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20:1  Ta, Ha
20:2  We have revealed to you this Qur´an, not to cause you distress
20:3  Rather, it is a memorandum _ (an advisory) _ for the one who fears
20:4  A communiqué from the Creator of the earth and the celestial heavens
20:5  Rehman, (the most magnificent), mounted the throne (and governs the universe majestically)
20:6  To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and on the earth, whatever lies between them, and whatever exists under (the surface of the earth)
20:7  You call Him out loud. (But remember), He knows even the most intimate thoughts _ thoughts that remain hidden (and unexpressed) forever
20:8  He is Allah! There is no god but He; His are all the beautiful names
20:9  Is the story of Musa known to you
20:10  When he spotted a campfire, he said to his family, "I notice a fire! Perhaps, I can bring a live coal from there (to start our own fire), or obtain directions (for the road ahead)."
20:11  When he approached (the site of) the campfire, We called out to him, "Oh Musa!"
20:12  It is I, your Lord! Take your shoes off! You happen to be in the holy valley of Toah
20:13  I chose you! So listen to what is being revealed
20:14  Indeed, I am the One _ Allah! There is no god except Me! So obey Me and establish the ´salat´ (prayers) to remember Me
20:15  In fact, the hour (of Judgment) is sure to arrive! I want to keep (its time) undisclosed, so that every soul may be rewarded in accordance with its efforts
20:16  Hence, Do not ever let an unbeliever _ the one following his own whims _ dissuade you from it (the belief in the afterlife), lest you perish
20:17  "And what is that (you hold) in your right (hand), oh Musa?"
20:18  Said, "It is my stick. I lean on it to rest my weight, and with it I chop off the leaves to feed my cattle. It also has other uses for me."
20:19  Said, "Throw it down, Oh Musa!"
20:20  So he threw it down, and all of a sudden, it became a snake creeping around (swiftly)
20:21  (Allah) said, "Grab it, and do not be afraid. We will change it back to its earlier state."
20:22  And place your hand in your armpit. (As you pull your hand out) it will appear dazzling white without any discomfort. Another sign
20:23  To show you (but just two of) Our great signs
20:24  Go to the pharaoh! He has exceeded (every) limit
20:25  (Musa) said, "Lord, unlock my heart!"
20:26  "And make my task easy for me."
20:27  "And correct my speech impediment."
20:28  "(So) they understand my words."
20:29  "And appoint one of my family members (as an aide) to help me."
20:30  "My brother, Haroon!"
20:31  "With him, bolster my strength."
20:32  "And make him a partner in my mission!"
20:33  "So, we may glorify You a lot."
20:34  "And talk about You a lot."
20:35  "And certainly, You are watching over us."
20:36  Said, "You are being granted your requests, oh Musa."
20:37  We, in fact, conferred favors upon you at other times, too
20:38  When We inspired your mother by implanting an idea in her mind
20:39  (Saying) "Put (the child) in a box and push (the box) down the river. It will hurl (the box) ashore, where Our enemy _ his and Mine _ will pick him up." I bestowed love upon you, so you may be raised under My watchful eye
20:40  (Remember) when your sister walked (along the box) and said to those who found the child, "Shall I guide you to a wet nurse for him?" Thus We sent you back to your mother, to soothe her and to keep her from grieving. Then you killed a man. We rescued you from that distress. We had you go through a terrible ordeal. You lived with the people of Madyan a number of years. And now, you have arrived here at just the right (preordained) time
20:41  Oh Musa, I have selected you specifically for My sake
20:42  So proceed with My signs, both of you _ you and your brother. Do not become lax in remembering Me
20:43  Go to the pharaoh! Indeed, he has transgressed
20:44  But speak to him in an affable manner. Maybe he will heed, and fear (Allah)
20:45  They said, "Our Lord! We are afraid that he will let loose his rage upon us and will oppress us."
20:46  Said, "Have no fear! I am with you, watching over and listening!"
20:47  So go to him and say, "We are the messengers of your Lord! Therefore, let the Israelites go with us and do not torture them. We have already brought you the proof from your Lord! Peace is upon him, who follows the guidance."
20:48  "Indeed, it has been revealed to us that punishment awaits the one who denies and turns away."
20:49  (The pharaoh) asked, "So then, who is your Lord, oh Musa?"
20:50  Said, "The One Who gave each (existing) thing its nature and form, then guided it along."
20:51  (The pharaoh) asked, "Then, what about the generations of yester years?"
20:52  Musa said, "The facts about them are known to my Lord and recorded in a book. He neither errs nor forgets."
20:53  "The same One Who made the earth your (safe) haven, carved roads in it for you, and sent water down from the sky." With that (water), We bring out vegetation of many diverse kinds
20:54  Eat! And feed your cattle, too. Indeed, in it is a sign for those who (accept) reason
20:55  We created you from this (very) earth. Into it We shall have you return, and from it We shall bring you out a second time
20:56  Surely, We had him look at all Our signs, but he rejected (them all) and refused (to believe)
20:57  (The pharaoh) said, "Are you here to drive us out of our land with your magic, oh Musa?"
20:58  And added, "Of course, we can perform that kind of magic too. So, go ahead! For our encounter pick a time and place _ a neutral location (accessible to all). We will not fail to show up. Nor should you!"
20:59  (Musa) said, "Let the coming festival day be the appointed date, and let the people gather at high noon."
20:60  So, the pharaoh withdrew and with craftiness, put together a scheme, and then he arrived
20:61  Musa said to them. "Woe unto you! Do not make up lies against Allah. He will annihilate you (all) with a torment. Whoever invents lies against Allah fails."
20:62  At that point, they began to dispute among themselves and held secret talks
20:63  At length they said, "These two are just magicians trying to evict you from your land by their spells. They want to deprive you of your exemplary way of life."
20:64  "So rally all your tricks, then act in unison. Whoever triumphs today will prosper!"
20:65  They said, "Oh Musa, either you cast (your spell) first, or else let us be the first to cast (the spell)."
20:66  (Musa) said, "No! You go first. Then suddenly, because of their spell, it appeared to him that their ropes and sticks (were snakes and) were creeping about swiftly."
20:67  A sense of fear came over Musa
20:68  We said, "Do not be afraid. You will be the one to triumph, for sure!"
20:69  "Throw down the stick in your right hand. It will gobble up the spell they have cast. What they have conjured up is only a trick of the magicians, and magicians never succeed when they come (to face the truth)."
20:70  The magicians lost out, threw themselves down on the ground prostrate, and said, "We accept the Lord of Haroon and Musa!"
20:71  The pharaoh said, "You believed him, even though I did not permit you? Obviously, he is your master who has taught you the magic! Now, I will definitely chop off your hands and feet on opposite sides and then crucify you on the trunk of the date-palm tree. You will soon know which one of us awards the severer and the more lasting punishment."
20:72  They said, "In the face of the clear signs that have come to us, we will not prefer you to the One Who has created us. So do whatever you decree. Surely, you exercise control (only) in the life of this world."
20:73  "We have really believed in our Lord! So He may forgive our sins, as well as the magic you compelled us to perform. Allah is better, and the Immortal."
20:74  Indeed, hell is for the one who comes to his Lord as a criminal. There, he will never die _ nor live
20:75  The exalted ranks are for those who come to their Lord as believers, having done righteous deeds
20:76  (As also) the elevated gardens, through which run the rivers. There, they shall live forever! This is the reward for those who endeavor to purify themselves
20:77  Indeed, We revealed to Musa, "Go and take My servants with you. Strike a dry path through the sea. Do not be frightened of being overtaken (by the Pharaoh in hot pursuit), nor be afraid (of the sea)."
20:78  The pharaoh pursued them with his army. They were drowned by that which engulfed them from all sides
20:79  The pharaoh led his nation astray _ did not guide well
20:80  Oh Children of Israel! We rescued you from your enemy, granted you an audience by the right side of the mountain ´Toor´, and sent down the ´munna´ and the ´salwa´ for you
20:81  Eat the wholesome food We have provided, but do not be overly excessive. Else, My wrath will come down upon you. Surely, the one upon whom lands My fury, comes tumbling down
20:82  Yet, undoubtedly, I am the One Who grants forgiveness to anyone who repents, believes and acts righteously; and then stays steadfast (till death)
20:83  (Allah asked), "What made you come (to Me) ahead of your people, oh Musa?"
20:84  Said, "They´re coming right behind. I hurried towards You, Lord, so You may be pleased!"
20:85  (Allah) said, "After you left, We subjected your people to a test. Saamari led them astray."
20:86  So Musa returned to his nation, angry and aggrieved, and said, "Oh my people, did your Lord not make you excellent promises? Has it been too long for you? Or do you just want the fury of your Lord to land on you? Is that why you broke your pledge with me!"
20:87  They said, "We did not willfully opt to break our promise to you. In fact, the burden of carrying people´s jewelry had worn us down. So we unloaded it (into the fire). Likewise, Saamari threw it down, too."
20:88  "Then, he shaped the gold into the figure of a calf, and it mooed like one! People cried out, "This is your God. The God of Musa. He forgot (to mention it)."
20:89  Did they not see that it did not respond to them at all? Nor did it have the ability to hurt them, or help them
20:90  Even though Haroon had told them earlier, "Oh my people! You are being tested with it (the calf). Really, your Lord is the most Merciful. So follow me, all of you! And obey my command!"
20:91  They said, "We will not quit worshipping (the calf) until Musa comes back."
20:92  Musa (when he returned) said, "Oh Haroon, when you saw them going astray, what held you back?"
20:93  "Why did you not follow me? Did you disobey my instructions?"
20:94  Haroon said, "Oh son of my mother! Do not tug at my beard, nor pull my hair! I was afraid you would blame me and say ´You caused a split among the Israelites, and did not follow my instruction.´ "
20:95  Said, "And what about you, Oh Saamari?"
20:96  (Saamari) said, "I realized what others failed to. So I collected a handful (of dust) from the footmarks of the prophets and tossed it on the calf. That is what my self prompted me to do!"
20:97  (Musa) said, "Go! This is (the punishment) for you: in this life you will (continually) utter ´Do not touch me´, and you have an appointment (in the afterlife) which you cannot skip. Now watch that god of yours, upon whose worship you insisted. We will surely melt it down, then scatter it around in the ocean."
20:98  As a matter of fact, Allah (alone) is your God! Besides Him there is no other god, and His knowledge extends over all things
20:99  Thus, We narrate to you the tales of what went on earlier. We have granted you this (book of) advisement from Ourselves
20:100  Indeed, those ignoring it shall bear a burdensome punishment on the Day of Judgment
20:101  They shall forever remain in it _ (that condition of torment). Baneful shall be their burden on the Day of Judgment
20:102  The day the trumpet sounds will be the day We will gather the criminals, their eyes agape with fright
20:103  Among themselves they will whisper, "You stayed (on the earth) only ten days!"
20:104  Of course We know very well what they shall say. The most accurate among them will say, "You stayed there for just a day!"
20:105  They are asking you about the mountains. Tell them, "My Lord will blow them up into fine dust."
20:106  He will turn (this earth) into a plain wasteland
20:107  You will not find any ridges or cracks on it
20:108  On that day, they will (meekly) respond to the convener _ (the angel) _ who shall face no hindrance. In the presence of Rehman, voices will drop to a subdued hush. You shall hear nothing but faint whispers
20:109  That day, mediation shall benefit no one, unless Rehman grants permission, and about whom He pleases to hear (favorable) remarks
20:110  He knows all that lies ahead of them as well as everything about their past. Others do not know at all
20:111  All heads will bow before the Eternally Alive and the Ever-lasting. Anyone carrying a burden of having committed an injustice shall fail miserably
20:112  (Whereas) those who had acted righteously _ provided they had believed _ shall have no fear of being wronged or short changed
20:113  Thus, We revealed this Qur´an in Arabic. In it We have defined sharply the promises and the threats. Maybe they will fear (Allah), or it _ (the Qur´an) _ will bring back the remembrance (of Allah)
20:114  Allah, the Genuine Emperor, is the most Exalted! Do not be in a hurry to repeat (the fresh verses of) the Qur´an before the revelations conclude. Say, "Lord, enhance me in knowledge!"
20:115  Earlier, We had entrusted Adam with a task, but his memory lapsed. We did not find in him the firmness of resolve
20:116  (Remember)! We said to the angels, "Fall down prostrate before Adam!" And they all fell prostrate, except Iblees (Shaitan). He refused
20:117  So We said, "Oh Adam, that one, surely, is your and your wife´s enemy. Now do not let him drive you out of paradise, lest you feel distressed."
20:118  Of course, here (in paradise), it is your (privilege) that you do not go hungry, nor are you unclad
20:119  And here you are not thirsty, troubled by the (sultry sweltering) sun
20:120  Yet Shaitan whispered (and aroused) doubts in his mind saying, "Oh Adam, shall I show you the tree of immortality, and the domain that has no demise?"
20:121  Both of them _ (Adam and his wife) _ ate its fruit and their genitalia became visible to them. With the leaves of the Garden of Eden they began to cover themselves. Adam disobeyed his Lord and went astray
20:122  Later, his Lord favored him, granted him forgiveness and guided him
20:123  (Allah) said, "Get down from here! Both of you _ (Adam and Shaitan)! You are each other´s enemy. Whoever follows the guidance _ when the guidance from Me arrives _ will not go astray, and will not be miserable."
20:124  While a wretched (unwholesome) livelihood will be the lot of the one who turns away from My advice and warning. He will be blind when We round him up on the Day of Judgment
20:125  He shall say, "Lord, why did You raise me blind? I used to be endowed with eyesight?"
20:126  Allah will say, "Much the same as you ignored My signs when they came to you! Befittingly, today you are being ignored."
20:127  This is how We chastise the one who exceeds the bounds, and ignores the signs of his Lord. The punishment of the afterlife is far worse and ever persisting
20:128  Many towns have We destroyed before them. Did that fact not teach them? They walk through those ruins! There are surely signs in it for those with intellect
20:129  The word of your Lord has been proclaimed! Had it not been, and if it wasn´t essential and for a specific period, (then their doom and demise would be instant)
20:130  Therefore, with patience bear their remarks and chant the praises of your Lord before the sun rises, before it sets, and during the night. Glorify Him in the morning and evening. Perhaps you will feel contented
20:131  Do not look (enviously) at the splendors of this life with which We have furnished some of their groups. It is (merely) to test them. The grants of your Lord (in the afterlife) are far better and ever lasting
20:132  Bid your family to observe the ´salat´, and stay steadfast upon it yourself. We do not seek sustenance from you. Indeed, We bestow sustenance. The final outcome hinges on piety
20:133  They say, "Why did he not bring us a sign?" Did clear proofs _ those narrated in the earlier scriptures _ not reach them
20:134  Had We, prior to sending him (Muhammad, SAW), ruined them with a disaster, they would have complained, "Our Lord, if only You had sent us a messenger, we would have followed Your signs instead of being disgraced and humiliated."
20:135  Say, "Each (soul) is in a state of waiting. You wait, too! Soon you will find out who is on the right path, and well-guided."