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37:1  By those (‘Angels’) who stand in ranks,
37:2  Then by those (‘Angels’) who drive (the clouds) robustly,
37:3  Then by those (‘Angels’) who recite the divine ‘Verses’ (of this ‘Qur’ān’),
37:4  Your Lord is absolutely One,
37:5  The Lord of the heaven and earth, and whatever is between them, and the Lord of the Eastern regions.
37:6  Indeed, We have embellished the lower heavens with planets,
37:7  Protecting it from every rebellious devil,
37:8  They cannot listen to the exalted assembly because they will be pelted from every side,
37:9  Driven away, and for them is an endless chastisement,
37:10  Except for the one who snatches away something by stealing, then there follows him a piercing flame.
37:11  Then ask them, (-those who deny the ‘Resurrection’ -), "Are they stronger in creation or those (others) whom We have created?" Indeed, We created them of a glutinous clay.
37:12  Nay, you wonder (at their disbelief) while they mock at (you and the ‘Qur’ān’).
37:13  When they are admonished, they pay no attention.
37:14  When they see a sign (of Allâh’s power & glory), they start talking about it in a scornfully derisive way.
37:15  And Saying: “This is nothing but an apparent sorcery (& devilry).
37:16  What, when we are dead and become dust and bones, shall we indeed be resurrected?
37:17  What, even our fathers in former times?”
37:18  Say (unto them): “Yea, and you will be completely demeaned.”
37:19  So it will be but one cry, then behold, they are contemplating.
37:20  They will say: “"Woe unto us! This is the ‘Day of Judgment’."
37:21  (It will be said unto them): “This is the decisive day which you used to deny."
37:22  (It will be said unto the ‘Angels’): “Gather those who used to show an arrogant attitude together with their companions (from the devils), and what they used to worship,
37:23  Besides Allâh, then lead them into the way to ‘Gehenna’.
37:24  Stop them! Indeed, they are to be questioned.
37:25  What is wrong with you? Why do you not help each other?”
37:26  Nay, on that day they will be totally submissive (and helpless).
37:27  They will approach one another, questioning one another,
37:28  Saying: “Indeed, you are the ones who used to come to us from the right side.”
37:29  They will say: “Nay, you are the ones who were not inclined to believe in Allâh.
37:30  We had no authority over you, but you were oppressive (or tyrannical) personalities.
37:31  Thus the Word of our Lord has been justified against us. Surely we are going to taste (the chastisement).
37:32  Apparently, we have seduced you away (from following the upright faith), only because we are seducers.”
37:33  So, that day they will all take part in the torment.
37:34  (37: 34) Verily, that is how We deal with the ungodly sinners.
37:35  In fact, when it was said unto them: "There is no god but Allâh," they acted imperiously.
37:36  And said: "Are we going to forsake our gods for the sake of a demented poet".
37:37  Nay! He has come with the truth and has authenticated (the divine message of) the ‘Messengers’ (who were sent before him).
37:38  Verily, you are going to taste the agonizing torment.
37:39  You will be chastised only for what you used to do (in the ‘worldly life’),
37:40  But the faithful servants of Allâh (will be saved).
37:41  Those will have determined sustenance.
37:42  All types fruits. They will be highly honored:
37:43  In the gardens of bliss.
37:44  On thrones, facing each other.
37:45  Glass of sparkling wine will be circulated around them,
37:46  Pure brilliant white, very palatable for those who like to drink.
37:47  It has no bad effect on them, neither will it make them drunk.
37:48  With them will be voluptuous maidens
37:49  As if they were hidden eggs (of the ostrich, sheltered by their feathers from dust).
37:50  They will approach one another, questioning one another.
37:51  A speaker of them will say: "Indeed, I had a companion (in the ‘worldly life’),
37:52  Who used to say: "Are you of those who believe (in the resurrection)?
37:53  When we are dead and become dust and bones, shall we actually be called to account (for every deed we committed)?
37:54  He will say: "Will you have a look?"
37:55  Thus, he looked down and saw him in the depth of ‘Gehenna’.
37:56  He will say: "By Allâh! You had almost led me into to perdition.
37:57  Had it not been for the benevolence of my Lord, I would definitely have been among those who brought up."
37:58  Is it then that we will not die,
37:59  Except for our first death, and that we shall not be chastised?"
37:60  This is absolutely the ultimate and supreme success .
37:61  For the like of this, then, let those who struggle pursue.
37:62  Is this a better hospitality or the tree of ‘Zaqqum’?
37:63  Indeed, We have made it an allurement for the iniquitous.
37:64  Verily, It is a tree that grows in the core of ‘Gehenna’.
37:65  Its emerging fruit are like the head of the of devils.
37:66  The ‘Companions of Hellfire’ will certainly eat thereof and fill their bellies therewith.
37:67  After eating from it, they will be given a mixture made of scalding water.
37:68  Then indeed, their return will be to the inferno.
37:69  They indeed found their fathers going astray,
37:70  And so they rushed to follow their creed.
37:71  Most of the ancients certainly went astray before them,
37:72  And indeed We sent among them warners.
37:73  Then see how (dreadful) was the outcome of those who were warned,
37:74  Except for the faithful servants of Allâh.
37:75  Indeed, ‘Noah’ prayed to Us (for help), and how excellent responders of Prayers We are!
37:76  We saved him and his family from the great distress,
37:77  Made his progeny the survivors,
37:78  And perpetuated his good legacy in later generations,
37:79  Peace be upon ‘Noah’ among (all men and jinn) in the worlds.
37:80  Indeed, this is how We do reward those who pursue righteousness.
37:81  Indeed, he was one of Our pious servants,
37:82  Then We drowned the others.
37:83  Indeed, among those who followed the (upright) creed of ‘Noah’ was ‘Abraham’.
37:84  He came to his Lord with Pure and Faultless heart.
37:85  He said unto his father and his people: “What is that you worship (& venerate)?
37:86  Is it a mendacity - gods beside Allâh- that you seek?
37:87  Then what is your speculation about the Lord of the worlds.
37:88  Then he took a glance at the stars,
37:89  And said: “I am sick (with plague).”
37:90  Thus they turned away from him, departing (for fear of getting infected).
37:91  Then he turned unto their gods and said: “What! Do you not eat?
37:92  What is wrong with you that you speak not?”
37:93  Then he turned furtively unto them, smiting them with the right hand.
37:94  Then they came toward him, hastening.
37:95  He said: “Do you worship (& venerate) that which you sculpt
37:96  Whilst Allâh has created you and what we make?”
37:97  They said: “Build for him a building (i.e. pyre), then cast him into the inferno.”
37:98  Apparently, They wanted to outwit him, but We brought them low.
37:99  He said: "Indeed, I am going unto my Lord. He will guide me (into all the truth).
37:100  My Lord, vouchsafe me one of the righteous."
37:101  Thus, We gave him the glad tidings of a forbearing boy.
37:102  But when (his son) became old enough to toil with him, (‘Abraham’) said: "O’ my son, indeed I see in a dream that I must scarify you. What do you think of this?" He said: "O’ my father, do what you are commanded to do. You will find me, if Allâh wills, one of the steadfast."
37:103  Then, when they had both surrendered, and he had flung him down upon his forehead,
37:104  We called out to him (saying): “O’ ‘Abraham’,
37:105  You have indeed fulfilled the vision of truth.” Nevertheless, We do reward those who attain perfection in Faith.
37:106  This was certainly the real ordeal.
37:107  Thus, We ransomed his son with a great sacrifice.
37:108  We perpetuated his good legacy in later generations.
37:109  Peace be upon ‘Abraham’.
37:110  This is how We do reward those who attain perfection in righteousness /or in Faith .
37:111  Indeed, he was of Our Pious servants.
37:112  We gave him the glad tidings of ‘Isaac’, one of the righteous ‘Prophets’.
37:113  We blessed him and ‘Isaac’. Some of their offspring were righteous and others were obviously wrongful towards their own selves.
37:114  Indeed, We conferred a favor on ‘Moses’ and ‘Aaron’.
37:115  We saved them and their people from the great ordeal,
37:116  And helped them. Thus, they were victorious. .
37:117  We gave them both the Explicative Scripture,
37:118  Guided them both to the right path,
37:119  And perpetuated their good legacy in later generations.
37:120  Peace be upon ‘Moses’ and ‘Aaron’.
37:121  Indeed, this is how We do reward those who attain perfection in righteousness /or in Faith
37:122  Indeed, they were both of Our pious servants .
37:123  Indeed, ‘Elias’ was one of the ‘Messengers’ of Allâh.
37:124  He said unto his people: “Will you not act piously?
37:125  What! Do you implore and pray to ‘Baal’ and forsake the Best of the creators,
37:126  Allâh, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers?"
37:127  They denied him. Thus, they will be brought forth (to the doom)
37:128  Except for the faithful servants of Allâh.
37:129  We perpetuated his good legacy in the later generations.
37:130  Peace be upon ‘Elias’.
37:131  Indeed, this is how We do reward those who attain perfection in Faith
37:132  Indeed, he was of Our pious servants.
37:133  Indeed, ‘Lot’ was of the ‘Messengers’ of Allâh.
37:134  We saved him and all his family,
37:135  Except for an old woman, (-his wife-), who was among those who stayed behind.
37:136  Then destroyed completely the others.
37:137  Indeed, you pass by them in the morning,
37:138  And at night. Do you not then have self- awareness that allows you to understand?
37:139  Indeed, ‘Jonah’ was of the ‘Messengers’ of Allâh.
37:140  He ran away and (embarked) on a ship heavily laden.
37:141  Then he drew lots, and he was among the losers.
37:142  Then a great fish swallowed him as he was culpable.
37:143  Had he not been of those who celebrate the praise (of Allâh) and declare His glory,
37:144  He would have remained in its belly until the day when they are raised.
37:145  Thus, We cast him into the open shore while he was seriously injured.
37:146  We caused a pumpkin tree to grow above him.
37:147  We sent him to a hundred thousand (people) or more.
37:148  they believed and so We gave them comforts for a while.
37:149  So do ask them, (O’ Muhammad): “Does your Lord have daughters whereas they have sons?
37:150  Or did We create the ‘Angels’ females while they were witnesses?”
37:151  Emphatically, it is out of their mendacity that they say:
37:152  “Allâh has begotten.” They are absolutely lairs.
37:153  Has He chosen daughters over sons?
37:154  What is wrong with you? How do you judge (things)?
37:155  Will you not then tale a heed?
37:156  Or do you have a clear authority?
37:157  Thus, bring your book if you are truthful.
37:158  They even invented consanguinity between Him and the Jinn. In fact, The Jinn know well that they will be brought up (for retribution).
37:159  Glory be to Allâh from what they describe!
37:160  Except for the faithful servants of Allâh.
37:161  Indeed, you and whatever you worship
37:162  Cannot tempt any one away (from the upright faith)
37:163  Except for the ones who are predestined to burn in the inferno.
37:164  The ‘Angels’ said: “There is not one of us but has an appointed place.
37:165  Indeed, We do stand in ranks (for prayer)
37:166  And We do indeed hymn His praise.”
37:167  Indeed, they used to say:
37:168  “If only we had had a Reminder like that of the people of old,
37:169  We would have been the faithful servants of Allâh.”
37:170  But, (when the 'Qur’ān' has come to them), they disbelieve in it. They will soon come to know (the consequences of their disbelief).
37:171  Our word has already foregone for Our servants, the ‘Messengers’,
37:172  That they would certainly be helped,
37:173  And that our soldiers would certainly be the victors.
37:174  Thus, turn away from them, (O’ ‘Muhammad’), for a little while,
37:175  And watch (what will befall) them, for they are going to see.
37:176  What! Do they seek to hasten Our divine retribution?
37:177  But when it descends in their courtyard, then pernicious is the morning of those who are heedless of Our warnings.
37:178  Turn away from them, (O’ Muhammad), for a little while,
37:179  And watch (what will befall) them, for they are going to see.
37:180  Glory be to your Lord, the Lord of Honor and Power, above what they describe!
37:181  Peace shall be upon the ‘Messengers’ of Allâh.
37:182  All the praises and gratitude belong to Allâh, Lord of all the worlds.