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22:1  O humanity! Be Godfearing of your Lord. Truly, the earthquake of the Hour is a tremendous thing. On a Day you will see it,
22:2  every one who is breast feeding will be negligent of whoever she breast fed. And every pregnant woman will bring forth a foetus and thou wilt see humanity intoxicated yet they will not be intoxicated. But the punishment of God will be severe.
22:3  And among humanity is he who disputes about God without knowledge and follows every rebel satan.
22:4  It was written down about him that whoever turned away to him as a friend, truly, he will cause him to go astray and will guide him to the punishment of the blaze.
22:5  O humanity! If you had been in doubt about the Upraising, truly, We created you from earth dust and, again, from seminal fluid and, again, from a clot and, again, from tissue that was formed and that was not formed so that we make it manifest to you. We establish in the wombs whom We will for a term, that which is determined. And, again, We bring you out as infant children and, again, you may reach the coming of age. And among you there is he whom death will call to itself. And among you there is he who is returned to the most wretched lifetime so that he knows not anything after some knowledge. And thou hast seen the earth as that which is lifeless. Yet when We caused water to descend on it, it quivered and it swelled and put forth every lovely pair.
22:6  That is because God, He is The Truth, and it is He Who gives life to the dead and He is Powerful over everything.
22:7  And, truly, the Hour is that which arrives. There is no doubt about it and that God will raise up whoever is in the graves.
22:8  And among humanity is such a one who disputes about God without knowledge nor guidance nor an illuminating Book,
22:9  turning to his side as one who turns away to cause to go astray from the way of God. For him in the present is degradation. And We will cause him to experience—on the Day of Resurrection— the punishment of the burning.
22:10  That is because of what thy two hands put forward! And, truly, God is not unjust to His servants.
22:11  And among humanity is he who worships God on the fringes. If good lit on him, he is at rest with it. And if a test lit on him, he turned completely about. He lost the present and the world to come. That, it is the clear loss.
22:12  He calls to other than God what neither hurts him nor profits him. That, it is a far wandering astray.
22:13  He calls to him whose hurting is nearer than his profiting. Miserable was the defender and miserable was the acquaintance.
22:14  Truly, God will cause to enter those who have believed and did as the ones accord with morality, Gardens beneath which rivers run. Truly, God accomplishes what He wants.
22:15  Whoever had been thinking that God will never help him, in the present and in the world to come, let him stretch out a cord to heaven. Again, let him sever it. Then, let him look on whether his cunning causes to put away what enrages him.
22:16  And, thus, We caused signs to descend, clear portents. And that God guides whom He wants.
22:17  Truly, those who believed and those who became Jews and the Sabeans and the Christians and the Zoroastrians and those who ascribed partners—truly, God will distinguish between them on the Day of Resurrection. Truly, God over everything is a Witness.
22:18  Hast thou not considered that to God prostrates to Him whoever is in the heavens and whoever is in and on the earth and the sun and the moon and the stars, the mountains, the trees and the moving creatures, and many of humanity while there are many on whom the punishment will be realized. And He whom God despises, then, there is no one who honors him. Truly, God accomplishes whatever He wills.‡
22:19  These two disputants strove against one another about their Lord. Then, for those who were ungrateful garments of fire will be cut out for them. Over their heads, scalding water will be unloosed
22:20  whereby what is in their bellies will be dissolved and their skins.
22:21  And for them are maces of iron.
22:22  Whenever they wanted to go forth from there because of lament, they will be caused to return to it and experience the punishment of the burning.
22:23  Truly, God will cause to enter those who believed and did as ones in accord with morality, Gardens beneath which rivers run. They are adorned in them with bracelets of gold and pearls. And their garments in it will be of silk.
22:24  And they were guided to what is good of the saying and they were guided to the Path of Him Who is Worthy of Praise.
22:25  Truly, those who were ungrateful and bar from the way of God and from the Masjid al-Haram that We made for humanity—equal for the ones who give themselves up and the ones who are desert dwellers—and whoever wants to violate it with injustice, We will cause him to experience a painful punishment.
22:26  And mention when We placed Abraham in the place of the House that: Thou wilt ascribe nothing as partners with Me. And Thou purify My House for the ones who circumambulate it and the ones who are standing up, and the ones who bow down and the ones who prostrate themselves.
22:27  Announce to humanity the pilgrimage to Makkah. They will approach thee on foot and on every thin camel. They will approach from every deep ravine
22:28  that they bear witness to what profits them and remember the Name of God on known days over whatever He provided them from flocks of animals. Then, eat of it and feed the ones who are in misery and the poor.
22:29  Again, let them finish their ritual cleanliness and live up to their vows and circumambulate the Ancient House.
22:30  That was commanded! Whoever holds the sacred things of God in honor, then, that is better for him with his Lord. And permitted to you were the flocks, but what will be recounted to you. So avoid the disgrace of graven images and avoid saying the untruth.
22:31  Turn to God as monotheists not with Him as ones who are polytheists. And whoever ascribes partners with God, it is as if he fell down from heaven and the birds snatch him or the wind hurled him to ruin in a place far away.
22:32  That was commanded! Whoever holds the waymarks of God in honor, then, it is, truly, from hearts filled with God-consciousness.
22:33  For you in that is what profits for a term, that which is determined. Again, their place of sacrifice is at the Ancient House.
22:34  And for every community We assigned devotional acts that they may remember the Name of God over what We provided them of flocks of animals. And your God is One God. Submit to Him, and give thou good tidings to the ones who humble themselves,
22:35  those who, when God was remembered, their hearts took notice and the ones who remain steadfast against whatever lit on them and the ones who perform the formal prayer and who spends out of what We provided them.
22:36  We made for you the beasts of sacrifice among the waymarks of God. You have in them much good so remember the Name of God over them, ones who are standing in ranks. Then, when they collapsed on their sides, eat from them and feed the ones who are paupers and the ones who are poor persons who beg not. Thus, We caused them to be subservient to you so that perhaps you will give thanks.
22:37  Neither their flesh nor their blood attains to God, rather, God-consciousness from you attains Him. Thus, He caused them to be subservient to you that you magnify God in that He guided you. And give thou good tidings to the ones who are doers of good.
22:38  Truly, God defends those who believed. Truly, God loves not any who is an ungrateful betrayer.
22:39  Permission was given to those who are fought against because they, they were wronged. And, truly, Powerful is God to help them,
22:40  those who were driven out from their abodes without right because they say: Our Lord is God! If not for God driving back humanity, some by some other, cloisters would be demolished and churches and synagogues and mosques in which is remembered in it the Name of God frequently. Truly, God will help whoever helps Him. Truly, God is Strong, Almighty.
22:41  Those who, if We established them firmly on the earth, they performed the formal prayer and they gave the purifying alms and they commanded to that which is honorable and they prohibited that which is unlawful. And with God is the Ultimate End of the command.
22:42  And if they deny thee, surely, the folk of Noah denied before thee and Ad and Thamud
22:43  and the folk of Abraham and the folk of Lot
22:44  and the companions of Midian. And Moses was denied, but I granted indulgence to the ones who are ungrateful. Again, I took them and how had been My disapproval!
22:45  And how many a town We caused to perish while they are ones who are unjust so that it be one that had fallen down in ruins and how much well water ignored and a tall palace!
22:46  Journey they not through the earth? Have they not hearts with which to be reasonable or ears with which to hear? Truly, it is not their sight that is in darkness, but their hearts that are within their breasts that are in darkness!
22:47  And seek they that thee hasten the punishment? And God never breaks His Promise. And, truly, a day with thy Lord is as a thousand years of what you number.
22:48  How many a town I granted indulgence while it is one that is unjust. Again, I took it and to Me was the Homecoming.
22:49  Say: O humanity! Truly, I am only a clear warner to you.
22:50  So those who believed and did as ones in accord with morality, for them is forgiveness and a generous provision.
22:51  And those who endeavored against Our signs, ones who strive to thwart, those are the Companions of Hellfire.
22:52  And We sent not before thee any Messenger nor Prophet, but when he fantasized, Satan cast fantasies into him. But God nullifies what Satan casts. Again, God set clear His signs. And God is Knowing, Wise,
22:53  for He makes what Satan casts a test for those who in their hearts is a sickness and their hearts, ones that harden. And, truly, the ones who are unjust are in a wide breach.
22:54  And those who were given the knowledge know that it is The Truth from thy Lord, so that they believe in it and humble their hearts to Him. And, truly, God is One Who Guides those who believed to a straight path.
22:55  And those who were ungrateful cease not to be hesitant about it until the Hour approaches them suddenly or the punishment approaches them on a withering Day.
22:56  On that Day the dominion will belong to God. He will give judgment between them. So those who believed and did as the ones accord with morality will be in Gardens of Bliss.
22:57  And those who were ungrateful and denied Our signs, for them will be a despised punishment.
22:58  And those who emigrated in the way of God, then, they were slain or died, certainly, God will provide them a fairer provision. And, truly, God, certainly, He is Best of the ones who provide.
22:59  Certainly, He will cause them to enter a gate with which they will be well-pleased. And, truly, God is, certainly, Knowing, Forbearing.
22:60  That is so! And whoever chastises for injustice with the like of what he was chastised, and, again, suffered an injustice, God will, certainly, help him. Truly, God is Pardoning, Forgiving.
22:61  That is because God causes the nighttime to be interposed into the daytime and He causes the daytime to be interposed into the nighttime. And, truly, God is Hearing, Seeing.
22:62  That is because God, He is The Truth. And what they call to other than Him, it is falsehood. And that God, He is The Lofty, The Great.
22:63  Hast thou not considered that God caused water to descend from heaven? Then, in the morning, the earth becomes green. Truly, God is Subtle, Aware.
22:64  To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in and on the earth. And, truly, God, He is The Sufficient, The Worthy of Praise.
22:65  Hast thou not considered that God caused to be subservient to you what is in and on the earth? And the boats run through the sea by His command. And He holds back the heaven so that it not fall on the earth, but by His permission. Truly, to humanity God is Gentle, Compassionate.
22:66  And it is He Who gave you life and, again, He will cause you to die and, again, He will give you life. Truly, the human being is ungrateful.
22:67  For every community We assigned devotional acts so that they be ones who perform rites. So let them not bicker with thee in the command. And call thou to thy Lord. Truly, Thou art on a guidance, that which is straight.
22:68  And if they disputed with thee, then, thou say: God is greater in knowledge about what you do.
22:69  God will give judgment among you on the Day of Resurrection about what you had been at variance in it.
22:70  Hast thou not known that God knows what is in the heaven and the earth? Truly, that is in a Book. Truly, that is easy for God.
22:71  And they worship other than God, that for which He sent not down any authority and of what they have no knowledge. And there is no helper for the ones who are unjust.
22:72  And when Our signs are recounted to them, clear portents, thou wilt recognize on the faces of those who were ungrateful, that they are the ones who are rejected. They are about to rush upon those who recount Our signs to them. Say: Shall I tell you of worse than that? God promised the fire to those who were ungrateful. And miserable will be the Homecoming!
22:73  O humanity! A parable was propounded, so listen to it. Truly, those whom you call to other than God will never create a fly, even if they were gathered together for it. And when the fly is to rob them of something, they would never seek to deliver it from the fly. Weak were the ones who are seekers and the ones who are sought.
22:74  They duly measured not the measure of God. Truly, God is Strong, Almighty.
22:75  God favors from the angels messengers and from humanity. Truly, God is Hearing, Seeing.
22:76  He knows what is in advance of them, and what is behind them, and to God all matters are returned.
22:77  O those who believed! Bow down and prostrate yourselves, and worship your Lord, and accomplish good so that perhaps you will prosper.‡
22:78  And struggle for God in a true struggling. He elected you and made not for you in your way of life any impediment. It is the creed of your father Abraham. He named you the ones who submit to God before and in this Recitation that the Messenger be a witness over you and you are witnesses over humanity. So perform the formal prayer and give the purifying alms and cleave firmly to God. He is your Defender. How excellent a Defender and how excellent a Helper!