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23:1  Surely, the ones who believe prospered,
23:2  those, they, who in their formal prayers are ones who are humble
23:3  and they, those who from idle talk, are ones who turn aside
23:4  and they, those who the purifying alms are ones who do give
23:5  and they, those who of their private parts, are ones who guard,
23:6  but from their spouses or from what their right hands possessed. Truly, they are ones who are irreproachable.
23:7  Whoever was looking for something beyond that, then, those, they are the ones who turn away.
23:8  And those, they who their trusts and their compacts are ones who shepherd
23:9  and those, they who over their formal prayers are watchful,
23:10  those, they are ones who will inherit,
23:11  those who will inherit Paradise, they are ones who will dwell in it forever.
23:12  And, certainly, We created the human being from an extraction of clay.
23:13  Again, We made him into seminal fluid in a stopping place, secure.
23:14  Again, We created a clot from seminal fluids. Then, We created tissue from the clot. Then, We created bones from tissue. Then, We clothed the bones with flesh. Again, We caused another creation to grow. So blessed be God, the Fairer of the ones who are creators!
23:15  Again, truly, after that, you will die.
23:16  Again, truly, you will be raised up on the Day of Resurrection.
23:17  Certainly, We created above you seven tiers. We had not been ones who are heedless of the creation.
23:18  We caused water to descend from heaven in measure and We ceased it to dwell in the earth. And We certainly are ones who have power to take away.
23:19  And We caused to grow for you gardens of date palm trees and grapevines where there is much sweet fruit for you and you eat of it
23:20  and a tree that goes forth from Mount Sinai that bears oil and a seasoning for the ones who eat it.
23:21  And, truly, for you in the flocks there is a lesson. We satiate you with what is in their bellies. In them are many profits and of them you eat
23:22  and on them and on boats you are carried.
23:23  And, certainly, We sent Noah to his folk. And he said: O my folk! Worship God! You have no other god but Him. Will you not, then, be Godfearing?
23:24  But said the Council who were ungrateful among his folk: This is nothing but a mortal like you. He wants to gain superiority over you. If God willed He would have caused angels to descend. We heard not such a thing from our fathers, the ancient ones.
23:25  He is nothing but a man in whom there is madness. So watch him for a while.
23:26  He said: My Lord! Help me because they denied me.
23:27  So We revealed to him: Craft thou the boat under Our eyes and by Our revelation. Then, when Our command drew near and the oven boiled, then, insert two pairs of each kind and thy people, but whomever against whom the saying has preceded. And address Me not for those who did wrong. Truly, they are ones who are drowned.
23:28  When thou and whoever is with thee art seated in the boat, then, say: All Praise belongs to God Who delivered us from the folk, the ones who are unjust.
23:29  And say: My Lord! Land Thou me with a blessed landing for Thou art Best of the landing-places.
23:30  Truly, in this there are signs and, truly, We had been ones who test.
23:31  Again, We caused to grow another generation after them.
23:32  We sent a Messenger to them from among them saying that: Worship God! You have no god other than Him. Will you, then, not be Godfearing?
23:33  And said the Council of his folk to those who were ungrateful and denied the meeting in the world to come, and to whom We gave ease in this present life: This is nothing but a mortal like you. He eats of what you eat and he drinks of what you drink.
23:34  And if you obeyed a mortal like yourselves, truly, then, you are ones who are losers.
23:35  Promises He that when you died and had been earth dust and bones, that you will be ones who are brought out?
23:36  Begone! Begone with what you are promised!
23:37  There is nothing but this present life. We die and we live and we shall not be ones who are raised up.
23:38  He is nothing but a man. He devised a lie against God and we are not ones who will believe in him.
23:39  He said: My Lord! Help me because they denied me.
23:40  He said: In a little while they will become ones who are remorseful.
23:41  Then, a Cry duly took them so We made them into refuse. So away with the folk, the ones who are unjust!
23:42  Again, We caused to grow after them other generations.
23:43  No community precedes its term, nor delays it.
23:44  Again, We sent Our Messengers one after another. Whenever drew near a community a Messenger to them, they denied him. So We caused some of them to pursue others and We made them tales. So away with the folk who believe not!
23:45  Again, We sent Moses and his brother Aaron with Our signs and clear authority
23:46  to Pharaoh and his Council. Then, they grew arrogant and they had been a folk, ones who exalt themselves.
23:47  Then, they said: Will we believe in two mortals like ourselves while their folk are ones who worship us?
23:48  So they denied both of them. They had been among the ones who are caused to perish.
23:49  And, certainly, We gave Moses the Book so that perhaps they will be truly guided.
23:50  And We made the son of Mary and his mother a sign, and We gave them refuge on a hillside, a stopping place, and a spring of water.
23:51  O you Messengers! Eat of what is good and do as one in accord with morality. Truly, I am Knowing of what you do.
23:52  And, truly, this, your community is one community and I am your Lord so be Godfearing.
23:53  Then, they cut their affair of unity asunder into sects among them, each party glad with what was with them.
23:54  So forsake thou them for a while in their obstinacy.
23:55  Assume they that with the relief We furnish them of wealth and children
23:56  We compete for good deeds for them? Nay! They are not aware.
23:57  Truly, those, they are dreading their Lord, ones who are apprehensive.
23:58  And those, they who believe in the signs of their Lord
23:59  and those, they who ascribe nothing as partners with their Lord,
23:60  and those who give what they gave with their hearts afraid because they are ones who will return to their Lord,
23:61  are those who compete with one another in good deeds and they, in them, are ones who take the lead.
23:62  And We place not a burden on any soul but to its capacity. And from Us is a Book that speaks The Truth for itself. And they will not be wronged.
23:63  Nay! Their hearts are in obstinacy towards this Quran and they have other actions besides as they are ones who act
23:64  until, when We took ones who are given ease with the punishment. That is when they make entreaties.
23:65  Make not entreaties this Day. Truly, you will not be helped from Us.
23:66  Surely, My signs had been recounted to you, but you had been receding on your heels
23:67  as ones who grow arrogant regarding it and ones who nightly talk nonsense, talking foolishly.
23:68  Meditate they not on the saying or drew not near them anything that approaches not their fathers, the ancient ones?
23:69  Or is it they recognize not their Messenger so that they are ones who reject him?
23:70  Or say they: There is madness in him? Nay! He drew near them with The Truth, but most of them are ones who dislike The Truth.
23:71  And if The Truth followed their desires, the heavens and the earth would have gone to ruin and whoever is in it. Nay! We brought them their Remembrance, but they, from their Remembrance, are ones who turn aside.
23:72  Or is it that thou hast asked them for payment? Yet the revenue from thy Lord is better. And He is Best of the ones who provide.
23:73  And, truly, thou hast called them to a straight path.
23:74  And, truly, those who believe not in the world to come are ones who move away from the path.
23:75  And even if We had mercy on them and removed the harm which is on them, they would still be resolute in their defiance, wandering unwilling to see.
23:76  And, certainly, We took them with the punishment. Then, they gave not into their Lord nor lower themselves
23:77  until, when we opened a door for them of a severe punishment. That is when they were ones who are seized with despair!
23:78  And He it is Who caused you to grow, have the ability to hear and sight and mind. But you give little thanks!
23:79  It is He Who made you numerous on the earth and to Him you will be assembled.
23:80  And it is He Who gives life and causes to die and His is the alteration of nighttime and daytime. Will you not, then, be reasonable?
23:81  Nay! They said the like of what the ancient ones said.
23:82  They said: When we are dead and had been earth dust and bones, will we be ones who are raised up?
23:83  Certainly, we were promised this—we and our fathers—before this. This is nothing but the fables of the ancient ones.
23:84  Say: To whom belongs the earth and whoever is in it if you had been knowing?
23:85  They will say: To God! Say: Then, will you not recollect?
23:86  Say: Who is the Lord of the seven heavens and Lord of the Sublime Throne?
23:87  They will say: It belongs to God! Say: Then, will you not be Godfearing?
23:88  Say: In whose hand is the kingdom of everything and He grants protection? No one is granted protection against Him if you had been knowing.
23:89  They will say: It belongs to God! Say: How, then, are you under a spell!
23:90  Nay! We brought them The Truth and, truly, they are ones who lie.
23:91  God took not to Himself any son, nor had there been any god with Him. For, then, each god would have taken away what he created. And some of them would have ascended over some others. Glory be to God above all that they allege!
23:92  He is the One Who Knows the unseen and the visible. Exalted be He above partners they ascribe.
23:93  Say: My Lord! If Thou wilt cause me to see what they are promised,
23:94  then, assign me not, my Lord, to the folk, the ones who are unjust.
23:95  And, truly, We cause thee to see what We promise them as certainly ones who have power.
23:96  Drive thou back evil deeds with what is fairer. We are greater in knowledge of what they allege.
23:97  And say: My Lord! I take refuge with Thee from the evil suggestions of the satans.
23:98  And my Lord, I take refuge with Thee so that they not attend me.
23:99  Until when death drew near one of them, he said: My Lord! Return me
23:100  so that perhaps I will do as one in accord with morality in what I left behind. No indeed! Truly, it is only a word that one who converses says. And ahead of them is a barrier until the Day they are raised up.
23:101  When the trumpet will be blown, there will be no talk of kindred among them that Day nor will they demand anything of one another.
23:102  Then, whose balance was heavy with good deeds, those, they are the ones who prosper.
23:103  And among ones whose balance was made light, then, those are those who lost themselves. They will be ones who will dwell in hell forever.
23:104  Their faces will fry in the fire. And they will be ones who are morose in it.
23:105  Be not My signs recounted to you, yet you had been denying them?
23:106  They will say: Our Lord! Our misgiving prevailed over us. We had been a folk, ones who go astray.
23:107  Our Lord! Bring us out of this. Then, if ever we reverted, truly, we will be ones who are unjust.
23:108  He would say: Be driven away in it and speak not to Me.
23:109  Truly, there had been a group of people of My servants who say: Our Lord! We believed, so forgive us and have mercy on us for Thou art Best of the ones who are most merciful.
23:110  But you took them to yourselves as a laughing-stock until they caused you to forget My Remembrance and you had been laughing at them.
23:111  Truly, I gave recompense this Day for what they endured patiently. Truly, they, they are the ones who are victorious!
23:112  He said: Lingered you in expectation on the earth for what number of years?
23:113  They said: We lingered in expectation a day or some of a day. So ask the ones who count.
23:114  He said: You lingered in expectation not but a little. If you had but been knowing.
23:115  Assumed you that We created you in amusement and that to Us you would not be returned?
23:116  So exalted be God! The King, The Truth. There is no god but He, the Lord of the Generous Throne!
23:117  And whoever calls to another god with God of which he has no proof, then, truly, his reckoning is with his Lord. Truly, the ones who are ungrateful will not prosper.
23:118  And say: My Lord! Forgive and have mercy and Thou art Best of the ones who are most merciful.