ISLAMAWAKENED has improved our Qur'an pages format; you should see better ease-of-use.

We have also improved the way translations are categorized. This includes the ability to include a given translation under more than one category. For example the new top category gives readers a quick view of the most commonly cited translations - but without removing them from their regular category further down the page.

Other changes you may notice...

  • The zoom magnifying-glass icon is gone, you now get to the entire surah (chapter) as rendered in that translation simply by clicking on one verse. Or click the Translation name for those details.clickVerse.png
  • Once on a surah page, clicking on the verse-number on the left takes you to the multiple translation page for that verse. 
  • Copy is NOT gone!  On a verse page, start your copy to the left of a verse/rendition border...




  • The word-for-word pages will be updated soon.
  • The non-English translations after that.