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22:1  O people, fear your Lord; indeed the earthquake of the Last Day is a tremendous thing
22:2  On the day when you will witness it, every nursing mother will forget her nurseling and every pregnant one will discharge her burden, and you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) will see people as if they are drunk, whereas they will not be intoxicated, but the fact is that Allah’s punishment is very severe
22:3  And among people are some who argue concerning Allah without knowing, and blindly follow every rebellious devil
22:4  (The devil) Upon whom is decreed that whoever befriends him, he will certainly mislead him and show him the path to hell
22:5  O people, if you doubt your revival on the Day of Resurrection, then ponder that We created you from dust, then from a drop of liquid, then from a clot, then from a piece of flesh formed and without form, so that We show you Our signs for you; and We keep whomever We want inside the mothers’ wombs up to an appointed time, then extract you as infants, then in order that you reach your puberty; and among you is one who dies earlier, and among you is one put to the most abject age, so after having knowledge, knows nothing; and you see the earth desolate, then when We sent down water upon it, it freshened up and developed and produced beautiful pairs of all kinds
22:6  This is because Allah only is True and because He will revive the dead, and because He is Able to do all things
22:7  And because the Last Day will come, there is no doubt in it - and because Allah will revive those who are in the graves
22:8  And there is one who argues concerning Allah without having knowledge nor any proof nor a clear text
22:9  With his neck turned away from the truth, in order to deceive from the way of Allah; for him is disgrace in this world and on the Day of Resurrection We shall make him taste the punishment of fire
22:10  "This is the recompense of what your hands have sent ahead, and Allah does not oppress His bondmen."
22:11  And there are some men who worship Allah whilst upon an edge; then if some good occurs to them, they are content; and if some trial comes, they turn way upon their faces; a loss of this world and the Hereafter; and this is the complete loss
22:12  They worship such, beside Allah, which neither harms them nor benefits them; this only is the extreme error
22:13  They worship one from whom harm is expected more than the benefit; indeed what an evil master and indeed what an evil friend
22:14  Indeed Allah will admit those who believed and did good deeds, into Gardens beneath which rivers flow; indeed Allah does whatever He wills
22:15  Therefore whoever assumes that Allah will not assist His Prophet (Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) in this world and the Hereafter, should extend a rope upwards and hang himself, and then see whether his scheme has taken away what he envies
22:16  And so it is, that We sent down this Qur’an - clear verses - and that Allah guides whomever He wills
22:17  Indeed the Muslims, and the Jews, and the Sabeans, and the Christians and the fire worshippers and the polytheists - indeed Allah will decide between all of them on the Day of Resurrection; indeed Allah witnesses all things
22:18  Did you not see that for Allah prostrate those who are in the heavens and in the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the hills, and the trees, and the beasts, and many among mankind; and there are many upon whom the punishment has been decreed; and he whom Allah disgraces - there is none to give him honour; indeed Allah may do whatever He wills. (Command of Prostration # 6
22:19  These are the two groups who fought concerning their Lord; so those who disbelieved – garments of fire have been fashioned for them; and boiling water will be poured onto their heads
22:20  With which will melt what is in their bellies, and their skins
22:21  And for them are rods of iron
22:22  Whenever they wish to come out of it due to suffocation, they will be returned to it again and it will be commanded, "Taste the punishment of fire!"
22:23  Indeed Allah will admit those who believed and did good deeds into Gardens beneath which rivers flow - in it they will be made to wear armlets of gold, and pearls, and in it their garment is silk
22:24  And they were guided to sacred speech; and they were shown the path of the Most Praiseworthy
22:25  Indeed those who have disbelieved and prevent from the way of Allah and from this Sacred Mosque, which We have appointed for all mankind – its resident and the foreigner have the same rights in it; and whoever wrongfully intends injustice in it - We shall make him taste a painful punishment
22:26  And remember when We showed Ibrahim the right place of the Sacred House (mosque) and commanded that, "Do not ascribe anything as a partner to Me, and keep My House clean for those who encircle it and those who stay in it (for worship) and those who bow and prostrate."
22:27  "And publicly announce the pilgrimage to all people – they will come to you, on foot and on every lean she-camel, coming from every far distant journey." (The announcement by Prophet Ibrahim reached each and every soul.
22:28  In order that they may gain their benefit, and mention the name of Allah on the appointed days as He has bestowed the sustenance to them – the inarticulate animals; therefore eat from them yourself and feed the distressed destitute
22:29  They must then remove their dirt and fulfil their pledges and go around the Free House
22:30  So it is; and whoever reveres the sacred things of Allah – that is then a goodness for him in the sight of his Lord; the inarticulate animals are lawful to you except those the forbidding of which is recited to you, therefore shun the filth of idols, and avoid false speech
22:31  Devoting yourself to Allah, not ascribing any partner to Him; and whoever ascribes partners to Allah is as if he has fallen from the sky and the birds snatch him or the wind blows him away to a far-off place
22:32  So it is; and whoever reveres the symbols of Allah – this is then part of the piety of the hearts
22:33  In the cattle are benefits for you up to a fixed time and then they are to be brought to the Free House
22:34  And for every nation We have appointed a sacrifice, that they may mention the name of Allah over the inarticulate animal which He has provided them; so (remember) your God is One God, therefore submit only to Him; and give glad tidings (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) to the humble
22:35  Those whose hearts fear when Allah is mentioned, and those who patiently endure whatever befalls them, and those who keep the prayer established, and who spend part of what We have provided to them
22:36  And the large sacrificial animals – the camels and the cows - We have made them among the symbols of Allah, there is goodness for you in them; therefore mention the name of Allah over them with their one leg tied and standing on three feet; then when their flanks have fallen, eat from it yourself and feed the one who patiently awaits, and the beggar; this is how We have given them in your control, so that you be grateful
22:37  Never does their flesh nor their blood reach Allah, but your piety successfully reaches Him; this is how We have given them in your control so that you may speak His Greatness for guiding you; and O dear Prophet (Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) give glad tidings to the virtuous
22:38  Indeed Allah repels the afflictions of the Muslims; indeed Allah does not like any extremely disloyal ingrate
22:39  Permission is granted to those against whom the disbelievers wage war, as they are being wronged; and indeed Allah is Able to assist them
22:40  Those who were unjustly expelled from their homes just because they said, "Allah is Our Lord"; and had Allah not repelled some men by means of other men, the abbeys, churches, synagogues and mosques - in which the name of Allah is profusely mentioned - would definitely be demolished; and indeed Allah will assist the one who helps His religion; indeed surely Allah is Almighty, Dominant
22:41  The people who, if We give them control in the land, would keep the prayer established and pay charity and enjoin virtue and forbid from evil; and for Allah only is the result of all works
22:42  If they belie you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), then indeed the people of Nooh, and the tribes of A’ad and Thamud have belied before them
22:43  And (so did) the people of Ibrahim and the people of Lut
22:44  And the people of Madyan; and Moosa was belied, so I gave the disbelievers respite and then seized them, so how (dreadful) was My punishment
22:45  And many a township did We destroy, for they were oppressors – so they now lie flat on their roofs, and many a well lying useless and many a palace in ruins
22:46  So have they not travelled in the land, to have hearts with which to understand and ears to hear with? So it is not the eyes that are blind, but it is the hearts in the bosoms, that are blind
22:47  And they ask you for the punishment – they are impatient – and Allah will not make His promise untrue; and indeed a single day before Allah is like a thousand years in your calculation
22:48  And to many a township did I give respite although they were oppressors; then I seized them; and towards Me is the return
22:49  Proclaim, "O mankind, I am for you only a clear Herald of Warning."
22:50  So those who believed and did good deeds, for them are forgiveness, and an excellent sustenance
22:51  And those who strive in Our signs with the intention of disputing, are the people of fire
22:52  And all the Noble Messengers or Prophets whom We sent before you – it occurred with all of them – that whenever they recited (the message) Satan included a bit (from his own speech) in their recitation to the people; so Allah obliterates what Satan includes and then Allah fortifies His verses; and Allah is All Knowing, Wise
22:53  So that He may make what the devil includes a trial for those in whose hearts is a disease, and those whose hearts are hardened; indeed the unjust are extremely quarrelsome
22:54  And so that the people given the knowledge may know that it is the truth from your Lord, in order that they may accept faith in it, therefore their hearts may humble before Him; and indeed Allah will guide the believers on the Straight Path
22:55  And the disbelievers will always be in doubt of it, to the extent that the Last Day will suddenly come upon them, or will come upon them the punishment of a day the result of which is not at all good for them
22:56  For Allah only is the kingship on that day; He will judge between them; so those who believed and did good deeds are in Gardens of content
22:57  And those who disbelieved and denied Our signs - for them will be a disgraceful punishment
22:58  And those who left their homes and belongings in Allah's cause and were then killed or died - Allah will therefore indeed provide for them an excellent sustenance; and indeed the sustenance bestowed by Allah is the best
22:59  He will certainly admit them to a place they will love; and indeed Allah is All Knowing, Most Forbearing
22:60  So it is; and whoever retaliates similarly to the affliction he was made to suffer, and then he is wronged again – so Allah will definitely assist him; indeed Allah is Oft Pardoning, Oft Forgiving
22:61  This is because Allah inserts the night into a part of the day and inserts the day into a part of the night, and because Allah is All Hearing, All Seeing
22:62  This is because Allah only is the Truth, and what they worship other than Him, is itself falsehood, and because Allah only is the Supreme, the Great
22:63  Did you not see that Allah sent down water from the sky, so the earth became green at morn? Indeed Allah is Pure, Aware
22:64  To Him only belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth; and indeed Allah only is the Perfect (Not Needing Anything), the Most Praiseworthy
22:65  Did you not see that Allah has given in your control all that is in the earth - and the ship that moves upon the sea by His command? And He restricts the heavens that it may not fall on to the earth except by His command; indeed Allah is Most Compassionate, Most Merciful upon mankind
22:66  And it is He Who gave you life, then will cause you to die, and will then revive you; indeed man is very ungrateful
22:67  For each nation We have made the rules of worship for them to follow - so never should they quarrel with you in this matter – and call them towards your Lord; indeed you are upon the Straight Path
22:68  And if they quarrel with you, say, "Allah well knows your evil deeds."
22:69  Allah will judge between you on the Day of Resurrection concerning what you dispute
22:70  Did you not realise that Allah knows all that is in the heavens and in the earth? Indeed all this is in a Book; indeed this is easy for Allah
22:71  And they worship those instead of Allah regarding whom He has not sent down any proof, and those regarding whom they themselves do not have any knowledge; and there are no supporters for the unjust
22:72  And when Our clear verses are recited to them, you will see traces of anger in the faces of the disbelievers; possibly they may attack those who recite Our verses to them; say, "Shall I show you what is worse than your current state? That is the fire! Allah has promised it to the disbelievers; and what a wretched place to return!"
22:73  O people, an example is being illustrated therefore listen to it attentively; "Those whom you worship besides Allah can never create a fly even if they all come together for it; and if a fly took away something from them, they cannot retrieve that from it; how weak are the seeker and the sought!"
22:74  They did not realise the importance of Allah as was His right; indeed Allah is Almighty, Dominant
22:75  Allah chooses the Noble Messengers from the angels, and from men; indeed Allah is All Hearing, All Seeing
22:76  He knows all that is before them and all that is behind them; and towards Allah is the return of all matters
22:77  O People who Believe, bow and prostrate yourselves, and worship your Lord, and do good deeds in the hope of attaining salvation
22:78  And fight in Allah's cause as is the true manner of fighting; He has preferred you and has not kept any hardship upon you in religion; the religion of your father Ibrahim; Allah has named you Muslims – in the previous Books and in this Qur’an, so that the Noble Messenger be your guardian and witness, and you be witness against other people; therefore keep the prayer established and give charity, and hold fast to the rope of Allah; He is your Master; so what an excellent Master and what an excellent Supporter