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37:1  By the parties ranged in close ranks
37:2  And by those who drive away the clouds or by those parties who severely reprimand evils
37:3  Then by those parties that remember Allah (or) recite (the Holy Qur’an)
37:4  Surely, your God is One
37:5  The Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever (creation) is between them, and the Lord of every point of sunrise
37:6  Surely, We have adorned the world’s heaven (the first heavenly sphere) with the adornment of stars and planets
37:7  And made (them) secure from every rebellious satan
37:8  They (satans) cannot listen to the celestial world. And (burning brands) are thrown on them from every side
37:9  To repulse them. And for them there is eternal torment
37:10  But that (satan) who snatches away (something from angels), a burning brand follows it in chase
37:11  Ask them: ‘Are they harder (and more difficult) to create, or those things which We have created (in the heavenly universe)? Surely, We have created them from a sticky clay.
37:12  But you express your wonder whilst they make fun
37:13  And when they are given advice, they do not accept it
37:14  And when they see some sign, they mock it
37:15  And say: ‘This is but obvious magic
37:16  What! When we are dead and turned to dust and bones, shall we certainly be raised (alive again)
37:17  And shall our forefathers too (be raised)?
37:18  Say: ‘Yes, (of course,) and you will be disgraced and humiliated (as well).
37:19  So, it will be merely a single dreadful shout (of a stern call). Then all will suddenly (rise and) begin to stare
37:20  And they will say: ‘Woe to us! This is the Day of Requital.
37:21  (It will be said: ‘Yes,) this is the same Day of Judgment which you used to reject
37:22  Assemble all those who committed injustice as well as their companions and followers and those (false gods) that they used to worship
37:23  Besides Allah. Then take them to the path of Hell
37:24  And halt them (near the passage); they shall be interrogated.
37:25  (It will be said to them:) ‘What has happened to you that you do not help one another?
37:26  (What help can they provide?) For, in truth, they will be standing bending their necks Today
37:27  And turning to one another, they will mutually question
37:28  They will say: ‘Surely, it is you who used to come to us from the right side (i.e., asserting on oath of being right).
37:29  (Their misleading leaders) will say: ‘The truth is that it was you yourselves who did not believe
37:30  Nor did we have any authority (and control) over you. But you yourselves were a rebellious people
37:31  So the command of our Lord has been proved against us. (Now) we are about to taste (the torment)
37:32  So we led you astray. Surely, we ourselves had gone astray.
37:33  So on that Day, they (all) will share the torment
37:34  No doubt, this is how We deal with the sinners
37:35  Surely, they were such people that when it was said to them: ‘There is none worthy of worship except Allah,’ they used to show arrogance
37:36  And used to say: ‘Are we going to forsake our gods for the sake of an insane poet?
37:37  (He is neither an insane person nor a poet.) He has rather brought the truth (Din [Religion]) and confirmed the Messengers (of Allah)
37:38  Verily, you are about to taste the painful torment
37:39  And you will not be given (any) reward but for what you used to do
37:40  (Yes,) but those (exalted and chosen) servants of Allah who have divested themselves of (their ill-commanding selves and its pursuits)
37:41  It is they for whom a special provision is appointed (morning and evening)
37:42  Fruits (of every kind). And they will be honoured and venerated
37:43  (Abiding) in Gardens of bliss and bounty
37:44  (Making spiritual disclosures) face to face on raised couches
37:45  Round them will be passed cups of (sacred) overflowing drink
37:46  It will be sparkling white and superbly delicious, a treat for those who drink
37:47  It will not cause any harm or giddiness; nor will they lose balance (after drinking it)
37:48  And beside them will be (sitting chaste women) with lowered gazes and wide beautiful eyes
37:49  (Fair, charming complexion, they will look) as if they were eggs protected from dust
37:50  Then those (residents of Paradise) will turn to one another and mutually inquire (about their well-being)
37:51  One (of the participants in conversation) will say (to the other): ‘There was an acquaintance of mine (who disbelieved in the Hereafter)
37:52  He used to say (to me): Are you (also) of those who confirm and firmly believe (in these things)
37:53  (That) when we are dead and have become dust and bones, so shall we be requited (in that condition)?
37:54  Then he (the dweller of Paradise) will say: ‘Will you peer down to see (him in which plight he is)?
37:55  Then on peering down, he will find him (right) in the middle of Hell
37:56  (He) will say (to him): ‘By my Lord, you had nearly ruined me
37:57  And had it not been the favour of my Lord, I (too) would have joined those who are brought (for torment with you).
37:58  So (the dwellers of Paradise will gladly ask:) ‘Shall we not die now
37:59  Except for the first death (which we have passed through and have reached here) and shall we not be ever tormented?
37:60  This is surely the supreme success
37:61  For such (a success) the doers should do work
37:62  Is the hospitality (of Paradise) better or the tree of Zaqqum
37:63  Undoubtedly, We have made this (tree) a torment for the wrongdoers
37:64  Truly, this is a tree that springs out from the bottom of Hell
37:65  The spikes of its fruit are as if heads of (ugly) satans
37:66  So the inmates of Hell have to eat of it alone and have to fill their bellies with the same
37:67  Then for sure there will be scalding water mixed (with pus) for them after (eating, which will cut through their guts)
37:68  Then (after eating) surely they will return to Hell (again)
37:69  Surely, they found their ancestors misguided
37:70  So they are made to rush on in their footsteps
37:71  And in fact, most of the former people (also) lost the straight path
37:72  And surely, We sent the Warners amongst them as well
37:73  So see how was the end of those who were warned
37:74  Except for the chosen and exalted servants of Allah
37:75  And, verily, Nuh (Noah) cried to Us. So how excellent We are to respond to the prayers
37:76  And We delivered him and his family from the ordeal
37:77  And We made his offspring the only survivors
37:78  And We made his virtuous remembrance endure amongst the successors (i.e., the Messengers and their people)
37:79  Peace be on Nuh (Noah) in all the worlds
37:80  Surely, We requite the pious the same way
37:81  He was indeed of Our servants blessed with (perfect) faith
37:82  Then We drowned the others
37:83  And verily, of his party was Ibrahim ([Abraham] as well, on him be peace)
37:84  When he appeared before his Lord with a purified and submissive heart
37:85  He said to his father (who was in fact his uncle, and he used to call him father, for he had brought him up) and his people: ‘What is it that you worship
37:86  Do you go for false gods besides Allah, inventing a false allegation
37:87  Well! What do you think of the Lord of all the worlds?
37:88  Then Ibrahim (Abraham) cast a look at the stars (to put them in doubt)
37:89  And said: ‘I am not well (so cannot accompany you to the festival).
37:90  At that they turned their backs on him and left (for the festival)
37:91  Then Ibrahim (Abraham) went up to their gods (idols) quietly and said to them: ‘Do you not eat
37:92  What is the matter with you that you do not speak?
37:93  Then Ibrahim (Abraham) began striking (and breaking) them with full force
37:94  Then the people came to him running (on returning from the festival)
37:95  Ibrahim (Abraham) said (to them): ‘Do you worship these (inanimate stones) which you yourselves carve out
37:96  Whilst Allah has created you and (all) your doings?
37:97  They said: ‘Raise for him a building (to burn him), then cast him into the blazing fire (in it).
37:98  So they attempted to play a trick against Ibrahim (Abraham), but We humiliated them (when the fire eventually turned into a flower garden)
37:99  Then Ibrahim (Abraham) said: ‘(Migrating,) I am going to my Lord. He will certainly guide me.’ (He migrated to Syria)
37:100  (Reaching the sacred land, he prayed:) ‘O my Lord, bless me with (a son,) one of the pious.
37:101  So We gave him the good news of a very forbearing son (Isma‘il [Ishmael])
37:102  Then when (Isma‘il [Ishmael]) reached (the age of) the ability to run about with him, Ibrahim (Abraham) said: ‘O my son, I have seen in a dream that I am sacrificing you. So think, what is your opinion?’ Isma‘il (Ishmael) said: ‘O my father, do that (immediately) which you are being commanded. If Allah wills, you will find me amongst the patient (and steadfast).
37:103  So when both submitted (to the will of Allah i.e., both surrendered to Allah’s command), and Ibrahim (Abraham) laid him down on his forehead—(the subsequent sight has not been described;
37:104  And We called out to him: ‘O Ibrahim (Abraham)
37:105  (How wonderfully) have you made your dream really true!’ Surely, We pay back the spiritually excellent the same way. (So you are blessed with the prominence of Our closest friend.
37:106  It was by far a great open trial
37:107  And We ransomed him with a great sacrifice
37:108  And We preserved his virtuous remembrance (i.e., praise) amongst the succeeding generations
37:109  Peace be upon Ibrahim (Abraham)
37:110  That is how We pay back those who are committed to spiritual excellence
37:111  Surely, he was of Our servants with (perfect faith)
37:112  And (after Isma‘il [Ishmael]) We gave him the good news of Ishaq (Isaac). He was (also) a Prophet, one of the most pious
37:113  And We bestowed blessings on him and on Ishaq (Isaac). And amongst their descendants are both the virtuous as well as those who expressly wrong themselves
37:114  And surely, We blessed Musa (Moses) and Harun (Aaron) as well with Our favours
37:115  And We delivered them and their people from the ordeal
37:116  And We helped them, so it was they who overmastered
37:117  And We gave both of them the clear and enlightening Book (the Torah)
37:118  And We guided them both to the straight path
37:119  And We preserved their virtuous remembrance (also) amongst the succeeding generations
37:120  Peace be upon Musa (Moses) and Harun (Aaron)
37:121  That is how We pay back those who are committed to spiritual excellence
37:122  Surely, both of them were of Our servants blessed with (perfect faith)
37:123  And indeed, Ilyas (Elias too) was one of the Messengers
37:124  When he said to his people: ‘Do you not fear (Allah)
37:125  Do you worship (the idol named) Ba‘l and turn away from the Best of creators
37:126  Allah, Who is your Lord and the Lord of your foregoing ancestors (as well)?
37:127  But they (the people of Ba‘lbek) gave lie to Ilyas (Elias), so they will (also) be brought (to the torment of Hell)
37:128  Except the chosen servants of Allah
37:129  And We preserved his virtuous remembrance (also) amongst the succeeding generations
37:130  Peace be upon Ilyas (Elias)
37:131  That is how We pay back those who are committed to spiritual excellence
37:132  Surely, he was of Our servants blessed with (perfect faith)
37:133  And verily, Lut (Lot too) was one of the Messengers
37:134  When We delivered him and the whole of his family
37:135  Except that old woman who was of those who stayed behind
37:136  Then We destroyed the others
37:137  And surely, you pass by (the remains of their ruined towns whilst going from Mecca to Syria) in the morning
37:138  And at night as well. Do you not even then understand
37:139  And Yunus (Jonah too) was indeed one of the Messengers
37:140  When he ran towards the full boat
37:141  Then (when it was caught into a whirlpool) they cast lots, and (in the draws) he came to be the loser (i.e., his name was drawn and those in the boat cast him overboard into the river)
37:142  Then the fish swallowed him and he was a (self-condemning) repentant
37:143  Then if he had not been of those who glorify (Allah)
37:144  He would have stayed in the belly (of the fish) till the Day when people will be resurrected (from the graves)
37:145  Then We cast him onto a wide plain (i.e., the beach) whilst he was sick
37:146  And We caused a creeping (gourd) plant to grow over him
37:147  And We sent him towards (the people of Nineveh in the land of Mosul,) a population of a hundred thousand or more
37:148  (Seeing the signs of torment,) they believed. So We granted them prosperity for a time
37:149  So ask these (disbelievers of Mecca): ‘Are there daughters for your Lord and sons for them
37:150  Did We create the angels as females and were they present (on the occasion)?
37:151  Listen! They assuredly say (this) out of their fabrications
37:152  That Allah has begotten children and surely they are liars
37:153  Has He chosen daughters instead of sons? (The creed of the disbelievers of Mecca is being refuted in the language of their logic and mentality.
37:154  What is the matter with you? How do you judge
37:155  Do you not ponder
37:156  Do you have any clear proof (to establish your philosophy and ideology)
37:157  Produce your book if you are truthful
37:158  And they have fabricated a blood relationship between Allah and the jinn (as well), whereas the jinn know that they (too) will be made to appear (before the presence of Allah)
37:159  Holy is Allah, Transcendent of what they utter
37:160  But the chosen and exalted servants of Allah (do not say such things; they are not amongst them)
37:161  So you and (the idols) which you worship
37:162  You all cannot misguide (anyone against Allah)
37:163  Except the one who is bound to fall into Hell
37:164  And (the angels say:) ‘Every one of us has an appointed station
37:165  And surely, we ourselves are those who remain standing in rows
37:166  And surely, we ourselves remain engaged in glorifying (Allah).
37:167  And no doubt, these people used to say
37:168  ‘If we (too) had some (Book) of direction and guidance from the bygone people
37:169  Then, certainly, we (too) would have been Allah’s exalted servants.
37:170  But (now) they have rejected this (Qur’an). So they will soon come to know (their end)
37:171  And verily, Our command has been put into effect in respect of the servants whom We sent (i.e., the Messengers)
37:172  That it is they who have been granted help
37:173  And that essentially it is only Our army that shall dominate
37:174  So turn your attention away from them for a time
37:175  And keep watching them (constantly). So they will soon come to know (their end)
37:176  And do they want Our punishment to be hastened
37:177  But when that (torment) descends before them, how evil will be the morning of those who were warned
37:178  So turn your attention away from them for a while
37:179  And keep watching them (constantly). So they will soon come to know (their end)
37:180  Holy is your Lord, the Lord of Honour, Transcendent above these (things) which they utter
37:181  And peace be upon (all) the Messengers
37:182  And all praise be to Allah alone, the Lord of all the worlds