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26:1  T.S.M.
26:2  These are verses from the Clear Book (the Quran).
26:3  Perhaps you are fretting your soul away because they are not believers.
26:4  If We so wished, We might send a sign down to them from Heaven so they would bow their heads submissively before it.
26:5  No Reminder ever comes to them as a renewal from the Mercygiving except they shun it.
26:6  They have just rejected [it], so news of what they have been ridiculing will soon come to them.
26:7  Have they not looked at the earth [to see] how many generous species We have grown on it?
26:8  In that is a sign; though most of them are not believers.
26:9  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful. (II)
26:10  So your Lord summoned Moses: "Go to the wrongdoing folk,
26:11  Pharaoh's folk! Will they not heed?"
26:12  He said: "My Lord, I fear they will reject me,
26:13  and my breast feels cramped while my tongue will not loosen up. Send for Aaron!
26:14  They have [laid] a charge against me; so I fear they will kill me."
26:15  He said; "Indeed not; let both of you go off with Our signs, We will be listening along with you.
26:16  Go to Pharaoh and say: "We are messengers from the Lord of the Universe.
26:17  Send the Children of Israel off with us!"'
26:18  He said: "Did we not rear you as a child among us and you spent several years of your life with us?
26:19  Yet you committed the deed you did: You are so ungrateful!"
26:20  He said: "I did it while I was misguided.
26:21  I fled from you (all) because I feared you. Still my Lord has bestowed discretion on me and set me up as an emissary.
26:22  Is this some favor you have shown me-that you have enslaved the Children of Israel?"'
26:23  Pharaoh said: "What is the Lord of the Universe?"
26:24  He said: "The Lord of Heaven and Earth and whatever [lies] in between them, if you will be convinced."
26:25  He said to those around him: "Aren’t you listening?"
26:26  He said: "Your Lord and the Lord of your very first forefathers,"
26:27  He said: "Your messenger who has been sent to you is crazy!"
26:28  He said: "[He comes from] the Lord of the East and West, and whatever lies in between them, if you know how to reason."
26:29  He said: "If you should adopt any god besides me, I shall make you a prisoner."
26:30  He said: "Even if I bring you something obvious?"
26:31  He said: "Bring it, if you a telling the truth!"
26:32  So he cast his staff down and, it was clearly a snake!
26:33  He pulled out his hand [from his shirtfront], and, it was white to the spectators! (III)
26:34  He told the councilmen around him: "This is some clever magician
26:35  who wants to drive you out of your land through his magic. What do you order?"
26:36  They said: "Make him and his brother wait, and send recruiters out into the cities
26:37  who will bring you in every clever magician."
26:38  So the magicians were gathered for the appointment on a certain day,
26:39  and the people were told: "Are you assembling
26:40  so that we may follow the sorcerers once they have won out?"
26:41  When the sorcerers came, they said to Pharaoh: "Will we have payment if we are the winners?"
26:42  He said: "Yes, you will then become courtiers."
26:43  Moses told them: "Throw down whatever you are going to throw.'
26:44  So they threw their ropes and their staffs, and said: " By Pharaoh's majesty, we will be the winners!"
26:45  So Moses cast his staff and imagine, it swallowed up what they were shamming about!
26:46  The sorcerers dropped down on their knees;
26:47  they said: "We believe in the Lord of the Universe,
26:48  the Lord of Moses and Aaron!"
26:49  He said. "Have you believed in Him before I permit you to? He is your chief who has taught you magic. You will know! I'll cut your hands and feet off on opposite sides and crucify you all!"
26:50  They said: 'It won’t hurt! We will be sent home to our Lord;
26:51  we long for our Lord to forgive us our mistakes so we may be the first among believers." (IV)
26:52  We inspired Moses as follows: "Travel with My servants at night: you will be pursued!"
26:53  Pharaoh sent recruiters into the cities:
26:54  "Those are a few dissidents;
26:55  they are agitating against us.
26:56  We are completely forewarned."
26:57  Yet We drove them out of (their) gardens and springs,
26:58  treasures and a splendid position.
26:59  The same We let the Children of Israel fall heirs to.
26:60  They followed after them at sunrise.
26:61  When both groups sighted each other, Moses' companions said: "We have been overtaken!"
26:62  He (Moses) said: "Not at all! My Lord stands by me; He will guide me!"
26:63  So We inspired Moses as follows: "Strike the sea with your staff!" If opened up and each section was like a huge cliff.
26:64  We brought the others up next,
26:65  and saved Moses and all those who were with him.
26:66  Then We let the rest drown.
26:67  In that is a sign; though most of them are not believers.
26:68  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful.
26:69  Recite Abraham's news to them
26:70  when he said to his father and his folk: "What are you worshipping?"
26:71  They said; "We worship idols, and are utterly devoted to them."
26:72  He said; "Do they hear you when you call,
26:73  or benefit you or harm [you]?"
26:74  They said: "Rather we found our fathers doing so."
26:75  He said: "Have you ever seen what you have been worshipping,
26:76  you and your forefathers, the old-timers?
26:77  They are enemies of mine, except for the Lord of the Universe
26:78  Who created me. He guides me
26:79  and is the One Who feeds me and gives me something to drink.
26:80  Whenever I fall ill, He heals me;
26:81  [He is] the One Who will cause me to die, then bring me back to life [again];
26:82  the One Who I expect will forgive me my mistakes on the Day for Repayment.
26:83  "My Lord, bestow discretion on me and acquaint me with honorable men!
26:84  Grant me a truthful reputation among later men,
26:85  Grant me an inheritance in the Garden of Bliss.
26:86  Forgive my father even though he may be [considered] lost.
26:87  Do not disgrace me on the day they are raised up again,
26:88  the day when neither wealth nor children will benefit anyone
26:89  except for someone who comes to Allah (God) with a sound heart." Doomsday
26:90  The Paradise will be brought near the headful;
26:91  while Hades will appear for the straying
26:92  and they were told "Where is whatever you were worshipping
26:93  instead of Allah (God)? Will they support you, or even support themselves?
26:94  So they will be toppled into it, both they and the misguided ones,
26:95  as well as all of Diabolis' armies.
26:96  They will say while they quarrel away in it:
26:97  "By Allah (God), we were in such obvious misguidance
26:98  when we put you (all) on the same footing as the Lord of the Universe!
26:99  It has only been criminals who have led us astray;
26:100  We have no intercessors
26:101  nor any bosom friend.
26:102  If we had another chance, we would then be believers!"
26:103  In that is a sign, though most of them are not believers.
26:104  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful. Noah
26:105  Noah's folk rejected the emissaries
26:106  when their brother Noah said to them: "Will you not do your duty?
26:107  I am a trustworthy messenger for you,
26:108  so heed Allah (God) and obey me.
26:109  I do not ask you for any payment for it; my payment only concerns the Lord of the Universe.
26:110  So heed Allah (God) and obey me!"
26:111  They said: "Are we to believe in you while the inferior people follow you?"
26:112  He said: "What knowledge do I have about what they have been doings
26:113  Their reckoning is only by my Lord, if you will only notice it!
26:114  I do not intend to drive any believers away;
26:115  I am merely a plain warner."
26:116  They said: "If you do not stop, Noah, you will become an outcast."
26:117  He said: "My Lord, my folk have rejected me!
26:118  Decide the case between me and them, and rescue me as well as any believers who may be with me!"
26:119  So We rescued him and anyone who was with him on the laden ship.
26:120  Then later on We let those who remained drown.
26:121  In that is a sign, though most of them are not believers.
26:122  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful!
26:123  Ad rejected the emissaries
26:124  when their brother Hud said to them; "Will you not do our duty?
26:125  I am a trustworthy messenger for you,
26:126  so heed Allah (God) and obey me.
26:127  I do not ask you for any payment for it; my payment only concerns the Lord of the Universe.
26:128  "Are you building a monument on every hill just so you may fool around?
26:129  Are you setting up castles so that you may live for ever?
26:130  Whenever you assault anyone, you pounce on them like bullies.
26:131  So heed Allah (God) and obey me;
26:132  heed the One Who has furnished you with whatever you know.
26:133  He has furnished you with livestock and children,
26:134  gardens and springs.
26:135  Yet I fear the torment of a terrible day for you!"
26:136  They said: "It's all the same for us whether you lecture [us] or are not lecturing.
26:137  This is only a fabrication [made up] by primitive men;
26:138  we are not going to be punished.
26:139  They rejected him, so We wiped them out. In that is a sign; though most of them are not believers.
26:140  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful!"
26:141  Thamud rejected the emissaries
26:142  when their brother Salih said to them: "Will you not do your duty?
26:143  I am a trustworthy messenger for you,
26:144  so heed Allah (God) and obey me.
26:145  I do not ask you for any payment for it; my payment only concerns the Lord of the Universe.
26:146  "Will you be left securely in what you have here,
26:147  among gardens and springs,
26:148  crops and date palms with slender stalks?
26:149  You skillfully hew houses out of the mountains.
26:150  Heed Allah (God) and obey me;
26:151  do not obey the order of extravagant people
26:152  who corrupt [things] on earth and never reform."
26:153  They said: "You are merely someone deluded;
26:154  you are only a human being like ourselves! Bring a sign if you are so truthful."
26:155  He said: "This is a she-camel. She has drinking rights while you have drinking rights on a fixed day.
26:156  Do not touch her so that you hurt her, lest the torment of an awful day may seize you!"
26:157  Yet they mistreated her, and one morning they felt remorseful about it.
26:158  Torment overtook them. In that is a sign, though most of them are not believers.
26:159  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful.
26:160  Lot's folk rejected the emissaries
26:161  when their brother Lot said to them: "Will you not do your duty?
26:162  I am a trustworthy messenger [sent] to you,
26:163  so heed Allah (God) and obey me.
26:164  I do not ask you any payment for it; my payment only concerns the Lord of the Universe.
26:165  Do you approach males among [everyone in] the Universe,
26:166  and ignore any wives whom your Lord has created for you? Indeed you are such defiant folk!"
26:167  They said; "If you do not stop, Lot, you will become an exile."
26:168  He said: "I am someone who detests your behavior.
26:169  My Lord, save me and my family from what they are doing!"
26:170  So We saved him and his whole family
26:171  except for an old woman among those who stayed behind.
26:172  Then We annihilated the rest;
26:173  We sent a rain down upon them. How evil was such a rain for those who had been warned!
26:174  In that is a sign; though most of them are not believers.
26:175  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful.
26:176  The dwellers in the Forest rejected the emissaries
26:177  when Shuayb said to them: "Will you not perform your duty?
26:178  I am a trustworthy messenger [sent] to you,
26:179  so heed Allah (God) and obey me!
26:180  I do not ask you for any payment for it; my payment only concerns the Lord of the Universe.
26:181  "Give full measure and do not cause [people] any losses.
26:182  Weigh with honest scales;
26:183  do not undersell people to cheat them of their things nor storm around the earth in order to spoil matters.
26:184  Heed Him Who created you and the character of the earliest men."
26:185  They said: "You are merely someone bewitched.
26:186  You are only a human being like ourselves, and we think you are a liar.
26:187  Let a piece fall out of the sky on us if you are so truthful."
26:188  He said: "My Lord is quite Aware of what you are doing."
26:189  So they rejected him, and the torment of a gloomy day gripped them; it was the torment of a terrible day!
26:190  In that is a sign, though most of them are not believers.
26:191  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful!
26:192  It is a revelation from the Lord of the Universe.
26:193  The Faithful Spirit has brought it down
26:194  for your heart, so may be a warner
26:195  in a clear Arabic tongue.
26:196  It [can be found] in the Psalms of early men.
26:197  Do they not have a sign since the scholars among Children of Israel knew about it?
26:198  If We had sent it down to some outsider [of Arab]
26:199  and he had read it to them [perfecty], they would never have believed in it.
26:200  We slip it[s hate] into criminals' hearts.
26:201  They will not believe in it until they see painful torment;
26:202  it will come upon them suddenly while they least suspect it,
26:203  and so they say: "Will we be allowed to wait?"
26:204  Are they trying to hasten up Our torment?
26:205  Have you seen how We let them enjoy themselves for years,
26:206  then whatever they have been threatened with, comes to them?
26:207  Whatever they have been enjoying will never benefit them.
26:208  We never wipe out any town unless it has had its warners
26:209  to remind [it]. We have never been unfair.
26:210  The devils did not descend with it:
26:211  it does not suit them to, nor can they manage it;
26:212  they are too withdrawn to even hear it.
26:213  Do not appeal to any other deity along with Allah (God), lest you be tormented.
26:214  Warn your nearest kinfolk;
26:215  lower your [protecting] wing over any believers who may follow you.
26:216  If they opposed you, then SAY: "I am innocent of whatever doing."
26:217  Rely on the Powerful, the Merciful
26:218  Who sees you whenever you stand up [in prayer]
26:219  as well as how you move around among those who are bowing down on their knees.
26:220  He is the All-Hearing, All-Knowing.
26:221  Shall I tell you who are the ones on whom the devils descend?
26:222  They come down upon every bluffing sinner.
26:223  They even try to eavesdrop, since most of them are liars;
26:224  and poets are followed around by the bewildered.
26:225  Do you not see them staggering around in every river-valley?
26:226  They preach what they never practise,
26:227  except for those who believe and perform honorable deeds, remember Allah (God) often, and protect themselves [and believers] once they have been wronged. Those who do wrong shall know what sort of upsets they may expect to face!