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23:1  Certainly, the believers have attained their goal
23:2  Those who become most humble and submissive in their Prayers
23:3  And who (always) keep away from absurd talk
23:4  And who (always) pay Zakat (the Alms-due [and keep purifying their wealth and souls])
23:5  And who guard their private parts (all the time)
23:6  Except from their wives or those slave-girls who are the possessions of their hands. (If they go to them according to the Islamic injunctions,) there is surely no blame on them
23:7  But whoever desires someone beyond these (lawful women), it is they who are transgressors (and disobedient)
23:8  And those who are watchful of their trusts and their pledges
23:9  And who guard their Prayers (with persistence)
23:10  It is they who will be the inheritors (of Paradise)
23:11  They will (also) inherit the most superior Gardens of Paradise (where all the bounties, comforts and pleasures of nearness to Allah will abound). They will live there forever
23:12  And indeed, We originated (the genesis of) man from the extract of (chemical ingredients of) clay.
23:13  Then We placed him as a sperm drop (zygote) in a secure place (the mother’s womb)
23:14  Then We made that zygote a hanging mass (clinging to the uterus like a leech). Then We developed that hanging mass into a lump, looking chewed with teeth. Out of this chewed lump, We built a structure of bones which We clothed with flesh (and muscles). Then (changing him) into another form, We developed him (gradually) into a new creation. Then Allah, the Best of creators, brought (him up into a strong body)
23:15  Then certainly, after this (life), you shall die
23:16  Then indeed, on the Day of Resurrection, you will be raised up (after brought to life)
23:17  And surely, We have created above you seven paths (i.e., seven magnetic paths or fields, around the vast atmospheric expanse of the planet earth, for the safeguard of the cosmic system). And We were not unaware of the creation (of the universe and the pre-requisites of its security)
23:18  And We showered water persistently (for a long time) from the clouds according to an estimated measure. So (when the earth became cool then) We lodged this water in (the depressions and depths of) the earth (shaping into preliminary forms of oceans). And verily, We have the power to make it evaporate (as vapours)
23:19  Then by means of this We caused to grow for you (step by step firstly herbs, then plants and then trees and) the gardens of dates and grapes. (Furthermore, We created) for you many (other) fruits of which you eat (now)
23:20  And (We have also created for you the olive) tree, which grows forth from Mount Sinai, (and) contains oil, and is a curry for those who eat
23:21  And for you indeed there are (also) aspects to the cattle that need contemplation: We make you drink (milk We prepare from some ingredients) of what is in their bellies. And there are for you (also) many (other) benefits in them, and you eat (some) of them (as well)
23:22  And you are (also) borne upon them and on boats
23:23  And surely, We sent Nuh (Noah) to his people. He said: ‘O people, always worship Allah. There is no God for you other than He. So do you not fear?
23:24  Then the chiefs (and the lords) of his people who disbelieved said: ‘This man is just a human being like you (nothing else). He seeks to establish (his) superiority and predominance over you. And if Allah wanted (to send some Messenger for guidance), He would send down angels. We have never heard of it from our ancestors (that a human being like us should be appointed as our Messenger)
23:25  He is nothing but a man (afflicted) with madness. So wait for him, for a while (and keep an eye on what he does next).
23:26  Nuh (Noah) submitted: ‘O my Lord, help me because they have rejected me.
23:27  Then We revealed to him: ‘Build an Ark under Our supervision according to Our command. So when Our command (for torment) comes and the (water-filled) oven starts overflowing, load into it of every kind of animals two pairs each (male and female) and also your family, except that one amongst them about whom the command (of torment) has already been issued. And also do not supplicate Me concerning those who have wronged (by denying and mocking you). They shall (surely) be drowned
23:28  So when you and the (people) accompanying you get settled in the Ark, then say: All praise be to Allah alone, Who has delivered us from the unjust people
23:29  And submit: O my Lord, land me at a blessed destination, and You are the Best of all who bring to land.
23:30  Surely in this (event), there are (many) signs and We do certainly make trials
23:31  Then We raised after them another community
23:32  So We sent amongst them (also) a Messenger from amongst themselves: ‘Worship Allah. There is no God for you other than He. So do you not fear?
23:33  And thus proclaimed the chiefs (and the lords) of his people (too) who disbelieved and rejected the meeting of the Hereafter and whom We had (also) given prosperity (on account of abundant wealth) in the worldly life: ‘He is only a human being like you. He eats what you eat and drinks what you drink
23:34  And if you obey a human being like yourselves, then you shall be the sure losers
23:35  Does he promise you that, when you die and become dust and (decomposed) bones, you will be brought forth (alive again)
23:36  Far (from understanding), far (off from likelihood) are the things you are being promised
23:37  There is nothing (like life after death). Our life is only this world. We live and die (here alone) and (that is all). We shall not be raised up (again)
23:38  He is merely a man who has put a false blame on Allah, and we are not going to believe in him at all.
23:39  (The Prophet) submitted: ‘O my Lord, help me in the circumstances that they have rejected me.
23:40  (Allah) said: ‘They will be full of regret in a little while.
23:41  So, according to the true promise, the dreadful Blast seized them, and We made them a waste of withered grass. Far distant from, and deprived (of, Our mercy) are the unjust and wrongdoing people
23:42  Later We raised after them other communities (one after the other)
23:43  No community can step ahead of its appointed time, nor can it step back
23:44  Then We sent Our Messengers one after the other. Whenever there came to a community their Messenger, they rejected him. Then We also destroyed them one after another (by successive torments) and We reduced them to mere tales. So woe to the people who do not believe
23:45  Then We sent Musa (Moses) and his brother Harun (Aaron) with Our signs and an evident authority
23:46  To Pharaoh and the chiefs (of his people). They too behaved with arrogance and conceit. And they too were (extremely) wrongdoing and a disobedient people
23:47  So they (also) said (the same): ‘Shall we believe in two human beings like ourselves whilst their people worship us?
23:48  They (also) belied both of them. So they too became of those who were eliminated
23:49  And indeed, We gave Musa (Moses) the Book so that they might take guidance
23:50  And We made ‘Isa (Jesus), the son of Maryam (Mary), and his mother Our (great) sign. And We provided them a comfortable and facilitated abode on a pleasant, elevated ground fit for living with ease and comfort, and there was flowing water (i.e., streams, waterfalls and springs—a feast) for sight
23:51  O (My Esteemed) Messengers! Eat of the pure things (as your practice is) and do good deeds with persistence. Surely, I am Well Aware of whatever (deed) you do
23:52  And surely, this is your Umma ([Community] which is in fact) but one Umma (Community) and I am your Lord. Therefore, always fear Me
23:53  But they broke the command of their din (religion) into sects by disagreeing amongst themselves. Each sect is pleased with that much (portion of din [religion]) which they have
23:54  So leave them ditched in their ignorance and error for a time
23:55  Do they think that the help We are giving them (in this world) in the shape of wealth and children
23:56  (Implies that) We are hastening (the provision of) good things to them? (Nay!) The truth is that they have no awareness
23:57  Indeed, those who remain restless and tremble with fear of their Lord
23:58  And those who believe in the Revelations of their Lord
23:59  And those who do not associate (any) partners with their Lord
23:60  And those who give away (in the way of Allah as much) as they can, yet (in spite of that) their hearts fear that they are to return to their Lord (lest it should be rejected)
23:61  It is these people who are hastening in (collecting) good works, and it is they who excel in this pursuit
23:62  And We do not strain any soul but commensurate with its capacity, and with Us is the record (of deeds) which will speak the truth, and they will not be wronged
23:63  But their hearts are in (utter) negligence of this (message of the Qur’an) and (also) besides that, there are many other (evil) deeds which they are doing
23:64  Until when We seize the rich and the prosperous of them with torment, then they will cry out
23:65  (It will be said to them:) ‘Do not cry today. Surely, you will not be helped by Us.
23:66  Certainly, My Verses were repeatedly recited to you but you used to turn back on your heels
23:67  Displaying haughtiness and arrogance against it, you used to utter absurdity in the darkness of night
23:68  So have they not pondered over this command (of Allah)? Or has there come to them such a thing that did not come to their fathers
23:69  Or have they not recognized their Messenger and (so) they deny him
23:70  Or do they say: ‘He (the Prophet) is (afflicted) with mania’? (Nay, not at all;) he has rather brought to them the truth, but most of them do not like the truth
23:71  And had the (holy) truth (Allah) followed their vain desires, then (all) the heavens and the earth and whatever (living and non-living things) are therein, all would have been destroyed. We have rather brought them that (Qur’an) which contains (the secret of) their honour, dignity (and fame). So it is from their own honour that they are turning away
23:72  Do you demand of them any recompense (for preaching the faith in Messengership? Nay, that too is not the case.) The recompense of your Lord itself is (by far) the best and He is the Best of all sustainers
23:73  And surely, you call them to the straight path (for their own good)
23:74  And surely, those who do not believe in the Hereafter remain deviated from the (straight) path
23:75  And if We have mercy on them and remove the distress that has (afflicted) them, they will become hardened in their transgression, wandering disorientated
23:76  And indeed, We seized them with torment, but (still) they did not adopt submissiveness to their Lord, nor did they entreat in humility (before His presence)
23:77  Until when We open to them the gate of an extremely harsh torment, (then,) at that time, taken aback, they will (stay) therein, stunned in despair
23:78  And He is the One Who (gradually) made for you ears and eyes and hearts (and minds), but you give very little thanks
23:79  And He is the One Who created and then scattered you in the earth, and before Him will you be gathered
23:80  And He is the One Who gives life and causes death, and in His control is (also) the alternation of night and day. So do you not understand
23:81  But these people (too) utter similar words that the former (disbelievers) used to utter
23:82  They say: ‘When we die and turn into dust and (decomposed) bones, then shall we be raised up (after given life again)?
23:83  Surely, this is what we and our fathers have (also) been promised. These (sayings) are but the tales of the bygone people
23:84  Say (to them): ‘To whom belongs the earth and everyone (living) in it, if you know (anything)?
23:85  They will promptly say: ‘(All) belongs to Allah.’ (Then) say: ‘Then why do you not accept guidance?
23:86  Ask (them): ‘Who is the Lord of the seven heavens and the Mighty Throne (i.e., the Sovereign Authority of the entire universe)?
23:87  They will spontaneously say: ‘(All) this belongs to Allah.’ Say: ‘Then why do you not fear?
23:88  Say (to them): ‘Who is He in Whose Mighty Hand is the absolute ownership of everything and Who gives asylum, but against Whom no asylum can be given, if you know (anything)?
23:89  They will readily say: ‘That is all Allah’s (glory).’ So, say: ‘From where then are you being deceived (as if under a spell)?
23:90  The fact is that We have brought them the truth, and they are liars without any doubt
23:91  Allah has not taken (to Himself) any son, nor is there any god with Him. In that case, each god would certainly have taken (away) what he had created, and they would surely have dominated each other (and the whole universe would have undergone violence and chaos). Glorified is Allah, above all that they describe
23:92  (He) is the Knower of (all things) hidden and disclosed. So He is Exalted, High above all what they associate with Him
23:93  Pray: ‘O my Lord, if You would show me that (torment) which they are being promised
23:94  (Then,) my Lord, put me not amongst the unjust people.
23:95  And We certainly have the power to show you that (torment) of which We are making them a promise
23:96  Repel evil in such a way as is best of all. We know best (the things) they say
23:97  And say, (praying): ‘O my Lord, I seek Your shelter from the promptings of the satans
23:98  And, O my Lord, also I seek refuge with You lest they should come to me.
23:99  Until when death comes to any of them, (then) he will say: ‘O my Lord, send me back (to the world)
23:100  So that I may do some righteous works in that (world) which I have left behind.’ No way! He will be saying this (only in despair). And ahead of them is a barrier (erected) till the Day (when) they will be raised up (from the graves)
23:101  Then when the trumpet will be blown, neither will any relation remain (intact) amongst them that Day, nor will they be able to ask of one another
23:102  So they whose scales will weigh heavy (due to a great number of good deeds) will be successful and prosperous
23:103  And the ones whose scales will be light (due to the little weight of good deeds), it is they who have harmed themselves. They are permanent residents of Hell
23:104  The Fire will burn their faces, and they will be lying in it with teeth bulging out and mouths deformed
23:105  (It will be said to them:) ‘Were My Revelations not repeatedly recited to you, and then you used to belie them?
23:106  They will say: ‘O our Lord, our misfortune overwhelmed us, and surely we were the misguided people
23:107  O our Lord! Take us out from here. Then if we repeat (the same error), we shall certainly be the wrongdoers.
23:108  (Allah will) say: ‘Stay on therein with disgrace and do not speak to Me
23:109  Indeed, there was a party of My servants who used to submit (before My presence): O our Lord, we have believed, so forgive us and have mercy on us. And (surely) You are the Best of the merciful
23:110  But you used to laugh at them till they made you forget My remembrance and you (just) continued making fun of them
23:111  This Day, I have bestowed upon them (this) reward for their patience that they have triumphed.
23:112  (Allah) will say: ‘How many years have you stayed in the earth?
23:113  They will say: ‘We might have stayed there a day or part of a day, but ask those who work out statistics.
23:114  (Allah) will say: ‘You stayed there but very little. Would that you knew (it there)!
23:115  So did you think that We had created you in vain (without any purpose) and that you would not return to Us
23:116  So Allah, the True Sovereign, is High and Exalted. There is no God but He. He alone is the Lord of the Venerated Throne (i.e., Authority)
23:117  And anyone who worships another god along with Allah has no proof of this. So he will be accountable for that to his Lord alone. Surely, the disbelievers will not be successful
23:118  And submit: ‘O my Lord, forgive and have mercy, and You (alone) are the Best of those who have mercy.