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36:1  Ya-Sin. (Only Allah and the Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him] know the real meaning.
36:2  By the Qur’an, full of wisdom
36:3  You are indeed one of the Messengers
36:4  On the straight path
36:5  This is revealed by the Almighty, Ever-Merciful
36:6  That you may warn the people whose fathers were (also) not warned. So they are careless and neglectful
36:7  In fact, Our command has proved true against most of them. So they will not believe
36:8  Surely, We have put iron collars round their necks reaching their chins. So they have raised their heads up
36:9  And We have set a barrier before them and a barrier behind them, and We have cast a veil over their eyes so they do not see anything
36:10  And it is all the same for them whether you warn or do not warn them, they will not believe
36:11  You can only warn the one who follows the direction and guidance and fears the Most Kind (Lord) unseen. So give him the good news of forgiveness and a reward of great honour
36:12  Surely, We alone raise the dead to life. And We are writing down (the deeds) which they have sent forward and their effects (that are left behind). And We have encompassed everything in the illumining Book (al-Lawh al-Mahfuz)
36:13  And narrate to them the (legendary) example of the people of a city (Antioch—an ancient city in Northern Syria) when there came to them some Messengers
36:14  When (at first) We sent to them two Messengers, they rejected them both. Then We reinforced (them) with a third (Messenger). Then the three of them said: ‘Surely, we have been sent to you.
36:15  (The people of the city) said: ‘You are but human beings like us, and the Most Kind (Lord) has not sent down anything. You are only lying.
36:16  (The Messengers) said: ‘Surely, our Lord knows that we have been sent to you
36:17  And there is nothing binding upon us except to communicate the message clearly.
36:18  (The people of the city) said: ‘An evil omen has reached us from you. If you do not desist, we shall certainly stone you, and you will definitely suffer an agonizing punishment at our hands.
36:19  (The Messengers) said: ‘Your evil omen is with you. Is it an evil omen that you are admonished? Nay, but you are a people who exceed limits.
36:20  And a person came running from the farthest end of the city. He said: ‘O my people, follow the Messengers
36:21  Follow those who do not ask from you any compensation and who are rightly guided
36:22  And what is the matter with me that I should not worship Him Who has created me and to Him (all of) you will be returned
36:23  Should I take such gods apart from Him (Allah) that if the Most Kind (Lord) intends to do me any harm, their intercession would not bring me any benefit, nor would they be able to rescue me
36:24  Then, certainly, I would be in open error
36:25  Surely, I have believed in your Lord, so listen to me (attentively).
36:26  (The disbelievers martyred him; then it) was said (to him): ‘(Come,) enter Paradise.’ He said: ‘Alas! Would that my people knew
36:27  That my Lord has forgiven me, and put me amongst the honoured and near ones.
36:28  And, after him, We did not send any army (of angels) from the heaven to his people, nor were We to send down (angels to destroy them)
36:29  (Their torment) was nothing but a Mighty Blast, and there were they extinguished (dead like charred coal)
36:30  Ah! Woe to (these) servants! Never did a Messenger come to them but they used to mock him
36:31  Have they not seen how many communities We destroyed before them, and that now they will not return to them
36:32  But that all of them will be brought before Our presence
36:33  And a sign for them is the dead earth to which We gave life, and We brought forth from it (grain); then they eat of it
36:34  And We produced in it gardens of date-palms and grapes, and also caused some springs as well to gush forth in it
36:35  So that they may eat of its fruits. And it is not their hands that made it. Do they not thank (even) then
36:36  Glory be to Him Who created everything in pairs of those the earth grows and of themselves as well and, (moreover,) of the things they do not know
36:37  And (also) a sign for them is the night: (how) We draw the day out from it! So then they are left in darkness
36:38  And the sun is constantly rotating (non-stop) for its appointed destination. It is a measure fixed by the Almighty, All-Knowing (Lord)
36:39  And We have also appointed stages (of motion and rotation) of the moon till (its appearance to the dwellers of the earth wanes to) the semblance of an old dry branch of a palm-tree
36:40  Neither can the sun (deviate from its orbit and) overtake the moon, nor can the night precede the day, and all (the stars and planets) are moving in their respective orbits
36:41  And a sign for them is (also) that We boarded their fathers (the Children of Adam) into the laden Ark of (Nuh [Noah] and saved them)
36:42  And like this (Ark) We made for them (many other means of transport) which they ride
36:43  And if We intend, We drown them. Then there will not be any to respond to their cry, nor will they be saved anyway
36:44  Except for Our mercy and (this) provision is for an appointed term
36:45  And (recall) when it is said to them: ‘Fear that (torment) which is before you and which is behind you so that you may be shown mercy.
36:46  And not a sign of the signs of their Lord comes to them but they turn away from it
36:47  And when it is said to them: ‘Spend (in the way of Allah) of what Allah has given you,’ the disbelievers say to the believers: ‘Shall we feed that (poor) man whom, if Allah so willed, He would feed (Himself)?’ You are but (caught) in clear error
36:48  And they say: ‘When will this promise (of the Last Hour) be fulfilled if you are truthful?
36:49  They are simply waiting for a Mighty Blast which will seize them (all of a sudden), and they will be disputing amongst themselves
36:50  Then they will not be able to make a will or to return to their families
36:51  And (when) the Trumpet will be blown (again) they will come out of the graves at once and run towards their Lord
36:52  (Seeing the horrors of the Hour of Resurrection,) they will say: ‘Ah, woe to us! Who has raised us from our sleeping places? This (coming back to life) is the same that the Most Kind (Lord) promised and the Messengers spoke the truth.
36:53  This will only be a Mighty Blast. Then all of them will be brought to Our presence straight away
36:54  So Today no soul will be wronged in the least. Nor will you be rewarded except for the deeds you used to do
36:55  Surely, the residents of Paradise will be rejoicing Today (in their) favourite pastime pursuits (like spiritual visits, entertainments, sessions of hymns and eulogies)
36:56  They and their wives will be reclining on raised couches under the deep, calming shades
36:57  There they will be provided with fruits (of every kind) and will find (available) everything they will solicit
36:58  ‘Peace (be upon you)!’ (This) greeting will be conveyed (to them) from the Ever-Merciful Lord
36:59  ‘And, O evildoers, get aside (from the righteous) this Day
36:60  O Children of Adam! Did I not take this covenant from you not to worship Satan; no doubt he is your open enemy
36:61  And that you keep worshipping Me alone? That is the straight path
36:62  And surely, he led great many of you astray, so had you not any wisdom
36:63  This is the same Hell that was being promised to you
36:64  Enter this Hell Today, for you kept disbelieving.
36:65  Today We shall seal their mouths, and their hands will speak to Us, and their feet will bear witness to the deeds which they used to earn
36:66  And if We had so willed, We would have obliterated the very marks of their eyes. Then if they would have run on the path, how could they have seen
36:67  And if We had so intended, We would have defaced them in their places. Then they would have power neither to go forward nor to turn back
36:68  And someone whom We give long life, We cause him to degenerate (towards childhood and debility) in strength and disposition. So, do they not have sense
36:69  And We have not taught him (the Holy Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him]) composing poetry, nor does it befit his dignity. This (Book) is but direction and guidance and the illumining Qur’an
36:70  So that it may warn the one who is alive, and the word of judgment may be proved against the disbelievers
36:71  Have they not seen that We created for them cattle out of the (creation) We made with Our Mighty Hand, so they are their owners
36:72  And We subjected those (cattle) to them. So some of them are their riding animals and they eat some of them
36:73  And there are other benefits and drinks in them as well for them. Then why do they not give thanks
36:74  And they have made idols their gods other than Allah with the hope that they will be helped
36:75  These idols are incapable of helping them. And these (disbelievers and polytheists) will be an army of these (idols) that will be brought (into Hell together)
36:76  So let not what they utter hurt you. Surely, We know whatever they hide and whatever they make public
36:77  Has man not seen that We have created him from a sperm drop? Even then, he has become an open adversary
36:78  And he (himself) puts forth examples for Us and has forgotten (the truth of) his creation. He says: ‘Who will give life to bones when they will have been decomposed?
36:79  Say: ‘He Who created them the first time will give them life. And He knows best every creation
36:80  He Who produces fire for you out of the green tree so now you kindle fire with the same
36:81  And does He Who created the heavens and the earth not have the power to create the like of them (again)?’ Yes indeed! And He is the Supreme Creator, the All-Knowing
36:82  His command (of creation) is only that when He intends (to create) something, He says to it: ‘Be,’ so it instantly becomes (existent or visible and continues becoming)
36:83  So, Glory be to Him in Whose Hand (i.e., power and control) is the sovereignty over everything and to Him you will be returned