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36:1  Y[ S .
36:2  By the Wise Quran,
36:3  truly, thou art among the ones who are sent
36:4  on a straight path,
36:5  sent down successively by The Almighty, The Compassionate that
36:6  thou warnest a folk whose fathers were not warned, so they were ones who were heedless.
36:7  Certainly, the saying was realized against most of them for they believe not.
36:8  We laid yokes on their necks up to the chins, so that they are ones who are stiff-necked.
36:9  And We laid in advance of them an embankment and behind them an embankment. Then, We covered them so they perceive not.
36:10  And equal it is to them whether thou warn them, or thou warn them not. They will not believe.
36:11  Thou hast only warned whoever followed the Remembrance and dreaded The Merciful in the unseen, so give him good tidings of forgiveness and a generous compensation.
36:12  Truly, We give life to the dead and We write down what they put forward and their effects. We counted everything in a clear record.
36:13  And propound a parable for them: The Companions of the Town when ones who were sent drew near them.
36:14  When We sent to them two, they denied them both, so We replenished them with the third. And they said: Truly, We are ones who are sent to you.
36:15  They said: You are nothing but mortals like ourselves and The Merciful caused not to descend anything. You are but lying!
36:16  They said: Our Lord knows that we are ones who are sent to you.
36:17  On us is only the delivering of the clear message.
36:18  They said: Truly, we augured ill of you. If you refrain not yourselves, we will, certainly, stone you. Certainly, a painful punishment will afflict you from us.
36:19  They said: Ones who auger ill will be with you! Is it because you were reminded? Nay! You are a folk, ones who are excessive.
36:20  A man drew near from the farther part of the city, coming eagerly. He said: O my folk! Follow the ones who are sent!
36:21  Follow whoever asks not of you any compensation and they are ones who are truly guided.
36:22  What is it for me that I worship not Him Who originated me and to Whom you will be returned?
36:23  Will I take gods to myself other than He when, if The Merciful wants any harm for me, their intercession will not avail me at all nor will they save me.
36:24  Truly, I would, then, be clearly going astray.
36:25  Truly, I believed in your Lord so hear me!
36:26  It was said: Enter the Garden. He said: O would that my folk know
36:27  that my Lord forgave me and made me one who is honored!
36:28  After him We caused not to descend on his folk an army from heaven, nor had We been ones who need to cause to descend again.
36:29  It would be but one Cry and that is when they were ones who are silent and still.
36:30  O how regrettable of the servants! A Messenger approaches them not, but they had been ridiculing him.
36:31  Consider they not how many generations We caused to perish before them who, truly, return not to them.
36:32  And, truly, all of them will be altogether, ones who are charged in Our Presence.
36:33  And a sign for them is the dead body of the earth. We gave life to it and We brought out grain from it so that they eat from it.
36:34  We made in them gardens of date palm trees and grapevines and We caused a spring to gush forth in it
36:35  so that they may eat of the fruit from there that are not what their hands did. Will they, then, not give thanks?
36:36  Glory be to Him Who created pairs, all of them, of what the earth causes to develop as well as of themselves and of what they know not!
36:37  And a sign for them is the nighttime. We pluck the daytime from it and that is when they are ones in darkness!
36:38  And the sun runs to a resting place for it. That is foreordained by The Almighty, The Knowing.
36:39  And for the moon We ordained mansions until it reverted like an ripe aged, dry, date stalk.
36:40  It is not fit and proper for the sun to overtake the moon nor the nighttime one to take the lead over the daytime. They each swim in an orbit.
36:41  A sign for them is that We carried their offspring in a laden boat.
36:42  And We created for them of its like that they ride.
36:43  And if We will, We drown them with none for them to whom they cry aloud for help nor will they be saved
36:44  unless it be a mercy from Us and as an enjoyment for a while.
36:45  And when it was said to them: Be Godfearing of what is in advance of you and what is behind you, so that perhaps you will find mercy,
36:46  there never approaches them any sign from the signs of their Lord, but they had been ones who turn aside from it.
36:47  And when it was said to them: Spend of whatever God provided you, those who were ungrateful said to those who believed: Will we feed him whom He would have fed, if He wills? You are nothing, but in a clear going astray.
36:48  And they say: When is this promise if you had been ones who are sincere?
36:49  They expect but one Cry which will take them while they strive against one another.
36:50  Then, they will not be able to leave a legacy nor will they return to their people.
36:51  And the trumpet would be blown! That is when they will be sliding down to their Lord from their tombs.
36:52  They would say: Woe on us! Who raised us up from our place of sleep? This is what The Merciful promised and the ones who are sent were sincere.
36:53  It would be but one Cry. That is when they will be in Our Presence altogether, ones who are charged.
36:54  This Day no soul will be wronged at all nor will you be given recompense but for what you had been doing.
36:55  Truly, the Companions of the Garden that Day are ones who are joyful in their engagements.
36:56  They and their spouses, in shade on raised benches, ones who are reclining.
36:57  They will have in it sweet fruits and they will have whatever they call for:
36:58  Peace! A saying from the Compassionate Lord.
36:59  And be separated on this Day, O ones who sin!
36:60  Make I not a compact with you, O Children of Adam, that you not worship Satan? Truly, he is a clear enemy
36:61  and that you should worship Me. This is a straight path.
36:62  And, certainly, He caused to go astray many an array of you. Be you not, then, reasonable?
36:63  This is hell which you had been promised.
36:64  Roast in it this Day because you had been ungrateful.
36:65  On this Day We will seal over their mouths and their hands will speak to Us and their feet will bear witness to what they had been earning.
36:66  And if We will, We would, certainly, have obliterated their eyes. Then, they would race towards the path. How would they have perceived?
36:67  And if We will, We would, certainly, have transformed their ability. Then, they would not have been able to pass on, nor would they return.
36:68  And he to whom We give a long life, We bend him over in his constitution. Will they not, then, be reasonable?
36:69  We taught him not poetry, nor is it fit and proper for him. It is but a Remembrance and a clear Recitation
36:70  to warn whoever had been living and that the saying be realized against the ones who are ungrateful.
36:71  Consider they not how We created for them—out of what Our hands did— flocks, so they were of them ones who are owners?
36:72  And We subdued them for them so that of them, some are riding animals and some of them, they eat.
36:73  And they have profits from them and providing a place from which to drink. Will they not, then, give thanks?
36:74  And they took to themselves gods other than God so that perhaps they will be helped.
36:75  They are not able to help them while they are to them as a charged army.
36:76  So let not their saying dishearten thee.• Truly, We know what they keep secret and what they speak openly.
36:77  Consider not the human being that We created him from seminal fluid? That is when he is a clear adversary.
36:78  He propounded parables for Us and forgot his own creation. He said: Who will give life to these bones when they decayed?
36:79  Say: He will give life to them Who caused them to grow the first time and He is The Knowing of every creation.
36:80  It is He Who made for you fire out of a green tree. That is when you kindle from it.
36:81  Is not He Who created the heavens and the earth One Who Has Power to create the like of them? Yea! And He is The Knowing Creator.
36:82  Truly, His command when He wanted a thing is but to say to it: Be! Then, it is!
36:83  Then, Glory be to Him in whose hand is the Kingdom of everything! And to Him you will be returned.