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37:1  By the [angels] ranged in ranks
37:2  by the ones who drive vigorously
37:3  by the ones who recite the reminder
37:4  indeed your God is certainly One
37:5  the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them, and the Lord of the easts
37:6  Indeed We have adorned the lowest heaven with the finery of the stars
37:7  and to guard from any froward devil
37:8  They do not eavesdrop on the Supernal Elite but are shot at from every side
37:9  to drive them away, and for them there is a constant mortification
37:10  except him who snatches a snatch, whereat there pursues him a piercing flame
37:11  Ask them, is their creation more prodigious or [that of other creatures] that We have created? Indeed We created them from a viscous clay
37:12  Indeed you wonder, while they engage in ridicule
37:13  and [even] when admonished do not take admonition
37:14  and when they see a sign they make it an object of ridicule
37:15  and say, ‘This is nothing but plain magic!’
37:16  ‘What! When we are dead and have become dust and bones, shall we be resurrected
37:17  And our forefathers too?!’
37:18  Say, ‘Yes! And you will be utterly humble.’
37:19  It will be only a single shout and, behold, they will look on
37:20  and say, ‘Woe to us! This is the Day of Retribution!’
37:21  ‘This is the Day of Judgement that you used to deny!’
37:22  ‘Muster the wrongdoers and their mates and what they used to worshi
37:23  besides Allah, and show them the way to hell
37:24  [But first] stop them! For they must be questioned.’
37:25  ‘Why is it that you do not support one another [today]?&rsquo
37:26  Rather today they are [meek and] submissive
37:27  Some of them will turn to others, questioning each other
37:28  They will say, ‘Indeed you used to accost us peremptorily.’
37:29  They will answer, ‘Rather you [yourselves] had no faith
37:30  We had no authority over you. Rather you [yourselves] were a rebellious lot
37:31  So our Lord’s word became due against us that we shall indeed taste [the punishment]
37:32  So we perverted you, for we were perverse [ourselves].&rsquo
37:33  So that day they will share in the punishment
37:34  Indeed that is how We deal with the guilty
37:35  Indeed it was they who, when they were told, ‘There is no god except Allah,’ used to be disdainful
37:36  and [they would] say, ‘Shall we abandon our gods for a crazy poet?’
37:37  Rather he has brought [them] the truth, and confirmed the [earlier] apostles
37:38  Indeed you will taste the painful punishment
37:39  and you will be requited only for what you used to d
37:40  —[all] except Allah’s exclusive servants
37:41  For such there is a known provisio
37:42  —fruits—and they will be held in honour
37:43  in the gardens of bliss
37:44  [reclining] on couches, facing one another
37:45  served around with a cup from a clear fountain
37:46  snow-white, delicious to the drinkers
37:47  wherein there will be neither headache nor will it cause them stupefaction
37:48  and with them will be maidens of restrained glances with big [beautiful] eyes
37:49  as if they were hidden ostrich eggs
37:50  Some of them will turn to others, questioning each other
37:51  One of them will say, ‘Indeed I had a companio
37:52  who used to say, ‘‘Are you really among those who affir
37:53  [that] when we are dead and have become dust and bones, we shall indeed be brought to retribution?’’ ’
37:54  He will say, ‘Will you have a look?’
37:55  Then he will take a look and sight him in the middle of hell
37:56  He will say, ‘By Allah, you had almost ruined me
37:57  And had it not been for my Lord’s blessing, I too would have been among the arraigned!’
37:58  ‘Is it [true] that we shall not die [anymore]
37:59  aside from our first death, and that we shall not be punished
37:60  This is indeed the great success
37:61  Let all the workers work for the like of this!’
37:62  Is this a better hospitality, or the Zaqqum tree
37:63  Indeed We have made it a punishment for the wrongdoers
37:64  Indeed it is a tree that emerges from the depths of hell
37:65  Its spathes are as if they were devils’ heads
37:66  Indeed they will eat from it and gorge with it their bellies
37:67  Indeed, on top of that they will take a solution of scalding water
37:68  Then indeed their retreat will be toward hell
37:69  Indeed they had found their fathers astray
37:70  yet they press on in their footsteps
37:71  Certainly most of the ancients went astray before them
37:72  and certainly We had sent warners among them
37:73  So observe how was the fate of those who were warne
37:74  —[all] except Allah’s exclusive servants
37:75  Certainly Noah called out to Us, and how well We responded
37:76  We delivered him and his family from the great agony
37:77  and made his descendants the survivors
37:78  and left for him a good name among posterity
37:79  ‘Peace to Noah, throughout the nations!’
37:80  Thus indeed do We reward the virtuous
37:81  He is indeed one of Our faithful servants
37:82  Then We drowned the others
37:83  Indeed Abraham was among his followers
37:84  when he came to his Lord with a sound heart
37:85  when he said to his father and his people, ‘What is it that you are worshiping
37:86  Is it a lie, gods other than Allah, that you desire
37:87  Then what is your idea about the Lord of all the worlds?’
37:88  Then he made an observation of the star
37:89  and said, ‘Indeed I am sick!’
37:90  So they went away leaving him behind
37:91  Then he stole away to their gods and said, ‘Will you not eat
37:92  Why do you not speak?’
37:93  Then he attacked them, striking forcefully
37:94  They came running towards him
37:95  He said, ‘Do you worship what you have yourselves carved
37:96  when Allah has created you and whatever you make?’
37:97  They said, ‘Build a structure for him and cast him into a huge fire.’
37:98  So they sought to outwit him, but We made them the lowermost
37:99  He said, ‘Indeed I am going toward my Lord, who will guide me.’
37:100  ‘My Lord! Give me [an heir], one of the righteous.’
37:101  So We gave him the good news of a forbearing son
37:102  When he was old enough to assist in his endeavour, he said, ‘My son! I see in a dream that I am sacrificing you. See what you think.’ He said, ‘Father! Do whatever you have been commanded. If Allah wishes, you will find me to be patient.’
37:103  So when they had both submitted [to Allah’s will], and he had laid him down on his forehead
37:104  We called out to him, ‘O Abraham
37:105  You have indeed fulfilled the vision! Thus indeed do We reward the virtuous
37:106  This was indeed a manifest test.’
37:107  Then We ransomed him with a great sacrifice
37:108  and left for him a good name in posterity
37:109  ‘Peace be to Abraham!’
37:110  Thus do We reward the virtuous
37:111  He is indeed one of Our faithful servants
37:112  And We gave him the good news of [the birth of] Isaac, a prophet, one of the righteous
37:113  And We blessed him and Isaac. Among their descendants [some] are virtuous, and [some] who manifestly wrong themselves
37:114  Certainly We favoured Moses and Aaron
37:115  and delivered them and their people from the great agony
37:116  and We helped them so that they became the victors
37:117  We gave them the illuminating scriptur
37:118  and guided them to the straight path
37:119  and left for them a good name in posterity
37:120  ‘Peace be to Moses and Aaron!’
37:121  Thus indeed do We reward the virtuous
37:122  They are indeed among Our faithful servants
37:123  And indeed Ilyas was one of the apostles
37:124  when he said to his people, ‘Will you not be Godwary
37:125  Do you invoke Baal and abandon the best of creators
37:126  Allah, your Lord and Lord of your forefathers?’
37:127  But they impugned him. So they will indeed be arraigned [before Him]
37:128  —[all] except Allah’s exclusive servants
37:129  We left for him a good name in posterity
37:130  ‘Peace be to Ilyas!’
37:131  Thus indeed do We reward the virtuous
37:132  He is indeed one of Our faithful servants
37:133  And indeed Lot was one of the apostles
37:134  when We delivered him and all his family
37:135  except an old woman among those who remained behind
37:136  Then We destroyed [all] the others
37:137  And indeed you pass by them at daw
37:138  and at night. So do you not apply reason
37:139  And indeed Jonah was one of the apostles
37:140  when he absconded toward the laden ship
37:141  Then he drew lots with them and he was the one to be refuted
37:142  Then the fish swallowed him while he was blameworthy
37:143  And had he not been one of those who celebrate Allah’s glory
37:144  he would have surely remained in its belly till the day they will be resurrected
37:145  Then We cast him on a bare shore, and he was sick
37:146  So We made a gourd plant grow above him
37:147  We sent him to a [community of] hundred thousand or more
37:148  and they believed [in him]. So We provided for them for a while
37:149  Ask them, are daughters to be for your Lord while sons are to be for them
37:150  Did We create the angels females while they were present
37:151  Look! It is indeed out of their mendacity that they say
37:152  ‘Allah has begotten,’ and they indeed speak a falsehood
37:153  Has he preferred daughters to sons
37:154  What is the matter with you? How do you judge
37:155  Will you not then take admonition
37:156  Do you have a manifest authority
37:157  Then produce your scripture, should you be truthful
37:158  And they have set up a kinship between Him and the jinn, while the jinn certainly know that they will indeed be presented [before Him]
37:159  Clear is Allah of whatever they allege [about Him]
37:160  —[all] except Allah’s exclusive servants
37:161  Indeed you and what you worshi
37:162  —you cannot mislead [anyone] about Him
37:163  except someone who is bound for hell
37:164  ‘There is none among us but has a known place
37:165  Indeed it is we who are the ranged ones
37:166  Indeed it is we who are those who celebrate Allah’s glory.’
37:167  Indeed they used to say
37:168  ‘Had we possessed a reminder from the ancients
37:169  we would surely have been Allah’s exclusive servants.’
37:170  But they disbelieved it [when it came to them]. Soon they will know
37:171  Certainly Our decree has gone beforehand in favour of Our servants, the apostles
37:172  that they will indeed receive [Allah’s] help
37:173  and indeed Our hosts will be the victors
37:174  So leave them alone for a while
37:175  and watch them; soon they will see [the truth of the matter]
37:176  Do they seek to hasten Our punishment
37:177  But when it descends in their courtyard it will be a dismal dawn for those who had been warned
37:178  So leave them alone for a while
37:179  and watch; soon they will see
37:180  Clear is your Lord, the Lord of Might, of whatever they allege [concerning Him]
37:181  Peace be to the apostles
37:182  All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds