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  1. A Fund to Support the Muslim American Community, Inside and Out  The New York Times

    The founders of the Pillars Fund seek to strengthen a network of Muslim support groups while countering negative perceptions and stereotypes.

  2. Chicagoland Catholics and Muslims share their perspective in Ramadan dinner  Chicago Daily Herald

    Catholic and Muslims gathered in the Islamic Foundation Villa Park, for an Iftar, the fast-breaking meal after sunset during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

  3. How One Non-Muslim Is Working To Make Restaurants More Inclusive During Ramadan  WAMU 88.5

    "There is obviously a religious aspect to this, in that we're talking about Ramadan and an Islamic holiday. But really, this is about capitalism," says Katherine...

  4. Charity is not just for Ramadan – even ‘positive’ media portrayals of Muslims are becoming a problem  The Independent

    Ramadan is here and Muslims all over the world are embarking on holy month. During Ramadan, Muslims are expected to fast from sunrise to sunset and it's...

  5. Jewish-Muslim Legal Team Makes Peaceful Waves In New York  Forward

    Judge Noach Dear, an Orthodox Jew, and his court attorney Deema Azizi, a Syrian Muslim refugee, have been working together for two years.

  6. These 4 KC Women Boost Positive Portrayals of Muslim Women  Flatland

    Flatland sat down with four women to talk about the Muslim, women leaders they look up to.

  7. During Ramadan, virtual spaces help stave off the loneliness for some Muslims  Religion News Service

    (RNS) – For most Muslims, Ramadan is a month filled with community and fellowship: waking up together to eat before dawn, sharing communal iftar meals to...

  8. India Election Gives Modi a 2nd Term. Here Are 5 Takeaways.  The New York Times

    After hundreds of millions of Indians cast ballots across megacities, mountains and islands, Prime Minister Narendra Modi won the biggest re-election India has...

  9. Artist defends controversial mural of New Zealand prime minister embracing Muslim woman  Art Newspaper

    A large-scale image of New Zealand's prime minister Jacinda Ardern embracing a Muslim woman unveiled in Melbourne earlier this week has sparked...

  10. Survey finds Jewish Americans hold the most positive view of Muslims  TRT World

    Study by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding found that 53 percent of Jews in the US held Muslims in a positive light, compared to just 20 percent of...