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23:1  Successful indeed are the believers
23:2  Those who humbly cry in their prayers
23:3  And who do not incline towards indecent matters
23:4  And who pay the (obligatory) charity
23:5  And who guard their private organs
23:6  Except from their wives or the legal bondwomen that they possess, for then there is no blame upon them
23:7  So whoever desires more than these two - they are crossing the limits
23:8  And those who keep proper regard for their trusts and their pledges
23:9  And who guard their prayers
23:10  They are the inheritors
23:11  Those who will get the inheritance of Paradise; they will abide in it forever
23:12  Indeed We created man from a chosen soil
23:13  Then made him a drop of fluid in a secure shelter
23:14  We then turned the drop of fluid into a clot of blood, then the clot into a small lump of flesh, then the lump into bones, then covered the bones with flesh; then developed it in a different mould; therefore Most Auspicious is Allah, the Best Creator
23:15  Then after that, certainly all of you are to die
23:16  Then you will all be raised on the Day of Resurrection
23:17  And indeed We have created seven paths above you; and We are not unmindful of the creation
23:18  And We sent down water from the sky in proper measure, then stored it in the earth; and indeed We are Able to take it away
23:19  So with it We produced gardens of date-palms and grapes for you, in which is abundant fruit for you and you eat therefrom
23:20  And created the tree that comes forth from Mount Sinai - that grows containing oil and curry for the eaters
23:21  And indeed in the cattle is a lesson for you; We give you to drink what is in their bellies, and there are many benefits for you in them, and in them is your food
23:22  And you are carried on them and on the ship
23:23  And indeed We sent Nooh towards his people - he therefore said, "O my people! Worship Allah, you do not have any other God except Him; so do you not fear?"
23:24  So the disbelieving chieftains of his people said, "He is just a human like you, he wishes to become your leader; and had Allah willed, He would have sent down angels; We did not hear this in the case of our forefathers."
23:25  "He is not but a man insane, therefore wait for some time."
23:26  Submitted Nooh, "My Lord! Help me as they deny me."
23:27  So We sent him the divine revelation that, "Make the ship in front of Our sight, and by Our command – then when Our command comes and the oven overflows, embark in it two of every couple, and from your household except those upon whom the Word has been decreed; and do not speak to Me in respect of these unjust people; they will surely be drowned."
23:28  "And when you and those with you have safely boarded the ship say, ‘All praise is to Allah Who has rescued us from the unjust.’ "
23:29  And pray, "My Lord! Cause me to alight at a blessed place – and You are the Best of all who bring to settle."
23:30  Indeed, surely in this are signs and indeed surely, We were examining
23:31  Then after them, We created another generation
23:32  So We sent among them a Noble Messenger from among them (saying), "Worship Allah, you do not have any other God except Him; so do you not fear?"
23:33  And said the leaders of his people, who disbelieved and denied the confronting of the Hereafter - and We had given them comfort in the worldly life – that, "He is nothing but a human like you, he eats from what you eat and drinks from what you drink."
23:34  "If you were to obey a human like yourselves, then surely you are losers!"
23:35  "Does he promise you that when you die and turn into dust and bones, you will be raised again?"
23:36  "How remote, (really) how remote is the promise you are given!"
23:37  "There is nothing except our life of this world, we die and we live, and we are not to be raised."
23:38  "He is just a man who has fabricated a lie against Allah, and we are not going to believe him."
23:39  He said, "My Lord! Help me as they deny me."
23:40  Said Allah, "They will soon wake up at morn, regretting."
23:41  So the true Scream seized them - We therefore made them like rotten hay; so away with the unjust people
23:42  Then after them, We created other generations
23:43  No nation can go before its term ends nor stay back
23:44  We then sent our Noble Messengers, one after another; whenever a nation’s Noble Messenger came to it they denied him, We therefore united the succeeding with the old, and made them history; so far removed be the people who do not believe
23:45  We then sent Moosa and his brother Haroon, with Our signs and a clear proof
23:46  Towards Firaun and his court members – in response they were haughty, and they were in dominance
23:47  They therefore said, "Shall we believe in two humans like ourselves, whereas their nation is servile to us?"
23:48  So they denied them – therefore became of those who were destroyed
23:49  And indeed We gave Moosa the Book, that they may attain guidance
23:50  And We made the son of Maryam (Prophet Eisa) and his mother a sign, and We gave them shelter on a height, a place to stay and visible springs
23:51  "O Noble Messengers, eat good clean things, and do good deeds; I know all that you do."
23:52  "And indeed this religion of yours is one religion only and I am your Lord, therefore fear Me."
23:53  But their nations broke their tasks into pieces; every group happy with what it has
23:54  So leave them in their intoxication till a time
23:55  Do they assume that the wealth and sons which We provide them
23:56  Are quickly giving them goodness? In fact, they do not know
23:57  Indeed those who are overwhelmed due to the fear of their Lord
23:58  And those who believe in the signs of their Lord
23:59  And those who do not ascribe any partner to their Lord
23:60  And those who give what they give and their hearts fear for they have to return to their Lord
23:61  These people hasten to perform goodness, and it is they who shall reach it first
23:62  And We do not burden any soul beyond its capacity, and with Us is a Book * that speaks the truth, and they will not be wronged. (* The preserved tablet or the record of one’s deeds.
23:63  On the contrary, their hearts are in neglect of this and their works are different than those of the believers, the works that they are doing
23:64  To the extent that when We seized the wealthy among them with punishment, they immediately began imploring
23:65  "Do not implore this day; you will not be helped by Us."
23:66  "My verses were recited to you, so you used to turn back on your heels."
23:67  "Priding yourself in serving the Sacred Mosque; at night you utter indecent stories in it, while discarding the truth."
23:68  Have they not pondered the matter, or did that come to them, which did not come to their forefathers
23:69  Or is it that they did not recognise their Noble Messenger, therefore they consider him alien
23:70  Or they say, "He is afflicted by a demon"; in fact he brought the Truth to them, and most of them dislike the Truth
23:71  And had the Truth followed their desires, then indeed the heavens and the earth and all those who are in them would be destroyed; in fact We brought to them a thing in which lay their repute, so they are turned away from their own repute
23:72  Do you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) ask any fee from them? So the reward of your Lord is the best; and He is the Best Provider of Sustenance
23:73  And indeed you call them to the Straight Path
23:74  And indeed those who do not believe in the Hereafter are deviated from the Straight Path
23:75  And if We have mercy upon them and remove the calamity which has befallen them, they would still stubbornly persist, wandering in their rebellion
23:76  And indeed We grasped them with punishment, so neither did they submit themselves to their Lord, nor do they cry humbly
23:77  To the extent that when We opened the gate of a severe punishment for them, they thereupon lie despairingly in it
23:78  And it is He Who has created ears and eyes and hearts for you; very little is the right you acknowledge
23:79  And it is He Who has spread you in the earth, and towards Him you are to be raised
23:80  And it is He Who gives life and causes death, and for Him are the alternations of night and day; so do you not have sense
23:81  On the contrary, they said the same as what the former people used to say
23:82  They say, "Will we, when we die and turn into dust and bones, be raised again?"
23:83  "Indeed this promise was given to us and before us to our forefathers – this is nothing but stories of earlier people."
23:84  Say O dear Prophet (Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him), "To Whom does the earth and all that is in it belong to, if you know?"
23:85  Thereupon they will say, "To Allah"; proclaim, "Therefore why do you not ponder?"
23:86  Say, "Who is the Lord of the seven heavens, and the Lord of the Tremendous Throne?"
23:87  Thereupon they will say, "Such greatness is only that of Allah"; say, "So why do you not fear?"
23:88  Say, "In Whose hand is the control over all things, and He provides refuge, and none can provide refuge against Him, if you know?"
23:89  Thereupon they will say, "Such greatness is only that of Allah"; say, "Then by what magic are you deceived?"
23:90  In fact We brought the Truth to them, and indeed they are liars
23:91  Allah has not chosen any child, nor any other God along with Him – were it so, each God would have taken away its creation, and each one would certainly wish superiority over the other; Purity is to Allah above all the matters they fabricate
23:92  The All Knowing, of every hidden and the visible – so Supremacy is to Him over their ascribing of partners (to Him)
23:93  Pray, "My Lord! If You show me the promise they are given,"
23:94  "Therefore my Lord, do not group me with the unjust."
23:95  And indeed We are Able to show you the promise they are given
23:96  Repel evil with the best deeds; We well know the matters that they fabricate
23:97  And submit, "My Lord! I seek Your refuge from the instigation of the devils."
23:98  "And my Lord, (I seek) Your refuge from their coming to me."
23:99  Until, when death comes to one* of them, he says, "O my Lord, send me back!" (The disbelievers
23:100  "Perhaps I may do some good deeds in what I have left behind"; this is just a word that he utters from his mouth; and confronting them is a barrier until the day in which they will be raised
23:101  So when the Trumpet is blown - so there will neither be any relationship among them * that day, nor will they ask about one another. (The disbelievers
23:102  Therefore the ones whose scales prove heavy - they are the successful
23:103  And the ones whose scales prove light – it is they who put their lives into ruin, remaining in hell forever
23:104  The fire shall scorch their faces, and they will remain dejected in it
23:105  "Were not My verses recited to you, so you used to deny them?"
23:106  They will say, "Our Lord! Our ill-fate overcame us, and we were the astray people."
23:107  "Our Lord, remove us from hell – then if we do the same, we are the unjust."
23:108  Allah will say, "Remain rebuked in it, and do not speak to Me."
23:109  "Indeed there was a group among My bondmen who said, 'Our Lord! We have accepted faith, therefore forgive us and have mercy on us, and You are the Best Among The Merciful.' "
23:110  "So you took them for a mockery until your mocking at them made you forget My remembrance, and you used to laugh at them!"
23:111  "Indeed this day I have rewarded them for their endurance, so that it is they who are the successful."
23:112  He will say, "How long did you stay on earth, counting by the number of years
23:113  They will say, "We stayed a day or part of a day, so ask those who keep count."
23:114  He will say, "You stayed but only a little, if you knew."
23:115  So do you think that We have created you needlessly, and that you do not have to return to Us
23:116  So Most Supreme is Allah, the True King; there is no God except Him; Lord of the Throne of Honour
23:117  And the one who worships any other God along with Allah – of which he does not have any proof – his account is with his Lord; indeed there is no salvation for the disbelievers
23:118  And (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) say, "My Lord! Forgive and have mercy, and You are the Best of all the Merciful