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35:1  The Praise belongs to God, One Who is the Originator of the heavens and the earth, the One Who Makes the angels messengers imbued with wings by twos and in threes and fours. He increases in creation what He wills. Truly, God is Powerful over everything.
35:2  Whatever God may open of mercy to humanity, there is not one who holds it back. And what He holds back, there is not one who sends it after that. And He is The Almighty, The Wise.
35:3  O humanity! Remember the divine blessing of God on you! Is there anyone who is a creator other than God Who provides for you from the heaven and the earth? There is no god but He. Then, how you are misled!
35:4  And if they deny thee, surely, Messengers before thee were denied. And to God all affairs are returned.
35:5  O humanity! Truly, the promise of God is true. So let not this present life delude you. And let not the deluder delude you about God.
35:6  Truly, Satan is an enemy to you so take him to yourselves as an enemy. He calls only his party that they be among the Companions of the Blaze.
35:7  Those who were ungrateful, for them will be a severe punishment. And those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality, for them there is forgiveness and a great compensation.
35:8  Then, who is there that was made to appear pleasing to him the direness of his actions so that, then, he saw it as fairer. Truly, God causes to go astray whomever He wills and guides whomever He wills. So let not thy soul be wasted in regret for them. Truly, God is Knowing of what they craft!
35:9  And it is God Who sent the winds so that they raise clouds and We drove them to a dead land and We gave life by them to the earth after its death. Thus, will be the rising!
35:10  Whoever had been wanting great glory, great glory belongs to God altogether. To Him Words of what is good rise. He exalts the actions of one in accord with morality. But those who plan evil deeds, for them will be a severe punishment. And the planning of those, it will come to nothing.
35:11  And God created you from earth dust: Again, from seminal fluid. Again, He made you pairs. And no female carries nor brings forth her burden but with His Knowledge. No one who is given a long life is given a long life, nor is anything reduced from his lifetime but it is in a Book. Truly, that is easy for God.
35:12  The two bodies of water are not on the same level. This is agreeable, water of the sweetest kind, that which is delicious to drink, and the other is salty, bitter. But from each you eat succulent flesh and pull out glitter that you wear. And thou wilt see the boats, that which plows through the waves on it, that you be looking for His grace and so that perhaps you will give thanks.
35:13  He causes the nighttime to be interposed in the daytime and He causes the daytime to be interposed into the nighttime and He caused the sun to be subservient and the moon. Each runs its course for a term, that is determined. That is God, your Lord. For Him is the dominion! And those whom you call to other than Him possess not even the white spot of a date stone.
35:14  If you call to them, they would not hear your supplication. Even if they heard, they would not respond to you. And on the Day of Resurrection they will disbelieve in your association with them. And none tells thee like One Who is Aware.
35:15  O humanity! It is you who are poor in relation to God. And God—He is Sufficient, Worthy of Praise.
35:16  If He wills, He would cause you to be put away and bring a new creation.
35:17  And that for God is not a great matter.
35:18  And no burdened soul will bear another’s load. If one who is weighed down calls for help for his heavy load, nothing of it is carried for him, even if he had been possessor of kinship. Hast thou warned only those who dread their Lord in the unseen and performed the formal prayer. And he who purified himself, then, only purifies for himself. And to God is the Homecoming.
35:19  Not on the same level are the unwilling to see and the seeing
35:20  nor are shadows and light
35:21  nor are the shade and the torrid heat.
35:22  Nor are the living and the lifeless on the same level. Truly, God causes to hear whom He wills. And thou art not one who causes to hear whoever is in graves.
35:23  Thou art but a warner.
35:24  Truly, We sent thee with The Truth, a bearer of good tidings and a warner. And there is not any community, but a warner passed away among them.
35:25  And if they deny thee, so, surely, those who were before them denied. Their Messengers drew near them with the clear portents and with the Psalms and the illuminating Book.
35:26  Again, I took those who were ungrateful. And how had My disapproval of them been!
35:27  Hast thou not considered that God caused water to descend from the heavens? And, then, We brought out fruits, the ones of varying hues. Among the mountains are white and red streaks—the ones of varying hues—and others raven black,
35:28  and of humanity and moving creatures and flocks, thus, they are likewise of hues, ones at variance. Only His servants who dread God are knowing. Truly, God is Almighty, Forgiving.
35:29  Truly, those who recount the Book of God and performed the formal prayer and spent out of what We provided for them secretly and in public, they hope for a trade that will never come to nothing.
35:30  He will, certainly, pay them their account in full as their compensation and increase them more out of His grace. Truly, He is Forgiving, Ready to Appreciate.
35:31  And what We revealed to thee of the Book is The Truth, that establishes as true what was in advance of it. Truly, God is Aware, Seeing of His servants.
35:32  Again, We gave the Book as an inheritance to those whom We favored of Our servants. Then, of them are ones who are unjust to themselves and of them are ones who halt between two opinions and some of them are ones who take the lead with good deeds by permission of God. That is the greater grace.
35:33  Gardens of Eden—they will enter them. They will be adorned in them with bracelets of gold and pearls. And their garments in them will be silk.
35:34  And they would say: The Praise belongs to God Who caused grief to be put away from us. Truly, our Lord is Forgiving, Ready to Appreciate.
35:35  He Who caused us to live in the inhabited Abode out of His grace, fatigue will not afflict us in it, nor will we be afflicted with exhaustion in it.
35:36  And those who were ungrateful, for them will be the fire of hell: Neither will it be decided a term for them so that they die nor will its punishment be lightened for them. Thus, We give recompense to every ungrateful one.
35:37  And they will shout aloud in it: Our Lord! Bring us out and we shall do as ones in accord with morality, not what we had been doing! Give We not you a long enough life so that whoever recollects would recollect there? And the warner drew near you, so experience it because there is no helper for ones who are unjust.
35:38  Truly, God is One Who Knows the unseen of the heavens and the earth. Truly, He is Knowing of what is in the breasts.
35:39  He it is Who made you viceregents on the earth. So whoever was ungrateful, then, his ingratitude will be against him. And the ones who are ungrateful increase not their ingratitude to their Lord, but in repugnance. And the ones who are ungrateful increase not their ingratitude to their Lord, but in loss.
35:40  Say: Considered you your ascribed associates to whom you call to other than God? Cause me to see what they created in the earth or have they any association in creation of the heavens? Or gave We them a Book so that they have a clear portent from there? Nay! The ones who are unjust promise nothing—some of them to some others—but delusion.
35:41  Truly, God holds back the heavens and the earth so that they are not displaced. And if they were displaced, there is none who held them back after Him. Truly, He had been Forbearing, Forgiving.
35:42  And they swore by God the most earnest oaths, that if a warner drew near them, they would be better guided than any of the other communities. Yet when a warner drew near to them, it increased nothing in them but aversion,
35:43  growing arrogant on the earth and planning evil deeds. The plan of bad deeds surround none but people themselves. Then, look they on but a custom of the ancient ones? Thou wilt never find in a custom of God any substitution. And thou wilt never find in a custom of God any revision.
35:44  Journey they not through the earth and look on how had been the Ultimate End of those before them? They had been stronger than they are in strength. And God had not been weakened by anything in the heavens nor in or on the earth. Truly, He had been Knowing, Powerful.
35:45  And if God takes humanity to task for what they earned, He would not leave on the back of the earth any moving creature, but He postpones to a term, that is determined. And when their term drew near, then, truly, God had been Seeing of His servants.