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23:1  Blissful are the believers'
23:2  Those who in their prayer are lowly
23:3  And those who from everything vain turn away
23:4  And those who for the sake of purification are doers
23:5  And those who of their private Parts are guards
23:6  Save in regard to their spouses and those whom their right hands own: so they are not blameworthy
23:7  And Whosoever seeketh beyond that, then it is these who are the transgressor
23:8  And those who of their trusts and covenant are keepers
23:9  And those who of their prayers are observant
23:10  These! they are the inheritors
23:11  Who shall inherit Paradise; therein they shall be abiders
23:12  And assuredly We created man of an extract of clay
23:13  Thereafter We made him of a Sperm In a receptacle safe
23:14  -Thereafter We created the sperm a clot; then We created the clot a lump of flesh; then We created the lump of flesh bones; then We clothed the bones with flesh: thereafter We brought him forth as anot her creature. Blest then be Allah, the Best of creators
23:15  Then verily, thereafter, ye are sure to die
23:16  Then verily on the Day of Judgment ye shall be raised up
23:17  And assuredly We created above you seven paths, and of the creation We have not been neglectful
23:18  And We sent down from the heaven water in measure, and We caused it to settle in the earth; and verily to take it away We are Able
23:19  Then We brought forth for you therewith gardens of date- palm and vines; for you therein are fruits many, and thereof ye eat
23:20  And also a tree that springeth forth from mount Sinai, that groweth oil and is a sauce for the eaters
23:21  And verily in the cattle for you is a lesson. We give you to drink of that which is in their bellies, and for you in them are advantages many, and of them ye eat
23:22  And on them and on the ship ye are borne
23:23  And assuredly We sent Nuh unto his people, and he said: O my people! worship Allah; for you there is no god but he; will ye not then fear Him
23:24  Then said the chiefs of those who disbelieved among his people: this is no other than a human being like unto you, he seeketh to make himself superior unto; and if God had willed, He would save sent down angels; we have not heard of this among our fathers ancient
23:25  He is only a man in whom is madness wherefore await for him for a season
23:26  Nuh said: my Lord! vindicate me, for they belie me
23:27  Then We revealed unto him, saying: build the ark under Our eyes and Our Revelation; then when Our command cometh and the oven boileth over, make way therein of every pair two, and thy household save him thereof against whom there hath already gone forth the word; and address me not in respect of those who have done wrong; verily they are to be drowned
23:28  And when thou art settled, thou and those with thee, in the ark, say thou: praise unto Allah who hath delivered us from the wrong doing people
23:29  And say thou , my Lord! cause me to land at a landing blest, and thou art the Best of these who bring to land
23:30  Verily in that are signs; verily We have ever been provers
23:31  Then, after them We brought forth anot her generation
23:32  Then We sent amongst them an apostle from amongst themselves, saying: worship Allah, for you there is no god but he; will ye then not fear Him
23:33  And said the chiefs of those who disbelieved among his people and belied the meeting of the Hereafter and whom We had luxuriated in the life of the World: this is no other than a human being like unto you: he eateth of that whereof ye eat, and he drinketh of that which ye drink
23:34  And were ye to obey a human being like you, ye are forthwith to be losers
23:35  Promiseth he unto you that ye, when ye have died and have become dust and bones, ye are to be brought forth
23:36  Away! away with that wherewith ye are promised
23:37  There is nought but our life of the world; we die and we live, and we are not going to be raised Up
23:38  He is but a man who hath fabricated against God a lie, and in him we are not going to be believers
23:39  He said: my Lord! vindicate for they belie me
23:40  Allah said: after a little while they will become regretful
23:41  Then the shout laid hold of them in truth, and We made them a refuse; so away with the wrong-doing people
23:42  Then after them We brought forth other generations
23:43  No community can anticipate their term, nor can they lay behind
23:44  Thereafter We sent Our apostles, successively. So oft as there came unto a community their apostle, they belied him, so We made them follow one anot her, and We made them bywords: so away with a people who believe not
23:45  Thereafter We sent Musa and his brother Harun with Our signs and an authority manifest
23:46  Unto Fir'awn and his chiefs, but they grew stiff-necked, and they were a people self-exalting
23:47  So they said: shall we believe In two human beings like unto us, while their nation are to us slaves
23:48  Then they belied the twain; so they became of those who were destroyed
23:49  And assuredly We vouchsafed unto Musa the Book, that haply they may be guided
23:50  And We made the son of Maryam and his mother a sign; and We sheltered the twain on a height: a quiet abode and running water
23:51  O Ye apostles! eat the good things and work righteously; verily of that which ye work I am the Knower
23:52  And verily this religion of yours is one religion, and I am your Lord, so fear Me
23:53  Then they cut their affair among them in regard to the Scriptures: each band in that which is with them rejoicing
23:54  Wherefore leave thou them in their bewilderment for a season
23:55  Deem they that in the wealth and sons wherewith We enlarge them
23:56  We are hastening them on to good things? Aye! they perceive not
23:57  Verily those who for fear of their Lord are in awe
23:58  And those who in the signs of their Lord do believe
23:59  And those who with their Lord associate not anyone
23:60  And those who give whatsoever they give, while their hearts are anxious that unto their Lord they are to be retutner
23:61  These are hastening on to good, and they are therein foremost
23:62  And We task not any soul except according to its capacity, and with Us is a book speaking with truth, and they will not be wronged
23:63  Aye! their hearts are in bewilderment in respect thereof, and they have works beside that, of which they are workers
23:64  Until when We lay hold of the luxuriant ones of them with the torment, and lo! then they are imploring
23:65  Implore not to-day; verily ye from Us are not to be succoured
23:66  Surely My signs have been rehearsed unto you, and upon your heel ye were wont to draw back
23:67  Stiff-necked, discoursing thereof by night, reviling
23:68  Pondered they not over the Word? or came there unto them that which came not unto their fathers ancient
23:69  Or, is it that they recognised not their apostle, and so of him they become deniers
23:70  Or, say they: in him is madness? O Aye he brought them the truth, and most of them to the truth are averse
23:71  And were the truth to follow their desires there would have been corrupted the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is therein. Aye! We have come to them with their admonition; so it is from their admonition that they turn away
23:72  Or, is it that thou askest of them any maintenance? The maintenance of thy Lord is better, and He is the Best of providers
23:73  And verily thou! thou callest them unto a Path straight
23:74  And verily those who believe not in the Hereafter are from the path deviating
23:75  And though We have mercy on them We may remove whatsoever of hurt is with them, surely they would persist in their exorbitance, wandering perplexed
23:76  And assuredly We took hold of them with the torment, yet they humbled not themselves to their Lord, nor did they entreat
23:77  Until when we shall open upon them a portal of severe torment, and lo! thereat they are desparin
23:78  And He it is Who brought forth for you hearing and sight and hearts, little thanks ye give
23:79  And He it is Who spread you on the earth, and unto Him ye will be gathered
23:80  And He it is Who quickeneth and causeth to die, and His is the alternation of night and day; will ye not then reflect
23:81  Aye! they say the like of that which said the ancients
23:82  They say: when we are dead, and have become dust and bones, shall we verily be raised up
23:83  Assuredly this we have been promised--we and our fathers-- aforetime: naught is this but the fables of the ancients
23:84  Say thou: whose is the earth and whosoever is therein, if you know
23:85  They will surely say: God's. Say thou: will ye not then heed
23:86  Say thou: who is Lord of the seven heavens and Lord of the mighty throne
23:87  They will surely say: God. Say thou: will ye not then fear
23:88  Saythou: in whose hands is the governance of everything, and who sheltereth but from whom none is sheltered, if ye know
23:89  They will surely say: God's. Say thou: how then are ye turned away
23:90  Aye! We have brought them the truth and verily they are the liars
23:91  Allah hath not betaken to Himself any son, and there is not along Him any god; else each god would have gone off with that which he had created, and one of them would have exalted himself above the others. Hallowed be Allah above that which they ascribe
23:92  Knower of the unseen and the seen, Exalted is He above that which they associate
23:93  Say thou; my Lord! if Thou wilt shew me that wherewith they are threatened
23:94  My Lord! then place me not among the wrong-doing people
23:95  And verily to shew them that wherewith We threaten them We are surely Able
23:96  Repel thou the evil with that which is the best, We are the Best Knower of that which they utter
23:97  And say thou: my Lord! I seek refuge with Thee against the whisperings of the satans
23:98  And I seek refuge with Thee, my Lord! lest they may be present with m
23:99  lt ceaseth not until when death cometh to one of them, and he saith: my Lord! send me back
23:100  That I may work righteously in that which have left. By no means! It is but a word he uttereth; and before them is a barrier until the Day when they shall be raised
23:101  Then when the Trumpet is blown there will be no lineage among them that Day, nor will they ask of each other
23:102  Then he whose balances shall be heavy --these! they are the blissful ones
23:103  And he whose balances shall be light--these are they who have lost themselves: in Hell they are abiders
23:104  The Fire will scorch their faces, and therein they shall be grinning
23:105  Have not My revelations been rehearsed unto you, and them ye have been belying
23:106  They will say: our Lord! our wretchedness overcame, us, and we have been a people erring
23:107  O our Lord! take us forth from it: then if we return, we shall be wrong-doers indeed
23:108  He shall say: slink away there unto, and speak not unto Me
23:109  Verily there was a party of My bondmen who said: our Lord! we have believed, wherefore forgive us and have mercy upon us, and Thou art the Best of the merciful ones
23:110  Then ye took them mockingly, so that they caused you to forget remembrance of Me, and at them ye were wont to laugh
23:111  Verily I have recompensed them today for they bear patiently, verily they! are the achievers
23:112  He will say: how long tarried ye on the earth in number of year
23:113  -They will say we tarried a day or part of a day; ask those who keep count
23:114  He will say: ye tarried a little indeed; would that ye had known that
23:115  Deem ye that We have created you in vain and that unto Us ye are not to be returned
23:116  So exalted be Allah, the True King! there is no god but he, Lord of the Throne honoured
23:117  And whosoever calleth, along with Allah, unto anot her god, of whom he hath no warranty, then his reckoning is only with his Lord; verily thrive will not the infidels
23:118  And say thou: my Lord! forgive and have mercy, and Thou art the Best of the merciful ones