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23:1  The believers had succeeded/won
23:2  Those who in their prayers they are humble/submissive
23:3  And those who from the nonsense/senseless talk, they are objecting/turning away
23:4  And those who to the charity/purification , they are making/doing
23:5  And those who to their genital parts between their legs they are protecting/guarding
23:6  Except on (to) their spouses or what their rights/oaths owned/possessed (i.e. caregivers under contract), so they truly are not blameworthy/blamed
23:7  So who asked/desired behind/beyond that, so those are the transgressors
23:8  And those whom to their securities/trusts , and their promise/contract they are protecting/observin
23:9  And those whom, they are on their prayers they are protecting/observing
23:10  Those, they are the heirs/inheritants
23:11  Those who inherit the Elfirdowse/one of the paradises/garden , they are in it immortally/ eternally
23:12  And We had created the human from (a) descendent/gene/extract from mud/clay
23:13  Then We created/made him a drop/male's or female's secretion in (a) firm/established bottom
23:14  Then We created the drop/male's or female's secretion (into) a blood clot/sperm/ semen , so We created the blood clot/sperm/semen (into) a piece of something chewable of flesh or other , so We created the piece of something chewable of flesh or other (into) bones , so We dressed/clothed the bones (with) flesh/meat, then We originated/developed him (into) another creation, so blessed (is) God, best (of) the creators
23:15  Then that you are after that dying (E)
23:16  Then that you are (on) the Resurrection Day being resurrected/revived
23:17  And We had created above you, seven stages/layers, and We were not from/of the creation ignoring/neglecting
23:18  And We descended from the sky/space water with a measure/quantity , so We settled it in the land/Earth , and We are on taking away/eliminating with it capable/able (E)
23:19  So We originated/developed for you with it treed gardens/paradises from palm trees and grapes, for you in it (are) many/much fruits, and from it you eat
23:20  And a tree emerges from Sinai's mountain , it sprouts/grows with the oil/fat/grease and dye/colour to the eaters/gluttons
23:21  And that truly for you in the camels/livestock (is) an example/warning (E) , We make you drink from what (is) in its bellies/insides, and for you in it (are) many benefits/uses, and from it you eat
23:22  And on it and on the ships, you are being carried/lifted
23:23  And We had sent Noah to his nation, so he said: "You my nation, worship God, (there is) no God for you from other than Him, so do you not fear and obey?"
23:24  So said the nobles/assembly from those who disbelieved from his nation: "That (is) not except a human similar to you he wants that (he) makes himself more preferred/favoured on (to) you, and if God willed/wanted , He would have descended angels, we did not hear with that in our fathers/forefathers, the first/beginners."
23:25  That he is except a man with him (is) insanity, so wait with him until a time
23:26  He said: "My Lord, give me victory/aid because (of) what they denied me ."
23:27  So We inspired/transmitted to him: "That produce/manufacture the ship/ships with Our eyes/sights, and Our inspiration/revelation , so if Our order/command came, and the furnace/kiln/elten'noor boiled over/gushed, so enter/pass in it from every/each pair/couple two, and your family/people , except whom the words preceded on him from them, and do not address/converse with Me in (about) those who were unjust/oppressive, that they are being drowned/sunken."
23:28  And if/when you sat on/tended to and who (is) with you on the ship/ships, so say: 'The praise/gratitude/thanks (is) to God who saved/rescued us from the nation the unjust/oppressive.
23:29  And say: "My Lord, descend me a blessed place of decent, and you are best (of) the senders of the descenders (host)."
23:30  That in that (are) evidences/signs (E), and if We were testing (E)
23:31  Then We originated/developed from after them people of one era/generation/century, others
23:32  So We sent in (between) them a messenger from them: "That worship God, (there is) no God for you from other than Him, so do you not fear and obey?"
23:33  And the assembly/nobles from his nation those who disbelieved and denied/falsified with meeting the end (other life), and We blessed/luxuriated them in the life the present/worldly life said: "That is not except a human equal to you , he eats from what you eat from it, and he drinks from what you drink."
23:34  And if (E) you obeyed a human equal to you , that you are then losers (E)
23:35  Does he promise you, that you are if you died and you were dust/earth and bones, that you are being brought out
23:36  How far/how impossible ? How far/how impossible to what you are being promised
23:37  That truly it is except our life the present/worldly life, we die, and we live, and we are not with being resurrected/revived
23:38  That he is except a man he fabricated/cut and split on (about) God lies/falsifications , and we are not to him with believing
23:39  He said: "My Lord, give me victory/aid because (of) what they denied me ."
23:40  He said: "On what little (shortly) they (will) become/become in the morning regretful/remorseful ."
23:41  So the loud strong cry/torture raid punished/took them with the truth , so We made them rotten/useless , so a destruction/curse to the nation the unjust/oppressive
23:42  Then We originated/developed from after them generations/peoples of eras/centuries, others
23:43  None from a nation precedes its term/time and they do not delay/lag behind
23:44  Then We sent Our messengers successively/periodically , whenever a nation its messenger came to it, they denied him , so We made some of them follow some, and We made them information , so a destruction/curse to a nation they do not believe
23:45  Then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron, with Our verses/evidences and an evident proof/evidence
23:46  To Pharaoh, and his nobles/assembly , so they became arrogant and they were a high and mighty nation
23:47  So they said: "Do we believe to two humans equal to us , and their (B)'s nation (are) to us worshipping?"
23:48  So they denied them (B) , so they were from the perished/destroyed
23:49  And We had given/brought to Moses The Book , maybe/perhaps they be guided
23:50  And We made Mary's son and his mother, an evidence/sign , and We sheltered them (B) to an elevated ground/hill of (with a) bottom and flowing easily and plentifully
23:51  You, you the messengers, eat from the goodnesses , and make/do correct/righteous deeds, that I am with what you make/do knowledgeable
23:52  And that this (is) your nation, one nation and I am your Lord so fear and obey Me
23:53  So they separated their matter/affair (into) pieces every/each group/party with what (is) at them, they are happy/delighted
23:54  So leave them in their ignorance/hatred until a time/period of time
23:55  Do they think/suppose that We extend/spread them with it from property/possession/wealth and sons/sons and daughters
23:56  We rush/quicken for them in the goodnesses/generosity, but they do not feel/know/sense
23:57  That those who, they are from their Lord's fearing cautious/compassionate
23:58  And those who, they are with their Lord's verses/evidences believing
23:59  And those who, they are with their Lord, they do not share/make partners
23:60  And those who give/bring what they gave/brought, and their hearts/minds (are) afraid/apprehensive that they are to their Lord returning
23:61  Those, they speed/rush in the goodnesses/generosity, and they are to it racing/surpassing
23:62  And We do not burden/impose (on) a self except its endurance/capacity and at Us (is) a Book (it) speaks/clarifies with the truth , and they are not being caused injustice to/oppressed
23:63  But their hearts/minds (are) in ignorance/intensity from this, and for them (are) deeds other than that, they are to it doing/working
23:64  Until when We took/punished their luxuriated ungrateful and arrogant with the torture, then, where/when they cry aloud and humbly/pray
23:65  Do not cry aloud and humbly/pray the day/today, that you are from Us not being given victory/aid
23:66  My verses/evidences had been read/recited on (to) you, so you were on your heels returning/withdrawing
23:67  Arrogantly conversing at night, you speak disgustedly/obscenely with (about) it
23:68  Did they not consider/regulate the word/opinion and belief ? Or came to them what did not come (to) their fathers, the first/beginners
23:69  Or they did not know (recognize) their messenger, so they are to him denying/ignoring
23:70  Or they say: "With him (is) insanity/madness." But he came to them with the truth , and most of them to the truth (are) hating
23:71  And if the truth followed their self attractions for desires , the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth and who (is) in them (B) would have (been) corrupted/destroyed , but We came/brought to them with their reminder, so they are from their reminder objecting/opposing
23:72  Or you ask/question them (for) a royalty/retainer , so your Lord's royalty/retainer (is) best , and He is the provider's best
23:73  And that you call them to a straight/direct road/way
23:74  And that those who do not believe with the end (other life) are from the road/way deviating/siding away (E)
23:75  And if We had mercy upon them, and We removed/uncovered (relieved) what (is) with them from harm, they would have persisted, excessed and insisted in their tyranny/arrogance being confused/puzzled
23:76  And We had taken/punished them with the torture so they did not become humiliated/disgraced to their Lord, and they do not become humble and humiliate themselves
23:77  Until when We opened on them a door/entrance of strong (severe) torture, then they are in it, they are confused/dumbfounded
23:78  And He is who originated/developed for you the hearing/listening and the eye sights/knowledge, and the hearts , little (is) what you thank/be grateful
23:79  And He is who created/seeded you in the earth/Planet Earth, and to Him you are being gathered
23:80  And He is who revives/makes alive and makes die, and to Him the night's and the daytime's difference, so do you not reason/comprehend
23:81  But they said similar/equal (to) what the first/beginners said
23:82  They said: "Is (it that) if we died, and we were dust/earth and bones, are we being resurrected/revived (E)?"
23:83  We had been promised this from before, we, and our fathers, that this (is) except the first's/beginner's myths/baseless stories
23:84  Say: "To whom (is) the earth/Planet Earth and who (is) in it, if you were knowing?"
23:85  They will say: "To God." Say: "So do you not mention/remember ?"
23:86  Say: "Who (is) the seven skies' Lord, and the great throne's Lord?"
23:87  They will say: "To God." Say: "So do you not fear and obey?"
23:88  Say: "Who (is) with (in) His hand every thing's ownership , and He protects/defends, and is not (to) be protected/defended on him, if you were knowing?"
23:89  They will say: "To God," Say: "So how (do) you be bewitched/enchanted/corrupted ?"
23:90  But We came/brought/gave to them with the truth, and that they are lying/denying
23:91  God did not take/receive from a child (son), and (there) was not from a god with Him, then each/every god would have gone with what he created, and some of them would have heightened/elevated over some, God's praise/glory about what they describe/categorize
23:92  Knower (of) the unseen/hidden and the testimony/presence , so (He is) high, mighty, exalted and dignified about what they share/make partners (with Him)
23:93  Say: "My Lord, if you show me what they are being promised."
23:94  My Lord, so do not make/put me in (between) the nation the unjust/oppressive
23:95  And We (E) on that We show you what We promise them (are) capable/able (E)
23:96  Push/repel the sin/crime with which it is best , We are more knowledgeable with what they describe/categorize
23:97  And say: "My Lord, I seek protection by You from the devils' urges/suggestions
23:98  And I seek protection by you, my Lord, that they attend/come to me
23:99  Until when the death/lifelessness came to one of them, he said: "My Lord return me."
23:100  Maybe/perhaps I make/do correct/righteous deeds in what I left. No but it is a word/expression he is saying it, and from behind them (is) a barrier to a day/time they be resurrected/revived
23:101  So if the horn/bugle was blown in, so (there are) no relations/kin between them (on) that day , and nor they ask/question each other
23:102  So who his weights/measures became heavy, so those are the successful/winners
23:103  And who his weights/measures were reduced/lightened, so those (are) those who lost themselves in Hell immortally/eternally
23:104  The fire scorches/burns their faces/fronts, and they are in it gloomy/grim
23:105  Were not My verses/evidences read/recited on (to) you, so you were with it lying/denying
23:106  They said: "Our Lord our misery/unhappiness defeated/overcame on us, and we were a misguided nation."
23:107  Our Lord, bring us out from it, so if we returned, so we are (then) unjust/oppressive
23:108  He said: "Be despised/humiliated in it, and do not converse/speak (to) me ."
23:109  That it truly was a group from My worshippers/slaves saying: "Our Lord, we believed, so forgive for us and have mercy upon us, and you are best (of) the merciful."
23:110  So you took/received them mocking/ridiculing until they made you forget My remembrance/reminder and you were laughing/wondering from them
23:111  That I rewarded/reimbursed them the day/today because (of) what they were patient, that they are, they are the winners/successful
23:112  Say: "How much/many number/numerous years you remained in the earth/Planet Earth?"
23:113  They said: "We stayed/remained a day or part (of) a day , so ask/question the counting."
23:114  He said: "That truly that you stayed/remained except little , if that you were knowing."
23:115  Did you think/suppose , that We created you playfully and mockingly , and that you are not being returned to Us
23:116  So high, mighty, exalted and dignified (is) God the king/owner/possessor, the truth/just , (there is) no God except Him, Lord (of) the throne , the honoured
23:117  And who calls with God another god, (he has) no proof/evidence for him with it, so but his account/calculation (is) at his Lord, that He truly does not make the disbelievers succeed/win
23:118  And say: "My Lord, forgive and have mercy, and you are best (of) the merciful."