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37:1  By those (forces that form the various dimensions) lined up in rows.
37:2  And those who drive away with intensity (the things which prevent and blind one from Allah).
37:3  And those who recite the dhikr (remembrance).
37:4  Indeed, (that which you think of as) your god is One (the Wahid)!
37:5  He is the Rabb (the One who manifests with His Names) of the heavens and the earth and everything in between, and the Rabb of the Easts (origin – that which will become manifest)!
37:6  Indeed, We have adorned earth’s heaven (configured man’s brain) with planets (astrological data).
37:7  And protected it (earth’s atmosphere) from every rebellious Satan (the purified consciousness is beyond the reach of illusory impulses).
37:8  Thus they (those devils) cannot listen to the exalted assembly (Mala-i Ala) and are pelted from every side.
37:9  Rejected... For them is a constant suffering.
37:10  Except if one snatches a word, a blazing flame shall pursue him.
37:11  So, ask them (those who deny you) what they think. Are they more powerful in terms of their creation or (those) that We created? Indeed, We created man from a sticky clay.
37:12  No, you are surprised by their mockery.
37:13  Even when they are reminded, they do not remember and take heed!
37:14  When they see a sign, they ridicule it.
37:15  They say, “This is plainly an effect of sorcery.”
37:16  “Will we really be resurrected after we die and become dust and bones?”
37:17  “Along with our forefathers?”
37:18  Say, “Yes, indeed! (You shall be resurrected) with your heads lowered and in misery.”
37:19  A single cry and then they will be looking on!
37:20  “Woe to us! This is the Day of Religion!” they will say.
37:21  “This is the time of discernment, which you denied!”
37:22  Gather those wrongdoers (individual consciousness) and their partners (the bodies) and the things they deified and served...
37:23  Besides Allah! And send them to path of Hell!
37:24  Stop them! Indeed, they are responsible!
37:25  What is wrong with you (today) that you are not helping each other?
37:26  Rather, today, they have succumbed and surrendered!
37:27  They will question and blame each other!
37:28  “Indeed, you came to us from the right (as though you are informing us of the Truth)?”
37:29  “No, rather, you yourselves did not believe (in what you were taught)!”
37:30  “And we had no authority over you... But you were a transgressing people.”
37:31  “But now our Rabb’s word has come into effect! Now we are bound to taste (the suffering).”
37:32  “We led you astray, but indeed we were astray!”
37:33  Indeed, they will be partners in the suffering.
37:34  This is how We deal with those who are guilty of duality!
37:35  When they were told to accept the Truth, “There is no god, only Allah,” they were egocentric!
37:36  Saying, “Shall we leave our gods for a poet possessed?”
37:37  No, rather, he has come as the Truth and confirmed the Rasuls.
37:38  Indeed, you will be tasters of the painful suffering!
37:39  And you will not be recompensed, except for what you did (your own actions)!
37:40  Except for (exempt from suffering are) Allah’s servants who have been guided to sincerity (purity).
37:41  There is a known (pre-determined) provision for them.
37:42  Fruits (the products of the forces they attained)... They will be receivers of generosity (the Name Karim).
37:43  In the Paradises of Bliss.
37:44  On thrones facing one another.
37:45  Cups (forces) from a flowing spring (the reality of the Names) are passed around.
37:46  White (with the light of gnosis) cups (forces) and pleasing to the drinkers (its users).
37:47  There is no deviating effect in them... Nor will they be intoxicated from it (they will never lose consciousness)!
37:48  Besides them will be those whose glances will be directed upon them, illuminating (their lives).
37:49  As though they are eggs closely guarded (assisting in the manifestation of inherent forces).
37:50  They (those in Paradise) will approach one another and inquire.
37:51  One among them will say, “Indeed, I had a friend.”
37:52  “Who used to say, ‘Are you really of those who confirm (this knowledge)?’”
37:53  “Will we really be recompensed once we have died and become dust and bones?”
37:54  He will say, “Have you witnessed (this event you speak of)?”
37:55  Now they have experienced this, in fact they saw him right in the middle of Hell.
37:56  He said, “By Allah, you almost rolled me into this pit.”
37:57  “Had it not been for the favor of my Rabb, I would definitely have been of those brought forcefully before the gate (of Hell).”
37:58  “Are we not of those who are freed from the condition (restriction) of the body?”
37:59  “Except for our first experience of death (we shall not die again)! And we are not to be punished either.”
37:60  “Indeed, this is the great success.”
37:61  So let those who work, work for this!
37:62  Is this better, in terms of disclosure, or the Zaqqum tree (the person’s body)? (Up to here, the subject was in regards to the experience of the paradisiacal state of existence, brought into effect by the forces of the Names the person manifests through faith. After this, the subject changes, via various examples and similitudes, to the hellish state of existence produced by the belief ‘I am this body’ and the pursuit of bodily pleasures.)
37:63  Indeed, We made it (the Zaqqum tree – the body) an object of trial (to see if they will remember their essence or if they will live as though they are the body).
37:64  Indeed, it is a tree (biological body) sourced in Hell (producing the sense of burning).
37:65  Its fruits (the result of thinking you are the body) are like the heads of the devils (the instinctual impulses).
37:66  Indeed, they will eat from it (throughout their worldly life) and fill their bellies with it.
37:67  After this there will be scalding water (the ego self) for them.
37:68  Then indeed, their place of return will be Hell.
37:69  For they found their forefathers astray (from the reality).
37:70  So they incessantly follow in their footsteps.
37:71  Indeed, most of the former people before them had also gone astray (from the reality)!
37:72  And indeed, We had disclosed warners within them.
37:73  Look at how those who were warned ended up!
37:74  Only the servants of Allah, who were guided to sincerity (purity), were exempt from this.
37:75  Indeed, Noah had turned to us... And We are the best of responders.
37:76  We saved him and his family from a great affliction.
37:77  And We continued his progeny.
37:78  And made sure he was remembered by later generations.
37:79  Salam be to Noah among the people.
37:80  Thus We reward the doers of good (those who observe none other than Allah)!
37:81  Indeed, he is of Our believing servants.
37:82  Then We drowned the rest (the dualists).
37:83  Indeed, Abraham was of the same understanding.
37:84  He had turned to his Rabb with a sound heart (experiencing the reality of the Names in his consciousness)!
37:85  When (Abraham) had asked his people, “What are you worshipping?”
37:86  “Are you taking gods besides Allah by inventing baseless things?”
37:87  “What do you think the Rabb of the worlds is?”
37:88  Then (Abraham) observed the stars (through his intellect) and contemplated...
37:89  He said, “I am sickened (by what you do)!”
37:90  And they turned away from him and departed.
37:91  So (Abraham) approached their gods and said, “Will you not eat?”
37:92  “Why won’t you speak?”
37:93  Then approaching them he struck the idols with his right hand!
37:94  Upon seeing this, his people came back in a rush.
37:95  (Abraham) said, “How can you take as gods and worship things you carve with your own hands?”
37:96  “While it is Allah who created you and all your doings!”
37:97  They said, “Build a furnace and throw him into the burning (fire)!”
37:98  They intended a trap for him... But We debased them to the lowest of the low.
37:99  (Abraham) said, “Indeed, I will go to my Rabb... He will guide me.”
37:100  (Abraham) said, “My Rabb, grant me from among the righteous!”
37:101  So We gave him the good news of a Halim son.
37:102  When (his son Ishmael) reached the age when he could walk with him (Abraham) said, “O my son! Indeed, I have seen in my dream that I was sacrificing you... What do you say about this?” (His son) said, “O my father... Do as you are commanded! InshaAllah, you will find me to be of the patient.”
37:103  And when they had both submitted and he lay him (Ishmael) down upon his forehead...
37:104  We called out to him, “O Abraham!”
37:105  “You have indeed fulfilled your dream... Thus We requite (enable the consequences upon) the doers of good (those who observe none other than the Truth).”
37:106  Indeed, this is a clear affliction (a learning experience that leads to awareness/comprehension)!
37:107  And We ransomed him with a great sacrifice.
37:108  And made sure he was remembered by later generations.
37:109  Salam be to Abraham.
37:110  Thus We requite the doers of good (those who fulfill their servitude as though they can see Allah).
37:111  Indeed, he is of our believing servants.
37:112  And We gave him the good news of Isaac, a Nabi from among the righteous.
37:113  And We blessed him and Isaac with prosperity... There are doers of good from among both of their descendants and those who clearly wrong themselves.
37:114  And We also bestowed Our favor upon Moses and Aaron!
37:115  We saved those two and their people from a great affliction.
37:116  We helped them and they prevailed.
37:117  We gave to those two (Moses and Aaron) the explicit knowledge.
37:118  And guided them to the straight path.
37:119  And made sure they were remembered by later generations.
37:120  Salam be to Moses and Aaron!
37:121  Thus We requite the doers of good (those who serve Allah as though they can see Him)!
37:122  Indeed, both of them were of our believing servants.
37:123  Indeed, Elias was also of those disclosed.
37:124  When he said to his people, “Will you not protect yourselves?”
37:125  “Do you worship Baal (a statue with four faces made of gold) and abandon the most beautiful of creators?”
37:126  “Your Rabb is Allah, the Rabb of your forefathers!”
37:127  But they denied him (Elias)! Indeed, they were forcefully brought to presence!
37:128  Except those servants of Allah who have been guided to sincerity (purity).
37:129  And we made sure he was remembered by later generations.
37:130  Salam be to those who follow the way of Elias!
37:131  Thus We requite the doers of good (those who serve Allah as though they can see Him).
37:132  Indeed, he is of Our believing servants.
37:133  Indeed, Lot was also of those who were disclosed.
37:134  When We saved him and those close to him all together.
37:135  Except the old woman (Lot’s wife who was an unbeliever) among those who remained.
37:136  Then We destroyed the others!
37:137  Indeed, you pass by their homes in the morning...
37:138  And at night... Do you still not use your intellect?
37:139  Indeed, Jonah was also of those who were disclosed (a manifestation of the knowledge of the reality).
37:140  When he ran away to the ship (returned to his ordinary life despite the knowledge of the reality, thinking he was of no benefit to his people).
37:141  (Jonah) drew lots (made a choice) and was among those whose proof was invalidated (his choice led him astray)...
37:142  Then the fish (the life of the world) swallowed him (Jonah) while he was blaming himself (confused with feelings of guilt);
37:143  Had (Jonah) not been of those who remember (their essential function; had he not turned his countenance towards Allah through remembrance – taspih, feeling his essence);
37:144  He (Jonah) would have remained inside the fish until the time of resurrection (he would have remained in a state of corporeality until his time of death).
37:145  But We cast him onto the land (where the forces are not known), while he was ill (and worn out).
37:146  And caused a gourd tree (a trunkless tree) to grow over him (manifested fruits of divine gnosis through him).
37:147  And disclosed him (Jonah) to a hundred thousand (people) or more.
37:148  They believed, so We made them live in joy for some time.
37:149  So, ask them (the unbelievers), “Are daughters for your Rabb, while sons are for them?”
37:150  Or did We create the angels as females while they were watching?
37:151  Be careful, they slander and say:
37:152  “Allah has begotten children (Allah has a son)! Indeed, they are liars!”
37:153  Has (Allah) chosen daughters over sons?
37:154  What is wrong with you? How do you make such judgments?
37:155  Do you not remember and think?
37:156  Or do you have clear evidence?
37:157  If you are truthful then present what you know!
37:158  And they have assumed between Him (Allah) and the jinn (conscious beings outside the human capacity of perception) a connection (i.e. associated divinity to them), but the jinn know well that, indeed, they (who made such assumptions) shall surely be summoned (will realize such a connection does not actually exist)!
37:159  Allah is far beyond what they attribute to Him!
37:160  Except those servants of Allah who have been guided to sincerity (purity) (the rest are of those who shall be summoned).
37:161  Indeed, neither you nor what you worship,
37:162  Can never turn (those who are pure in essence) against Him!
37:163  Except those who are to burn in Hell.
37:164  (All the manifest angelic forces of the Names will say), “There are none among us without an assigned function!”
37:165  “Indeed, it is us, yes us, who are lined up in rows (forming the dimensions of existence and all that is contained within them).”
37:166  “Indeed, it is us, yes us, who engage in taspih (effectuate their servitude by fulfilling their functions).”
37:167  Indeed, they (the dualists) were saying:
37:168  “If only we had been passed down the knowledge from our forefathers...”
37:169  “Surely, we would also have been of the servants of Allah who have been guided to sincerity (purity).”
37:170  But now they denied the knowledge of the reality... Soon they will know!
37:171  And Our word has been fulfilled for Our disclosed servants:
37:172  That indeed, they will be given victory.
37:173  And indeed, Our soldiers are victorious!
37:174  So leave them for a time!
37:175  And observe them... Soon they will see!
37:176  Do they want to hasten the manifestation of Our punishment (death)? (Death is the beginning of suffering for those who deny their essential reality, while grace for the believers.)
37:177  How wretched is the awakening of those who were forewarned when it befalls them!
37:178  So leave them for a time.
37:179  Observe them... Soon they will see.
37:180  Your Rabb, the possessor of might, is far beyond what they ascribe!
37:181  Salam be to those who have been disclosed!
37:182  Hamd belongs to the Rabb of the worlds.