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22:1  O mankind! Keep fearing your Lord. No doubt, the earthquake of the Hour of Rising is a terrible thing
22:2  The Day when you see it, every suckling woman (i.e., mother) will forget the (infant) she was suckling and every pregnant woman will abort her fetus. And, (O observer,) you will see people in a drunken (state), whereas actually they will not be drunk, but the torment of Allah will be (so) severe (that everyone will lose his senses)
22:3  And there are some people who dispute about Allah without any knowledge and understanding and follow every disobedient Satan
22:4  (Satan) for whom it is written that whoever takes him for a friend, he will lead him astray, and show him the road to the torment of Hell
22:5  O people! If you are in doubt about being raised up (after death), then (contemplate your creation and evolution). We initiated your creation (i.e., chemical genesis) from (the extract of) clay,* then (your biological genesis) from a sperm drop (zygote), then from a hanging mass (clinging to the uterus like a leech—embryo) and then from a lump of flesh looking chewed, having manifest contours of elementary formation of some parts of the body and others yet to form (fetus), so that We might show you (Our power and the trueness of Our Revelations). So We cause whom We please to stay in the wombs till an appointed time. Then We bring you forth as an infant, then (nourish you) so that you may reach your youth. And of you are (also) some who die (early), and some are brought to the age of senility so that (he may see this state too that) having learnt so much knowledge, now he knows (just) nothing (once more). And you see the earth completely dry (i.e., dead) and, when We shower water on it, a stir of freshness and fertility runs through it. And it swells enriched, and puts forth in pairs every kind of blooming and beauteous vegetation
22:6  (All) this (keeps happening) because Allah alone is the Real (Creator and All-Sustaining), and doubtlessly, He alone gives life to the dead and certainly, He alone is All-Powerful to do everything
22:7  And, certainly, the Last Hour is bound to come. There is no doubt about it. And, verily, Allah shall raise up alive those who are in the graves
22:8  And there are some of the people who dispute about Allah (His Essence, Attributes and Powers) without knowledge and understanding, and without any guidance and logic, and without any enlightening Book (sent down from heaven)
22:9  Turning his neck (in arrogance) so that he may lead (others also) astray from the path of Allah. For him is disgrace in the world (too), and on the Day of Resurrection, We shall make him taste the burning torment
22:10  This is because of the doings which your hands sent forth, and indeed, Allah is not in the least unjust to His servants
22:11  And amongst people there is also one who worships Allah (keeping just) on the border-line (of Din [Religion]). So if some (worldly) benefit reaches him, he feels contented with this (Din [Religion]), and if some trial befalls him, he turns about on his face away (from Din [Religion]). He met a loss in this world (as well as) in the Hereafter. It is this that is conspicuously a heavy loss
22:12  (Such a person) worships besides Allah that (idol) which can neither harm nor bring him benefit. That is indeed straying (quite) far off
22:13  He worships someone whose loss is nearer than his profit. What an evil helper and what an evil companion
22:14  Indeed, Allah will admit those who believe and keep doing good deeds to the Gardens with streams flowing beneath them. Surely, Allah does what He wills
22:15  Whoever thinks that Allah will not at all help His (beloved and most exalted) Prophet in the world and in the Hereafter should tie a rope to the ceiling (of his house) and then hang and strangle (himself). Then let him see whether his plan removes that (help of Allah) at which he feels enraged
22:16  And in the same way, We have revealed this (complete Qur’an) in the format of clear, logical arguments. And surely, Allah blesses with guidance whom He wills
22:17  Indeed, those who believe and those who are the Jews and the Sabeans and the Christians and the Magians and those who are polytheists—verily, Allah will judge amongst (all of) them on the Day of Resurrection. Surely, Allah is witnessing everything
22:18  Have you not seen that to Allah bows in prostration (the whole creation) that is in the heavens and in the earth, and the sun, and the moon and the stars, and the mountains, and the vegetable as well as the animal kingdoms and many of mankind (too)? But there are still many (human beings) for whom the torment has been proved (due to their disbelief and polytheism). And he whom Allah dishonours none can bring him honour. Indeed, Allah does what He wills
22:19  There are two groups who dispute about their Lord. So those who have become disbelievers, the clothes of (Hell) Fire have been cut out (and stitched) for them. The boiling hot water will be poured over their heads
22:20  With it will melt whatever is in their bellies and also (their) skins
22:21  And for them will be hammers of iron (to strike their heads)
22:22  Whenever they intend to get out from there due to intense suffering, they will be turned back into it and (it will be said to them:) ‘Taste the torment of the fierce Fire.
22:23  Surely, Allah will admit those who believe and do pious deeds to the Gardens beneath which streams flow. There they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls. And their clothes there will be of silk
22:24  And (in the world) they are directed to pure and decent talk and are guided to the favourite path (of Islam)
22:25  Surely, those who disbelieve and hinder (others) from the Path of Allah and this Sacred Mosque (the Ka‘ba) which We have made equal for all the people—(there is no discrimination) in it between its inhabitants and the visitors—and he who resolves in it to deviate unjustly (i.e., transgress the appointed limits and violate rights), We shall make him taste grievous torment
22:26  And (recall) when We fixed for Ibrahim (Abraham) the site of the House of Allah (for the construction of the Ka‘ba and ordained him:) ‘Do not associate with Me anything and keep My House (after its construction) purified and clean for those who circumambulate it and those who stand and those who kneel and prostrate themselves in Prayer.
22:27  And proclaim the Hajj (Pilgrimage) aloud amongst the people. They will approach you on foot and (mounted) on all lean camels, coming by distant tracks
22:28  So that they may avail themselves of their benefits, and invoke the Name of Allah as well (whilst slaughtering) over the cattle which Allah has provided for them (for sacrifice), during the appointed days. Then eat of them yourselves and feed the distressed and the needy
22:29  Then let them cleanse their dirt (i.e., cut their hair and nails on removing ihram, the Pilgrim attire), fulfil their vows (or the remaining prescribed rituals of Pilgrimage) and make (the prescribed visitation) circumam-bulation of Allah’s Ancient House (the Ka‘ba)
22:30  That is (the command). And whoever venerates the things sanctified before (the presence of) Allah, that is better for him in the sight of his Lord. (All) the cattle (i.e., quadrupeds) are made lawful for you except those whose prohibition has been recited to you. So always keep away from the filth of idols and guard yourselves against telling lies
22:31  Devote yourselves wholly to Allah alone, not associating (anything as) partner with Him. And whoever associates anything as partner with Allah, (his case is as if) he fell from the sky, then birds snatched him up, or the wind blew him away down into a distant place
22:32  That is the (command). And whoever venerates the signs of Allah (i.e., honouring those living beings, shrines, monumental sites, commands and prescribed duties known and recognized due to some pious association or link with Allah or Allah’s devoted servants), this (veneration) is of the Godwariness of hearts (only those whose hearts have been blessed with the fear of God venerate these signs)
22:33  There are benefits for you in these (sacrificial animals) for a fixed term. Then they are to arrive at the Ancient House (the Ka‘ba for sacrifice)
22:34  And We have appointed a sacrifice for every people so that (at the time of sacrifice) they may invoke the Name of Allah over the cattle (i.e., quadrupeds) that Allah has provided for them. And your God is (only) One God, so submit to Him alone, and, (O Beloved,) give good news to those who remain submissive
22:35  (They are) the people whose hearts get into fear when Allah is mentioned, and they bear with fortitude whatever troubles touch them. And they establish Prayer, and give away out of what We have bestowed upon them
22:36  And We have made for you bigger sacrificial animals (i.e., camels and cows, etc.) from amongst the signs of Allah. There is good in them for you. So line (them) up and (after lancing at the time of their slaughter) invoke the Name of Allah over them. Then, when they fall down on their sides, eat of it and (also) feed those who are sitting contented as well as the (needy) who beg. We have, this way, subjected them to you so that you may give thanks
22:37  It is neither the meat (of slaughtered animals) nor their blood that reaches Allah at all, but it is the Godwariness that reaches Him from you. Thus has Allah subjected them to you so that you may proclaim Allah’s greatness (whilst sacrificing) the way He has guided you. And give glad tidings to those who practise spiritual excellence
22:38  Surely, Allah removes from the men of faith (the mischief and strife of their enemies). Indeed, He does not like anyone treacherous (and) ungrateful
22:39  Permission (to fight in defence against mischief, disruption and exploitation) is granted to those against whom (aggressive) war is waged, because they were oppressed and Allah is doubtlessly All-Powerful to help them (the oppressed)
22:40  They are those who were unjustly expelled from their homes simply because they said: ‘Our Lord is Allah (i.e., they refused to accept the evil rule).’ And had Allah not been repelling one class of human society by the other (through progressive struggle and persistent toil), the cloisters, synagogues, churches and mosques (i.e., religious centres and places of worship of all religions) would have been ruined where Allah’s Name is abundantly commemorated. And whoever helps (the Din [Religion] of) Allah, Allah surely helps him. Allah is indeed All-Powerfull, Ever-Dominant (over all i.e., the survival of good is possible only through the process of contradiction and conflict between good and evil)
22:41  (These men of truth) are those who, if We establish their rule in the earth, will establish (systems of) Prayer, (organize and control) the paying of Zakat (the Alms-due), enjoin righteousness (and piousness in the whole society) and forbid (people from) evil. And the result of all the endeavours is in the control of Allah
22:42  And if these (disbelievers) reject you, then the people of Nuh (Noah) and ‘Ad and Thamud (also) denied (their Prophets)
22:43  And the people of Ibrahim (Abraham) and (also) the people of Lut (Lot)
22:44  And the inhabitants of Madyan (too belied). And Musa (Moses) was also rejected. So I kept giving respite to (all) the disbelievers. Ultimately, I seized them. (Say) how terrible was My punishment
22:45  Then how many a town was there which We annihilated because they were oppressors! They are fallen down on their roofs. And, (owing to their devastation,) how many a well (was) deserted, and how many a strongly built castle (is) lying ruined (as an archeological site)
22:46  Have they not travelled in the land that (perhaps by seeing these ruins) their hearts should become (such) as to understand, or the ears (such) as to hear (the truth)? So the fact is that it is not the eyes (of such people) that are blind, but the hearts, which are in the breasts, turn blind
22:47  And they seek from you torment in haste and Allah never goes against His promise. And (when the Hour of torment will come) then one day (of torment) with your Lord is like a thousand years according to your (scale of) counting
22:48  And how many a town I gave respite whilst it was given to wrongdoing and then I seized it (with torment)! And to Me (everyone) has to return
22:49  Say: ‘O people, I am only an evident Warner to you (against the torment of Allah).
22:50  So they who believe and do good deeds, for them is forgiveness and bounty of (greater) honour and dignity
22:51  And those who strive in (refuting) Our Verses with the idea to frustrate (Us), it is they who are the inmates of Hell
22:52  And We did not send any Messenger and Prophet before you, but (it happened to them all) that when he (the Prophet or the Messenger) would recite (to the people the Revelations of Allah), Satan mixed up in their minds false doubts, and absurd ideas of his own with the Verses recited (by that Prophet). Then Allah removes those doubts from the minds of the people which Satan puts (into the minds of the listeners). And then Allah firmly establishes His Verses (in the hearts of the believers). And Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise
22:53  (It happens) so that Allah may make these (false ideas and absurd doubts) which Satan puts (into their minds) a trial for those people whose hearts are diseased (of hypocrisy) and whose hearts are hardened (owing to disbelief and disgust). And surely, the wrongdoers are engaged in serious rivalry
22:54  And so that those who have been given (true) knowledge may know that the (Revelation which the Messenger recited) is (based on) the truth from your Lord, so they believe in the same (and reject Satan’s suggestions) and their hearts beat in submissiveness (before the Lord). And no doubt, Allah does guide the believers to the straight path
22:55  And the disbelievers will always remain in doubt about this (Holy Qur’an) until the Last Hour comes suddenly upon them, or the torment of the Day from which salvation is least possible
22:56  On that Day, sovereignty will be Allah’s alone. He is the One Who will judge amongst them. So those who believe and do good deeds will (reside) in the Gardens of Bliss
22:57  And those who disbelieve and reject Our Revelations, for them will be humiliating punishment
22:58  And those who migrated from their (homeland) in the way of Allah (and) were then slain or died (suffering from the troubles of the way), Allah shall indeed provide for them an excellent provision (of bestowals specific to the Last Day). And, verily, Allah is the Best of providers
22:59  He will indeed admit them to that (station of divine pleasure) they will be well pleased with. And Allah is indeed All-Knowing, Most Forbearing
22:60  That is (the command). And whoever takes revenge in proportion to the torture inflicted upon him and then he is again wronged, Allah will surely help him. Allah is verily Most Forgiving, Most Pardoning
22:61  That is because Allah causes the night to enter into the day, and causes the day to enter into the night, and indeed Allah is All-Hearing, All-Seeing
22:62  And that is because Allah alone is the truth, and whatever they (the disbelievers) worship besides Him is certainly falsehood, and verily Allah is Most High, Most Great
22:63  Have you not seen that Allah sends down water from the sky and the earth becomes fresh and green? Allah is indeed Most Beneficent (and) All-Aware
22:64  To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. And surely, Allah is Self-Sufficient, All-Praiseworthy
22:65  Have you not seen that Allah has subjected to you whatever is in the earth and (also) the vessels that sail in the sea (and rivers) by His command (i.e., law) and He withholds the heavens (i.e., spatial spheres and atmospheric fields) from falling on to the earth (under a cosmic system)? But (when He wills, they will collide) by His command. Surely, Allah is Most Compassionate, Most Merciful to mankind
22:66  And He is the One Who gave you life, then He causes you to die and then will give you life again. No doubt, it is man who is highly ungrateful
22:67  We have appointed for every people a way (of Islamic injunctions or worship and sacrifice) which they are to act upon. So let them not at all dispute with you over the command (of Allah). And keep calling towards your Lord. Certainly, it is you who are on the straight (path of) guidance
22:68  And if they dispute with you, then say: ‘Allah knows best whatever you are doing.
22:69  Allah will judge between you on the Day of Resurrection all those matters in which you used to disagree
22:70  Do you not know that Allah knows all that is in the heavens and the earth? Verily, it is all (recorded) in the Book (al-Lawh al-Mahfuz). Surely, all that is (very) easy for Allah
22:71  And they worship these (idols), besides Allah, for which He has not sent down any authority. Nor do they have any knowledge of (the consequence of) this (idol-worship). And there will be no helper of the wrongdoers (on the Day of Judgment)
22:72  And when Our enlightening verses are recited to the disbelievers, you can clearly see (the signs of) displeasure (and resentment) on their faces. It seems as if they are nearly ready to violently attack those who are reciting to them Our signs. Say: ‘(O restless disbelievers,) shall I inform you of something more agonizing than this? (That) is the Fire (of Hell), which Allah has promised to the disbelievers. And that is the most evil abode
22:73  O mankind! An example is given, so listen to it attentively. Verily, the (idols) you worship besides Allah cannot create (even) a fly, though they all may join in for this (purpose). And if the fly snatches a thing away from them, they cannot (even) recover it from that (fly). How helpless is the seeker (worshipper) and the sought (false god)
22:74  These (disbelievers) did not recognize the value of Allah as was His due. Surely, Allah is Most Powerful, Most Dominant (over everything)
22:75  Allah chooses His Messengers from amongst angels and from amongst men (as well). Surely, Allah is All-Hearing, All-Seeing
22:76  He knows (best) what is before them and what is behind them. And to Allah all matters are returned
22:77  O believers! Persist in kneeling down and prostrating yourselves and worshipping your Lord, and do (other) pious deeds consistently so that you may prosper
22:78  And strive hard in the way of Allah (for the establishment of peace and human dignity,) such a striving as is due to Him. He has chosen you, and has not laid upon you any hardship or constriction (in the matter of) Din (Religion). This is the Din (Religion) of your father Ibrahim (Abraham). He (Allah) has named you Muslims in the previous (Books) as well as in this (Holy Qur’an) so that this (final) Messenger may be a witness over you and you be witnesses over mankind. So, (to sustain this status) establish the Prayer, pay Zakat (the Alms-due) and hold fast to (the embrace of) Allah. He (alone) is your Helper (i.e., Patron). So what an excellent Patron and what an excellent Helper is He