At IslamAwakened we have some experience shopping for pork-free products.
(Pork and pork byproducts are included in many items under obscure names.)

Under this heading we will be including items we have verified.
Expect it to grow as time permits.

Vitamins and Supplements Article Count:  3

Look at your vitamin jar... do the ingredients include "gelatin"?

This is almost certainly pork-based.

Does it say "suitable for vegetarians"?  

Excellent - this almost certain to be a halal suplement.

Halal Meats Article Count:  1

Did you know that not all "bacon" is pork?
Many companies now make turkey or beef based breakfast meats.
Here are some good ones.

Hygiene Items Article Count:  0

Some of the most common products in the west are made from products that are NOT halal.

We already seen that the 'gel caps' of many vitamins are pork-based,
sadly this is also true for other products.

Here we list som goods we have researched, as well as personal cleaning items.

Apparel Article Count:  0