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  1. Muslim Women Are Finally Talking Frankly About Sex & It's Long Overdue  Refinery29

    In this collection of essays, Muslim women talk frankly and on their own terms, showing that they're so much more than the clothes they wear.

  2. Saudi crown prince in China on latest stop of Asian tour  Seymour Tribune

    Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is in China on the latest stop of a sweep through Asia aiming to expand the kingdom's influence on the continent.

  3. Ibtihaj Muhammad Has A Calling  Forbes

    The first Muslim-American woman to earn an Olympic medal, winning a bronze in fencing at the 2016 Games in Rio, talks to UNICEF USA about her recent trip to...

  4. As a 15-year-old British Muslim girl, I know how easily Shamima Begum would’ve been misled  The Independent

    I am a 15-year-old British Muslim girl around the same age of Shamima Begum when she joined Isis. Whilst I could never contemplate doing what she did, I can...

  5. Beijing welcomes Muslim autonomy law  Global Times

    China welcomed the ratification of the new expanded Muslim autonomy law in the Philippines, which marks an important step toward the country's peace...

  6. Beautiful Muslim girl names with meanings

    Muslim girl names form a significant portion of names in the world today, notably so, because, Islam is a widely recognized religion with a great number of...

  7. Wary of Xinjiang Backlash, China Invites Waves of Diplomats to Visit  U.S. News & World Report

    BEIJING (Reuters) - China is stepping up its diplomatic outreach over controversial camps in its heavily Muslim region of Xinjiang, inviting more foreign...

  8. Women who wear Muslim garments in court are viewed as more credible witnesses  Phys.Org

    Sexual assault victims wearing the hijab or niqab are viewed more positively when testifying in court than uncovered women reveals a study.

  9. Religion vs. Free Speech  The Jewish Press -

    {Originally posted to the Gatestone Institute website}. Speaking and writing about Islam today requires discretion, sensitivity, and a good grasp of facts.

  10. UI alumna turns oral histories of Muslims in Iowa City into a play  UI The Daily Iowan

    Thirty-five years ago, a Sudanese political leader was charged with renouncing the religious beliefs of Islam, convicted, and sentenced to death, causing nearly...