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23:1  Indeed successful are those believer
23:2  who are humble in their Salah (prayers)
23:3  who avoid vain talk
23:4  who are punctual in the payment of Zakah (charity)
23:5  who guard their private part
23:6  except with their spouses or those who are legally in their possession, for in that case they shall not be blame
23:7  - however those who seek to go beyond that in lust are the ones who shall be the transgressor
23:8  - who are true to their trust and covenants
23:9  and who are diligent about their Salah (prayers)
23:10  These are the heir
23:11  who will inherit paradise; and live therein forever
23:12  Indeed We have created man from an essence of clay
23:13  then placed him as a drop of semen in a firm resting place
23:14  then changed the semen into a leechlike mass, then leechlike mass into a fetus lump, then fetus lump into bones, then clothed the bones with flesh, and then We brought him forth as quite a different creature from the embryo - so blessed is Allah, the best of all creators
23:15  Then after living for a while you shall all die
23:16  then most surely you shall be raised to life again on the Day of Resurrection
23:17  We have made seven avenues (heavens) above you; and We are never unmindful of Our creation
23:18  We send down water from the sky according to a due measure, then We cause it to settle in the soil - you should know that if We please, We can certainly take it awa
23:19  - then with it We cause to grow gardens of palm trees and grapes for you; yielding abundant fruit for you to eat
23:20  and also a tree which grows on Mount Sinai which produces oil and relish as a food for those who like to eat it
23:21  In cattle, too, there is a lesson for you: from within their bodies We produce milk for you to drink, besides this you gain numerous other benefits; some of them you eat
23:22  yet on others as well as on ships you ride
23:23  We sent Noah to his people. He said, "O my people! Worship Allah, you have no other god but Him, are you not afraid of Him for committing shirk?"
23:24  The chiefs of the unbelievers among his people said, "Noah is but a human like you, he desires to assert his superiority over you. If Allah wanted to send Messengers, He could have sent down angels, we have never heard such a thing as he says from our forefathers."
23:25  Some of them said: "He is just a madman, so bear with him for a while."
23:26  Noah said, "O my Lord! Help me against their calling me a liar."
23:27  So We revealed Our will to him, saying: "Build an ark under our supervision according to Our instructions; and when Our judgement comes to pass and water wells out from 'At-Tannur', take aboard a pair (a male and a female) from every species and take your family, except those of them against whom the judgement has already been passed; and do not plead with Me in favor of the wrongdoers, for they are doomed to be drowned in the flood
23:28  Then when you have embarked on the ark with your companions, say: "Praise be to Allah Who has delivered us from the nation of wrongdoers,"
23:29  and pray, "O my Lord! Bless my landing from this Ark, for You are the best to make my landing safe."
23:30  There are many lessons in this story, and surely We do test people
23:31  Then We raised after them a new generation (the people of ‘Ad)
23:32  and sent to them a Messenger (Hud) from among themselves, who said to them: "Worship Allah! You have no other god except Him. Will you not fear Him for committing shirk?"
23:33  But the chiefs of his people - who disbelieved the message and denied the life in the hereafter, - on whom We had bestowed affluence in this worldly life, said: "This person is but a human like you; he eats of what you eat and drinks of what you drink
23:34  If you obey a human like yourselves, you shall indeed be lost
23:35  What! Does he claim that when you are dead and turned into dust and bones, you will be brought to life out of your graves
23:36  Impossible! Just impossible is that with which you are being threatened with
23:37  There is no other life but our life of this world: we live here and die here, and shall never be raised to life again
23:38  This man is but an impostor, forging a lie against Allah, and we are not going to believe him."
23:39  At this the Messenger prayed: "O my Lord! Help me against their calling me a liar."
23:40  Allah responded: "After a short time they will surely be sorry."
23:41  So the Blast overtook them in all justice and We swept them away like the rubbish of dead leaves - so gone is the nation of wrongdoers
23:42  After them We raised other generation
23:43  - no people can hasten their term nor can they postpone i
23:44  - and sent forth Our Messengers one after another: every time a Messenger came to his people, they disbelieved him, so We punished them one by one and made them a history; so gone is the nation of disbelievers
23:45  Then We sent Moses and his brother Haroon (Aaron) with Our signs and clear authority
23:46  to Pharoah (Pharaoh) and his chiefs: but they received them with arrogance for they were very haughty people
23:47  They said: "What! Should we believe in two human beings like ourselves, and whose people are our slaves?"
23:48  So they disbelieved both of them and became among those who were destroyed
23:49  And We gave Moses the Book, so that his people might be rightly guided
23:50  And We made the son of Mary (Jesus) and his mother a sign for mankind, and gave them a shelter on a peaceful lofty ground, furnished with a fresh spring
23:51  O Messengers! Eat of pure things and do good deeds, certainly I have knowledge of all your actions
23:52  In fact, your religion is one religion, and I am your only Lord: so fear Me Alone
23:53  Yet people have divided themselves into factions and each faction rejoices in its own doctrine
23:54  - well! Leave them in their heedlessness for an appointed time
23:55  Do they think that, in giving them wealth and children
23:56  We are eager for their welfare? By no means! They do not understand the reality of the matter
23:57  Surely those who live cautiously for fear of their Lord
23:58  who believe in the revelations of their Lord
23:59  who do not commit shirk with their Lord
23:60  who give to charity whatever they can give, and their hearts are full of fear by the very idea that they shall have to return to their Lord
23:61  it is they who rush in doing good deeds and try to be the first in attaining them
23:62  We charge no soul with more than it can bear; We have a Book of record which shall clearly tell the truth, and they shall not be treated unjustly
23:63  But their hearts are blind to all this; and their deeds are also different from the believers. They will continue doing their misdeed
23:64  until when We seize those of them who live in comfort with punishment; lo! Then they start crying for help in supplication
23:65  We shall say: "Do not cry for help this Day, for surely from Us you shall receive no help
23:66  My revelations were recited to you, but you used to turn back on your heel
23:67  in arrogance, talking nonsense about The Qur’an like one telling fables by night
23:68  Do they not ponder over the Word of Allah or has anything new come to them which did not come to their forefathers
23:69  Or is it because they do not recognize their Messenger, who is a member of their own community, that they deny him
23:70  Or are they really convinced that he is a madman? Nay! In fact he has brought them the Truth and most of them dislike the Truth
23:71  - Had the Truth followed their appetites, the heavens, the earth and everything therein would have been disrupted. Nay! We have given them their reminder, but they are heedless to their reminder
23:72  Or is it that you are asking them for some recompense? But the recompense of your Lord is the best, for He is the best provider of sustenance
23:73  As a matter of fact, you (O Muhammad) are calling them to the Straight Way
23:74  and surely those who do not believe in the hereafter will ever stray from the Straight Way
23:75  If We show them mercy and relieve them of their affliction, they would obstinately persist in their rebellion, blindly wandering to and fro
23:76  for even now, when We have inflicted punishment on them, they have neither submitted to their Lord nor humbled themselves towards Him
23:77  Until when We open upon them a gate of severe punishment, you will see that they are plunged in utter despair
23:78  It is Allah Who has given you ears, eyes and hearts - yet seldom you show gratitud
23:79  - it is He Who has placed you in the earth and before Him you shall all be assembled on the Day of Judgement
23:80  It is He Who gives life and cause you to die, and in His control is the alternation of the night and the day: then why don’t you understand
23:81  On the contrary they just say what their forefathers said before them
23:82  who said: "What! After death when our bodies become dust and bones, could we really be raised to life again
23:83  We have heard many such threats and so did our forefathers before us. These are nothing but legends of primitive people."
23:84  Say: "To whom belongs the earth and everything therein? Tell me if you know?"
23:85  They will promptly reply: "to Allah!" Ask them: "Then why you do not use your common sense and believe in Him?"
23:86  Say: "Who is the Lord of the seven heavens and the Lord of the Glorious Throne?"
23:87  Right away they will say: "Allah." Ask them: "Then why you do not fear Him?"
23:88  Say: "In whose hands is the sovereignty of all things, protecting all, while against Him there is no protection? Tell me if you know."
23:89  Quickly they will reply: "Allah." Ask them: "Then how can you be so bewitched?"
23:90  The fact of the matter is that We have brought them the Truth, and undoubtedly these people are liars
23:91  Never has Allah begotten a son, nor is there any god besides Him. Had it been so, each god would govern his own creation, and each would have tried to overpower the others. Exalted be Allah, above the sort of things they attribute to Him
23:92  He knows what is hidden and what is open: far above is He from the shirk of these people
23:93  Pray: "O my Lord! If You inflict that punishment with which they are being threatened in my lifetime
23:94  then O Lord, do not include me amongst these unjust people."
23:95  Surely We have the power to let you see the punishment with which they are being threatened
23:96  Repel evil with good - We are fully aware of their slander
23:97  - and say, "O my Lord! I seek refuge in You from the prompting of the Satans
23:98  and O Lord! I seek refuge in You even from their coming near me."
23:99  These people will never refrain from wrongdoing until when death comes to anyone of them, he will say: "O Lord! Send me back
23:100  so that I may do good deeds in the world that I have left behind." Never! This is just a statement which carries no value, it will be too late because there will be a barrier between them and the world they have just left till the Day they are raised to life again
23:101  On the Day when the Trumpet will be blown, they will neither have worldly relations between them any more, nor will they ask about each other
23:102  Then only those whose weight of good deeds is heavy, will attain salvation
23:103  As for those whose weight of good deeds is light, they will be the ones who have lost their souls to live in hell forever
23:104  The Fire will burn their faces and they will grin therein with their lips displaced
23:105  We shall say to them: "Were My revelations not recited to you, and did you not deny them?"
23:106  They will say: "O our Lord! Our misfortune overwhelmed us and we became erring folk
23:107  Our Lord! Get us out of here; if we ever return to sin, then we shall indeed be wrongdoers."
23:108  In answer to this Allah will say: "Stay here in shame and do not plead with Me
23:109  For you are the same people, who used to make fun of some of My worshippers who prayed: ‘Our Lord, We believe in You; please forgive us and have mercy on us, for You are the Best of those who show mercy!
23:110  But you ridiculed them so much, that you even forgot My very existence, and went on laughing at them
23:111  Today I have rewarded them for their fortitude, and they are the ones who have achieved bliss."
23:112  They will be asked: "How many years did you live on earth?"
23:113  They will reply: "We lived there a day or part of a day; You may ask those who kept the count."
23:114  It will be said: "Well, now you know that your stay was just a little while - what a pity, you did not believe it then!"
23:115  Did you think that We had created you without any purpose and that you would never return to Us for accountability?"
23:116  Therefore, exalted be Allah, the Real King; there is no god but Him, the Lord of the Honorable Throne
23:117  Whoever invokes another god besides Allah - about whose divinity he has no proof -he will have to give an account to his Lord. Surely such unbelievers will never attain salvation
23:118  Say: "O Lord, forgive, have Mercy, You are the Best of those who show mercy!"