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15:1  Alif, Lam, Ra. These are the Book’s verses, and an obvious Quran.
15:2  Perhaps, those who disbelieved wish that they were Muslims.
15:3  Forsake them, to eat, and enjoy, and the hope beguile them. So, they will be knowing.
15:4  And none among a village We destroy it except and for it a known book.
15:5  Not of a community will precede its term, nor will they postpone.
15:6  And they said, “O the one who sent down upon him the reminder, you are a madman.”
15:7  Why do you not bring us the angels, if you are among the truthful ones?”
15:8  We are not sending down the angels except with the right, and they (The infidels) were not respiting.
15:9  Surely, We sent down the Reminder, and We will be a keeper for it.
15:10  And We already sent before you in the sects of the former.
15:11  And none among a messenger came to them, except they ridicule him.
15:12  Thus we insert it in the criminals’ cores.
15:13  They are not believing in it, and already the former’s route (Sunnah) has passed away.
15:14  And if We opened upon them a door from the sky, so they are still within it serpentine ( to ascend to sky).
15:15  They would say, “Our sights are only blocked; nay, but we are bewitched kinfolk.”
15:16  And We already set up in the sky constellations and prettified it to the onlookers.
15:17  And we kept it from every outcast devil.
15:18  Except whoever would steal the hearing, so an obvious shooting star pursued him.
15:19  And the earth We spread it, and threw Stabilizers (Mountains) within it, and within it we planted among every balanced thing.
15:20  And we set up for you, therein means of living, and for those whom you have not livelihood them (Other Creatures).
15:21  And there is none from things except with us its treasuries, and We do not send it down except with a known measure.
15:22  And We send the winds pollinators; so, We send down water from the sky, so, We water it for you, and you are not storing it for.
15:23  And surely, We who give life and cause death, and We are the Inheritors.
15:24  And already We know the earlier among you, and already We know the later ones.
15:25  And surely your Lord, He who musters them. Surely, He is Wise, Knowledgeable.
15:26  And We already created the human from Silsal, from molded sludge.
15:27  And the jinn We created before, from the poisonous burning smokeless fire.
15:28  And when Your Lord said to the angels, “I am creating a humankind from Silsal, from molded sludge.”
15:29  “So, when I have normalized him, and blew into him from My spirit, so fall down prostrating for him.”
15:30  So the angels prostrated, all of them altogether.
15:31  Except Iblis. He refused to be with the prostraters.
15:32  He said, “O Iblis, what is with you to not be with the prostraters?”
15:33  He said, “I will not be prostrating for a humankind, You created him from Silsal, from molded sludge.”
15:34  He said, “So, exit out from it, so you are outcasted”
15:35  “And surely is upon you the curse until The Religion Day (Dept).”
15:36  He said, “My Lord, so respite me to a Day, when they are raising.”
15:37  He said, “So, you are among the respite ones.”
15:38  “Till the Known Time Day.”
15:39  He said, “My Lord, with what You have lured me, I will prettify for them on the earth, and I will lure them altogether.”
15:40  “Except Your slaves among them, the sincere ones.”
15:41  He said, “This is a path on Me straight.”
15:42  “Surely My slaves you have not upon them a Sultan, except whoever followed you among the lured ones.”
15:43  And surely Gohanam (Hell) is their appointment altogether.
15:44  “It has seven doors; for each door among them is a divided portion.”
15:45  Surely the pious are in Paradises and Springs.
15:46  “Enter it with peace, secured.”
15:47  And We stripped off what was in their chests among a grudge, brethren, on beds facing each other.
15:48  No painful fatigue will touch them therein, nor will they be exited out of it.
15:49  Inform My slaves that I am Al-Ghafor (The Forgiver), Al-Raheem (The merciful to his creation and himself).
15:50  And that My torment is the painful torment.
15:51  And inform them about Abraham’s guests.
15:52  When they entered upon him, they said, “Peace.” He said, “We are frightened of you.”
15:53  They said, “Do not be frightened; we preach (Good tidings) you with Knowledgeable lad.”
15:54  He said, “Do you preach (Good tidings) to me that old age has touched me? So, with what do you preach (Good tidings)?”
15:55  They said, “We preach (Good tidings) you with the right, so do not be from the despairing ones.”
15:56  He said, “And who despair from his Lord’s mercy except the astray ones?”
15:57  He said, “So what is the condition of you, O the messengers?”
15:58  They said, “We were sent to a criminal kinfolk.”
15:59  “Except for Lot’s folk; we will save them altogether.”
15:60  “Except for his woman.” We have decreed that she was among the remaining ones.
15:61  So, when the messengers came to Lot’s folk.
15:62  He said, “You are an unknown kinfolk.”
15:63  They said, “Nay, but we brought you with what in it they were skepticized.”
15:64  “And We brought you, with the right, and surely we are truthful.”
15:65  “So, walk with your family within a portion of the night, and follow their backs, and let none among you turn back, and go wherever you are being commanded.”
15:66  And We decreed to him, that is the command: surely remnants of these will be cut off in early morning.
15:67  And the city’s inhabitants came cheerful.
15:68  He said, “Surely these are my guests, so do not scandalize me.”
15:69  “And show Allah’s piety, and do not disgrace me.”
15:70  They said, “aren't we prohibiting you from the worlds?”
15:71  He said, “These are my daughters, if you are doing.”
15:72  By your age, surely, they were, in their drunkenness, confused blindly.
15:73  So the scream took them at sunrise.
15:74  So, We set up its Highest as its Lowest, and We rained down upon them stones from flammable clay.
15:75  Surely in that are verses for the discerners.
15:76  And it (The City) is by resident pathway.
15:77  Surely, within that is a verse for the believers.
15:78  And the Forest’s owners were oppressors.
15:79  So We get revenge from them. Both are on an obvious highway.
15:80  And the Hijr’s companions (Place name) falsified the messengers.
15:81  And We gave them our verses, so they were averting from it.
15:82  And They were carving from the mountains, homes, secured.
15:83  So, the scream took them in the morning.
15:84  So, it was not availing them, what they were earning.
15:85  And We did not create the skies and the earth, and what is between them, except with the right. And surely the Hour will come, so condone, the beautiful condoning.
15:86  Surely Your Lord is Al-Khalaq (The Creator), Al-Alim (The Knower).
15:87  And We have already given you seven from the pairs, and The Great Qur'an.
15:88  Do not extend your eyes towards what we have enjoyed with it, couples among them, and do not grieve upon them, and lower your wings for the believers.
15:89  And say, “Surely I am the obvious Warner.”
15:90  Just as We sent down to the dividers (Jews and Christians).
15:91  Those who set up the Qur'an into shreds (believe with part and disbelieve with others).
15:92  By your Lord, We will question them altogether.
15:93  About what they were working on?
15:94  So proclaim openly with what you are commanded, and turn away, about the polytheists.
15:95  We are sufficient for you against the mockers.
15:96  Those who set up another God with Allah. So, they will be knowing.
15:97  And We already know that your chest is narrowed with what they were saying.
15:98  So glorify with your Lord’s praises and be from the prostraters.
15:99  And worship your Lord until the certainty comes to you.