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22:1  Oh you people! Fear your Lord! Indeed, the jolt of that hour (of Judgment) is a terrible thing
22:2  On that day _ (the Day of Judgment) _ you will see every breast feeding mother oblivious of her suckling infant! Every pregnant female would abort her fetus! And people would appear to be drunk although they would not be drunk! The punishment of Allah would indeed be that severe
22:3  Some people argue about Allah, although they have no knowledge. They tag along every defiant Shaitan
22:4  About whom it has been decreed, that he will lead astray anyone who abides by him, and that he will steer his flock straight into the torment of hellfire
22:5  Oh you people! Should you be in doubt about the resurrection, consider this: it is We Who created you (first) from dust and then (in stages) from semen to a clinging clot of blood, and then to a small chunk of flesh _ formed as well as unformed. (We tell you this) in order to explain to you the truth. In the womb, We keep installed whomever We want for a fixed time. Then, We bring you out as an infant, and let you obtain your full potential. Some of you die young while others are diverted to the age of weakness (and senility) _ the age when (once again) they know nothing after having learnt a few things. You observe the land dry and barren. Then, as soon as We send rain water down (it comes alive), it stirs, swells up and starts producing all sorts of delightful vegetation
22:6  That is so because Allah is the absolute Reality! And because He grants life back to the dead! He is capable of accomplishing everything
22:7  (Because it proves) that the hour of judgment is surely bound to come! No doubt about that! And that Allah will resurrect all (the dead) in their graves
22:8  Some people argue about Allah, although they do not have any knowledge, guidance or an illuminating book
22:9  Arching their necks conceitedly, they misguide people and drive them away from the path of Allah. Disgrace awaits them in this life, and on the Day of Judgment We shall have them taste the torture by fire
22:10  This is what your own hands have wrought. Surely, Allah does not oppress His servants
22:11  There are some people who worship Allah, but stay on the sidelines. If something good happens to them they are contented. But as soon as they are placed in a situation of trial, they undergo an about face and turn away. They lose out in this world, and also in the next! That, surely is a real loss
22:12  Instead of Allah, they pray to such deities that can inflict no harm, and award no benefits. That is surely the worst kind of misguidance
22:13  They pray to the one whose harm outweighs the benefits. Evil, indeed, is such a patron, and evil is such a companion
22:14  Allah will surely admit those who believe and act righteously into paradise. Rivers run right through it. Allah does what He wills
22:15  If anyone thinks that Allah will fail to help him (Muhammad, SAW) in this life and in the afterlife, then let that someone stretch his means to reach the heavens and traverse it. Let him see if his tricks can negate anything, including that which angers him
22:16  Thus, We send down the revealing verses. Surely, Allah guides whomever He wants
22:17  On the Day of the Judgment, Allah will surely settle the differences between the believers on the one hand, and the Jews, the Sabians, the Christians and the polytheists on the other. Allah is the Witness to all things
22:18  Do you not observe that everyone (and everything) in the heavens and on the earth falls prostrate before Allah: the sun and the moon, the stars and the mountains, the trees and the beasts, and a lot of people, too! Punishment has become warranted for many others (who do not prostrate). There is no honor for the one whom Allah humiliates. Undoubtedly, Allah does what He wills
22:19  These are the two rival groups _ (those who prostrate before Allah, and those who do not). They disagree about Allah. Garments made from fire have been readied for the unbelievers. Boiling water will be poured over their heads
22:20  Their skins and (even) their insides will melt away
22:21  Steel clubs shall be there (to restrain them)
22:22  Each time they emerge to escape the distress, they will be thrown right back into it. (They will be told), "Taste the torment of fire!"
22:23  (On the other hand), Allah will surely usher into paradise _ through which run the rivers _ all those who believe and do the righteous acts. They will don gold bracelets and pearls, and their garments shall be made of silk
22:24  They were led towards the pious speech (in this life), and towards the path of the One most Worthy of praise
22:25  We have deemed the holy mosque (in Makkah) to be an open place. There, residents and the visitors are equal! We will reserve a painful punishment for those who disregard that (equality) and are unfair, and those unbelievers who obstruct others from the path of Allah and the holy mosque
22:26  (Remember) We settled Ibraheem here, where the Kaaba now stands (with instructions): let there be no partners ascribed to Me in My house, and let it be rendered pure for those who perform ´Tawwaf´, and (as part of their prayer) stand, kneel and prostrate
22:27  Call all the people for Hajj. Let them arrive on foot or mounted on lean camels. They will respond and arrive from all directions
22:28  Let them witness the benefits (that exist) here for them, and during the specified dates let them invoke the name of Allah upon the sacrificial animals He has granted. Then, let them eat the meat and also feed the poor and the needy
22:29  After that, let them attend to their personal needs, complete the rites (of ´Hajj´), fulfill their vows and go around the ancient house, the ´Kaaba´ _ (the rite of tawwaf)
22:30  That was the purpose of ´Kaaba´! According to your Lord, honoring the obligations imposed by Allah is really better for you. It is allowable for you to eat the flesh of the (sacrificial) animals, except those you were informed about earlier. So, shun the filth of idolatry and steer clear of the false statement
22:31  (Forsaking all else and) without ascribing partners to Him, be a true believer in Allah. Ascribing partners to Him is like falling from the sky and being snatched up by the birds along the way; or being carried off by a tornado to be dropped off in a remote place
22:32  That is the reality! The sanctity for the symbols of Allah surely comes from the piety within one´s heart
22:33  You may benefit (from the sacrificial animals) for a while but then their place of sacrifice is near the ancient house
22:34  Different people were given different rituals of slaughtering and invoking the name of Allah upon the animals He provides. But the fact is your God is only one God, so submit (only) to Him! Give the glad news to those who surrendered to Allah´s will with humility
22:35  Such are they that their hearts are filled with fear when reminded of Allah. They bear with fortitude every distress afflicting them, establish ´salat´ and spend in Our path out of what We have provided
22:36  We have assigned the camels to be the ceremonial sacrificial animals for you. That is a blessing for you. Invoke Allah´s name upon them at the time of sacrifice. Then when their carcasses come to rest, eat their meat and offer it to the needy _ those who ask for it, as well as those who are reticent. This is how much We have tamed them for your sake! Perhaps you will feel grateful
22:37  Neither their flesh nor their blood reaches Allah, but your piety reaches Him. Thus, We tamed them for you, so (at the time of sacrifice) you may glorify Allah Who gifted you these animals So give the good news to those who do good deeds
22:38  Of course, Allah guards those who believe. Surely, Allah does not like any faithless ungrateful being
22:39  Permission to fight back is granted to those being attacked. For they have been wronged! Allah is quite capable of helping them
22:40  They have been driven out of their homes for no other reason except that they say, "Allah is our Lord!" Allah causes the fall of different people _ each by another. Otherwise, many places of worship _ like the monasteries, the temples, the churches and the mosques where Allah´s name is chanted a lot _ would be demolished. Allah will most definitely help those who help His cause. Of course, Allah is the Strongest and the most Powerful
22:41  Those who _ if We give them power (and authority) in the land _ would establish the ´salat´, pay the ´zakat´, enjoin the good and forbid the evil! The final outcome in all matters rests with Allah´s decision
22:42  So if they refuse to believe you, remember that prior to them, the nations of ´Samood´, ´Aads´ and Nooh also disbelieved
22:43  As also the nation of Ibraheem and that of Loot
22:44  So did the people of Madian. Musa, too, was accused of lying. So I granted the unbelievers a chance to redeem and reform. Finally, I grabbed them. How severe was My vengeance
22:45  In this manner, We destroyed many towns because of their evil ways. They are (in total ruin) turned upside down on their roofs. (So are) their abandoned wells and their lofty castles
22:46  Have they not moved about in the land? They are endowed with hearts to reason, and the ears to hear. Indeed, their eyes are not sightless. Rather, what is blind are their hearts within their chests
22:47  They taunt you to bring on the punishment at once. Allah does not go back on His words. But as you count, a day for your Lord equals a thousand of your years
22:48  To many a sinning towns, I granted (a respite and) an opportunity to redeem themselves. Finally, I nabbed them. Towards Me is their destination
22:49  Say, "Oh you people! The fact is, I am a candid warner for you."
22:50  Thus, there is forgiveness and a generous sustenance for those who believe and do righteous acts
22:51  While those who strive to undermine Our signs (verses) will be the companions of hell
22:52  It happened to every messenger and prophet We ever sent. Whenever they desired (and received a verse) Shaitan put his own spin (interpretation) upon it. But Allah removes whatever Shaitan casts. And then He confirms and strengthens His verses. Allah is All-knowing and All-wise
22:53  (He does this) so that He may turn the work of Shaitan into a lure for those whose hearts are diseased and hardened. Surely, because of their malice and rancor, the evil doers (in their dissent) have strayed too far away (from the truth)
22:54  (This happens) so that those with knowledge may recognize it to be the truth from your Lord, that they may believe it and that their hearts may acquire reverence for it. Allah certainly guides those who believe towards the straight path
22:55  The unbelievers would keep on wrangling until the hour of judgment comes upon them suddenly, or the punishment creeps up on them on a day of disaster
22:56  The sole authority that day shall belong to Allah! He will settle all disputes between them. (As a result) those who believe and do good deeds would be in a serene and blissful paradise
22:57  But there will be a disgraceful torment for the unbelievers _ those who reject Our verses
22:58  Allah will definitely grant the exquisite riches to those who emigrate for the sake of Allah, and in doing so are slain or happen to die. Indeed, it is Allah Who is the best of the providers
22:59  Very definitely, He will admit them into the entrances (of exquisite palaces) which will delight them. Allah, indeed is the All-knowing and the Forbearing
22:60  If anyone retaliates because he was wronged unjustly, and seeks damages proportionate to his suffering (then he is justified), and if he is wronged again, then (he will find that) Allah will definitely assist him. Allah is indeed Oft-pardoning and much Forgiving
22:61  Because it is Allah Who wraps the night over the day, and rolls up the day over the night. Surely, Allah is All-hearing and All-seeing
22:62  Because only Allah is the absolute truth, while all others they pray to besides Him are false. Indeed, Allah is the Loftiest, and the Greatest
22:63  Do you not observe? When Allah sends water down from the sky the land becomes green with plants. Indeed, Allah is Well-acquanted (with everything), and the most Kind
22:64  Everything in the heavens and on the earth belongs to Him. Indeed Allah is free from want and is the most Praise-worthy
22:65  Do you not see? Allah has tamed everything on this earth for you. The ships sail in the sea by His command, and He withholds the sky so high, so it will not collapse upon the earth except by His will. Indeed, Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Kind
22:66  It is He Who gave you life, and He will give you death! Then, He will bring you back to life. Man, surely, is very ungrateful
22:67  We prescribed different rites of worship for each people. Regarding that, they really should not dispute you. Invite (them) towards the ways of your Lord. Certainly, you are well guided, and on the straight path
22:68  But if they choose to argue, say, "Allah is well Aware of what you are doing!"
22:69  On the day of reckoning, Allah will sit in judgment and resolve every disagreement you used to have
22:70  Are you not aware that Allah knows everything in the heavens and on the earth? That it is (recorded) in a book? And that is certainly easy for Allah
22:71  Besides Allah, they worship others about whom they have no knowledge. He has not revealed an approval for that. There shall be no helpers for the evil doers
22:72  As Our clear lucid verses are recited, you can see denial writ large on the faces of the disbelievers. They seem ready to pounce upon those reading Our verses to them. Say, "Shall I tell you about a greater distress? The fire, which Allah promises for those who fail to believe, and which is a monstrous destination."
22:73  Oh you people! An example is being quoted. Listen attentively! Those you pray to besides Allah can create nothing _ not even a fly, though they may pool all their resources. (Worse than that) they are too powerless to rescue anything that even a fly might wrest away from them. Feeble are the seekers, and feeble are those being sought
22:74  They failed to honor Allah as much as He merits to be honored. Indeed, Allah is the Mightiest, and the most Powerful
22:75  Allah selects His messengers from among the angels as well as men. Surely, Allah is All-hearing and All-seeing
22:76  He knows all that lies ahead of them and all that is behind them. And towards Allah are all matters directed (for decisions)
22:77  Oh you who believe! Worship your Lord by kneeling and falling prostrate before Him; and do good deeds, so that you may prosper
22:78  And struggle all out for Allah. For, this struggle merits an all out effort. He has chosen you and has placed no hardship in your religion, the creed of your father, Ibraheem. Not only in this (Qur´an), but in the past, too, He had named you Muslims. (He chose you) so the messengers may witness your deeds (and testify), and you may witness the deeds of the rest of the people (and testify). So establish the ´salat´ and pay the ´zakat´ and hold on to your link with Allah. He is your Master! What an excellent Master! And what an excellent Ally