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37:1  Consider the arranged ranks.
37:2  [They] deter by restraint.
37:3  [They] proclaim the remembrance [of Allah].
37:4  “Truly, your God is One!
37:5  “[He is] Lord of Heaven and Earth and all thereof. He is Lord of every point of the rising sun.”
37:6  Truly, with beautiful stars, We decorated the sky of this universe.
37:7  [This is] to guard against all obstinate, rebellious demons.
37:8  [This is] so they could not listen to the Exalted Assembly. Instead, they are repelled from every side.
37:9  [They are] banished because they are under a perpetual penalty.
37:10  Some may snatch something [of divine value], but they are pursued by a comet of piercing brightness.
37:11  Ask their opinion: Are they more difficult to create or others We have created? Indeed, We created (humanity) from a sticky clay.
37:12  How you marvel while they mock!
37:13  And when they are reminded, they still do not pay heed.
37:14  When they see a sign, they mock it.
37:15  They say, “This is nothing but apparent magic.
37:16  When we die and become dust and bones, will we be resurrected?
37:17  Does that go for our ancestors?”
37:18  Say, “Yes, and you will be humiliated.”
37:19  There will be a single shout. Suddenly, they will realize.
37:20  They will say, “Woe to us! This is the Day of Judgment.”
37:21  “This is the day of reckoning which you denied.”
37:22  Assemble the sinners and their [sinful] companions, along with the things they worshiped…
37:23  …instead of Allah. Lead them to the way of the fire.
37:24  Stop them, however, for they must be asked,…
37:25  …“What is wrong with you that you do not try to help each other?”
37:26  Bunk! That day they will submit.
37:27  They will turn to one another and question each other.
37:28  They will say, “Indeed, you used to come to us from the right hand [of authority].”
37:29  They will reply, “No, you yourselves had no faith.
37:30  “We did not have any authority over you. No, you were sinful people.
37:31  “The Word of our Lord has been proven true against us. We will indeed taste [the punishment].
37:32  “We led you astray because, truly, we were astray ourselves.”
37:33  Truly, that day, they will share in the penalty.
37:34  Truly, that is how We will treat the sinners.
37:35  Indeed, whenever they were told that no god is there except Allah, they became arrogant.
37:36  They would say, “Should we give up our gods for the sake of a crazy poet?”
37:37  Nonsense! He has come with the truth. He confirms the earlier messengers.
37:38  You will indeed taste the horrible punishment.
37:39  It will be no more than the payment for what you have done.
37:40  The sincere servants of Allah, however,…
37:41  …will have a determined provision.
37:42  [That includes] fruits. They will have honor…
37:43  …in comfortable gardens.
37:44  [They will] face one another on thrones.
37:45  Passed around will be a cup from a crystal clear fountain…
37:46  …–sterling crystal, of a taste delicious to those who drink.
37:47  [It will be] free from causing dizziness, and they will not suffer intoxication.
37:48  With them will be companions who are not flirtatious, having beautiful eyes.
37:49  [They will be] as if they were eggs carefully protected.
37:50  They will turn to one another and question each other.
37:51  One of them will begin a conversation and say, “I had a close friend.
37:52  “He used to say, ‘Are you really one of the believers?
37:53  “When we die and become dust and bones, will we really be brought to judgment?’”
37:54  It will be said, “Do you want to look?”
37:55  He looked and saw (his friend) in the midst of the fire.
37:56  He will say, “By Allah, you almost brought me to such ruin [by leading me astray].
37:57  “If it had not been by the grace of my Lord, I would certainly have been among those assembled [into the fire].
37:58  “Is it that we will not die…
37:59  “…except for our first death? Will we not be punished?
37:60  “Truly, this is the ultimate salvation!”
37:61  For this simile, may all strive who will strive!
37:62  Is that better hospitality than the Tree of Bitterness?
37:63  Truly, We have made it a trial for the sinners.
37:64  Indeed, it is a tree that grows from the bottom of Hell.
37:65  Its fruits are like the heads of demons.
37:66  They certainly will eat from it and fill their bellies with it.
37:67  In addition, they will be given a brew of boiling water.
37:68  They will then be returned to the fire.
37:69  Truly, they found their ancestors on the wrong path.
37:70  They are hasty to follow their footsteps.
37:71  Truly, before them, many ancient people went astray.
37:72  We certainly sent warners among them.
37:73  See what [horrible demise] happened to those who were warned.
37:74  The exception was the sincere servants of Allah.
37:75  Noah certainly called to Us, and We are the best in response.
37:76  We delivered him and his family from the Great Calamity.
37:77  We made his descendants endure.
37:78  We left this for him among the later generations:…
37:79  …“Peace upon Noah, among the nations!”
37:80  That is truly how We reward those who live righteously.
37:81  He was one of Our believing servants.
37:82  We then drowned the others.
37:83  Truly, among those who followed (Noah) was Abraham.
37:84  He came to his Lord with a true heart.
37:85  He said to his father and to his people, “What do you worship?
37:86  “Is it a sham –other gods besides Allah that you desire?
37:87  “What do you think about the Lord of the Worlds?”
37:88  He glanced at the stars.
37:89  He said, “I truly feel ill.”
37:90  They turned away from him and left.
37:91  He turned to their gods and said, “Will you not eat?
37:92  “What is wrong with you that you do not speak?”
37:93  He then turned against them and hit [the idols] with his right hand.
37:94  (The idolaters) came quickly toward him.
37:95  He said, “Do you worship what you have made?
37:96  “Allah has created you and what you’ve made.”
37:97  They said, “Build a furnace for him and throw him into the blazing fire.”
37:98  They made a plot against him, but We humiliated them.
37:99  (Abraham) said, “I will surely go to my Lord. He will guide me.”
37:100  [Abraham prayed,] “O my Lord, grant me [a child] from among the righteous.”
37:101  So We gave him the good news of a pleasant son.
37:102  When (the son) had attained an accountable age, (Abraham) told him, “O my son, I have seen a vision in which I offer you in sacrifice. What is your opinion?” “O my father, do as you are commanded. You will discover, Allah willing, that I will be loyal.”
37:103  After they had both peacefully agreed, and Abraham had laid the son face down,…
37:104  We called to him, “O Abraham,…
37:105  “…you have already fulfilled the vision!” This is how We reward those who do right.
37:106  This was obviously a test.
37:107  We ransomed (the son) with a substantial sacrifice.
37:108  And We instituted for him among later generations,…
37:109  …“May peace be upon Abraham!”
37:110  This is how We reward those who do right.
37:111  He truly was one of Our believing servants.
37:112  We gave him the good news of Isaac, a prophet and one of the righteous.
37:113  We blessed (Abraham) and Isaac. Of their descendants are those that do right and those that do obvious wrong to their own souls.
37:114  We bestowed Our favor on Moses and Aaron.
37:115  We delivered them and their people from great calamity.
37:116  We helped them overcome and become victors.
37:117  We gave them the Book that clarifies.
37:118  We guided them to the Straight Way.
37:119  We provided for them, through later generations, [this blessing]:…
37:120  … “Peace to Moses and Aaron!”
37:121  This is how We reward those who do right.
37:122  They were among our believing servants.
37:123  Elijah was also among the messengers.
37:124  He said to his people, “Will you not have fear?
37:125  “Will you call upon Baal and forsake the Best of Creators?
37:126  “Allah [is] your Lord and the Lord of your ancestors.”
37:127  But they rejected him, and they will certainly be held accountable.
37:128  The exception is the devoted servants of Allah.
37:129  We provided for him, through later generations, [this blessing]:…
37:130  … “Peace to Elijah!”
37:131  This is how We reward those who do right.
37:132  He was one of our believing servants.
37:133  Lot was certainly one of the messengers.
37:134  We delivered him and all his family.
37:135  The only exception was an old woman [his wife] who was among those who stayed behind.
37:136  We destroyed the others.
37:137  Truly, you pass by their sites by day…
37:138  …and by night. Will you not understand?
37:139  Jonah was certainly one of the messengers.
37:140  He ran away to a loaded ship.
37:141  He cast lots [with the other seafarers], and he was condemned [and cast into the sea].
37:142  The big fish swallowed him. He had committed acts worthy of blame.
37:143  If he had not been among those who glorify [Allah],…
37:144  …then he would certainly have remained inside (the fish’s) belly until the Day of Resurrection.
37:145  We cast him onto the barren shore in a state of sickness.
37:146  We caused a spreading gourd plant to grow over him [to shade him].
37:147  We sent him to over a hundred thousand people.
37:148  They believed, so We allowed them to have joy for a while.
37:149  Ask them whether your Lord has daughters while they have sons.
37:150  Did We create angels as females? Are they witnesses?
37:151  Do they not say from their own invention,…
37:152  …“Allah has begotten”? They are truly liars.
37:153  Did He choose daughters instead of sons?
37:154  What is wrong with you? How do you figure things?
37:155  Will you not receive instruction?
37:156  Do you have a clear evidence?
37:157  If so, bring your book if you are truthful.
37:158  They have invented a relationship between Him and the spirit-beings. The spirit-beings know, however, that they will have to appear [on Judgment Day].
37:159  Glory to Allah! [He is free] from the things they associate.
37:160  The devoted servants of Allah do not [associate others with Him].
37:161  Truly, neither you nor those you worship…
37:162  …can tempt anyone.
37:163  The exception is anyone going to Hell.
37:164  “There is not one of us without an appointed place.
37:165  We are the arranged ranks.
37:166  We are truly those who declare glory.”
37:167  Certainly, some said,…
37:168  …“If only we had a message from the ancestors,…
37:169  “…we would certainly have been sincere servants of Allah.”
37:170  They reject it, however [now that the Qur’an has come]. Soon they will know.
37:171  Truly, Our Word has already been sent to Our servants, the messengers.
37:172  Certainly, they would be assisted.
37:173  Certainly, Our forces would triumph.
37:174  Turn away from them for a while.
37:175  Watch them, and they will soon see.
37:176  Do they wish to speed Our punishment?
37:177  When it does descend before them, the morning will be horrid for those who were warned.
37:178  Turn away from them for a little while.
37:179  Watch them, and they will soon see.
37:180  Glory to your Lord, the Lord of Victory! [He is free] from what they ascribe.
37:181  Peace on the messengers!
37:182  Praise to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds!