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37:1  By the ones standing in ranks, ranged in rows
37:2  then, ones who scare in a scaring
37:3  then, ones who recount the Remembrance,
37:4  truly, your God is One,
37:5  the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them and the Lord of the sunrise.
37:6  Truly, We made to appear pleasing the present heaven with the adornment of the stars
37:7  and keeping it safe from every emboldened Satan.
37:8  They pay no attention to the lofty Council for they are hurled at from every edge,
37:9  rejected. And for them is a punishment, that which lasts forever,
37:10  but for him who snatched a fragment, then, a piercing flame pursued him.
37:11  So ask them for advice: Are they stronger in constitution or those others whom We created? Truly, We created them of clinging clay.
37:12  Nay! Thou hadst marveled while they deride.
37:13  And when they were reminded, they remember not.
37:14  And when they saw a sign, they scoff at it.
37:15  And they said: This is not but clear sorcery.
37:16  Is it when we were dead and had been earth dust and bones that we will, truly, be ones who are raised up
37:17  and our fathers, the ancient ones?
37:18  Say: Yes, you will be ones in a state of lowliness.
37:19  There will be only one Scare. So when they will be looking on it,
37:20  they will say: Woe to us! This is the Day of Judgment!
37:21  This is the Day of Decision which you had been denying.
37:22  Assemble those who did wrong and their spouses, and what they had been worshipping
37:23  —other than God—and guide them to the path to hellfire.
37:24  And stop them for they are ones who will be asked:
37:25  What is the matter with you that you help not one another?
37:26  Nay! They are on that Day ones who will resign themselves to submission to God.
37:27  And some of them came forward to some others, demanding of one another.
37:28  They would say: Truly, you, you had been approaching us from the right.
37:29  They would say: Nay! You are not ones who believe
37:30  and we had not been any authority over you. Nay! You had been a folk, ones who are defiant.
37:31  So the saying was realized against us of our Lord. That, truly, we are ones who experience the punishment.
37:32  So we led you into error. Truly, we had been ones who are in error.
37:33  Then, truly, they will be on that Day ones who are partners in the punishment.
37:34  We accomplish, thus, with the ones who sin.
37:35  Truly, when it had been said to them: There is no god but God, they grow arrogant.
37:36  And they said: Are we ones who leave our gods for a possessed poet?
37:37  Nay! He drew near with The Truth and he established as true the ones who are sent.
37:38  Truly, you are ones who will experience the painful punishment
37:39  and you will be given recompense but for what you had been doing.
37:40  But the devoted servants of God,
37:41  those, for them was a known provision
37:42  —sweet fruits—and they will be ones who are honored
37:43  in the Gardens of Bliss,
37:44  on couches—ones who face one another.
37:45  A cup from a spring of water will be passed around,
37:46  white, a delight to ones who drink it.
37:47  In that is neither headache, nor are they intoxicated by it.
37:48  And with them are ones who are restraining their (f) glance, lovely eyed
37:49  as if they are well-guarded pearls.
37:50  So some of them will come forward to some others, demanding of one another.
37:51  One of them who converses would say: Truly, I had a comrade
37:52  who would say: Art thou of the ones who establish the Resurrection as true?
37:53  When we are dead and had been earth dust and bones, will we be ones who are judged?
37:54  He said: Will you be ones who peruse?
37:55  So he perused and saw him amidst hellfire.
37:56  He said: By God, thou wert about to deal me destruction!
37:57  Had it not been for the divine blessing of my Lord I would have been of the ones who are charged.
37:58  Are we not, then, to be dead again
37:59  but for our first death and will we not be ones who are punished?
37:60  Truly, this, it is the winning the sublime triumph.
37:61  For the like of this, let the ones who work, work.
37:62  Is this better as hospitality or the tree of Zaqqum?
37:63  Truly, We made it a test for the ones who are unjust.
37:64  Truly, it is a tree that goes forth, its root in hellfire,
37:65  its spathes have been like the heads of satans.
37:66  So, truly, they, they are ones who eat from it, ones who fill their bellies with it.
37:67  Again, truly, on top of that for them is a brew of scalding water.
37:68  Again, truly, their return is to hellfire.
37:69  They discovered their fathers ones who go astray,
37:70  yet they are running in their footsteps.
37:71  And, certainly, went astray most of the ancient ones before them.
37:72  And, certainly, We sent among them ones who warn.
37:73  Then, look on how had been the Ultimate End of the ones who are warned,
37:74  but the devoted servants of God.
37:75  And, certainly, Noah cried out to Us. And how excellent were the ones who answer!
37:76  And We delivered him and his people from tremendous distress.
37:77  And We made his offspring—they, the ones who remain.
37:78  And We left for him to say with the later ones:
37:79  Peace be on Noah among the worlds.
37:80  Thus, We give recompense to the ones who are doers of good.
37:81  Truly, he is one of Our believing servants.
37:82  Again, We drowned the others.
37:83  And, truly, among his partisans was Abraham.
37:84  When he drew near his Lord with a pure-hearted heart,
37:85  when he said to his father and to his folk: What is it that you worship?
37:86  Is it a calumny that you want gods other than God!
37:87  Then, what is your opinion about the Lord of the worlds?
37:88  And he looked on them with a glimpse at the stars
37:89  and he said: Truly, I am ill!
37:90  But they turned away from him as ones who draw back
37:91  and he turned upon their gods then, said: Will you not eat?
37:92  Why speak you not for yourselves?
37:93  Then, he turned upon them, striking them with his right hand.
37:94  Then, the people came forward towards him rushing.
37:95  He said: Worship you what you yourselves carve out
37:96  while God created you and what you do?
37:97  They said: Build for him a structure. Then, cast him into hellfire.
37:98  So they wanted to use cunning against him, but We made them the lowest.
37:99  He said: Truly, I am one who goes to my Lord. He will guide me.
37:100  My Lord! Bestow on me among the ones in accord with morality.
37:101  So We gave him the good tidings of a forbearing boy.
37:102  And when he reached maturity endeavoring with him, he said: O my son! Truly, I see while slumbering that I am sacrificing thee. So look on what thou hast considered? He said: O my father! Accomplish whatever thou art commanded. Thou wilt find me, if God willed, of the ones who remain steadfast.
37:103  Then, when they both submitted themselves to God and he flung him on his brow
37:104  We cried out to him: O Abraham!
37:105  Surely, thou hadst established the dream as true. Thus, We give recompense to the ones who are doers of good.
37:106  Truly, that was, certainly, the clear trial.
37:107  And, then, We took ransom for him with a sublime slaughter
37:108  and We left for him a good name with the later ones:
37:109  Peace be on Abraham!
37:110  Thus, We give recompense to the ones who are doers of good.
37:111  Truly, he is one of Our believing servants.
37:112  And We gave him the good tidings of Isaac, a Prophet, among the ones in accord with morality.
37:113  And We blessed him and Isaac. And of their offspring are ones who are doers of good and ones who are clearly unjust to themselves.
37:114  And, certainly We showed Our grace to Moses and Aaron.
37:115  And We delivered them and their folk from the tremendous distress
37:116  and helped them so that they, they had been the ones who are victors.
37:117  And We gave them the manifest Book
37:118  and guided them to the straight path.
37:119  We left for them a good name with the later ones:
37:120  Peace be on Moses and Aaron!
37:121  Truly, thus, We give recompense to the ones who are doers of good.
37:122  Truly, they were of Our servants, ones who believe.
37:123  And, truly, Elijah was of the ones who are sent
37:124  when he said to his folk: Will you not be Godfearing?
37:125  Will you call to Baal and forsake the fairer of ones who are the creators,
37:126  God, your Lord and the Lord of your ancient fathers?
37:127  But they denied him, so they, truly, were ones who are charged.
37:128  As for the devoted servants of God among them,
37:129  We left for him a good name with the later ones:
37:130  Peace be on Elijah!
37:131  Thus, We give recompense to the ones who are doers of good.
37:132  Truly, he was of Our servants, ones who believe.
37:133  And, truly, Lot was of the ones who are sent.
37:134  We delivered him and his people, one and all,
37:135  but an old woman of the ones who stay behind.
37:136  Again, We destroyed the others.
37:137  And, truly, you pass by them in that which is morning
37:138  and at night. Will you not, then, be reasonable?
37:139  And, truly, Jonah was of the ones who are sent
37:140  when he fled, without his Lord’s permission, to the laden boat.
37:141  He cast lots with them and he had been of the ones who are refuted.
37:142  Then, the great fish engulfed him while he was one who is answerable.
37:143  If he had not been of the ones who glorify,
37:144  he would have lingered in expectation in its belly until the Day they are raised up.
37:145  Then, We cast him forth on the naked shore while he was ill.
37:146  We caused a vine of gourd to develop over him.
37:147  We sent him to a community of a hundred thousand, or they even exceed that.
37:148  And they believed, so We gave them enjoyment for a while.
37:149  Then, ask them for advice: Are daughters for thy Lord and for them, sons?
37:150  Or created We female angels while they were ones who bear witness?
37:151  Truly, it is out of their calumny that they say:
37:152  God procreated! And, truly, they are ones who lie.
37:153  Favored He daughters over sons?
37:154  What is the matter with you? How you give judgment!
37:155  Will you not, then, recollect?
37:156  Or is there for you a clear authority?
37:157  Then, bring your Book if you would be ones who are sincere.
37:158  And they made kindred between him and between the genies. But, surely, the genies knew well that they were ones who will be charged.
37:159  Glory be to God from what they allege,
37:160  but not the devoted servants of God.
37:161  So, truly, you and those whom you worship
37:162  will not be ones who are tempters against Him,
37:163  but he who would be one who roasts in hellfire.
37:164  There is not any of us but he has a known station.
37:165  And we are ones who are standing in ranks.
37:166  And we are the ones who glorify.
37:167  And, truly, they had been saying:
37:168  Had been with us a Remembrance from the ancient ones,
37:169  we would have been servants of God, ones who are devoted,
37:170  but they were ungrateful for it. and soon they will know.
37:171  And, certainly, Our Word preceded for Our servants, the ones who are sent.
37:172  They, truly, they are ones who shall be helped.
37:173  And, truly, Our armies are the ones who are victors.
37:174  So turn thou away from them for awhile
37:175  and perceive them and soon they will perceive.
37:176  Are they impatient for Our punishment?
37:177  Then, when it would come down into their courtyard, how evil will be the morning daybreak of the ones who are warned!
37:178  So turn thou away from them for a while,
37:179  and perceive and they will perceive.
37:180  Glory be to thy Lord, the Lord of Great Glory, from what they allege about Him.
37:181  And peace be to the ones who are sent.
37:182  And The Praise belongs to God, the Lord of the worlds!