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26:1  T.S.M.
26:2  These are verses from the Clear Book.
26:3  Perhaps you are fretting your soul away because they are not believers.
26:4  If We so wished, We might send a sign down to them from Heaven so they would bow their heads submissively before it.
26:5  No Reminder ever comes to them as a renewal from the Mercy-giving except they shun it.
26:6  They have just rejected [it], so news of what they have been ridiculing will soon come to them.
26:7  Have they not looked at the earth [to see] how many generous species We have grown on it?
26:8  In that is a sign; though most of them are not believers.
26:9  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful.
26:10  So your Lord summoned Moses: "Go to the wrongdoing folk,
26:11  Pharaoh´s folk! Will they not heed?"
26:12  He said: "My Lord, I fear they will reject me,
26:13  and my breast feels cramped while my tongue will not loosen up. Send for Aaron!
26:14  They have [laid] a charge against me; so I fear they will kill me."
26:15  He said; "Indeed not; let both of you go off with Our signs, We will be listening along with you.
26:16  Go to Pharaoh and say: "We are messengers from the Lord of the Universe.
26:17  Send the Children of Israel off with us!"´
26:18  He said: "Did we not rear you as a child among us and you spent several years of your life with us?
26:19  Yet you committed the deed you did: You are so ungrateful!"
26:20  He said: "I did it while I was misguided.
26:21  I fled from you (all) because I feared you. Still my Lord has bestowed discretion on me and set me up as an emissary.
26:22  Is this some favor you have shown me-that you have enslaved the Children of Israel?"´
26:23  Pharaoh said: "What is the Lord of the Universe?"
26:24  He said: "The Lord of Heaven and Earth and whatever [lies] in between them, if you will be convinced."
26:25  He said to those around him: "Aren´t you listening?"
26:26  He said: "Your Lord and the Lord of your very first forefathers,"
26:27  He said: "Your messenger who has been sent to you is crazy!"
26:28  He said: "[He comes from] the Lord of the East and West, and whatever lies in between them, if you know how to reason."
26:29  He said: "If you should adopt any god besides me, I shall make you a prisoner."
26:30  He said: "Even if I bring you something obvious?"
26:31  He said: "Bring it, if you a telling the truth!"
26:32  So he cast his staff down and imagine, it was clearly a snake!
26:33  He pulled out his hand [from his shirtfront], and imagine, it was white to the spectators!
26:34  He told the councilmen around him: "This is some clever magician
26:35  who wants to drive you out of your land through his magic. What do you order?"
26:36  They said: "Make him and his brother wait, and send recruiters out into the cities
26:37  who will bring you in every clever magician."
26:38  So the magicians were gathered for the appointment on a certain day,
26:39  and the people were told: "Are you assembling
26:40  so that we may follow the sorcerers once they have won out?"
26:41  When the sorcerers came, they said to Pharaoh: "Will we have payment if we are the winners?"
26:42  He said: "Yes, you will then become courtiers."
26:43  Moses told them: "Throw down whatever you are going to throw.´
26:44  So they threw their ropes and their staffs, and said: " By Pharaoh´s majesty, we will be the winners!" ´
26:45  So Moses cast his staff and imagine, it swallowed up what they were shamming about!
26:46  The sorcerers dropped down on their knees;
26:47  they said: "We believe in the Lord of the Universe,
26:48  the Lord of Moses and Aaron!"
26:49  He said. "Have you believed in Him before I permit you to? He is your chief who has taught you magic. You will know! I´ll cut your hands and feet off on opposite sides and crucify you all!"
26:50  They said: ´It won´t hurt! We will be sent home to our Lord;
26:51  we long for our Lord to forgive us our mistakes so we may be the first among believers."
26:52  We inspired Moses as follows: "Travel with My servants at night: you will be pursued!"
26:53  Pharaoh sent recruiters into the cities:
26:54  "Those are a few dissidents;
26:55  they are agitating against us.
26:56  We are completely forewarned."
26:57  Yet We drove them out of (their) gardens and springs,
26:58  treasures and a splendid position.
26:59  The same We let the Children of Israel fall heirs to.
26:60  They followed after them at sunrise.
26:61  When both groups sighted each other, Moses´ companions said: "We have been overtaken!"
26:62  said: "Not at all! My Lord stands by me; He will guide me!"
26:63  So We inspired Moses as follows: "Strike the sea with your staff!" If opened up and each section was like a huge cliff.
26:64  We brought the others up next,
26:65  and saved Moses and all those who were with him.
26:66  Then We let the rest drown.
26:67  In that is a sign; though most of them are not believers.
26:68  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful.
26:69  Recite Abraham´s news to them
26:70  when he said to his father and his folk: "What are you worshipping?"
26:71  They said; "We worship idols, and are utterly devoted to them."
26:72  He said; "Do they hear you when you call
26:73  "or benefit you or harm [you]?"
26:74  They said: "Rather we found our fathers doing so."
26:75  He said: "Have you ever seen what you have been worshipping
26:76  "you and your forefathers, the oldtimers?
26:77  "They are enemies of mine, except for the Lord of the Universe
26:78  "Who created me. He guides me
26:79  "and is the One Who feeds me and gives me something to drink.
26:80  "Whenever I fall ill, He heals me;
26:81  "[He is] the One Who will cause me to die, then bring me back to life [again];
26:82  "the One Who I expect will forgive me my mistakes on the Day for Repayment.
26:83  "My Lord, bestow discretion on me and acquaint me with honorable men!
26:84  "Grant me a truthful reputation among later men,
26:85  "Grant me an inheritance in the Garden of Bliss.
26:86  "Forgive my father even though he may be [considered] lost.
26:87  "Do not disgrace me on the day they are raised up again,
26:88  "the day when neither wealth nor children will benefit anyone
26:89  "except for someone who comes to God with a sound heart."
26:90  "The Garden will be brought near for those who did their duty;
26:91  "while Hades will appear for the straying
26:92  and someone will say to them: "Where is whatever you were serving
26:93  instead of God? Will they support you, or even support themselves?
26:94  So they will be toppled into it, both they and the misguided ones,
26:95  as well as all of Diabolis´ armies.
26:96  They will say while they quarrel away in it:
26:97  "By God, we were in such obvious error
26:98  when we put you (all) on the same footing as the Lord of the Universe!
26:99  It has only been criminals who have led us astray;
26:100  We have no intercessors
26:101  nor any bosom friend.
26:102  If we had another chance, we would then be believers!"
26:103  In that is a sign, though most of them are not believers.
26:104  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful.
26:105  Noah´s folk rejected the emissaries
26:106  when their brother Noah said to them: "Will you not do your duty?
26:107  I am a trustworthy messenger for you,
26:108  so heed God and obey me.
26:109  I do not ask you for any payment for it; my payment only concerns the Lord of the Universe.
26:110  So heed God and obey me!"
26:111  They said: "Are we to believe in you while the meanest people follow you?"
26:112  He said: "What knowledge do I have about what they have been doings
26:113  Their reckoning only concerns my Lord, if you will only notice it!
26:114  I do not intend to drive any believers away;
26:115  I am merely a plain warner."
26:116  They said: "If you do not stop, Noah, you will become an outcast."
26:117  He said: "My Lord, my folk have rejected me!
26:118  Decide the case between me and them, and rescue me as well as any believers who may be with me!"
26:119  So We rescued him and anyone who was with him on the laden ship.
26:120  Then later on We let those who remained drown.
26:121  In that is a sign, though most of them are not believers.
26:122  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful!
26:123  Ad rejected the emissaries
26:124  when their brother Hud said to them; "Will you not do our duty?
26:125  I am a trustworthy messenger for you,
26:126  so heed God and obey me.
26:127  I do not ask you for any payment for it; my payment only concerns the Lord of the Universe.
26:128  "Are you building a sign on every hill just so you may fool around?
26:129  Are you setting up workshops so that you may live forever?
26:130  Whenever you assault anyone, you pounce on them like bullies.
26:131  So heed God and obey me;
26:132  heed the One Who has furnished you with whatever you know.
26:133  He has furnished you with livestock and children,
26:134  gardens and springs.
26:135  Yet I fear the torment of a terrible day for you!"
26:136  They said: "It´s all the same for us whether you lecture [us] or are not lecturing.
26:137  This is only a fabrication [made up] by primitive men;
26:138  we are not going to be punished.
26:139  They rejected him, so We wiped them out. In that is a sign; though most of them are not believers.
26:140  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful!"
26:141  Thamud rejected the emissaries
26:142  when their brother Salih said to them: "Will you not do your duty?
26:143  I am a trustworthy messenger for you,
26:144  so heed God and obey me.
26:145  I do not ask you for any payment for it; my payment only concerns the Lord of the Universe.
26:146  "Will you be left securely in what you have here,
26:147  among gardens and springs,
26:148  crops and datepalms with slender stalks?
26:149  You skillfully hew houses out of the mountains.
26:150  Heed God and obey me;
26:151  do not obey the order of extravagant people
26:152  who corrupt [things] on earth and never reform."
26:153  They said: "You are merely someone deluded;
26:154  you are only a human being like ourselves! Bring a sign if you are so truthful."
26:155  He said: "This is a she-camel. She has drinking rights while you have drinking rights on a fixed day.
26:156  Do not touch her so that you hurt her, lest the torment of an awful day may seize you!"
26:157  Yet they mistreated her, and one morning they felt remorseful about it.
26:158  Torment overtook them. In that is a sign, though most of them are not believers.
26:159  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful.
26:160  Lot´s folk rejected the emissaries
26:161  when their brother Lot said to them: "Will you not do your duty?
26:162  I am a trustworthy messenger [sent] to you,
26:163  so heed God and obey me.
26:164  I do not ask you any payment for it; my payment only concerns the Lord of the Universe.
26:165  Do you approach males among [everyone in] the Universe,
26:166  and ignore any wives whom your Lord has created for you? Indeed you are such defiant folk!"
26:167  They said; "If you do not stop, Lot, you will become an exile."
26:168  He said: "I am someone who detests your behavior.
26:169  My Lord, save me and my family from what they are doing!"
26:170  So We saved him and his whole family
26:171  except for an old woman among those who stayed behind.
26:172  Then We annihilated the rest;
26:173  We sent a rain down upon them. How evil was such a rain for those who had been warned!
26:174  In that is a sign; though most of them are not believers.
26:175  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful.
26:176  The dwellers in the Forest rejected the emissaries
26:177  when Shuayb said to them: "Will you not perform your duty?
26:178  I am a trustworthy messenger [sent] to you,
26:179  so heed God and obey me!
26:180  I do not ask you for any payment for it; my payment only concerns the Lord of the Universe.
26:181  "Give full measure and do not cause [people] any losses.
26:182  Weigh with honest scales;
26:183  do not undersell people to cheat them of their things nor storm around the earth in order to spoil matters.
26:184  Heed Him Who created you and the character of the earliest men."
26:185  They said: "You are merely someone bewitched.
26:186  You are only a human being like ourselves, and we think you are a liar.
26:187  Let a piece fall out of the sky on us if you are so truthful."
26:188  He said: "My Lord is quite Aware of what you are doing."
26:189  So they rejected him, and the torment of a gloomy day gripped them; it was the torment of a terrible day!
26:190  In that is a sign, though most of them are not believers.
26:191  Yet your Lord is the Powerful, the Merciful!
26:192  It is a revelation from the Lord of the Universe.
26:193  The Faithful Spirit has brought it down
26:194  for your heart, so may be a warner
26:195  in a clear Arabic tongue.
26:196  It [can be found] in the Psalms of early men.
26:197  Do they not have a sign since the scholars Children of Israel knew about it?
26:198  If We had sent it down to some outsider
26:199  and he had read it to them, they would never have believed in it.
26:200  Despite that, We slip it into criminals´ hearts.
26:201  They will not believe in it until they see painful torment;
26:202  it will come upon them suddenly while they least suspect it,
26:203  and so they say: "Will we be allowed to wait?"
26:204  Are they trying to hasten up Our torment?
26:205  Have you seen how We let them enjoy themselves for years,
26:206  then whatever they have been threatened with, comes to them?
26:207  Whatever they have been enjoying will never benefit them.
26:208  We never wipe out any town unless it has had its warners
26:209  to remind [it]. We have never been unfair.
26:210  The devils did not descend with it:
26:211  it does not suit them to, nor can they manage it;
26:212  they are too withdrawn to even hear it.
26:213  Do not appeal to any other deity along with God, lest you be tormented.
26:214  Warn your nearest kinfolk;
26:215  lower your [protecting] wing over any believers who may follow you.
26:216  I opposed to you, then SAY: "I am innocent of whatever doing."
26:217  Rely on the Powerful, the Merciful
26:218  Who sees you whenever you stand up [in prayer]
26:219  as well as how you move around among those who are bowing down on their knees.
26:220  He is the Alert, Aware.
26:221  Shall I tell you who are the ones on whom the devils descend?
26:222  They come down upon every bluffing sinner.
26:223  They even try to eavesdrop, since most of them are liars;
26:224  and poets are followed around by them bewildered.
26:225  Do you not see them staggering around in every river-valley?
26:226  They preach what they never practice,
26:227  except for those who believe and perform honorable deeds, remember God often, and protect themselves once they have been wronged. Those who do wrong shall know what sort of upsets they may expect to face!