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26:1  Ta´. Sin. Mim
26:2  These are the verses of the Clear Book
26:3  (O Muhammad), you will perhaps grieve yourself to death because these people do not believe
26:4  If We will, We can send down a Sign to them from heaven, so their necks will be humbled to it
26:5  Never does there come to them an admonition from the Merciful Lord but they turn away from it
26:6  They will soon come to know the truth of that which they have been scoffing at
26:7  Do they not look at the earth, how We caused a variety of fine vegetation to grow from it (in abundance)
26:8  Surely there is a Sign in this, but most of them would not believe
26:9  Verily Your Lord is Infinitely Mighty, Most Compassionate
26:10  (Recount to them about the time) when Your Lord called Moses: "Go to the wrong-doing people
26:11  the people of Pharaoh: do they have no fear?"
26:12  He said: "My Lord! I fear that they will brand me a liar
26:13  My breast is constricted and my tongue is not fluent, so endow Messengership on Aaron
26:14  As for me, they hold the charge of a crime against me. I fear they will put me to death."
26:15  He said: "Certainly not! So go both of you with Our Signs. We shall be with you listening to everything
26:16  Go, then, to Pharaoh and say to him: ´The Lord of the Universe has sent u
26:17  that you let the Children of Israel go with us.´"
26:18  Pharaoh said: "Did we not bring you up among us when you were a child
26:19  You spent many years of your life among us and then you committed that deed of yours. You are very ungrateful indeed."
26:20  Moses replied: "I committed that act erringly
26:21  Then I fled for fear of you. Then my Lord bestowed wisdom and authority on me and made me one of the Messengers
26:22  Now this is the favour that you tauntingly remind me of: that you enslaved the Children of Israel!"
26:23  Pharaoh said: "And who is this Lord of the Universe?"
26:24  Moses answered: "The Lord of the heavens and the earth and of all that is between them, if you were only to believe."
26:25  Pharaoh said to those around him: "Do you hear (what he says)?"
26:26  Moses said: "(He is) Your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers of yore."
26:27  Pharaoh said to the audience: "This Messenger of yours who has been sent to you is simply mad."
26:28  Moses continued: "(He is) the Lord of the east and the west, and all between them. If you only had any understanding!"
26:29  Pharaoh said: "If you take any god other than me, I will certainly make you one of those (who are rotting) in prison."
26:30  Moses said: "Even if I were to bring a Clear Sign to you?"
26:31  Pharaoh said: "Then bring it if you are truthful at all."
26:32  (No sooner had he said this than) Moses threw down his rod and behold, it was a veritable serpent
26:33  and he drew his hand (out of his armpit) and lo! it had become a shining object to the beholders
26:34  Pharaoh said to the nobles around him: "Surely this man is a skilled magicia
26:35  who wants to drive you out of your land by his magic. Tell us, what do you advise us?"
26:36  They said: "Detain him and his brother for a while and send forth heralds to the citie
26:37  to mobilise all skilled magicians."
26:38  So the magicians were brought together on a particular day at a set tim
26:39  and the people were told: "Will you join the assembly
26:40  We may perhaps follow the religion of the magicians if they triumph."
26:41  When the magicians came forth (for the encounter) they said to Pharaoh: "Is there a reward for us if we triumph?"
26:42  He said: "Yes, you will then become those near-stationed to me."
26:43  Moses said to them: "Throw down whatever you wish to throw."
26:44  Thereupon they threw down their ropes and their rods, and said: "By the glory of Pharaoh, we shall prevail."
26:45  Thereafter, Moses threw down his rod and behold, it went about swallowing up all the false devices they had contrived
26:46  Thereupon the magicians fell down in prostration
26:47  saying: "We (now) believe in the Lord of the Universe
26:48  the Lord of Moses and Aaron."
26:49  Pharaoh said: "You accepted the word of Moses even before I granted you the leave to do so. Surely he is your chief who has taught you magic. Soon shall you come to know. I shall cut off your hands and feet on opposite sides and shall crucify all of you."
26:50  They said: "We do not care, for we are bound to return to our Lord
26:51  and we surely expect that Our Lord will forgive us our sins for we are the first ones to believe."
26:52  We revealed to Moses: "Set forth with My servants by night for you will be pursued."
26:53  Then Pharaoh sent heralds to the cities (to mobilise troops
26:54  saying: "These (Israelites) are only a small band of peopl
26:55  who have certainly provoked our wrath
26:56  But we are a numerous host, ever on guard."
26:57  Thus did We drive them out of their gardens and spring
26:58  and their treasures and excellent dwellings
26:59  This happened with them; (but on the other hand), We enabled the Children of Israel to inherit those bounties
26:60  At sunrise they set off in pursuit of the
26:61  and when the groups came face to face, the companions of Moses cried out: "We are overtaken!"
26:62  Moses said: "Certainly not. My Lord is with me; He will direct me."
26:63  Then We revealed to Moses, (commanding him): "Strike the sea with your rod." Thereupon the sea split up, and then each became like the mass of a huge mount
26:64  We also brought the other party close to the same spot
26:65  and We delivered Moses and his companions, all of them
26:66  then We drowned the others
26:67  Surely there is a Sign in this, but most of them would not believe
26:68  Verily your Lord is Immensely Mighty, Ever Compassionate
26:69  And recount to them the story of Abraham
26:70  when he asked his father and his people: "What do you worship?"
26:71  They answered: "There are some idols that we worship and are devoted to them with constancy."
26:72  He asked: "Do they hear you when you call the
26:73  or do they cause you any benefit or harm?"
26:74  They answered: "No; but we found our forefathers doing so."
26:75  Thereupon, Abraham said: "Have you seen (with your eyes) those whom you have been worshipping
26:76  you and your forefathers of yore
26:77  They are all enemies to me; all, except the Lord of the Universe
26:78  Who created me and Who guides me
26:79  Who gives me food and drink
26:80  and Who, when I am ill, heals me
26:81  Who will cause me to die and then will again restore me to life
26:82  Who, I hope, will forgive me my sins on the Day of Judgement."
26:83  (And then Abraham prayed): "My Lord, endow me with knowledge and wisdom and join me with the righteous
26:84  and grant me an honourable reputation among posterity
26:85  and make me of those who will inherit the Garden of Bliss
26:86  and forgive my father for he is among those who strayed
26:87  and disgrace me not on the Day when people will be raised to life
26:88  the Day when nothing will avail, neither wealth nor offspring
26:89  but only he that brings to Allah a sound heart will (attain to success)."
26:90  (On that Day) the Garden will be brought near to the God-fearing
26:91  and the Fire will be uncovered for those who strayed
26:92  and they will be asked: "Where are the gods that you worshipped
26:93  beside Allah? Can they be of any help to you, or even be of any help to themselves?"
26:94  Then the idols and those who strayed will be hurled into the Fire headlong, one upon another
26:95  and so too the hosts of Iblis, all of them
26:96  There they will quarrel with one another and the erring ones will say (to their deities)
26:97  "By Allah, we were surely in clear erro
26:98  when we assigned to you a position equal to that of the Lord of the Universe
26:99  It is none but those steeped in guilt who led us into this error
26:100  and now we have none to intercede on our behalf
26:101  nor do we have a truly sincere friend
26:102  If only we could return we would be among the believers."
26:103  Surely there is a Sign in this, but most of them would not believe
26:104  Verily Your Lord is Immensely Mighty, Ever Compassionate
26:105  The people of Noah gave the lie to the Messengers
26:106  Recall when their brother Noah said to them: "Do you have no fear
26:107  I am a trustworthy Messenger to you
26:108  so fear Allah and obey me
26:109  I seek of you no reward for this: my reward is with none except the Lord of the Universe
26:110  So fear Allah and obey me."
26:111  They answered: "Shall we accept you even though it is the meanest of people who follow you?"
26:112  Noah said: "What knowledge do I have about their deeds
26:113  It is only for my Lord to take account of them. Would that you made use of your understanding
26:114  It is not for me to repel those who choose to believe
26:115  I am none but a plain warner."
26:116  They said: "O Noah! If you do not desist, you will certainly become one of the accursed."
26:117  He said: "My Lord! My people have branded me a liar
26:118  So pass a clear judgement between me and them and rescue me and the believers with me."
26:119  Thereafter We rescued him and those who were with him in the laden Ar
26:120  and drowned the rest
26:121  Surely there is a Sign in this, but most of them would not believe
26:122  Verily Your Lord is Immensely Mighty, Ever Compassionate
26:123  The Ad gave the lie to the Messengers
26:124  Recall, when their brother Hud said to them: "Have you no fear
26:125  I am a trustworthy Messenger to you
26:126  So fear Allah and obey me
26:127  I seek of you no reward for this; my reward is with none but the Lord of the Universe
26:128  What, you build a monument on every hill merely for fu
26:129  and erect huge palaces as though you will live for ever
26:130  and when you strike you strike like tyrants
26:131  So fear Allah and obey me
26:132  Have fear of Him Who has provided you with all the (good) things you know
26:133  Who has provided you with flocks and childre
26:134  and with gardens and springs
26:135  I fear for you the chastisement of an Awesome Day."
26:136  They replied: "It is all the same for us whether you admonish us or not
26:137  This has been happening all along
26:138  We will not be subjected to any chastisement."
26:139  Eventually they gave the lie to him and We destroyed them. Surely there is a Sign in this, but most of them would not believe
26:140  Verily your Lord is Immensely Mighty, Most Compassionate
26:141  The Thamud gave the lie to the Messengers
26:142  Recall when their brother Salih said to them: "Have you no fear?"
26:143  "I am a trustworthy Messenger to you
26:144  So fear Allah and obey me
26:145  I ask of you no reward. My reward is with none but the Lord of the Universe
26:146  Do you believe that you will be left here to live securely in the present stat
26:147  amidst gardens and spring
26:148  and cornfields and date-palms laden with juicy fruits
26:149  You hew dwellings in mountains and exult in that
26:150  Fear Allah and obey m
26:151  and do not follow the biddings of those that go to excesse
26:152  and spread mischief in the land rather than set things right."
26:153  They replied: "You are nothing but one of those who are bewitched
26:154  you are no different from a mortal like us. So produce a sign if you are truthful."
26:155  Salih said: "This is a she-camel. There is a day set for her to drink and there is a day set for you to drink
26:156  Do not molest her lest the chastisement of an Awesome Day should seize you."
26:157  But they hamstrung her and then regretted it
26:158  So the chastisement seized them. Surely there is a Sign in this, but most of them would not believe
26:159  Verily Your Lord is Immensely Mighty, Most Compassionate
26:160  The people of Lot rejected the Messengers, branding them liars
26:161  Recall, when their brother Lot said to them: "Have you no fear
26:162  I am a trustworthy Messenger to you
26:163  So fear Allah and obey me
26:164  I seek of you no reward. My reward is with none but the Lord of the Universe
26:165  What, of all creation will you go to (fornicate with) the males
26:166  leaving aside those whom Allah has created for you as your mates. Nay, you are a people that has transgressed all limits."
26:167  They said: "O Lot! If you do not desist, you will be one of those expelled (from our towns)."
26:168  He said: "I am one of those who abhor your practice
26:169  My Lord, deliver me and my family from their wicked deeds."
26:170  Then We delivered him and all his famil
26:171  except an old woman who was among those that stayed behind
26:172  Thereafter, We utterly destroyed the rest
26:173  and We sent upon them a rain, an evil rain that fell on those who had been warned
26:174  Surely there is a Sign in this, but most of them would not believe
26:175  Verily Your Lord is Immensely Mighty, Most Compassionate
26:176  The people of Aykah also gave the lie to the Messengers
26:177  Recall, when Shuayb said to them: "Have you no fear
26:178  I am a trustworthy Messenger to you
26:179  So fear Allah and obey me
26:180  I ask of you no reward for this. My reward is with none but the Lord of the Universe
26:181  Fill up the measure and do not diminish the goods of people
26:182  weigh with an even balanc
26:183  and do not deliver short, and do not go about creating mischief in the land
26:184  and have fear of Him Who created you and the earlier generations."
26:185  They said: "You are no more than one of those who have been bewitched
26:186  you are only a mortal like us. Indeed we believe that you are an utter liar
26:187  So cause a piece of the sky to fall upon us if you are truthful."
26:188  Shuayb said: "My Lord knows well all what you do."
26:189  Then they branded him a liar, whereupon the chastisement of the Day of Canopy overtook them. It was the chastisement of a very awesome day
26:190  Surely there is a Sign in this, but most of them would not believe
26:191  Verily Your Lord is Immensely Mighty, Most Compassionate
26:192  Indeed this is a revelation from the Lord of the Universe
26:193  which the truthful spirit has carried dow
26:194  to your heart that you might become one of those who warn (others on behalf of Allah)
26:195  (a revelation) in clear Arabic language
26:196  (a revelation embodied) in the scriptures of the ancients
26:197  Is it not a Sign to them ? (to wit, the Makkans) ? that the learned men of the Children of Israel know that
26:198  (But such is their adamance) that had We revealed it to one of the non-Arabs and even if he had recited (this clear Arabic discourse) to the
26:199  they would still not have believed in it
26:200  Thus have We caused this (Admonition) to penetrate the hearts of the culprits (like a hot rod)
26:201  They will not believe in it until they clearly see the grievous chastisement
26:202  But when it comes upon them suddenly, taking them unawares
26:203  they say: "Can we be granted some respite?"
26:204  Do they really want Our chastisement to be expedited
26:205  Did you consider that if We were to let them enjoy life for many year
26:206  and then the chastisement of which they were being warned were to come upon them
26:207  of what avail will be the provisions of life which they have been granted to enjoy
26:208  We never destroyed any habitation but that it had warner
26:209  to admonish them. We have never been unjust
26:210  The satans did not bring down this (Clear Book)
26:211  nor does it behove them, nor does it lie in their power
26:212  Indeed they are debarred from even hearing it
26:213  So do not call any other god beside Allah lest you become of those who will be punished
26:214  and warn your nearest kinsmen
26:215  and be meek to the believers who follow you
26:216  Then if they disobey you say to them: "I am quit of what you do."
26:217  And put your trust in Him Who is Immensely Mighty, Most Compassionate
26:218  Who observes you when you rise (to pray
26:219  and observes your movements among those who prostrate themselves
26:220  He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing
26:221  O people, shall I tell you on whom it is that satans descend
26:222  They descend on every forgerer steeped in sin
26:223  on those who whisper hearsay in the ears of people; and most of them are liars
26:224  As for poets, only the wayward follow them
26:225  Do you not see that they wander about in every valle
26:226  and say things which they do not act upon
26:227  except those who believed and acted righteously and remembered Allah much, and when they themselves were subjected to wrong, they exacted retribution no more than to the extent of the wrong? Soon will the wrong-doers know the end that they shall reach