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2:1  ALM
2:2  This book [which in its entirety is <u>the</u> word of God] without any doubt, is the guidance for Godfearing people
2:3  [God fearing people are] Those Who believe in the existence of the unseen [beings and phenomena that man can not perceive with his senses such as microbes, atoms, angles, etc.], worship God [five times a day as established by Islamic laws] and give to charity a part of their income/ provisions [which God has provided for them at first place.]
2:4  The above mentioned people are those who believe in this book (Qur’an) that I (God) have revealed to you (Mohammad) as well as the (original) Books that I had revealed to the prophets before you [which do not exist any more as they have been tampered with or partially/ totally lost] and firmly believe in the (existence of) Hereafter
2:5  The above mentioned people are on the right course (as shown by God) and are [”the real”] successful ones
2:6  As far as the disbelievers are concerned, in spite of your (Mohammad’s) warning, they do not care at all and they will never believe [in submission to the will of God.]
2:7  (In account of their disobedience and disbelief) God seals their minds, their hearing and their eyes and they will be subject to a great punishment
2:8  There are (a third group of people known as hypocrites) who (verbally and not from the bottom of their hearts) proclaim that they believe in God and the day of judgment; but they are not true believers
2:9  They (hypocrites) think that by a simple declaration (of submitting themselves to the will of God) they can deceive God and the believers; in fact they do not deceive anyone but themselves and simply do not get it
2:10  These hypocrites have a disease in their hearts and [as they are not looking for a cure] God intensifies their disease and there is painful doom for them in store in account of their lies (attitude.
2:11  And when they are told, “Do not to make mischief on the earth,” they reply: “[Our actions are meant with the best intentions]/ we are indeed the righteous ones.”
2:12  The fact of the matter is: they are corrupt, but they do not realize it
2:13  And when they are told: “Believe as the people believe”, they say : “You are asking us to believe like those fools?” In fact it is they who are fools, but they do not realize it
2:14  And when they meet the believers, they say: “We believe,” but when they get together with their devil peers, they say: “We are indeed with you; we were just kidding.”
2:15  God will pay them back their mockery and let them wonder like blinds (for a while.
2:16  These hypocrites buy the “darkness” paying the “light for it”; what a bargain! They have indeed lost the right path and God will not give them any guidance at all
2:17  Their case may be compared to the case of those who started a fire in the darkness. As soon as they started to see around themselves, God [in account of their mockery] took their light away and left them in absolute darkness; unable to see
2:18  Now they are deaf, dumb, blind and without guidance; naturally they can not find their way back to the right path
2:19  Their case may also be compared to the case of the people caught up in a frightening thunder storm. Whenever they see/ hear a thunder, their only reaction to overcome the fear of death is to put their fingers in their ears! Indeed unbelievers are overpowered by God
2:20  The lightening makes them almost blind but provides them with a few second of insight so that they take a few steps forward. If God decides to deprive them even of this favor (a few second of light), he can make them completely deaf and blind as he is capable of doing anything that he wishes
2:21  O mankind, worship no one but your Lord. The one who created you and people who lived before you; so that you may become righteous and get salvation
2:22  Lord is the one who has made the earth habitable for you. He has created the sky as a canopy [a thin ozone layer covering the earth’s atmosphere like a canopy, without which we all die almost immediately]. He sends down from the sky water which causes the vegetations to grow [and create a food chain] as your provision. Do not then set up idols [in different forms and shapes] to rival God while you know that he is the only creator
2:23  And if you have any (sincere) doubt about the source of this book that I (God) have revealed to My servant (Mohammad), I challenge you to get together with whoever you wish and do your best to compose a chapter like one of the chapters of Qur’a
2:24  But if you fail—and there is no doubt that you will fail--, then beware of the Hell fire which is being fueled by (guilty) men and burning stones prepared for the unbelievers
2:25  And give good news to those who believe and do good deeds that they will live in gardens in which rivers flow. Anytime they are served with fruits (and other provisions), they will say: “These are similar [though superior in quality] to what God was providing for us in earth”. The believers will have pure spouses and live in paradise forever
2:26  God is definitely not ashamed to refer to a tiny mosquito—or a bigger creature of his own—as an example to make a point. The believers get the message from the example; the unbelievers (on the other hand) will say: “What does God mean by these stupid examples?” Many are misled and many are lead by these examples to the right path; only the wicked ones are misled [as they do not get the message in account of their attitude.]
2:27  Those who break a covenant that they have made with God, break apart what God has ordered to be joined and commit evil on earth, they are the losers
2:28  How can you reject the faith in God, knowing that you were dead and he brought you to life? Then He puts you to death and then He brings you back to life; and again to Him ultimately you will return
2:29  God is the one Who created for you everything on earth. Then He directed His attention to the heaven and perfected seven universes therein; and He is fully aware of everything
2:30  Your Lord said to the angles: “I am going to place man as my representative on earth.” They said: “Will you place on earth the one who will make mischief and shed blood? You know that we sing Your praises and glorify You [would you kindly explain the rational behind this decision of yours?]
2:31  [Once God created Adam, in order to answer the Angles’ question,] He taught Adam every possible subject and then asked questions about those subjects from the angles [making his points that in spite of the man’s shortcoming, he is given a higher level of learning capacity than the angles (who do not shed blood or make mischief) do not possess]
2:32  The angles replied: “Glory being worthy of You, we do not know nothing more than what You have taught us. You are the one who knows everything and You are the Wise.”
2:33  Then God said: “ O Adam, answer the questions that I asked the angles”. When Adam answered those questions, God said: “Did I not tell you That I know the secrets of heaven and earth as well as what you disclose and what you hide.” [Do you now realize why I want to put such a mischief making creature as my representative on earth in spite of all his shortcomings?]
2:34  And I (God) said to the angles: “Fall prostrate before Adam,” which they did except Satan who refused; he was too arrogant of a disobedient
2:35  Then God said: “O Adam, live with your wife in Paradise and eat freely every fruit and enjoy every provision but do not approach this given tree (as a test of your obedience.”
2:36  But [as it was expected] Adam and Eve fell prey to Satan’s temptation and [lost their as they disobeyed God and thus committed the first sin of the human being.] Then God said: “Go down to earth as enemies [a curse and punishment for disobedience.] You will stay there for a while with an appointed provision.”
2:37  [Out of mercy] Adam received from his Lord some words of supplication. [Once he returned to his Lord with those words of supplication,] God forgave Adam as He is the most forgiving and merciful
2:38  Then I (God) said: “Get out all of you from the paradise. There will come guidance to you from me. Those who follow my guidance, will have no fear and no grief
2:39  “But those who disbelieve and reject My revelations, they will be dwellers of Hell living therein forever.”
2:40  O’ Children of Israel! Remember how I showered you with My blessings; then fulfill your part of our covenant, that I fulfill My part of it, and respect none with awe but Me
2:41  Believe in what I have revealed in Qur’an which confirms the Divine source of your own Scriptures. Do not be the first who reject Qur’anic revelations. Do not trade away my revelations for small profits and be at awe with none but Me
2:42  And do not mix up the truth with lies; nor hide the truth knowingly
2:43  Worship Me on regular basis, devote a part of your income to charity, and join those who worship Me by bowing down before me
2:44  How is that you invite others to follow the Right path, while forgetting to follow it yourself? And this (hypocrisy) in spite of the fact that you read the Scriptures in which you are ordered to practice the righteousness! [Why are not you consistent?]
2:45  God’s help and salvation is achieved through patience and worship. They are surely difficult tasks but not for those who respect God with an awe
2:46  The latter are those who firmly believe that at last they will meet with their Lord and that eventually they will return to Him
2:47  O’ Children of Israel, remember how I showered you with my blessings and appointed you above all the peoples of the world
2:48  Beware of the day that no one can be of help to anyone else, no intercession will be accepted, no ransom can be paid for the guilty one nor is any help available
2:49  And remember that We saved you from the slavery of Pharaoh’s people who subjected you to the worse persecution. They were killing your sons; sparing your daughters (for their pleasures.) That persecution was the most difficult test imposed upon you by your Lord [so that you may learn valuable lessons through hardship.]
2:50  And remember that we saved you by opening the (red) sea and let you pass safely through it while we drowned Pharaoh’s army [who were charging after you] before your very own eyes
2:51  Also remember the shameful incidence of the time that you took advantage of days’ absence of Moses [while Torah was being revealed to him in Mat. Sinai] and started to worship the statue of a cow as your creator! How unjust of you
2:52  In spite of committing such a shameful sin I [God] forgave you so that you may become thankful
2:53  Also remember My favor to you as I gave Moses Scripture and the Criterion [to distinguish between right and wrong] so that you may be guided [to the right path]
2:54  Also remember that when Moses [returned from Mt. Sinai] said to his people: “O my people, you have betrayed your souls by worshiping the statue of a cow. Ask your Creator to forgive you and slay the guilty ones among you.” Then God forgave you as He is the one Who accepts repentance and is the most merciful
2:55  Then [having an argumentative attitude] you said: “You know Moses’ we will not believe you unless God directly appears and talk to us!” At that very moment a thunderbolt struck you all and you died
2:56  Then I [God] brought you back to life so that you might become grateful for this favor
2:57  Remember also when we sent the cloud to cast shadow over you and fed you with <i>manna</i> [falling on the ground like dew-drops] and <i>salva</i> [flying in thousands like quails], saying: “Eat of these clean and pure provisions.” All their rebellions did not hurt Us but harmed their own souls
2:58  Remember also when I said: “[Fight with the unjust habitants of Jerusalem, conquer and] Enter into the town [Jerusalem] where you will find as many provisions as you want. Enter the gate (of the town) bowing down with humility invoking God’s name and granting general amnesty (to the inhabitants after the conquest.) Then I will forgive your sins and reward you generously .” [They replied: “Moses, you and your God go fight for us and once you conquer the town we will join you!]&rdquo
2:59  But the unjust among them did not obey God’s commands. Due to their disobedience, We sent down upon them a sever punishment from the sky
2:60  I (God) would like to remind you of the occasion when Moses prayed for water for his (thirsty) people. I answered his prayer saying: “Strike the rock with your staff.” Then springs gushed from the rock; the people of every tribe knew their drinking place.” [Then God said:] “Eat and drink of what God has provided for you and do no evil nor mischief on the earth
2:61  Remember [instead of being grateful for receiving <i>mann</i> and <i>salva</i> from heaven] you grumbled: “O Moses, we can not stand this monotonous food ask “your” Lord to give us a variety of earthly 11crops such herbs, cucumbers, garlic, lentils, onions [etc]. Moses said: “Do you wish to substitute the worse for the best? Then follow the order of God and go conquer the town [Jerusalem] wherein God will give you whatever you want. [In account of this ungrateful attitude], little by little, God sent upon them his wrath, humiliation and misery. That was the consequence of their disobedience, rejecting God’s revelations and killing God’s Messengers for no good reason
2:62  [God’s wrath is sent upon unjust people.] Rest assured that any Muslim, Jew, Christian or Sabean who believes in God, the Day of Judgment, and does good things will not have fear, grief or sorrow
2:63  [O’ Children of Israel;] I would like to remind you more: When I raised Mt. Sinai on top of your head and (while you were at awe) you promised Me that you will carry my order: “Hold up to the book that I have revealed to you and make it a part of your daily life and refer to it frequently” so that you may become successful
2:64  After that [and in spite of such an impress event] you broke your promise! Nevertheless, I did not deprive you of My grace and mercy. Had I done so, you would have certainly been included among the losers
2:65  You know well how some of you disobeyed God’s Sabbatical law (Exodus,12-17); I told them: “Be apes, resented by all.”
2:66  In this manner, I made them an example for God respecting people of their time, as well as for the generations to com
2:67  [In another incident,] Moses asked his people to [follow the order of God and to] sacrifice a cow [to put its flesh upon a slaughtered man to bring him to life so that he introduce his killer]. Their response was: “You are kidding!” Moses said: “I seek refuge in God from these ignorant people.”
2:68  They [jokingly] said: “Ask <u>your</u> Lord what kind of cow it should be.” Moses responded: “God says that a middle aged cow is good enough. Now that you have your response, follow the Lord’s order.”
2:69  They [continued sporting and] said: “Ask <u>your</u> Lord about its color.” Moses said: “God says that it should be a bright and jazzy yellow colored cow .”
2:70  They [continued their jokes and] said: “Ask <u>your</u> Lord to be more specific as there are so many cows with these characteristics! then <u>God willing</u>, we will find it.”
2:71  Moses said: “God says that this cow has never been used for plowing the land or watering the crops; an absolutely healthy cow.” Finally they [realized that they are playing with the fire and] said: “Now we know exactly which cow it is.” Then they sacrificed the cow though still not convinced
2:72  Remember when you killed a person and then started to accuse each other. It was the will of God to reveal what you were trying to hide
2:73  I ordered to strike [the victim’s corps] with the flesh of the sacrificed cow. Thus God performed another miracle by bringing a dead person to life so that you may realize [His power and that the resurrection is a fact.]
2:74  In spite of seeing all these miracles [with your own eyes], your heart became as hard as a rock. Your heart became even harder than a rock; after all, there are rocks that are pierced by water and become the source of a spring, being split so that a river pass through and even melt down when they feel the presence of the Lord. Know that [such awesome] God is not unaware of what you are doing
2:75  How do you expect these people to join you in belief? These are the same people who listened to the revelations of God, got the message and then, some of them, knowingly altered the words of God [to fit their purposes.]
2:76  When they (Jews) meet with the believers they say: “We believe [in what you believe.]” When they get together in private, they say: “Do you not have any sense when you reveal to them what Got has revealed to us? They may present the same proofs against us in front of God.”
2:77  Do they not realize that God is fully aware of what they hide and what they reveal
2:78  Then some of them, who are illiterate and have not studied the Scriptures, rely upon false rumors and fabrications [thinking that what they say is written in the Scriptures.]
2:79  Shame and pity on the learned ones of them who fabricate some verses and then say: “These are the words of God.” They do so in order to make some money. They do not realize that they are digging their own grave with those hands [who fabricate lies against the Lord] and that what their earnings in this manner will lead to their ruins
2:80  They say: “If the Fire of Hell has to touch us, it will be for a short period of time!” Ask them: “Has God promised this to you? God never breaks His promise.” Know that their sayings are baseless
2:81  Indeed the one who commits sins and is surrounded by wrongdoings will find himself in the Hell and has to stay there forever
2:82  Those who believe and do good deeds, will end up in the heaven and live there forever
2:83  I (God) took a pledge from (you) the children of Israel to worship none but God, be good to your parents, near ones, the orphans and the poor, say good words to people, worship God on regular basis and be charitable. However, except a few, most of you broke your promises and became rebellious
2:84  I also took a solemn pledge from you that you should not shed your own people’s blood and deport each other from their land. You promised and bore witness
2:85  Now here you are: killing each other, driving your own brothers out of their homes and gang up against each other. Even if the other side surrenders, you demand ransom for them in spite of the fact that the aggression against them was wrong at first place. You believe in a part of your book and disregard the other! What other punishment such people deserve except a miserable life in this world and a sever punishment in Hereafter. God is not unaware of what you do
2:86  These are the people who have sold their [everlasting] Hereafter for [a small price of a few day of] this world. I will certainly not reduce their sentence and they will not find anyone to help them
2:87  I gave the Scriptures to Moses and send many prophets after him. I strengthened [the position of] Jesus, son of Mary [the last prophet sent to the Jews] by many miracles and supported him with the Holy Spirit. What a shame that when a prophet came to you, and relayed those Messages of Mine that you did not like, you showed arrogance; some of them you denied and some of them you killed
2:88  They say: “Our minds are made up (and nothing can change our beliefs.) The fact of the matter is they are cursed by God [in account of their disbelief] and only a few will [be blessed with the faculty of accepting the belief and] believe
2:89  Now that God has sent them this Book, which confirms their Scriptures, they deny it! Are these not the same people who were praying for a mean of victory over the disbelievers? Yet when it was sent to them, they recognized it and chose to disbelieve in it! The disbelievers are cursed by God
2:90  What a shame when someone decides to sell his own soul by choosing to disbelieve in the guidance sent by God; and what for? That God has [not revealed it to whom they wished and that He has] revealed it to the one that He has chosen out of His Grace! In this way they have earned curse upon curse and there is an awful punishment in reserve for the disbelievers
2:91  When they are told: “Believe in what God has sent to you,” they reply: “We [choose to] believe only in what is revealed to us (the prophets of our own race) and deny any [additional] revelations.” This in spite of the fact that it is the truth; confirming what is with them. If it is so, ask them: “Then how come you killed the prophets of God who were chosen from among yourselves, if you consider yourselves as believers?”
2:92  Moses came with such undeniable miracles (such as splitting the sea that you witnessed yourselves); then you chose to worship a cow! How unjust of you
2:93  I took a solemn pledge from you while raising the Mount Sinai over your heads: “Follow my revelations to the point and be obedient.” They promised to believe but they rebelled. They were such phonies that they worshipped a cow! Tell them (O Mohammad): “If yours is belief, it is indeed a strange belief that makes you to do such evil things.”
2:94  Tell them [the Jews]: “If you sincerely believe that the Paradise of God is reserved only for you (who claim to be the chosen people), then ask for death (so that you go directly to the Paradise and get rid of this miserable earthly life.)”
2:95  But they will never make such a prayer as they are well aware of their disobediences. God is well aware of what the evil doers are up to
2:96  You (Mohammad) will find them (the Jews), of all the people, the most in love with this worldly life. They are in love with this world even more than the idol worshippers are in love with. They all wish to be given a thousand years life. [What they do not realize is that] Even if their wish is granted, they can not escape the punishment of God as He observes what they are doing
2:97  Say: “Anyone who resents (makes fun of) Angel Gabriel should know that [this high ranked Angel has a unique position as] he is commissioned to reveal the words of God (Qur’an) to you. Qur’an confirms the (original) Scriptures, provides guidance and gives you the good news [of the continuation of life after death in Paradise] for the believers
2:98  Those who show animosity toward God, His messengers, His Angels [in general] and Angel Gabriel and Angel Michael should know that God is their enemy
2:99  Indeed I (God) have revealed to you the most convincing verses. Only the low lives will oppose My revelations
2:100  It is amazing how, after having made a pledge (with God), most of them disregard it. [This clearly indicated that] Most of them are disbelievers [although they pretend to be the believers.]
2:101  Now that a Messenger of God has come to them, who confirms what is with them (the original Scriptures), a group of the people of the Scriptures (Jews and Christians) choose to deny him. By doing so, they deny their own Scripture
2:102  These are the same people who used to practice black magic. The Satan had convinced them that the greatness of the Solomon’s kingdom was due to such practices! Solomon, in fact, was never involved in these types of activities as he was a believer. The Satan’s army [who practiced such things], however, belonged to the camp of the disbelievers. The tatters were enchanted by the knowledge of the two Angels known as Haroot and Maroot who were sent to the Babylon. These two, however, would always teach the art of the black magic with the following warning: “The possession of this trial is only meant for your trial (to see how you will use it.)” People, instead, used their knowledge to cast a spell between husbands and wives leading to their separation. The sorcerers, naturally, could not harm anyone without the permission of God [some miseries in life is meant by God to make man stronger.] What they learned, however, did not profit them. Besides, they knew well [before selling their souls to Satan] that the sorcery will ruin their Hereafter. If they knew what price they are paying for their fascination with magic
2:103  Had they believed in God and adapted a God pleasing way of life, they would have received much better reward from the Lord. If they only knew it
2:104  O’ believers, do not call the Prophet by the names which may be misinterpreted. Know that the disbelievers have to face an awful punishment
2:105  The idol worshippers, as well as the Christians and the Jews alike, resent (among other things, out of jealousy) to see that something good (Qur’an) is being sent to you (and not to them) from the Lord. The choice, however, is the Lord’s; He is the One Who decides to shed his grace upon whoever He chooses (naturally based upon the merit of the recipient.
2:106  If God abolish an existing law of His [perhaps in account of not serving the time and purpose any more], He will replace it with another one which is more appropriate for you. Do you not know that God has control over everything [and may change His own laws at will]
2:107  Do you not know that the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs to the Lord and you do not have any master or helper beside Him
2:108  Why do you argue with your Prophet [instead of just obeying the Lord’s orders] the same way that Moses was being disputed (the best example being the incident of sacrificing a caw which this chapter is named after) in his time.? The believers who follow the disbelievers’ tradition, will end up in the wrong path
2:109  Many followers of the Scriptures (out of envy) want to turn you (Mohammad) back to the disbelief (by involving you in lengthy discussions, arguments and disputes), in spite of the fact that they know well how truthful you are. You should be patient with them and forgive them and leave them to God for judging them in an appropriate time. Know that God is capable of doing everything
2:110  Worship God on regular basis and engage in charity. You will find your good deeds being recorded by God for a reward in Hereafter. God is watching over whatever you do
2:111  They (the followers of the Scriptures) say: “Only the Jews and Christians will enter Paradise.” They simply dream on. Ask them: “On what basis do you make such a statement? Show us your proof, if you are truthful.”
2:112  The fact of the matter is, whoever sincerely submits himself to the will of God and leads a righteous life will end up in Paradise. Such a person neither fears nor grieves (for the loss of their life in vain.
2:113  The Jews say: “The Christians do not know the truth.” The Christians say: “The Jews do not know the truth.” [The funny thing is that] both of them read the [same] Scripture. The others, too, make similar claims. All these dispute will be solved in the Day of Judgment when the Lord points them where they were wrong
2:114  Who is more unjust that those (the idol worshippers of Mecca) who prevent the believers to mention the name of God in places devoted to His worship (like in Mecca which is built by Abraham for the purpose of worshipping the Lord.) such people do not deserve to enter there. If they enter there at all, they should not feel safe. There is nothing but misery for them in this world and an awful punishment is waiting for them in the Hereafter
2:115  East or West, all belongs to God. No matter where you turn your face, God is there (therefore do not engage in a dispute about why Mecca is appointed as the direction of prayer.) Know that God is present every where and is the most knowledgeable (so obey Him and say your prayers toward the oldest place designated to the worship of God, i.e. Mecca.
2:116  They say: “God has adopted a son.” Shame on them. God is above such things. As a matter of fact, everything in the heavens and earth belongs to him and are submissive to Him. (See John 5:18-that Jesus refutes the claim that he is equal to God. in 5-he says: I can do nothing of my own...
2:117  God is the originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decides something to be created, He simply says: “Be” and there it is
2:118  Those who are not aware [of their physical/ mental shortcomings] say: “Why God does not talk to us directly; why do we not get any revelation?” People before them, with the same kind of mentality, used to ask similar questions. The fact of the matter is, the Lord’s signs are already available to the believers (the best example of such signs is this Qur’an which is in front of you.
2:119  The fact of the matter is, you (Mohammad) have been chosen to relay the good news (that the death is not the end and rather the beginning of the real life) and to warn the people (that the failure in the school of life will ruin one’s real life in Hereafter.) You will certainly not be held responsible for the behavior of those who will end up in the Fire (as your only mission is to relay the message.
2:120  Know that the Jews and the Christian will not be satisfied with you unless you accept their system of beliefs. let them know that: “There is only one reliable guidance: the guidance of God.” If you (Mohammad or anybody) follow their way of life (after being exposed to the God pleasing way of life), then you will find no one in the entire universe to protect you from [the punishment of] the Lord
2:121  When the people, to whom the Scripture is given, read the Qur’an (the way that it should be read [objectively with no pre-judgments]) they believe in it. Those who choose to disregard it should know that they are simply the losers
2:122  Now the children of Israel, remember my favor to you when I made you the most favored nation
2:123  Be mindful of a Day when no soul will care about the other soul, no ransom will be accepted from any one, no one’s intercession will be helpful and no one will find any help whatsoever
2:124  Recall when [your first leader] Abraham successfully passed My tests and I told him: “Now I will make you the leader of all nations.” Abraham asked: “Will my heirs inherit this favor?” I said: “Not those who choose to be unjust.”
2:125  Recall when I made Mecca a secure city for the assembly of the believers and ordered them to worship God where Abraham was used to do so. I asked Abraham and Ishmael to keep that house of the worship pure for the pilgrims who would circle it, retire to it for the prayer and bow down and prostrate (to humble themselves toward the Lord) in worship
2:126  Then Abraham prayed: “O Lord, bless this city with peace and security and provide its citizens, who believe in God and the Hereafter, with every kind of fruit.” [Accepting his prayer] I said: “I will also be generous to its disbelievers in this world but I will drag them to the Hell in Hereafter; indeed a miserable place to end up in.”
2:127  As Abraham and Ishmael were raising the foundation of the Mosque, they prayed: “Our Lord, please accept this act of ours [which is meant to please you.] We bear witness that you hear everything [including this prayer] and you know about everything [including our sincerity in this act.]
2:128  [Then they continued saying: ] “Our Lord, make us your Muslims (Submitters.) Also kindly extend this favor to our heirs of the generations to come. Show us the most pleasing to You way of worshipping You. Forgive our shortcomings as you are the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.”
2:129  “Our Lord, kindly appoint one of them as your messenger so that he relays your messages to them, teach them your book and wisdom and to purify them. O You, the Most High, the Most Wise
2:130  Who else of Abraham’s nation can choose an alternative way of life except the one who has reduced himself to the level of a fool or an ignorant? I (God) chose him to serve me in this world and he will be among the righteous ones in the Hereafter
2:131  When Abraham’s Lord said to him: “Be a Muslim (submit yourself.)”, he replied: “I am now a Muslim (Submitter) to the Lord of the worlds.”
2:132  Abraham invited his children (Ishmael and Isaac) to the same way of life. So did Jacob (his grand son.) Jacob’s last will to his children was: “God has chosen this way of life for you; therefore, do not die unless in the state of Islam (submission to God.
2:133  You (Mohammad/ Muslims) were not present at the death bead of Jacob when he asked his children: “Who will you worship after me? “ They replied : “We will worship none but your God; the Lord of our forefathers: Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac. He is the only God and to Whom we submit ourselves [and trust.]&rdquo
2:134  They were a people of another time, responsible for their deeds. You will be responsible for your deeds and be rewarded accordingly with no reference whatsoever to them
2:135  They (Jews & Christians) say: “Choose Judaism or Christianity and you will get the true guidance.” Say: “No way; we resent any alternative way except the way of Abraham who did not worship none but the Lord.”
2:136  [O Muslims,] Say: “We believe in God and whatever He has revealed to us and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes (Patriarchs.) We believe in what was (and unfortunately is not available in its entirety) revealed to Moses, Jesus and other Prophets. We do not discriminate among any of them. We have completely surrendered ourselves to God as Muslims (Submitters.
2:137  If they believe, the way you have believed, indeed they will be in the right path. If they turn away from (God pleasing way of life), then they are in opposition. Rest assured that the reliance upon God suffice for your protection against them; after all, God Hears everything [that they say] and knows everything [that they do or going to do.]
2:138  Say: “Baptize yourself by emerging in the way of God. After all, what baptism can be better than baptism of God. As to us, we worship only God and submit to Him alone.”
2:139  Say: “We are talking about the same God. Why then you dispute with us [instead of obeying Him?] We will be accountable for our deeds and you for yours; [knowing this,] we have chosen to sincerely submit ourselves to Him
2:140  Do you want to say that Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and their children were carrying the title of Jew or Christian? Ask them: “Do you want to say that you know more than God?” Come to think about it, who can be more unjust than [your theologians] who hides the words of God? Know that God is not unaware of what you are doing
2:141  They were a people of another time, responsible for their deeds. You will be responsible for your deeds and be rewarded accordingly with no reference whatsoever to them
2:142  Foolish people will say: “How come they were praying towards Jerusalem and now suddenly they changed their direction towards Mecca? Let them know: “East or west belongs to God and He is the One Who shows the way to be followed to those who He is pleased with.”
2:143  I (God) have shown you a way to make you a justly balanced nation so that you may become a frame of references for the entire humanity. As to your frame of reference, you have your Prophet to follow. My commandment to take the direction of Jerusalem for saying your prayer was simply a trial to see who will follow the Prophet and who will disregard him. It was indeed a hard test (for the Arabs not to pray towards Mecca) but of course not for the believers who have been guided by God. Rest assured that God will not let this faith of yours being unnoticed as God is the Most King to the mankind and the Most Forgiving
2:144  I have seen you turning your face towards the sky in praying. Now I command you to take the direction of Mecca, that you love so much, to offer your prayers. From now on, therefore, whoever you are, turn your face towards “Masjid-Al-Haram (the oldest place devoted to the worship of God; built by Abraham & Ishmael) in Mecca while offering a prayer. Those who believe in the Scripture know that this commandment comes from the Lord. God is not unaware of what they are doing (not respecting the Lord’s commandments.
2:145  Even if you perform the most convincing miracle, Jews and Christians will not [obey the Lord’s commandment and] say their prayers facing Mecca. You, naturally, will not follow their direction either. As a matter of fact, they will not compromise even among themselves. Therefore, now that you have received the commandment, you are obliged to follow it. If you disobey this commandment, you have chosen to join the unjust people
2:146  Those who believe in Scripture, they do not have any doubt about it and recognize (that Mecca’s Mosque was built by Abraham years before Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem) it the same way that they recognize their own children. Some of them, however, try to hid the truth
2:147  The above mentioned is a commandment from your Lord; do not entertain any doubt about it
2:148  To worship God, people turn their faces to different directions. [The direction, however is not that important; what is important is to] Compete in doing good deeds. Know that God will gather you one day together. Indeed God is capable of doing everything
2:149  Wherever you are, say your prayers towards Majid-Alharam (in Mecca.) This is an order from your Lord. Do not think that God does not know what you are doing
2:150  Wherever you go, and wherever you are, say your prayers towards Masjid-Alharam. There is no dispute about this commandment except among the wicked ones. Do not fear them; instead fear me so that I may complete my favor upon you and guide you towards the right path
2:151  An example of my blessing is choosing a Prophet from among yourselves who is reading my revelations to you, purifying you, teaching you the Scripture and wisdom as well as what you never knew
2:152  Therefore, keep me in your mind so that I keep you in mind; always be grateful and never cover the truth
2:153  O you who believe, deal with the difficulties of life with patience and prayers. Know that God is with the patient ones
2:154  Do not consider those who give up their [worldly] life to please God as “dead.” As a matter of fact, they are alive but your brain is not capable of understanding this concept
2:155  I will try you in fear, hunger, poverty, death (of your dear ones), and loss of wealth. Let the patient ones know what a reward is awaiting them
2:156  When the laters face a disaster (mostly in case of the death of their beloved ones), they face it calmly and say: “We are originated by God and to Him we return [so why worry about this incident?]&rdquo
2:157  These are the people who are well guided. God sends His Salutation to them and will shower them with His Mercy
2:158  Walking (as a show of belief) between the hills of Safa & Marwa (near Mecca) is a God sanctioned ritual (instituted by Abraham) and a part of the pilgrimage to Mecca. This ritual is not a sin (in spite of the fact that it was practiced unknowing of its origin by the pagans in the past); after all, God knows what is in your heart (that this act of yours is to please God and not to glorify the idols of the past.
2:159  God and people curse those (religious scholars who have made the religion a monopoly of their own and do not share their knowledge with the people) who hide the Lord’s teachings as revealed in the Scripture (and is meant to enlighten the public at large
2:160  But I will forgive those of them who repent, purify themselves and teach the public what they were hiding. I am very generous in accepting the repentance and showing mercy
2:161  Those who persist in covering the fact and die as a disbeliever, they will carry the curse of God, His angles and all humanity
2:162  Such disbelievers will end up “living” in the Hell, forgotten forever, without any pity
2:163  Know that your Lord is the only God. There is no God but Him; the Most Merciful, the Most Forgiving
2:164  The creation of the heavens and the earth, the difference between day and night (due to the rotation of the earth around its axle), the sailing of the [huge] ships over the waters [without sinking], the water that god sends down from the sky to give life to the dead land and to support all kind of creatures, blowing of the winds and the masses of the clouds between the earth and the sky are indeed miracles witnessing [the existence and the greatness of] God for those who [use their brain to] think
2:165  [In spite of all these clear signs,] There are people who worship [things, beings and concepts] lower than God and adore them the way only God should be adored. The believers, on the contrary, worship God wholeheartedly. May the disbelievers wake up before facing their punishment in the Day of Judgment and realize that the ultimate power and authority belongs to the Lord and that God is sever in punishment
2:166  When God passes His Judgment upon the disbelievers, the very leaders who were used to “guide” them will refuse to acknowledge them as their bonds will be cut off
2:167  The followers will then say: “It will be nice to have a second chance in order to disown our idols the same way that they disowned us today.” God will thus show them that the regret is the fruit of their deeds and they will never be able to come out of the Hellfire
2:168  O’ people, enjoy eating what is lawful and clean and do not follow the footsteps of the Satan (disobedience of God) as he is your #1 enemy
2:169  Satan invites you to commit vices and indecencies and pretends that such style of life is ordained by God
2:170  When the non-Muslims are asked to follow the Lord’s commandments, they will say: “We prefer to follow the religion of our forefathers!” What if their forefathers were wrong and that their religion did not make sense
2:171  Such people are like the herd of cattle that hear the voice of the shepherd but can not understand its meanings. For all purposes and intentions they are deaf, dumb, blind and not capable of understanding anything
2:172  Enjoy eating the clean food that I have provided for you, the believers, and be grateful, if you are the worshippers of God
2:173  God hereby forbids you the consumption of the flesh of an animal which has been dead of itself (not slaughtered), blood, pork and any animal slaughtered in dedication to other “deities” except God (one cannot go around and kill the living species which belong to God without asking His permission first.) In case of emergency, however, you may eat even these forbidden foods (as much as it is necessary for survival and not to overindulge.
2:174  Those who [monopolize the religion and do not share their religious knowledge with the others,] hide the revelations of God from the public and alter the words of God [to accommodate someone’s lust] for a little bit of money should know that in the Day of Judgment God will not talk to them, will not purify them and they will get nothing but fire in their bellies as food in the Hell; awful will be their punishment
2:175  Such people trade guidance for loss and God’s forgiveness for His punishment! How bold (stupid) of someone to race towards the Fire
2:176  Their behavior is due to the fact that they have lost the message of God in account of dispute over what God had clearly explained to them. How argumentative these stubborn people are
2:177  Turning your faces towards the east or the west [during the prayer] is not [a sign of piety or] a virtue [and does not have any importance with God.] The virtue is the belief in God, the last day, the existence of the angles, the Book [sent by God] and the prophets [sent by God], sharing wealth with beloved ones, nearest ones, orphans, poor people, stranded travelers and the beggars [in distress], the act of freeing the slaves, worshipping the Lord on regular basis, paying the minimum charity [as imposed by God upon your income], honoring your words and pledges and patience in hardship, affliction of a disaster and in despair. Such are the sincere ones and considered as pious by God
2:178  The capital punishment is hereby declared as a law for you the believers. The man or the woman who has committed the murder, regardless of his/her social status, should face the death. The victim’s kin, however, may pardon the murderer. An appreciative response, in the form of blood money, will be then in order. This leniency (turning the criminal case into a civil case) indicates how merciful God is [the State, therefore, does not have any right to prosecute the murderer on criminal basis.] Once the blood money is paid, those who recourse to retaliation (the relatives, state or any interested party) should know that they are invoking God’s anger
2:179  The intellectuals should realize that the above mentioned divine law guarantees the sanctity of life [and not the abolition of the capital punishment and/or the State’s intervention]; therefore, submit yourself to this law of your Lord
2:180  Another obligation of a believer is the preparation of a will. The God fearing people should divide whatever they leave behind in an equitable manner between their parents and their relatives [the guidelines are revealed later in Ch. 4.]
2:181  As to those who change the will after having heard it, they commit a big sin. Bear in mind that God hears and knows everything
2:182  It is not a sin for someone to restore a will to its original state, if he knows for sure that there has been a mistake in it. Bear in mind that God is forgiving and merciful
2:183  O’ you who believe, fasting is hereby prescribed to you as it was decreed upon the God worshippers before you; may fasting increase your devotion to the Lord
2:184  You have to fast only a few days of the year. Those who become sick or have to travel [during these fasting days] should make it up later. Those for whom fasting imposes a hardship, must feed at least a poor person. The more generosity you show, the better it will be for you. Of course it is much better to observe fasting; if you only knew [how good it is for you.]
2:185  [The Islamic month of] Ramadan is the month on which this Qur’an was revealed: a guidance for mankind, with clear signs [indicating its divine source] and as a criterion to distinguish the right from the wrong [in absence of a divine standard for judgment, there is no such thing as right or wrong as everything is justifiable.] From now on, you must observe the fast in the month of Ramadan. Those who become sick or have to take a trip, must later make up for the lost fasting days. Let it be known that God wants to make it easy for you rather putting you through the hardship. Fasting [in the month of Ramadan] is a way of worship that God wants you to perform so that you may have the opportunity to Glorify God and to show your thanks and appreciation for His guidance
2:186  When My servants ask you (Mohammad) about me, let them know that I am closer than what they think to themselves. I answer their prayers when they call upon me; they, too, should listen to my call as this is the only way to be guided to the right path
2:187  [Although Ramadan is an opportunity to get closer to God through forgetting the mundane necessities of life such as eating, drinking, etc.,] I do not mind the continuation of your marital relationship with your wives after the fasting is completed at night. Your wives are like garments for you and you are like garments to your wives. Your Lord knew very well that [in spite of the fact that the sexual relations with your wives had never been prohibited,] You had developed a sinful attitude towards it; God has already forgiven you for this presumptuous attitude. Now it is clearly declared that you have the permission to have intercourse and enjoy all that God has made lawful for you. Therefore, after having broken the fast, eat, drink [and continue your normal life] until you see the white streak of dawn replacing the blackness of night. Then start fasting [and abstain from eating, drinking, sex inhaling heavy particles such as smoking] until the night fall. If you decide to confine yourselves to the Mosque [during the last ten days of Ramadan], you should abstain from having sex. The above mentioned are the lines drawn by your Lord; do not even approach the line. See how the Lord makes His Revelations clear to mankind; may man choose to respect the Lord
2:188  Do not devour each others’ property illicitly neither bribe a judge to make an unjust decision in your favor; you know very well that it is wrong
2:189  People ask you about the significance of the phases of the moon. Let them know: “They are simply a part of the natural calendar so that people [keep track of time] and prepare themselves for [the religious rituals such as] the pilgrimage to Mecca.” [In this connection let them know that:] “The virtue is not [practicing a bunch of nonsense such as] entering your houses from the back [as it was practiced before the advent of Islam during the month of the pilgrimage.] The real virtue is to respect the Lord. So (do not act like the idiots and) enter your houses by their proper doors; respect the Lord so that you may be included among the successful ones
2:190  [Today, finally, you are given the permission to] fight in the cause of God against those who wage a war against. However, [as a peaceful nation that you are supposed to be by your very title,] do not begin the hostilities, for God does not like the aggressors
2:191  Face your enemies anywhere they challenge you and take back your lost lands/ homes from them. [Although killing, which is inevitable in fight is bad,] persecution is worth than killing. Do not fight with your enemies in/ around Masjid-Al-Haram (the first site of worshipping God, built by Abraham in Mecca.) But if they attack you there, you may strike back to kill; they deserve to die for their disbelief
2:192  If the above mentioned trouble makers stop, cease the fight. [See how] God is forgiving and compassionate
2:193  Continue fighting with the disbelievers until you succeed in establishing the Lord’s laws on earth. If they stop trouble making, leave them alone. Only those among them who are guilty of cruelty and brutality should be brought to justice
2:194  Respect “no fight” tradition [of Arabs during the four given months of the year] as long as they themselves respect it. The general law is “just retribution”; always bear in mind and know that God always sides with the righteous ones
2:195  Be generous in charity to please God and do not let your own hand [by being stingy] lead you to your ruin. Perform your obligations in excellence [and not out of obligation]; know that God loves graceful people
2:196  Your intention in voluntary and mandatory pilgrimage to Mecca (as well as any act of worship) should be aimed to please God. If (for any reason) you fail to complete your pilgrimage, slaughter an animal as an offering to God. Do not cut your head or shave until the sacrifice is completed. If a pilgrim’s hair has to be shaved due to medical reason, he must either offer a sacrifice, fast or give to charity. Now if your problems are over (and you reach Mecca earlier), then perform (extra) voluntary rituals of the pilgrimage and offer a sacrifice. If (for some reason) you fail to sacrifice an animal, then fast three days during the pilgrimage and seven days after returning home. The above mentioned rules apply to those who live far from Mecca. Never fail to respect God (and His commandments); rest assured that the Lord is sever in punishment
2:197  The months during which the pilgrimage is supposed to take place are well known to all of you. Once the pilgrimage is started, abstain from all kind of sexual activities (intercourse as well as any kind of sexual talk, thought, etc.), immoralities, the slightest act of aggression (such as a harsh talk to a servant.) Remember that God counts all good deeds of yours. When leaving for the pilgrimage, take the necessary provision; of course the best provision for the pilgrimage is the piety. Respect Me (God), if you are among those who get the message
2:198  There is no blame on you, if you do some business while performing the pilgrimage (earning what God has assigned for you as your worldly provision.) Then when you pour down from Mount Arafat, praise your Lord in the Sacred place (Muzdaliffa.) Remember your Lord; the One without His guidance you were lost
2:199  Then join other people leaving the place, asking God’s forgiveness. Your Lord is most surely the Most Forgiving
2:200  When you complete the rituals, praise your Lord; the same way that you were praising your fathers and even with more devotion. Some people will pray their Lord to give them the best in this world; they will have no share in Hereafter
2:201  Some will pray: “O Lord, please give us the best in this world as well as the best in Hereafter and spare us from the Fire of Hell.”
2:202  Each of them, pretty soon, will receive what they have earned as God is the most efficient in judgment
2:203  Worship your Lord for a few days in <i>Mena</i>. You may contemplate there only for two days or you may extend your stay as long as the aim is to increase your faith. Observe your Lord and remember that you have to return to Him
2:204  You will encounter some individuals (like some politicians of our time) who pretend having devoted themselves to the betterment of mankind. They even take God as their witness. Yet they are the most ardent enemy of mankind (meaning the action is the criterion and not the words.
2:205  When such person finishes his speech, he goes back to his routine corrupting the world and even destroying properties and lives (like some leaders of powerful nations who do not mind to destroy the people of less powerful countries for silly reasons.) God does not like such corrupt people
2:206  When it is said to such person: “Fear God”, he shows more arrogance. Such person has no other place to end up than Hell; what a terrible place to live in
2:207  On the other hand, there are people who do nothing but to please the Lord. God, naturally, will turn kindly to them
2:208  O’ you who have chosen to believe, submit yourselves wholeheartedly [to your Lord]; do not follow the footstep of the Satan as he is your worse enemy
2:209  Now if you slip after being exposed to such undeniable signs, know that you are challenging the Most Powerful and the Most Wise
2:210  Do they (the people in doubt) expect that God Himself come down in a dense cloud accompanied with the Angles [so that they believe?] If and when this happens, the matter will already be settled (and it will be too late for the declaration of the belief.) In any case, eventually every thing will be presented before God for the judgment
2:211  [The history shows that the miracles do not penetrate the heart of the stubborn people.] Ask the children of Israel how many undeniable miracles I presented them [and then they worshiped the statue of a cow!] Rest assured that the one who disrespects the favor of the Lord (say by altering the words of God), will be severely punished by God
2:212  The life of this world seems so appealing to the disbelievers that they make fun of believers who are not enchanted with it. Let them know that God will rank the believers above the disbelievers on the day of judgment. Let them also know that God gives whatever He want to whomever He wants
2:213  At the beginning, there was only one nation. God sent to this nation, the prophets (messengers) to give them the good news (about the meaning of their lives as well as the continuation of their lives in Hereafter.) God also sent them the book to be used in the settlement of their disputes. However, whenever a new prophet came with undeniable miracles, the jealous ones did not follow him (thus mankind divided himself into different nations.) God (of course) guided the righteous ones (who belong to the nation of submitters;) God will guide whoever He wishes to the right path
2:214  Do you dreaming on entering to the Paradise without passing through the trials that people before you had to go through? They faced such hardships that even their prophets and the most believers cried: “Will God’s promise ever come true?” Rest assured that the Lord’s help will arrive very soon (after all, what is a few years earthly time of hardship compared to the eternal life of the human being?
2:215  People ask you about the charity. Let them know that God is aware (and pleased of) of People’s charitable contributions. Therefore, be charitable to your parents, near ones, people in need and the travelers in distress
2:216  Fighting (for the cause of the Lord) is already imposed upon you as a duty. You may not like the idea of fighting; however, there are so many things that you resent them and they are good for you. On the contrary, there are many things that look good at first sight but are bad for you. God knows [what is good or bad for you] while you do not know
2:217  People ask you about fighting in the Sacred Months [during which the Arabs were supposed to perform their religious rituals such as the pilgrimage to Mecca in peace.] Say: “Fighting during these months is a great sin. However, turning the believers from the path of God, disbelieving the Lord, not respecting the holiness of Masjid-Al-Haram (the oldest place of worshipping God) and driving people out from it are far greater sins. As a matter of fact persecution/ oppression is worse than murder. Rest assured that The disbelievers will not stop fighting you till you join them in disbelief and whoever chooses the disbelief and die as a disbeliever, has nullified all his good deeds and will end up living in Hellfire forever
2:218  Those who chose to believe, those who suffered the exile and those who struggled for the sake of God, look forward to earn the Lord’s mercy; and God is the Most Merciful, the Most Forgiving
2:219  People ask you about drinking and gambling. Say: “There are some benefits and harms in them. Their harms, however, outweighs the benefits.” They also ask you how much they should contribute to the charity. Say: “Anything above your needs.” See how clearly God makes His points so that you may contemplate upon this life and Hereafter
2:220  They also ask you how to treat the orphans. Say: “Do sincerely what is best in their interest. If you decide to take them as your partner and mix their properties with your own, bear in mind that you have to treat them like your brothers. Indeed God knows who has a good intention and who is a wicked. If God wanted, He would have imposed the strictest orders in this domain making the life more difficult for you. [But] God [does not want to make the life difficult for you as] is Almighty, Wise
2:221  Do not marry the disbelieving women, if they do not choose to believe. As a matter of fact, a believing slave woman is much superior to a disbelieving woman, even though the latter charms you. For the same token, a believing woman should not marry to a disbelieving men until he choose to become a believer. A believing slave is superior to a disbelieving man, even though you fall in love with him. The latter takes you to the Hellfire while God invites you to the Paradise and promises His Mercy upon you at His will. The Lord, thus, makes His revelations clear to you so that you get it
2:222  People ask you about menstruation. Say: “It is nothing but an illness; avoid sexual intercourse with women during their period until they are back to normal and purify themselves. Then you may have sex in them any way which is approved by the Lord. Truly God loves those who turn to Him and care for cleanliness.”
2:223  Your wives are the bearers of your seed; so, approach them as you want. But take advantage of your life and do some good for your soul before the entertainment. Respect the Lord and bear in mind that pretty soon you have to stand in front of Him. Now give good news to mankind (that he may choose to live in Paradise forever.
2:224  Do not swear to God casually in order to gain the trust and the respect of the people. Be mindful of your duties to God and make peace between the people. Remember that God Hears everything and that He Knows everything
2:225  God does not hold you responsible for your unintentional oaths. However, He will question you about serious oaths (such as testifying under the oath in the court). God is indeed Patient and Forgiving
2:226  If a man swears by God that he will not sleep with his wife any more, he has four month of separation (cooling off) period to make reconciliation. If he decides to take his wife back, God [will not hold him responsible for his swearing as God] is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
2:227  And if they decide to go on with the divorce, God Hears and understands
2:228  A divorced woman should wait enough to go through three periods before marrying to another man. It is against the law of God for a woman to hide her pregnancy, if she believe in God and the Day of Judgment. The husband has the right to return back to his wife while she is waiting to go through three periods. Husbands and wives have similar marital rights & obligations. The man (as the head of the household), however, is placed a degree above woman; and above all is God, the Almighty, the Most Wise
2:229  A man may divorce [and re-marry his wife] only twice. Let your divorced woman to live in the same house with honor or let her leave, if she wishes. It is against the Lord’s law for husband to take back what he has already given to his ex-wife unless the woman wants to buy her freedom back by offering what her husband has offered her [the man then looses the right to take her back as she has bought back her freedom.] These are the laws of your Lord; do not take them lightly. Then one who disregards the law of his Lord is an unjust person
2:230  If a man divorces his wife for the third time, he cannot re-marry her. But if his wife re-marries another man and gets divorce, they may re-marry again, if they feel that they can live together in a God pleasing manner. God thus explains His laws clearly for those who use their brain to think
2:231  When you divorce your wife, and she finishes her (three menstruation) waiting period, let her live in your place with honor and in a God pleasing manner. Do not make the life miserable for her as this does not please the Lord. The one who commits such a cruelty is unjust to his own soul. Do not take the Lord’s laws in vain; remember the Lord’s favor in revealing this book of wisdom to you and know that He is aware of everything
2:232  Once your ex-wife has finished her waiting period, do not prevent her re-marrying her (ex-) husband, if they would like to live in a mutually honorable manner. This instruction is meant for those of you who believe in God and the Day of Judgment. Respecting this law purifies you and leads you to righteousness. Remember that you do not know as much as God knows
2:233  The divorced mother should nurse her baby until the age of two, if asked by the father. During this period, the father has the responsibility of taking care of the mother. Of course, no soul is supposed to suffer above and beyond his abilities. Neither the mother, nor the father’s life should be ruined in account of the infant. If the father dies, his heirs should assume these responsibilities. The parents may decide to bring up the child by the formula or by hiring a wet nurse, who is fairly paid for her services. Whatever you do, bear in mind that God is watching over what you are doing
2:234  If a man dies, his wife should not re-marry for four months and ten days (the waiting period for a pregnant woman is till her delivery.) Once their waiting period is over, they should not be prevented to choose any God pleasing style of life. Do not forget that God is fully aware of what you are doing
2:235  While a widowed woman is passing through her waiting period, you may indirectly [not directly] propose to her or wait till she is over her waiting period of sorrow as God knows the innermost thoughts of yours. However, do not make any secret engagement. Whatever you intend to do, do it in an honorable manner. In any case, the formal proposal or marriage engagement must be done after the waiting period. Know that God knows even the most hidden thoughts of yours; so fear Him. Also bear in mind that God is lenient and the Most Forgiving
2:236  It is no sin, if you divorce a woman before having touched her or fixed a dowry (a traditional pre-agreed sum to be paid to the woman before or after divorce) for her. Pay them something anyhow; the rich man according to his wish and the poor man according to his ability. A fair compensation is due upon the righteous man
2:237  If you have set a dowry (divorce insurance) for your wife and you divorce her before having touched her, then pay her half of the dower unless she, or the one who has a saying in the marriage (such as the parents of the girl) give it up. Of course it is more just and closer to the righteousness to forget about the half of the dower. you should be generous and friendly among yourselves as God knows what you are doing
2:238  Take your daily prayers seriously, especially the noon prayer, and devote yourselves completely to the Lord
2:239  If you are in a situation that cannot properly worship the Lord, say your prayers while walking or riding. Later, make up those lost prayers in a manner that God has taught you [the best way of worshipping the Lord] and you did not know it before
2:240  Make a will and provide at least one year financial support for your wife, if she decides to stays at your place. It is your widow’s right to stay less than a year at your household, if she decides to do something good with her life (re-marry, move with her parents, etc.) Remember that God is Almighty and the Most Wise
2:241  It is also the duty of a God fearing man to provide a reasonable support for his ex-wife
2:242  [See how] God clearly explains His Revelations so that you understand them
2:243  Think about those Israelites who were afraid of “Exodus” God made them die and then brought them back to life to show them their baseless fear. God is really kind to mankind but not lot of people know that
2:244  Fight for the cause of your Lord and know that God hears everything and knows everything
2:245  Have you ever thought about those [Israelites] who fled their [God given] homes [and refused the order of God to fight against the Philistines and earn their homes] in spite of the fact that they were thousands [and had numerical superiority over the disbelievers]? God [was so disappointed at that that] said to them: “Die” [and they lived like dead people for forty years wondering in the desert.] Then God [out of mercy] gave them life [and appointed brave leaders such as David for them to defeat the disbelievers of Phalestines.] Indeed God showers people with His blessing but most of them do not realize it [and in consequence are not grateful.]
2:246  Have you ever thought about the [attitude and the behavior of the] leaders of Israel after Moses? They asked their Prophet [Samuel, who had become old and not capable of fighting,] to beg the Lord to bless them with a king to lead them in fight in the cause of God. When their prophet asked about weather or not they will stick to their promise to fight they replied: “How could we refuse to fight when we are driven out of our land [by the Amalikites about 1,B.C.] and separated from our family?” However, when God gave them the permission to fight, the majority turned away. God is aware of what unjust people do
2:247  The Prophet of Israel said to them: “God has appointed Saul as your King.” They responded: “How can God appoint him as our king while any one of us is more qualified than him? He is not eve rich!” Their Prophet responded: “God has given him knowledge and physical power (which is more important than wealth that you use as the only criterion.) God will bless whoever He chooses; [do not question the wisdom of Almighty as] He is the Most Knowledgeable
2:248  Their Prophet continued: “As a sign of the Lord’s approval, under Saul’s leadership you will get back the Arc which will be carried by the angles and contains what is left from Moses and Aaron (the fragments of the tablets given to Moses in Mt. Sinai, the original copy of the Torah, a bottle of Manna and probably the staff of Moses) to pacify and secure your hearts; may this sign increase your belief
2:249  When Saul started to march his army he said to his troop: “There will be a river in our passage. God will try your faith by the mean of this river. Those who drink from its water, except a sip perhaps, do not deserve to be a part of my troop. Most of them, however, failed the test and drank from the river. When they faced the enemy, they said: “We surely are incapable of beating Goliath and his mighty army.” The believers among them replied: “Throughout the history, many times a few believers, with the help of God, have defeated the mighty army of the disbelievers. God sides with those who are patient.”
2:250  When they faced the army of Goliath, they prayed: “Lord, pour down upon us patience and give us the strength and give us victory over the disbelievers.”
2:251  And God helped them to defeat the army of the disbelievers and David killed Goliath. Then God blessed David with kingship, knowledge and wisdom as He willed. If God does not help the believers in their struggle against the disbelievers, the world will be a chaotic place dominated by mischief makers. Fortunately, God loves His realm of creation
2:252  These verses are the word of God revealed to you (Mohammad.) Indeed you are a true Prophet of God
2:253  I have blessed My Prophets in different manners. One of them (Moses) I talked directly with. The others were elevated in ranks in other ways. I endowed Jesus, son of Mary, with undeniable miracles and supported him with the Holy Spirit. If God had wished, people would not be divided among themselves after the death of their Prophet. That is why they dispute among themselves [as a mean of test and trial so that] some choose to believe and some choose the disbelief. If God had willed, there would not be any fight among themselves but there is wisdom in the will of God
2:254  O you who believe, please God by spending in charity out of your income [which is given to you by the Lord at first place] before a day comes when no bargaining, kinship or intercession will be accepted. The disbelievers [who reject the Lord’s orders] are indeed the most unjust [to themselves.]
2:255  There is no deity beside God. He is Alive and Eternal. He never sleeps nor takes a recess. Anything that exists in the heavens and on earth belongs to Him. No body has the power of intercession in His Court except with His permission. He knows what have people done in the past and what is awaiting them. No one is as knowledgeable as God and He gives as much knowledge as He wills to whoever He decides to bless him with. His Kingship is spread all over the universe and includes the earth and the heavens. Ruling over such vast realm of existence does not bother Him a bit as He is The Most High, the Great
2:256  There is no force in belief. The right and the wrong are clearly defined. The one who reject the idols (in any shape and form) and choose to believe in God has indeed hung to a strong rope of security that never breaks. God Hears and is Aware
2:257  God is the Lord of those who have chosen to believe; He takes them from the darkness to the light. He is as well the Lord of those who have chosen their idols (money, women, position, etc.) as their masters: The ones who have left the light and have taken refuge in the darkness. They are those who will abide in Hellfire forever
2:258  Have you ever given a thought to what Abraham told to the [arrogant] one that God has blessed him with the kingship. Abraham [invited him to the faith and] said: “The Lord is the One Who gives life and takes life away.” The king said: “I can do the same [freeing a prisoner and killing another one.]” Abraham put the king on his place saying: “Can you also make the sun to rise [so regularly, every day] in the east and set on the west?” God does not guide the unjust people [like the king in this story and let them slide deeper into their miserable destiny.]
2:259  Think also [about the greatness of God by pondering] about the story of the man (probably Uzair) who passed by a ghost town and said: “How can God bring such dead people back to life?” Then the Lord took his soul for a hundred years and when He restored it back to him asked: “How long have you been sleeping?” The man replied: “A few hours or at most a day.” God said to him: “look at your food and drink; they are not spoiled in the least in spite of the fact that you have been dead for a hundred years. I performed this miracle as an example for your peers. Now [in order to impress you the most] look how the bones of your donkey will be reassembled and the meat cover them when I bring it back to life.” When the man saw such reality with his own eyes he said: “Indeed God is capable of doing anything He wills.”
2:260  Abraham, too, asked such a question from his Lord. God said to him “Do you doubt me?” He replied: “Not at all; I simply want to see it with my own eyes.” God said: “Take four birds and tame them with yourself. Then cut them into pieces and place a piece on each hill. Then call them and they will come running to you in one piece. Then know for sure that God is Almighty, All-Wise.”
2:261  The return on the money that people spend on charity, is similar in size to the return on a simple grain, which once planted, produces seven spikes, each spike producing one hundred grains. God thus returns back many folded to whoever he wills. God is Ample-Giving and the Most knowledgeable
2:262  Those who sincerely spend their money in the cause of God, and do not make a big deal of it, will be generously rewarded by their Lord; they will not be sorry nor will they griev
2:263  Kind words and forgiving people’s faults is much better than a charitable action followed by a cutting remark. God is the wealthiest; He is not in need of any one and is the Most Tolerant
2:264  A believer should not spoil his charity by making a big deal of it up to the point that it hurts its receiver. Those who spend on charity in order to be seen in fact do not believe neither in God nor the Day of Resurrection. They are as barren as a rock with a little bit of soil on which looses its productive capacity once the rain washes the soil. They gain nothing from their charity as God does not guide the disbelievers
2:265  Those who spend on charity to sincerely please the Lord are like gardens on a high and fertile land. If heavy rains falls upon such land, it will increase its production (instead of ruining it.) Even if it does not rain heavily, light moisture suffice to keep it growing. Know that God sees what you are doing
2:266  Does anyone of you wishes to experience loosing his fertile garden of palm-dates and vines where the water flows abundantly to fire while he is old and has children not capable of taking care of themselves? (if not, then do not provoke the Almighty’s anger.) See how God clearly makes His points so that you mediate upon
2:267  O’ you who believe; spend a part of your (God appointed) income that you have honestly earned to please God. Also give away a part of the agricultural products that your Lord has produced for you. Do not even think about giving as charity those rotten things of yours that you yourself will accept it with only closed eyes. Know that God is the wealthiest (and not in need of your charity) and the Most Praise-Worthy
2:268  The Satan frightens you with poverty (preventing you from charity) and invites you to commit indecencies (to make more money as a security cushion.) God, on the contrary, promises to forgive you and to increase your standard of living. God is Ample-Giving and Knows everything
2:269  God grants wisdom to whoever He wills. The one who is showered with wisdom is endowed with a great wealth. Only the intelligent people mediate about these matters
2:270  God knows anything that you spend on charity or any charitable pledge that you fulfill. As for the unjust people, they do not have any to help them
2:271  It is O.K. to spend openly on charity; however, it will be much better to help the needy people as an unknown person as it will washes more of your sins. God knows well what you are doing
2:272  It is not your job (O Mohammad) to make believers out of people. Only God will guide the ones who deserve to be guided. Anything you spend on charity is for your own good, if you do it to please the Lord. Whatever you spend on the cause of God will be paid back to you in full and you will not face any injustice
2:273  Those who are persecuted are entitled to charity. They are dignified people who give an appearance of being in no need to the ignorant people. They rarely ask for help; however, you can recognize them through certain signs. Any charitable expenditure by you is well known and appreciated by God
2:274  Those who spend their belongings on charity during the day or at night and publicly or secretly, have their reward with their Lord. They is no fear or grief for them
2:275  Those who charge interest for a loan are possessed by the devil that has convinced them that receiving interest is as legitimate as trade. [They do not realize that] God has forbidden charging interest [that is why Jesus, according to the Bible, attacked the money lenders in the temple] and has blessed the trade. Those who quit charging interest, after being exposed to this revelation, are God willing forgiven. Those who continue to practice charging interest, will end up living in Hellfire forever
2:276  God frowns upon charging interest and blesses charity; He does not like the wicked that disobey Him
2:277  Know that those who choose to believe, do good, worship the Lord on regular basis and engage in charity have a reward reserved for them with God. They will not end up in sorrow and grief
2:278  If you have chosen the belief, fear God and immediately stop charging interest on the loans that you have already extended
2:279  Not giving up charging interest is like declaring war with God and His Prophet. If you give up charging interest, you may keep the capital. Be just and you will be treated justly
2:280  It will be nice of you to give extra time to someone who owes you money and faces financial difficulties in repaying his debt. If you write off such loan as charity, it will be much better for you, if you only knew
2:281  Fear the Day in which all of you have to stand in front of your Lord for the Judgment. On that Day every soul will receive what it has earned and non will be treated unjustly
2:282  When Muslims are involved in a transaction, they must write down the terms of the transaction. They may ask an impartial person to do the writing; this person may not refuse the request as, by doing so, he shows his gratefulness to the Lord who has thought him the knowledge of writing. The debtor will make the dictation and the writer has to fear God and not to cheat. If the debtor is mentally/ physically incapable, his guardians should take care of dictation. two just men should witness the transaction. If there are not two men available, one man and two women suffice for this purpose. That is because, if a woman changes her mind, the other one remind her. The witnesses may not refuse to testify, if called for later. Write down as in detail as possible and explain everything, including the time of re-payment of the debt. The above mentioned process pleases the Lord. If the transaction is on the spot, however, there is no need for being written down but it does not harm to have witnesses. It will be very wicked of you to harass a witness. God, thus, is teaching you; be mindful of the Most Knowledgeable
2:283  If you are traveling, and you can not find someone to write down the transaction, ask for collateral. Once the debt is paid back, the collateral must immediately be returned. Say the whole truth once asked to serve as a witness. Only those who have a disease in their heart commit the sin of not revealing the whole truth. Do not forget that God knows what you are doing
2:284  To God belongs everything which is in the heavens and on the earth. God will hold you responsible for what you make public or the innermost secret of your thoughts. The Lord punishes whoever He wills [and deserves to be punishment] and forgives whoever He wills [and deserves to be forgiven.] He is Almighty
2:285  The Prophet (Mohammad) has absolute belief in what is revealed to him. The believers also believe in the Lord’s revelations. They believe in God, His Angels and His Books. The believers do not discriminate against any Prophet of God. They say: “We heard and obey. We ask for Your forgiveness and know that to you is the end of all journeys.”
2:286  God never tries someone with a difficulty beyond his capacity. You will be rewarded for what you earned and punished for your disobediences. [Therefore ask in your prayers:] “Lord please do not punish us for our sins and shortcomings. Lord; please do not try us with more difficult trials than the ones before us. Lord please do not make us go through the difficulties that we are not capable of standing them; pardon us and forgive us. You are our Lord; then help us [your soldiers] to overcome the disbelievers.”