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37:1  By those [angels] arrayed in ranks.
37:2  By those [angels] who are tugging the rope [of Allah].
37:3  By those [angels] who proclaim the remembrance [of Allah].
37:4  Truly your deity is surely One.
37:5  Who is the Lord of the heavens and of the earth and all that is in between them and Lord of the rising points of the sun.
37:6  Truly, We have adorned the lower heaven through an adornment of the stars.
37:7  And also as a protection against any rebellious Satan.
37:8  They cannot strain their hearing to the exalted company and they are driven back from every side.
37:9  Cast out and for them is a tormenting punishment.
37:10  Except the one who snatches a little fragment and then a piercing blaze follows him.
37:11  Interrogate them are they harder to create than those [others] that We have created? Truly We have created them from a consistent clay.
37:12  Nay! You do admire with wonderment while they mock.
37:13  And when they are reminded, they do not remember.
37:14  And when they see a sign, they continue to mock.
37:15  And they say, “This is but an evident magic.”
37:16  What? When we have died and we have become dust and rotten bones, are we truly going to be raised?
37:17  Or our fathers of old?
37:18  Say, “Yes and you indeed will be in a state of abject humiliation.”
37:19  It is but a single tug of rope and Lo! They all stand wide awake.
37:20  And they will say, “Woe unto us. This is the day of recompense.”
37:21  This is the day of segregation which you used to belie.
37:22  Gather those who have wronged their own souls and their pairs and all that they used to worship
37:23  besides Allah and then guide them to the path of the hellfire.
37:24  And now stop them for they indeed are going to be questioned.
37:25  What is amiss with you that now you are not helping one another.
37:26  Nay! Today they are going to willingly submit to Allah.
37:27  And they turn to one another as they enquire from one another.
37:28  They will say, “You truly used to approach us from the right side.”
37:29  They will say, “Nay! You used not to be believers.”
37:30  Nor did we have any authority over you. Nay! You were a people who were transgressors.
37:31  So the sentence of our Lord has been made true against us. We indeed are surely going to taste [the punishment].
37:32  We ourselves were gone on a narrow way so we led you to a narrow way.
37:33  Therefore truly on that day, they will be associates in the punishment.
37:34  Thus indeed it is that We do unto the evildoers.
37:35  Truly they used to persist in their arrogance when they were told that there is no deity except Allah.
37:36  And they used to say, “What? Are we indeed going to abandon our deities for the sake of a poet who is possessed?”
37:37  Nay! He has come with the truth and has testified to the truth of the messengers.
37:38  You indeed are going to taste the painful punishment.
37:39  And you are not rewarded except for that which you used to do.
37:40  Exempted are the sincere servants of Allah.
37:41  For these there will be a special sustenance.
37:42  Fruits, while they are in a state honored with grace
37:43  in gardens of the bliss,
37:44  and on couches facing one another.
37:45  A cup from a pure source will be served around unto them.
37:46  White, tasteful for the drinkers.
37:47  There will be no headache in it [for them] nor will they bleed from it.
37:48  And with them are mates with lowered gaze and beauteous.
37:49  As though they were eggs well-guarded.
37:50  Then they will turn unto one another enquiring.
37:51  One from among them will say, “I indeed used to have a companion
37:52  Who used to say ‘Are you indeed of those who testified to the truth [about resurrection]
37:53  What? After we have died and have become dust and rotten bones, are we truly going to be recompensed [for our deeds]?’”
37:54  Another said, “Are you going to look out [and see]?”
37:55  And he looked out and saw him in the midst of the hellfire.
37:56  He said, “By Allah you indeed almost brought me to my destruction.”
37:57  And had it not been for the blessing of my Lord, I would certainly have been of those who are brought [into the fire].
37:58  Is it that we are not going to die?
37:59  Except for our first death and that we are not going to be punished.
37:60  This indeed truly is the magnificent success.
37:61  For the like of this, let the workers work.
37:62  Is that better as a welcome or the tree of the evil taste.
37:63  We have truly made it a trial for those who wrong their own souls.
37:64  Truly, it is a tree that grows from the very foundation of the hellfire.
37:65  And its produce like unto the heads of the devils.
37:66  Thus truly they surely are going to eat from it and they are going to fill their stomachs from it.
37:67  And for them, on top of it [the fruit of the tree], there will be surely boiling water as mixture [to the food].
37:68  Then indeed their place of return will be to the hellfire.
37:69  Truly they found their fathers misguided.
37:70  But they went running in their footsteps.
37:71  And indeed most of the ancients before them had gone astray.
37:72  And We had indeed sent warners among them.
37:73  So now look how was the ending of those who were warned.
37:74  Exempted are the sincere servants of Allah.
37:75  And indeed Noah had cried out to Us and surely We are the best of those who respond.
37:76  And We saved him and his folk from the great tribulation.
37:77  And We caused his seeds to be the ones to remain.
37:78  And We handed down his memory in the later generations.
37:79  The word of Peace be on Noah among the nations.
37:80  Thus indeed We reward those who act in excellence.
37:81  For he indeed was one of Our believing servants.
37:82  Then We caused the others to drown.
37:83  And truly Abraham was surely of his adherence.
37:84  When he came to his Lord with a peaceful heart.
37:85  When he said to his father and to his people, “What is it that you are worshipping?
37:86  What? Are you seeking besides Allah false gods?
37:87  “So what do you think about the Lord of the worlds?”
37:88  Then he took a look into the stars.
37:89  So he said, “I indeed am sick.”
37:90  So they turned their backs on him and left.
37:91  Then he turned around to their gods and said, “Will you not eat?
37:92  What is amiss with you? Will you not speak?”
37:93  Then he turned around upon them striking them with the right hand [of power].
37:94  So they came towards him making haste
37:95  He said, “Do you worship that which you have sculpted yourselves?
37:96  Whilst it is Allah who created you and all that you work.”
37:97  They said, “Build him a building [of fire] and throw him in the blaze.”
37:98  Thus they sought to undo him through their evil scheme but We caused them to be the ones brought most low.
37:99  And he said, “I indeed am going to go to my Lord for soon He will guide me.
37:100  O my Lord! Grant me one from the righteous [son].”
37:101  Then We gave him the glad tidings about a boy who is forbearing.
37:102  But when he attained the age of serious work with him he said, “My dear son! I indeed see in my dream that I indeed am slaughtering you so look then what is your view?” He said, “O my father! Do as you are commanded. You will soon find me, if Allah pleases, of those who are patient.”
37:103  So when they both submitted and he laid him prostrate on his forehead,
37:104  and We called out to him that, “O Abraham!
37:105  You have indeed made the vision come true.” Thus do We indeed reward those who act in excellence.
37:106  Truly this, surely it was the trial, the most evident.
37:107  And We ransomed him with a magnificent sacrifice.
37:108  And We handed down his remembrance in later generations.
37:109  Word of peace be on Abraham!
37:110  Thus do We reward those who act in excellence.
37:111  Indeed he was from Our servants who were true believers.
37:112  And We gave him the glad tidings of Isaac as a prophet from the righteous.
37:113  And We bestowed Our blessing on him and on Isaac. And among their descendants are those who are evidently excellent in deeds for the benefit of their own souls and are those who evidently do wrong to their own souls.
37:114  And We indeed bestowed our favor on Moses and Aaron.
37:115  And We saved both of them and their people from the great tribulation.
37:116  And We helped them so it was they who were the victorious.
37:117  And We gave the two of them the book that is made clear.
37:118  And We guided both of them to the path most upright.
37:119  And We handed down their remembrance in later generations.
37:120  Word of Peace be upon Moses and Aaron.
37:121  Truly thus indeed do We reward those who act in excellence.
37:122  Truly both of them were from Our believing servants.
37:123  And truly Elijah was surely from among the messengers.
37:124  When he said to his people, “Will you not revere Allah?
37:125  Will you invoke Baal and forsake the most excellent of the creators?
37:126  That is Allah, your Lord and Lord of your forefathers.”
37:127  But they belied him so they indeed are truly of those who are brought [to Our judgment].
37:128  Exempted are the sincere servants of Allah.
37:129  And We handed down his remembrance in the later generations.
37:130  Word of Peace be on Elijah.
37:131  Truly thus do We reward those who act in excellence.
37:132  Truly he was from among Our believing servants.
37:133  And indeed Lot was truly from the messengers.
37:134  When We saved him and his family altogether.
37:135  Except an old woman who was among the bygones.
37:136  When We annihilated the others.
37:137  And truly you pass them by in the morning
37:138  “and at night. Will you not then understand?”
37:139  And indeed Jonah was truly from the messengers.
37:140  When he fled like a runaway slave to the laden ship.
37:141  And he took part in drawing the lots but he was of those who lost.
37:142  So the fish swallowed him while he was blameworthy.
37:143  Had it not been that he indeed was of those who glorify Allah.
37:144  He would surely have remained in its belly till the day that they will be raised.
37:145  Then We cast him on the arid shore while he was in a state of inertia.
37:146  And We caused a gourd like tree to grow over him.
37:147  And thereafter We sent him to a hundred thousand [people] or more.
37:148  And they believed so We provided them a brief enjoyment [of this life] for a while.
37:149  Now enquire from them is it that the daughters are for your Lord and the sons are for them?
37:150  Or that We created the angels as females while they were present?
37:151  Lo! Truly from their falsehood they surely say,
37:152  “Allah had begotten” and truly they are the liars.
37:153  Did He choose daughters above the sons?
37:154  What is amiss with you? What is this manner in which you dispose?
37:155  Will you not then remember?
37:156  Or is it that for you there is an evident authority?
37:157  Then bring along your book if you are indeed truthful.
37:158  And they have invented a blood tie between Him and the Jinns and indeed the Jinns know that truly they surely are going to be brought [to the day of judgment].
37:159  Glorified be Allah from all that they invent about him.
37:160  Exempted are the sincere servants of Allah.
37:161  And truly you and all that you worship,
37:162  you are not going to cause anyone to be tempted by it,
37:163  except one who is going to burn in the hellfire.
37:164  “And there is not one among us except that for him is a station well marked.
37:165  And truly we surely are those who stand in rows.
37:166  And truly we surely are those who glorify Allah.”
37:167  And indeed they truly used to say
37:168  “Had there been with us a remembrance from those of old,
37:169  we would certainly have been the sincere servants of Allah.”
37:170  But now they have disbelieved in it and in time they will come to know.
37:171  And indeed Our word has gone forth for Our slaves, the messengers.
37:172  That truly it is they who surely will be helped [by Allah].
37:173  And that truly Our hosts, it is surely they who will be the victors.
37:174  So turn away [O Muhammad] from them till a while.
37:175  And observe them, for in time they will come to see.
37:176  Are they calling for Our punishment to come in haste.
37:177  But when it comes down on their territory, Lo! How woeful is the morning of those who are warned.
37:178  So turn away from them till a while.
37:179  And observe, for in time they will come to see.
37:180  Glory be unto your Lord, the Lord of the might for all that they invent about him.
37:181  And the word of peace be unto the messengers.
37:182  And the praise be unto Allah, the Lord of the worlds.