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23:1  Already the believers had gained.
23:2  Those who are in their prayers aweing.
23:3  And those who are turning away about the chatter.
23:4  And those who are for the Zakat doers.
23:5  And those who are for their genitalia conservers.
23:6  Except upon their spouses, or what their right hands owned, so they are not being blamed.
23:7  So, whoever seeks beyond that, so these are the transgressors.
23:8  And those who are caretakers for their trusts and covenants.
23:9  And those who are keeping on their prayers.
23:10  These are the inheritors.
23:11  Who are inheriting Al-Ferdous (Paradise), they are therein immortals.
23:12  And We already created the human from an extraction of clay.
23:13  Then We set him up as a sperm-drop, in a well settled place.
23:14  Then We created the sperm-drop as a clinging clot. So, We created the clinging clot as an embryonic lump. So, We created the embryonic lump as bones. So, We clothed the bones with flesh. Then We initiated it as another creation. So blessed is Allah, the best of the creators.
23:15  Then, after that, you will die.
23:16  Then, on The Resurrection Day, you will be raised up.
23:17  And We already created above you seven layered modalities, and We were not about the creation inattentive.
23:18  And We sent down water from the sky with quantity, so We resided it in the earth, and surely, We are upon going with it, abled.
23:19  So, with it We initiated for you paradises among palms and vines, for you within them many fruits, and from it you are eating.
23:20  And a tree exiting out from Sinai Tur (Mount), planted with the lipid, and pigment for the eaters.
23:21  And surely for you in the livestock is wisdom: We watered you from what is within their bellies, and for you many benefits in them, and among them you are eating.
23:22  And upon them, and upon the arks, you are carried.
23:23  And We already sent Noah to his kinsfolk. So, he said, “O kinsfolk, worship Allah, you have no God other than Him. So, are you not showing piety?”
23:24  So, the chieftains among his kinsfolk, who disbelieved, said, “This is none except a humankind like you, who wants to have bounty over you. And if Allah willed, He would send down angels. We never heard this within our former parents.
23:25  He is just a man with madness. So, lie in waiting for him for a while.”
23:26  He said, “My Lord, victory me, with what they have falsified me.”
23:27  So We revealed to him: “Make the Ark with Our eyes and our revelation. So, when our command comes, and the oven overflows, so, insert into it from every pair two, and your family, except those among them which the say has proceeded against them. And do not speak to me in those who are oppressing; surely, they are drowned.”
23:28  So, when you and those with you are settled in the Ark, so say, “The Praise for Allah, who has saved us from the oppressing kinsfolk.”
23:29  And say, “My Lord, descend me with a blessed descending, and you are the best of harbourers.”
23:30  Surely, within that is verses. And surely, We are trying (Ours slaves).
23:31  Then, after them, We initiated another generation.
23:32  So, We sent within them a messenger among themselves: “That you worship Allah. You have no God other than Him. So, will you not be showing piety?”
23:33  And the chieftains of his kinsfolk, those who disbelieved and falsified with the meeting of the Hereafter, and We had luxury them in the Dunya life, said, “This is none except a humankind like you; is eating from what you are eating, and he is drinking from what you are drinking.
23:34  And if you obey a humankind like you, you would then be losers.
23:35  Does he promise you that when you have died and become dust and bones, that you will be exiting out?
23:36  Farfetched, farfetched is what you have been promised.
23:37  Surely it is not except our Dunya life. We die, and we live, and we shall not be raised.
23:38  Surely, he is not except a man, slandering upon Allah a lie. And we will not be believed with him.".”
23:39  He said, “My Lord, victory me, with what they have falsified me.”
23:40  He said, “In a little while they will be regretting.”
23:41  So, The Scream took them, with the right, so We set them up as scum. So away for the oppressor kinsfolk.
23:42  Then, after them, We initiated another generation.
23:43  None among a community will precede its term, nor will they postpone it.
23:44  Then We sent Our messengers successively. Whenever each community's messenger came to it, they falsified him. So, We follow some of them, some others, and We set them up as narrations. So away for kinsfolk who do not believe.
23:45  Then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron, with Our verses and an apparent sultan.
23:46  To Pharaoh and his chieftains, so they arrogate. And they were haughty kinsfolk.
23:47  So, they said, “Should we believe in two humankinds like us, and their kinsfolk are worshipers for us?”
23:48  So they falsified them, so they were among the destroyed ones.
23:49  And We already gave Moses the Book, perhaps they may be guided.
23:50  And We set up Mary’s son and his mother a verse, and We sheltered them to a hill that has a settlement and water springs.
23:51  O the messengers, eat from the good things, and work righteous. I am with what you are working, knower.
23:52  And surely this is your community, a one community, and I am your Lord, so show the piety of Me.
23:53  So, they cut their matter between themselves into blocks; each party is rejoicing with what they have.
23:54  So forsake them in their overwhelming, until a while.
23:55  Are they considering that, what We extend them with it only, from money and sons.
23:56  That We are hastening for them in goodness? Nay, but they are unaware.
23:57  Surely those who, from their Lord’s awe, are apprehended.
23:58  And those who with their Lord’s Verses are believing.
23:59  And those who are with their Lord not associating.
23:60  And those who give what they were given, while their cores felt fear, surely, they are to their Lord will be returning.
23:61  Those are hastening in goodness. And they for it outstrippers.
23:62  And We do not charge a soul except its capacity. And with Us is a Book that speaks with the right, and they will not be oppressed.
23:63  Nay, but their cores are overwhelmed from this; and they have without that, works which they are working for it.
23:64  Until, when We take their luxurious ones with the torment, behold, they will be groaning.
23:65  Do not groan Today. Surely you will not be victorious from Us.
23:66  My Verses were already recited upon you, so you were turning back upon your heels.
23:67  You are arrogating with it, talking by night obscenely.
23:68  So, have they not pondered the saying? Or has come to them what has not come to their former parents?
23:69  Or is it that they did not recognize their messenger, so they are denying him?
23:70  Or do they say, "Within him is madness?" Nay, but he brought them with the right, and most of them for the right, haters.
23:71  And if the right followed their desires, it would have spoiled the skies, the earth, and whoever is in them. Nay, but We have brought them with their reminder, so they are about their reminder, turning away.
23:72  Or you ask them for a tribute? So, your Lord’s tribute is goodness, and He is the best of the livelihood providers.
23:73  And surely you are calling them to a straight path.
23:74  And surely those who are not believing in the Hereafter are swerving about the path.
23:75  And if We mercified them, and uncovered what is with them among the harm, they would persist in their tyranny, confusing blindly.
23:76  And We have already taken them with the torment, so they did not succumb to their Lord, nor did they humbly supplicate.
23:77  Until, when We opened upon them a door, possessor of severe torment, behold! they are bewildered within it.
23:78  And He is the one who initiated for you the hearing, and the sights, and the hearts. A little is what you are thanking.
23:79  And He is the one who produced you on the earth, and to Him you are mustering.
23:80  And He is the one who gives life and causes death, and for Him is the night difference and the day. So, will you not be reasoning?
23:81  Nay, but they said alike, of what the formers said.
23:82  They said, “When we die, and we are dust and bones, will we be raised up?
23:83  We have already promised this before, we and our parents, surely this is none except, the formers’ legends.”
23:84  Say, “For whom the earth, and whoever is in it, if you are knowing?”
23:85  They will say, “For Allah.” Say, “So, will you not be remembering?”
23:86  Say, “Who is the seven skies Lord, and The Great Throne’s Lord?”
23:87  They will say, “For Allah.” Say, “So, will you not be showing piety?”
23:88  Say, “Who with his hand is everything's kingdom, and He shields and cannot be shield against Him, if you were knowing?”
23:89  They will say, “For Allah.” Say, “Then how are you bewitched?”
23:90  Nay, but We have brought them with the right, and they are surely liars.
23:91  Allah has not taken among a son, and there was not with Him among a god. For then, each God would have gone with what he has created and would some of them be higher over some others. Glorified is Allah, about what they are describing.
23:92  The unseen’s Knower and the witness. So high exalted is He above what they are associating.
23:93  Say, “My Lord, if you would show me what they are promised.
23:94  My Lord, so do not set me up within the oppressor kinsfolk.”
23:95  And surely, We are able upon showing you what We promise them.
23:96  Push with which is excelled, the badness. We are knower, with what they are describing.
23:97  And say, “My Lord, I am incanting with you from the devils' prods.
23:98  And I am incanting with you, my Lord, lest they be presenting with me.”
23:99  Until, when death comes to one of them, he said, “My Lord, return me back.
23:100  Perhaps I may be working righteous, within what I have quit. '' No! It is a word he is saying, and from behind them is a barrier, till the Day they are raised.
23:101  So, when it is blown in The Horn, So there are no pedigrees between them on that Day, nor they questioned (Each other).
23:102  So, whoever his weights heavied, so those are the gainers.
23:103  And whoever his weights lightened, so those are who have lost themselves; in Gohanam (Hell), immortals.
23:104  The Fire singes their faces, and they are therein, glumming.
23:105  “Were not My verses recited upon you, so you were falsifying it?”
23:106  They said, “Our Lord, our unhappiness overcame us and we were an astray kinsfolk.
23:107  Our Lord! Exit us from it. And if we ever return, we surely are oppressors.”
23:108  He said, “Be despised therein, and do not speak to Me.
23:109  Surely there is a team among My slaves, say, `Our Lord, we have believed, so forgive us, and mercy us; And You are the Best of the merciful ones.'
23:110  So, you took them mockery, until they made you forget My reminder; and you were from them, laughing.
23:111  Surely Today, I recompensed them with what they have been patient with. Surely, they are the winners.”
23:112  He said, “How many lunar years (counted) have you tarried on the earth?”
23:113  They said, “We tarried a day, or part of a day; so, ask the counting ones.”
23:114  He said, “Surely you were not tarried except a little, if you were knowing.
23:115  So would you only consider that We created you vainly, and that you will not return to Us?”
23:116  So Exalted is Allah, Al-Malik (The King), Al-Haq (The Right). There is no God except Him, The Noble Throne’s Lord.
23:117  And whoever calls with Allah another God, he has no evidence with it, so his reckoning is at his Lord. Surely the infidels will not be gaining.
23:118  And say, “My Lord, forgive and mercy, and you are the Best of the merciful ones.