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23:1  The true believers are the ones really successful
23:2  Those who pray with humility
23:3  And shun vulgarity
23:4  And discharge their obligation of ´zakat´
23:5  Those who (guard their chastity and) rein in their sexual urges
23:6  Except with their wives and those their right hands possess. For that, they deserve no blame
23:7  But, whoever lusts after anything beyond that is a transgressor
23:8  (And those) who honor their pacts and the trusts (held by them)
23:9  And those who maintain their ´salat´ watchfully
23:10  Such (believers) will be the heirs
23:11  They shall inherit the paradise where they shall live for ever
23:12  Certainly, We have created man from strands of clay
23:13  Then We made him into a drop (of sperm) lodged in an environment of stability
23:14  Next, We turned that drop of semen into a clot of blood and then changed that clot into a chunk of flesh. Next, We hardened that chunk of flesh into bones, and clothed the bones with flesh. Finally, We converted it into an altogether different being. Therefore, glorify Allah, the Best of the creators
23:15  Eventually, you would certainly die
23:16  And then, you will certainly be resurrected on the Day of Judgment
23:17  And surely, We have created seven systems (of heavens) over you. We are definitely not unmindful of the creation
23:18  We sent down water from the sky in measured amounts, and stored it in the land. We certainly have the ability to make it run dry
23:19  With it, We grow orchards of dates and grapes. You get plenty of fruits from the orchard as your livelihood
23:20  (We also produce) the oil tree that grows on Mount Sinai. It yields oil and makes a delicious meal
23:21  Indeed, there are lessons for you in your cattle, too. From their bodies We fetch you a drink (milk). You gain many benefits from them. You eat them, too
23:22  You mount them, and go aboard ships (over land and sea)
23:23  We surely sent Nooh towards his nation and he said, "Oh my people! Worship Allah! You have no god besides Him. Why do you not fear Him?"
23:24  But the elders, the leaders of his disbelieving nation said, "He is just a human like you, and he seeks dominance over you. Had Allah wanted, He would have sent angels. Never have we heard this from our forefathers!"
23:25  "He is merely a man possessed. So just watch him for a while."
23:26  He said, "Lord, help me against them. They have accused me of lying."
23:27  Thus, We inspired him, "Build an ark under My supervision and instructions. When the floodwater comes bubbling out of the oven, bring on board a pair of each animal _ male and female, and also your family. But not those about whom Our word has already gone forth. Do not talk to Me about the evil doers! They shall all drown!"
23:28  When you and those with you have embarked, say, "All praise is for Allah Who saved us from the evil nation!"
23:29  Say, "Oh Lord, bring us ashore to a blessed land. You are the Best among those who lead ashore."
23:30  In it, surely, is a sign. We are the One Who puts you through tests
23:31  After them, We raised another nation
23:32  We raised, from amongst their own, a messenger who said, "Worship Allah! You have no god besides Him! Why do you not fear Him?"
23:33  The elders and the leaders of his disbelieving nation who denied the (scheduled) meeting of the afterlife _ and whom We had granted luxuries in this life _ said, "He is only a man like you. He eats and drinks the same as you do!"
23:34  "And, you will of course be the losers if you follow a man like yourself."
23:35  "Does he assert that after you die and become dust and bones you will rise (and live) again?"
23:36  "What you are being promised is quite far fetched! Quite remote!"
23:37  "Nothing but our existence in this world is real. Here is where we live and die; and we are not going to be resurrected."
23:38  "This man has merely invented a lie about Allah! We do not believe him!"
23:39  (The messenger) said, "Lord, help me! They have called me a liar!"
23:40  (Allah) said, "In a short while, they shall cut a sorry figure!"
23:41  Quite appropriately, a mighty blast seized them, and We churned them into trash. Thus, the nation of evildoers was dumped away
23:42  Then, after them We raised other nations
23:43  No nation can expedite its allotted time, nor prolong it
23:44  Then, We sent many messengers in succession. Every nation rejected their messenger when he came to them. So, We let them follow one after the other along the path of destruction. We reduced them to fables and folk tales. Any nation that refused to believe was tossed aside
23:45  Then, We sent Musa and his brother Haroon with Our signs, the clear and unmistakable proofs
23:46  To the pharaoh and his chiefs! But they displayed arrogance. They were a pretentious nation
23:47  They said, "Shall We believe these two men _ humans like us? Their people are our slaves!"
23:48  So they refused to believe (the messengers) and were destroyed
23:49  We certainly gave Musa the book, so that they may find their way
23:50  We deemed Jesus and his mother to be a test. We sheltered them on a plateau _ a peaceful place with a flowing stream
23:51  Oh messengers! Eat the wholesome food and perform the righteous acts. Indeed, I am well Aware of what you do
23:52  Surely, this nation of yours is a single nation and I am your Lord. So fear Me
23:53  But they divided up their religion into sects _ each one well pleased with its own beliefs
23:54  So, let them stay engrossed in their pastime for a while longer
23:55  What do they think? That when We increase their wealth and family
23:56  Are We rushing to bestow favors upon them? Of course not! They just don´t realize
23:57  Indeed, those who fear their Lord with anxiety and awe
23:58  And acknowledge the signs of their Lord
23:59  And do not associate partners with Him
23:60  And those who give charity _ whatever they can; their hearts tremble at the thought of returning to their Lord
23:61  They are the ones rushing towards all deeds of excellence, and they are the ones who surpass (excellence)
23:62  We do not burden anyone over and above his ability to bear. We have the book that declares everything truthfully. They shall not be wronged
23:63  But their hearts reeked of indifference (for the truth) and their deeds were different (from those of the believers). They carried on with their deeds
23:64  Until We grabbed their well-to-do (those living in luxury) with punishment. Then suddenly, they began to plead and entreat earnestly
23:65  "Today, do not beg! Indeed, you shall receive no help from Me!"
23:66  "My verses used to be read to you, but you used to turn your backs on them in disdain."
23:67  "You were arrogant! And during your night time escapades, you used to talk ill (of Our verses)."
23:68  Did they not ponder upon the words (of Allah) at all? Did the messenger bring any thing that hadn´t ever come to their forefathers
23:69  Or is it that they do not know the messenger and therefore they reject
23:70  Or do they think he is mentally ill? Of course not! He has brought to them the absolute truth, but most of them have an aversion to the truth
23:71  Had the truth been made to follow their whims, the heavens and the earth and everything thereon would be ravaged and ruined. No, We have really brought them a reminder about their own selves. But, they are turning away from the narration about themselves
23:72  Or do you charge them a fee? The reward of your Lord is far better! He is the Best of the providers
23:73  Certainly! You are definitely calling them towards the straight path
23:74  And of course those who do not believe in the afterlife desire to drift away from that path
23:75  We may have mercy upon them and remove the distress afflicting them, but obstinately they continue to rove about in defiance
23:76  Indeed, We did grab them with distress, but they failed to surrender and adopt humility
23:77  Until We let loose upon them the severe torment! Then suddenly, they will lose all hope and wail in despair
23:78  It is He Who granted you the hearing, the sight and the heart (to feel and understand)! But seldom do you offer thanks
23:79  It is He Who scattered you on the earth; and you will be gathered together in His presence (again)
23:80  It is He Who gives life and death, and the changing of the night and the day is his (handiwork). Do you then, not understand
23:81  But in fact, their remarks are identical to those of their forerunners _ (the unbelievers of earlier times)
23:82  (They say) "Really? Will we really come back to life after we die and have become dust and bones?"
23:83  "Of course in the past, too, the exact same promise was made to our parents and us. These are nothing but tales of people gone by!"
23:84  Say, "(Answer me this) if you know at all! To whom belongs this earth and everyone on it?"
23:85  They will respond, "Allah!" Say, "Then, do you not bear that in mind?"
23:86  Ask them, "Who is the Lord of the seven heavens, and who is the Lord of the Mighty Throne?"
23:87  They will say, "Allah!" Say, "Then, do you not fear Him?"
23:88  Say, "(Answer this), if you know at all! In whose hands is the destiny of all things? Who offers protection? And from whom there exists no escape?"
23:89  They will reply, "Allah!" Say, "Why then, are you being deceived?"
23:90  We did disclose the truth to them! But of course, they are the liars
23:91  Allah did not adopt a son. Nor is there another god along with Him. Else, each god would draw his creation apart and withdraw. Each would attempt to overwhelm the other. Exalted is Allah, far above what they say about Him
23:92  He knows the unseen and the manifest. And He is a lot loftier than those they associate with Him (as partners)
23:93  Say, "My Lord, in case You let me be the witness to the torment they have been promised,"
23:94  "My Lord, do not let me be a part of the evil nation."
23:95  We are indeed perfectly capable of letting you witness the punishment with which We have threatened them
23:96  (Oh messenger), rid the evil with that which is better! We are very well aware of what they utter
23:97  And say, "My Lord, I seek refuge with You against the evil promptings of the Shaitans."
23:98  "And I seek refuge with You, my Lord, so that they may not even come close (to me)."
23:99  And when death comes to anyone of them, he will say, "My Lord, send me back,"
23:100  "To the place I left behind! Perhaps, I will do good deeds (this time around)." Definitely not! These are mere words he utters. A barrier behind the dead (preventing their return to this life) shall exist till the day of their resurrection
23:101  Then, all links of kinship between them shall cease on that day. The day the trumpet sounds, they will not inquire about one another
23:102  Those whose scales (of good deeds) weigh heavier shall be successful
23:103  While the ones whose scales (of good deeds) weigh lighter have incurred for themselves a severe loss. In hell, they shall stay forever
23:104  Fire will scorch their faces. There, they will be gloomy and grave
23:105  "Isn´t it true that My verses were recited to you, but you used to reject them?"
23:106  They will say, "Our Lord, our woes got the better of us. We are indeed, a blundering people!"
23:107  "Our Lord! Take us out of here, if we ever commit (the same) again, we would really be evil!"
23:108  Allah will say, "Enough of that! Stay in it, and do not talk to Me anymore!"
23:109  Indeed, a group of Our servants used to pray, "Our Lord, We believe! Forgive us and have mercy upon us. You are the very Best of those who shower mercy."
23:110  But you made them targets of ridicule. You mocked and scoffed at them with such intensity that it even made you forget Me (and My message)
23:111  Today I have rewarded them for their patience and perseverance! Indeed, they are the successful ones
23:112  Allah will ask, "How many years did you stay on earth?"
23:113  They shall reply, "We stayed only a day or part of a day. Ask those who are (given the task of) maintaining accounts."
23:114  Allah will say, "You stayed for just a short while! If you had only realized!"
23:115  "Did you think that We created you in vain? And that you will never be brought back to Us (for reckoning)?"
23:116  Exalted is Allah, the real Emperor! There is no god but He, the Lord of the Supreme Throne
23:117  Anyone who calls any other god besides Allah _ and for such an act he has no explanation _ will have to reckon with Allah. Surely, such unbelievers never succeed
23:118  And say, "My Lord, grant forgiveness and have mercy! Indeed, You are the very Best of those who shower mercy!"