferred some of those messengers over others. God spoke to some, and He raised some in degree; We gave Jesus son of Mary clear signs, and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. If God had willed, those after them would not have fought each other after clear evidence of the truth had come to them, but they fought. Some of them believed, and others denied the truth. If God had willed, they would not have fought. But God does whatever He wants.
2:254  Believers, contribute some of what We have provided you before a day comes when there is no bargaining, nor friends, nor intercession. Those who have denied the truth are unjust.
2:255  God is the only god, the Eternal and Self-Sustainer. He neither slumbers nor sleeps. He owns what is in the heavens and the earth. Who is he who intercedes with Him except with His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them. They know nothing of His knowledge except what He wills. The throne of His majesty covers the heavens and the earth, and protecting them does not tire Him. He is Most high and Tremendous.
2:256  There is no compulsion in religion. The difference between guidance and error has been made clear. Whoever rejects false gods and believes in God has grasped a firm, unshakable support. God hears all and knows all
2:257  God protects believers and brings them out of the darkness of ignorance into enlightenment. False gods are the protectors of the unbelievers, bringing them out of enlightenment into the darkness of ignorance. They will be eternally in Hell.
2:258  Have you not considered the one who was given a kingship by God [and] then disputed with Abram about his Lord? Abram said, "My Lord gives life and causes death." He said, "I also give life and death." Abram said, "God brings the sun from the East. So bring it from the West." The disbeliever was dumfounded. God does not guide unjust people.
2:259  Or, [consider] the one who passed by a town which had fallen into ruin. He said, "How can God bring back those who were once alive here after their death?" God made him die for a hundred years, and then resurrected him. He said, "How long have you stayed?" He said, "A day or part of a day." He said, "You stayed for a hundred years. Look at your food and your drink. They have not gone bad. Look at your dead donkey. We will make you a sign for people. Look how We raise the bones, and then cover them with flesh." When he saw it, he said, "I know that God has power over all things."
2:260  Abram said, "My Lord, show me how you give life to the dead." God said, "Have you not believed?" He said, "Yes I have, but assure my heart." God said, "Take four birds, kill them and cut them into pieces. Then put pieces of each on a mountain and call them. They will come quickly to you. Know that God is Strong and Wise."
2:261  Those who contribute their money in God's way are like a seed that sprouts seven heads, in each of which are a hundred grains. God grants such multiple increase to whom He wills. God is Infinite and All-Knowing.
2:262  Those who spend their money in God's way and then do not follow what they spend with reproach or harm will have a reward from their Lord. They will neither fear nor grieve.
2:263  A kind word and forgiveness are better than charity followed by hurt. God is Rich beyond need and Forbearing.
2:264  Believers do not ruin your charitable deeds with reproach and harm like one who does not believe in God or the Last Day and contributes his money so people will see him. He is like a rock with dirt on it that was rained upon heavily and became hard and bare. Such people can do nothing with what they earned. God does not guide disbelieving people.
2:265  Those who spend their money seeking God's pleasure and as an affirmation of their own faith are like a garden on a hill when heavy rain falls on it-it doubles its produce-and if heavy rain does not fall, there is dew. God sees what you do.
2:266  Do any of you want to have a garden with date palms and vineyards, with flowing rivers , having every kind of fruit, to then be overtaken by old age, with only weak children, and then a fiery whirlwind strikes it and burns it up? Thus God shows you signs so that you may contemplate.
2:267  Believers, contribute some of the good things You have earned, and of what We have produced for you from the earth. Do not choose the worst of it to give in charity that you yourself would be reluctant to accept. Know that God is Rich beyond need and Praiseworthy.
2:268  Satan promises you poverty and orders you to commit immoral acts. God promises you His forgiveness and esteem. God is Infinite, All-Knowing.
2:269  He gives wisdom to whom He chooses, and whoever is given wisdom is blessed abundantly. But only insightful people bear this in mind.
2:270  God knows what you contribute or what you vow. The unjust have no one to save them.
2:271  If you give charity visibly, it is good. But if you hide it while giving to the poor, it is better for you, and He will atone for some of your sins. God is well aware of what you do.
2:272  It is not for you to guide them. God guides whomever He wills. What charity you give benefits you when you contribute only to please God. Your contributions will be paid back to you, and you will not be cheated.
2:273  Give to the poor who are wholly committed to the path of God and who are unable to travel in the land. The unaware considers them rich because of their self-restraint. You will recognize them by their character traits. They are not always asking people to help them. God knows what you contribute.
2:274  All those who contribute their money at night or during the day, both secretly and publicly, will receive a reward from their Lord. They will not be afraid, nor will they grieve.
2:275  Those who profit from usury will rise up on the Day of Resurrection like someone tormented by Satan's touch because they say, "Selling is like usury, but God allowed selling and forbade usury." So whoever stops when receiving his Lord's good advice may keep what was previously his, and his matter is with God. Those who return to [usury] will eternally be in Hell.
2:276  God condemns usury, while He blesses and multiplies charitable transactions. God does not love any sinful person who denies the truth.
2:277  Those who believe and do righteous deeds and perform their prayers and give the purifying alms have their reward from their Lord, and they will not fear or grieve.
2:278  Believers, always be aware of God, and quit what remains of usury, if you are believers.
2:279  If you do not, then be warned of a war from God and his Messenger; and if you repent, you may have your original capital. Wrong not, and you will not be wronged.
2:280  However, if the borrower has financial difficulties, then defer payment until circumstances are better, and it would be for your own good, if you fully understood, to forgive the entire loan.
2:281  Beware of a day when you are returned to God and every soul will be paid in full for what it has earned, and none will be wronged.
2:282  Believers, if you become indebted to each other for a stated term, put it in writing. Let a legal clerk draw it up between you. The clerk should not refuse to write as God has taught him. The one who owes should dictate and always be mindful of God, his Lord. No amount should be withheld from him. If the one who owes is foolish, weak, or unable to dictate himself, let his legal guardian dictate and have it witnessed by two men, or, if there are not two, by one man and two women whom you approve as witnesses. If one of [the women] forgets, the other will remind her. Witnesses should not refuse when they are called upon. Do not think it unimportant to write it down, whether a small or large amount, along with its specified terms. That is more equitable to God, more reliable for testimony, and more likely to preclude doubt, except when it is a current business [that] you manage among yourselves. [In that case], not writing it down is not wrong. Always have witnesses present whenever you trade with one another, and do not let any harm be done to either the legal clerk or witnesses. If you do, you will be sinning. Be mindful of God, and God will teach you. God knows everything.
2:283  If you are on a trip and do not find a scribe, then an earnest payment should be paid. If you entrust things to each other, the one to whom it was entrusted should fulfill his pledge. He should be mindful of God, his Lord. Do not hide the testimony. Whoever hides it has a guilty heart. God knows what you do.
2:284  To God belongs what is in the heavens and the earth. Whether you reveal what is in your hearts or if you hide it, God will call you to account for it. He forgives whom he wills and punishes whom He wills. God has power over all things.
2:285  The Messenger believes in what was revealed to him by his Lord, as do the believers; they all believe in God, His angels, His Books and His Messengers. We do not distinguish between any of His Messengers. They said, "We have heard and obeyed. Our Lord, [we seek] Your forgiveness. To You is [our] destiny."
2:286  God does not burden a soul more than it can bear. It has [the good] it has earned, and [the evil] it has incurred. Our Lord, do not blame us if we forget or err. Our Lord, do not make us bear a burden like those before us. Our Lord, do not make us bear what We have no strength to bear. Pardon us, forgive us, and have mercy on us. You are our Master, so help us against the people who deny the truth.