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21:1  Their reckoning has drawn closer, but people are turning away in unmindful ignorance
21:2  When a fresh narrative from their Lord reaches them, they (barely) hear it, then they resume their pastimes
21:3  Their minds absorbed in pleasures, the evil doers whisper under their breaths, "Isn´t he just a human being like you all? Will you then, succumb to his magic knowingly?"
21:4  The messenger said, "My Lord knows everything uttered in the heavens and on earth. He is the All-hearing and the All-knowing."
21:5  And they said, "Vague meaningless dreams, or he has made it up, or he is a poet. Else, let him present to us a miracle like the earlier (messengers) did."
21:6  Those towns _ the ones We destroyed in the past _ had also failed to believe. So now, will they believe
21:7  We have always commissioned men (as messengers) and sent revelations to them, even before your time. Should you not know (this fact), ask the people of the scriptures
21:8  We did not fashion their physiques, so as to enable them to live without food, nor did they live forever
21:9  Then, We fulfilled Our pledge and rescued them, and those whom We wished. We destroyed those who had exceeded their limits
21:10  We have sent you this book. In it are narrations about your own self. So why do you not understand
21:11  Many towns have We dashed into fragments. They were evil! Then We brought other nations in their place
21:12  When they experienced Our power, they suddenly began to flee
21:13  "Do not run away! Return to your homes and the luxurious comforts you were given. You will be called (to account)."
21:14  They said, "Misery to us! We surely were evil!"
21:15  They kept saying that right until We turned them into the plucked out harvest
21:16  We did not create the heavens and the earth and everything in between as an amusement (and a pastime)
21:17  Had We wanted just to have fun, and if We were (given to) doing that, We would have done so all by Ourselves
21:18  On the contrary, We run the truth against falsehood, over which it triumphs. In time, the falsehood is bound to come to naught! Misery to you for what you attribute
21:19  Every living being in the heavens and on earth belongs to Him, and no one in His presence _ either out of pride or regret _ shies away from worshipping Him
21:20  All day and all night, they chant His praises. They do not relent
21:21  Have they accepted other gods on the earth? Do those other gods bring the dead back to life
21:22  The heavens and the earth would run into chaos had there been other gods beside Allah. Exalted is Allah, the Lord of the heavenly throne, far above what they utter
21:23  He is not answerable for His actions, while all others are (to Him)
21:24  Have they accepted other gods beside Him? Say, "Present your proof! Here is this reminder (the Qur´an) for those with me, and there are the scriptures for those before me." Most people actually do not know the truth, and so they ignore
21:25  Never was there a messenger before you to whom We did not reveal, "There is no god except Me, so worship Me (exclusively)."
21:26  They say, "Rehman has adopted a son!" Glorified is He! Rather, they are all (just His) honored servants
21:27  They dare not initiate an audience with Him, and they diligently carry out His orders
21:28  He knows everything that lies ahead of them and everything about their past. They do not intercede for anyone except for those He is pleased with. They are attentive! And stand in awe and reverence of Him
21:29  We will award hell to anyone amongst them who says, "I am a god besides Him." That is how We punish the transgressors
21:30  Do the unbelievers not consider the fact that the heavens and the earth were joined together? We split them asunder! And from water, We created every living being! Do they not believe (that)
21:31  We pitched mountains firmly on the earth, lest it makes them sway. (Between the mountains) We cut roads and paths, so they may find their way
21:32  And (for you), We deemed the sky to be a safe and secure ceiling. Yet, these are the signs they overlook
21:33  And He is the One Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Each is afloat in its orbit
21:34  We have never bestowed immortality upon any human, including you, (Oh Muhammad, SAW). So you will die! But will they live forever
21:35  Every living being must taste death! We put you through trials, and We test all of you with (different) things _ bad as well as good! Then, towards Us, you shall all return
21:36  When the unbelievers see you, they treat you with scorn, (saying), "Is he the one who speaks (ill) of our gods?" While they themselves are such a sort that they refuse to accept any mention of Rehman
21:37  Man is created hasty. Very soon, I will have you see My signs! Do not be in such haste
21:38  And they say, "If you are truthful, tell us. When will that promise (of the afterlife) come about?"
21:39  If the unbelievers could only imagine the moment when they will struggle in vain to ward off the fire from their faces and their backs! They shall have no help
21:40  It will come upon them all of a sudden, and it will bewilder them. They will be unable to turn it away, and they shall have no respite (another chance)
21:41  During earlier times, too, they made fun of the messengers. But the mockery came back to haunt (and surround) those who used to mock
21:42  Say, "Who will watch over you during the night and the day, and protect you against (the wrath of) Rehman?" No! In fact, they turn away from the remembrance of their Lord
21:43  Or do they have other gods to guard them against Us? Those ´gods´ are unable to help even their own selves. Nor can they be guarded against Us
21:44  Rather, We had them and their forefathers enjoy (life) till they grew old. Do they not notice? We keep on shrinking the land from all sides. So then, can they triumph
21:45  Say, "The fact is, by this revelation I warn you!" But the deaf do not hear what they are being warned against
21:46  Even if a whiff of Our punishment were to hit them, they would surely cry out, "Oh misery to us, we were indeed the evil doers!"
21:47  We will indeed bring out the scales of justice on the Day of Judgment. No soul shall be wronged a bit. We will bring out (into focus) all deeds, even those (insignificant enough to be) worth a tiny bit of a mustard seed. And Our presence shall suffice to hold the reckoning
21:48  We had indeed granted Musa and Haroon the proof, the illuminating light and the (right) advice for those who fear
21:49  Those who fear their unseen Lord and dread the hour of judgment
21:50  This (Qur´an), now, is the blessed narration We have sent! So then, are you refusing to acknowledge it
21:51  Much earlier, We granted Ibraheem the maturity of mind
21:52  When he once said to his father and his people, "What are these statues you are worshipping so devoutly?"
21:53  They replied, "We found our forefathers praying to them."
21:54  Said, "Surely, you and your forefathers were gravely misguided!"
21:55  They said, "Are you expressing your real views or are you just kidding?"
21:56  "Indeed not! Your Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the One Who brought them into being. I bear witness to this (Truth)!"
21:57  Said, "I swear by Allah, I have plans for your idols when you go away and leave them."
21:58  So he battered them to pieces, except the one most prominent. Maybe they would turn to it
21:59  They said, "Who did this to our gods? He is really very cruel!"
21:60  Some said, "We heard a lad called Ibraheem talking about them."
21:61  They said, "Bring him out to face the people. So they may observe (his fate)!"
21:62  They asked, "Did you do that to our gods, oh Ibraheem?"
21:63  Said, "Rather, this one, their chief did that! Therefore, ask them if they can talk!"
21:64  They felt a pinch of conscience and (their inner voice) said, "Really, it is you who is being unjust!"
21:65  But they brushed that thought aside and said, "Of course, they do not talk! And you know it!"
21:66  He said, "Why then do you worship those besides Allah. They grant you no benefits, nor inflict any harm."
21:67  "Damn you, and those you worship beside Allah! Do you not understand at all?"
21:68  They cried, "Burn him at the stake! Rush to the aid of your gods! Act, if you will!"
21:69  We commanded, "Oh fire, simmer down, and let there be peace upon Ibraheem!"
21:70  They wanted to hurt him, but We caused them to be the real losers
21:71  Towards the blessed land, We had him and Loot escape. We had blessed it for the whole world
21:72  We gave Ibraheem a present: a son, Ishaq and (the grandson), Yaqub. We made each of them righteous
21:73  We made them both the patriarch _the leaders. As per Our instructions, they guided their people, and We revealed to them the acts of righteousness: the establishing of ´salat´ and the paying of "zakat". Both of them were Our devotees
21:74  As for Loot, We gave him wisdom and knowledge and rescued him from the people who committed the gravest of sins. They were indeed a very evil people
21:75  We admitted (Loot) into Our mercy; he was amongst the righteous
21:76  And prior to that, Nooh prayed to Us and We responded. We saved him and his family from a great torment
21:77  We came to his aid against a nation that had denied Our signs. They were an evil people, indeed. So We drowned them all _ every single one of them
21:78  And don´t forget Daood and Sulaiman as they sat in judgment, hearing the case of the field that had been overrun at night by goats of other folks. We were overseeing their judgment
21:79  We unveiled (the right ruling) to Sulaiman. We had granted wisdom and courage to both. For Daood, We had tamed the mountains and the birds. They used to chant praises with him! It was We Who did that
21:80  It was We Who taught him the art of making metal armors for you, so you may shield yourself during battles. But then, are you grateful
21:81  And for Sulaiman, (We tamed) the violent winds. Upon his orders they rushed towards the land We had blessed. We have the knowledge of all things
21:82  Groups of Shaitans (those We tamed), used to sea dive for him. Besides that, they performed other duties for him. We were the guardian over them
21:83  (And also) Ayub! He called his Lord, "An agony has befallen me while You are absolutely the most Merciful of all who show mercy."
21:84  We heard his prayers, relieved him of his agony and reunited him with his family. We increased his family as a blessing from Us, and as an inducement for the worshippers
21:85  And (We also heard) Ismail, Idrees and Dhul Qifl. They were all patient men
21:86  And We admitted them into Our mercy. They were all righteous
21:87  And remember the one (who is well known because) of the fish. He left his town in exasperation, and he thought that We would fail to take him to task. Eventually, from the darkness he called, "There is no god but You. Exalted are You! Surely I was the offender!"
21:88  We responded and relieved his grief. That is how We relieve the believers
21:89  Zakaria called his Lord, (saying), "Lord, do not leave me alone (child less). You are the best of those who receive the heritage."
21:90  We responded and granted him Yahya. We remedied (the condition of) his wife! All these (messengers) eagerly rushed towards the righteous acts, and prayed to Us with fear and longing. They all were humbly submissive to Us
21:91  (As also) that lady who had guarded her virginity. We breathed Our spirit into her body, and turned her and her son into a sign for the world
21:92  Listen! This human race of yours is really a single nation and I am your Lord, so worship Me exclusively
21:93  But they divided up their beliefs (and devotion) amongst themselves. All must return to Us
21:94  The efforts of anyone who performed the righteous acts _ provided he is a believer _ will not go unrecognized. Indeed, We are writing (everything) down
21:95  And forbidden it is for the town We have destroyed to bounce back
21:96  Until (the time), the ´Yajog´ and the ´Majog´ are let loose. They will begin to spring out from every hill
21:97  As the promise of that certainty _ (the reckoning) _ looms closer, the eyes of the unbelievers will be glazed and agape (with horror). They will cry out, "Oh misery to us, we stayed unmindful of this. Rather, we were the evil doers."
21:98  Indeed! You, and those you used to worship besides Allah, shall serve as fuel for the hellfire, which you shall have to enter
21:99  Had they been gods, they would not end up here (in hell). Now, they shall stay here forever
21:100  There, wheezing (amid moans and shrieks) shall be their mode of breathing. In hell, they shall not hear anything (else)
21:101  But those, for whom the decree of joy and happiness had been issued by Us, will be spared the above fate
21:102  (In paradise), they shall not hear even the faint whimper of hell. Amid what they desire and yearn, they shall live for ever
21:103  That great anxiety will not afflict them. The angels will greet them (saying), "Today is your day, the one you had been promised."
21:104  That day We will fold up the heavens like pages folded in a book. Then, We will begin the creation anew just as We had started it in the first instance. This is a promise incumbent upon Us. We are definitely going to fulfill (Our promise)
21:105  We, in fact, revealed in the "Zaboor" _ (the book revealed to Da´ood) _ following Our warnings, that only My righteous servants shall inherit the earth
21:106  In that, surely, is the message for the nation that prays
21:107  We have sent you only as mercy for the entire world
21:108  Say, "It has been revealed to me that your God, for sure, is that One true God. So then, are you ready to submit, and obey?"
21:109  If they turn their backs, say, "I have notified you _ all of you, together. I have no idea whether that which is being promised to you, (the day of Reckoning), is close by or far in the future."
21:110  Of course, He knows that which is spoken aloud, as well as the thoughts you conceal
21:111  I do not know. It (the respite) maybe a trial for you, or else an enjoyment for a brief while
21:112  (Eventually), the messengers said, "Lord! Pass Your infallible verdict! And our Lord, the Beneficent, is our Advocate against every lie you utter."