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37:1  I swear by (the angels) who stand in ranks
37:2  by those who drive away the devil (to protect Our revelation)
37:3  and those who recite Our revelations
37:4  that your Lord is the only Lord
37:5  He is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, the Lord of the Eastern regions
37:6  We have decked the lower heavens with star
37:7  to protect them from the rebellious satan
37:8  The devils cannot hear those high above. They would be struck from all side
37:9  and driven away to suffer the necessary torment
37:10  Some of them who stealthily steal words from the heavens are pursued by a glistening flame
37:11  (Muhammad), ask them, "Have they (people) been created stronger than what We have created?" We have created them from moist clay
37:12  (Muhammad), you will be surprised that they still mock (God's revelations)
37:13  They pay no attention when they are reminde
37:14  and when they see a miracle, they moc
37:15  it and say, "It is only plain magic"
37:16  They say, "Shall we be brought to life again after we die and turn into dust and bones
37:17  Will our forefathers also be brought to life again?"
37:18  Say, "You will certainly be brought back to life in disgrace"
37:19  The Day of Judgment will come within a single roar and they will remain gazing at it
37:20  They will say, "Woe to us!" (They will be told), "This is the day of receiving recompense"
37:21  This is the Day of Judgment in which you disbelieved
37:22  (God will command the angels), "Gather together the unjust, their spouses, and what they had worshippe
37:23  besides God, and show them the way of hell
37:24  Stop them. They must be questioned."
37:25  They will be asked, "Why do you not help each other?"
37:26  In fact, on that day they will be submissive
37:27  They will turn to each other saying
37:28  "It was you who tried to mislead us from righteousness"
37:29  Others will respond, "It was you who did not want to have any faith
37:30  We had no authority over you, in fact, you were a rebellious people
37:31  Thus, the words of Our Lord about us have come true and now we are suffering the torment
37:32  We mislead you and we ourselves had also gone astray."
37:33  On that day they will all share the torment
37:34  This is how We deal with the criminals
37:35  They were the ones, who on being told, "God is only One," become puffed-up with prid
37:36  and said, "Should we give up our idols for the sake of an insane poet"
37:37  In fact, he had brought them the truth and had acknowledged the Messengers (who were sent before him)
37:38  (They will be told), "You will certainly suffer the painful tormen
37:39  and will be recompensed only for what you deserve
37:40  But the sincere servants of Go
37:41  will have their determined sustenanc
37:42  and fruits while they are honored
37:43  (They will live) in the bountiful gardens
37:44  on couches facing each other
37:45  They will be served with a cup full of crystal clear wine
37:46  delicious to those who drink i
37:47  but not harmful or intoxicating
37:48  They will have with them loving wives with big black and white eye
37:49  who are as chaste as sheltered eggs
37:50  They will turn to each other and ask questions
37:51  One of them will say, "I had a companion who asked me
37:52  'Do you believe in the Day of Judgment
37:53  Shall we be recompensed for our deeds after we die and become bones and dust
37:54  Do you want to see him?' "
37:55  He will look down and see him in hell
37:56  He will say to his friend in hell, "By God, you almost destroyed me
37:57  Had I not the guidance of my Lord, I would certainly have been brought into torment"
37:58  He will ask his companion, "Did you not say that there would only be one deat
37:59  and that we would not be punished?"
37:60  This is certainly the greatest triump
37:61  for which one must strive hard
37:62  Is this not a better reward than the tree of Zaqqu
37:63  which We have made as a torment for the unjust
37:64  (Zaqqum) is a tree which grows from the deepest part of hell
37:65  and its fruits are like the heads of devils
37:66  The dwellers of hell will eat that fruit and fill-up their bellies
37:67  Then they will have on top of it a mixture of boiling water
37:68  They can only return to hell
37:69  They found their father going astra
37:70  and rushed to follow them
37:71  Most of the ancient people had also gone astray
37:72  We had certainly sent warners to them
37:73  See how terrible was the end of those who were warned
37:74  Only Our sincere servants were saved
37:75  Noah called for help. How blessed was the answer which he received
37:76  We rescued him and his people from the greatest afflictio
37:77  and We made his offspring the only survivors
37:78  We perpetuated his praise in later generations
37:79  Peace be with Noah among all men in the worlds
37:80  Thus do We reward the righteous ones
37:81  He was one of Our believing servants
37:82  We drowned all the others (besides Noah and his people)
37:83  Abraham was one of his followers
37:84  He turned to his Lord with a sound hear
37:85  and asked his father and his people, "What is that you worship
37:86  Do you want to worship false idols as your lords besides God
37:87  What do you think about the Lord of the Universe?"
37:88  The people invited him to attend their feast). Then he looked at the star
37:89  and said, "I am sick!"
37:90  All the people turned away from hi
37:91  and he turned to their idols and asked them, "Do you eat
37:92  Why do you not speak?"
37:93  He struck them with his right hand
37:94  Thereupon the people came running to him
37:95  He said, "How can you worship what you yourselves have carve
37:96  even though God created both you and that which you have made?"
37:97  They said, "Let us build a fire and throw him into the flames"
37:98  They plotted against him, but We brought humiliation upon them
37:99  (Abraham) said, "I will go to my Lord who will guide me"
37:100  Abraham prayed, "Lord, grant me a righteous son"
37:101  We gave him the glad news of the birth of a forbearing son
37:102  When his son was old enough to work with him, he said, "My son, I have had a dream that I must sacrifice you. What do you think of this?" He replied, "Father, fulfill whatever you are commanded to do and you will find me patient, by the will of God"
37:103  When they both agreed and Abraham had lain down his son on the side of his face (for slaughtering)
37:104  We called to him, "Abraham
37:105  you have fulfilled what you were commanded to do in your dream." Thus do We reward the righteous ones
37:106  It was certainly an open trial
37:107  We ransomed his son with a great sacrific
37:108  and perpetuated his praise in later generations
37:109  Peace be with Abraham
37:110  Thus, do We reward the righteous ones
37:111  He was one of Our believing servants
37:112  We gave him the glad news of the birth of Isaac, one of the righteous Prophets
37:113  We had blessed him and Isaac. Some of their offspring were righteous and others were openly unjust to themselves
37:114  We certainly bestowed Our favor upon Moses and Aaro
37:115  and saved them and their people from great distress
37:116  We helped them and they were victorious
37:117  We gave them the enlightening Book
37:118  guided them to the right path
37:119  and perpetuated their praise in later generations
37:120  Peace be with Moses and Aaron
37:121  Thus do We reward the righteous ones
37:122  They were two of Our believing servants
37:123  Elias was certainly a Messenger
37:124  He told his people, "Why do you not have fear of God
37:125  Do you worship Ba`al and abandon the Best Creator
37:126  who is your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers?"
37:127  They called him a liar. Thus, all of them will suffer tormen
37:128  except the sincere servants of God
37:129  We perpetuated his praise in the later generations
37:130  Peace be with the followers of Elias
37:131  In this way do We reward the righteous ones
37:132  He was one of Our believing servants
37:133  Lot was certainly a Messenger
37:134  We rescued him and his whole family
37:135  except for an old woman who remained behind
37:136  Then We totally destroyed the others
37:137  You pass by (their ruined town) in the morning and at night
37:138  Will you then not understand
37:139  Jonah was certainly a Messenger
37:140  He abandoned his peopl
37:141  and sailed away in a laden ship, wherein people cast lots. Because he lost, he was thrown into the water
37:142  The fish swallowed him up and he deserved (all this)
37:143  Had he not glorified God
37:144  he would certainly have remained inside the fish until the Day of Resurrection
37:145  We cast him out of the fish unto dry land and he was sick
37:146  We made a plant of gourd grow up for him
37:147  We sent him to a hundred thousand or more people
37:148  They believed in him so We granted them enjoyment for an appointed time
37:149  (Muhammad), ask them, "Do daughters belong to your Lord and sons to them
37:150  Have We created the angels as females before their very eyes
37:151  It is only because of their false invention that they say
37:152  'God has begotten a son.' They are certainly liars
37:153  Has He chosen daughters in preference to sons
37:154  Woe to you! How terrible is your Judgment
37:155  Do you not understand
37:156  Do you have clear authority
37:157  Bring your book if what you say is true
37:158  They have said that there is a relationship between Him and the jinn. The jinn certainly know that they will all be brought to suffer torment
37:159  God is too glorious to be described as they describe Hi
37:160  except the servants of God, sincere and devoted
37:161  You and whatever you worshi
37:162  cannot mislead anyon
37:163  except those who are doomed to enter hell
37:164  The angels say, "Each of us has an appointed place
37:165  We stand in ranks (for prayer
37:166  and we glorify God"
37:167  Even though they (unbelievers) say
37:168  "Had we received guidance from the people living before us
37:169  we would have certainly been sincere servants of God"
37:170  They have rejected the Quran. They will soon know the consequences (of their disbelief)
37:171  We decreed that Our Messenger servant
37:172  will certainly be victoriou
37:173  and that Our army will be triumphant
37:174  (Muhammad), stay away from them for a whil
37:175  and watch them. They, too, will watch
37:176  Do they want to suffer Our torment immediately
37:177  When it descends into their courtyard, it will be terrible for those who have already been warned
37:178  Stay away from them for a whil
37:179  and watch. They, too, will watch
37:180  Your Lord, the Lord of Honor, is too exalted to be considered as they describe Him
37:181  Peace be with the Messengers (of God)
37:182  It is only God, the Lord of the Universe, who deserves all praise