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15:1  A. L. R. These are verses from the Book (the Bible), and a clear Quran.
15:2  Perhaps those who disbelieve would like to become Muslims.
15:3  Leave them eating and enjoying themselves; let hope distract them, for they soon will know (anyhow).
15:4  We have never wiped out any town unless it had [received] a known term;
15:5  no nation can forestall its deadline, nor will they ever postpone it.
15:6  Yet they say: "You to whom the Reminder (the Quran) has been sent down, why you're crazy!
15:7  Why don't you bring us angels if you are so truthful?"'
15:8  We do not send down any angels except with the Truth, and even then they would not be allowed to wait.
15:9  We Ourself have sent down the Reminder (the Quran) just as We are safeguarding it.
15:10  Even before you, We sent [some] down among the sects of early people;
15:11  yet no messenger ever came to them whom they did not sneer at.
15:12  Thus We slip it into criminals' hearts;
15:13  they will not believe in it, even though the custom of early people has already preceded it.
15:14  Even though We opened up a gate to Heaven for them so they might keep on climbing into it,
15:15  they still would say: "Our eyesight has been dazzled-in fact, we are bewitched folk!"
15:16  We have placed constellations in the sky and embellished it for onlookers.
15:17  We have safeguarded them against every outcast Satan
15:18  except for such as may try to eavesdrop, so a blazing meteor follows him.
15:19  Earth have We spread out and cast headlands upon it, and planted a bit of everything to grow there (so it is) well balanced.
15:20  We have placed various means of livelihood on it for (all of) you as well as anyone you do not have to provide for.
15:21  There is nothing whose stores are not [controlled] by Us, and We send it down only according to a fixed quantity.
15:22  We send forth fertilizing winds and send down water from the sky and offer you something to drink from it. You are not the ones who store it up.
15:23  We give life and bring death, and We are the Heirs [to every- thing]!
15:24  We know which of you try to get ahead and We know those who hold back.
15:25  Your Lord will summon them; He is Wise, All-Knowing.
15:26  We created man from ringing clay, from moulded slime;
15:27  while the sprites We had created earlier from smokeless fire.
15:28  So your Lord told the angels: "I am about to create a human being from ringing clay, from moulded slime.
15:29  When I have finished with him and breathed some of My spirit into him, then drop down on your knees before him."
15:30  The angels all bowed down together
15:31  except for Diabolis; he refused to be one of those bowing down on their knees.
15:32  He said: "Diabolis, what is wrong with you that you are not among those who bow down on their knees?"
15:33  He said: "I am no one to kneel before a human being You have created from ringing clay, from moulded slime."
15:34  He said: "Then get out of here, for you are an outcast!
15:35  On you lies the Curse until the Day for Repayment!"
15:36  He said: 'My Lord, let me wait till the day when they are raised up again."
15:37  He said: "You will be allowed to wait
15:38  until the Appointed Day."
15:39  He said: "My Lord, since You have let me go astray, I shall make things on earth seem attractive to them; I'll mislead them all
15:40  except for any of Your sincere servants who may be among them."
15:41  He said: "Here will be a Straight Road [leading] up to Me!
15:42  You will not hold any authority over My servants except for someone who may follow you from among those who are misguided.
15:43  Hell will [serve as] an appointment for all of them together.
15:44  It has seven gates; each gate will have a portion assigned from them."
15:45  The heedful will be in gardens and by springs:
15:46  "Enter them safely, at peace!"
15:47  We will strip away any rancor that [lingers] in their hearts; like brothers they will face one another on couches.
15:48  Toil will not touch them there, nor will they ever be expelled from it.
15:49  Advise My servants that I am the Forgiving, Merciful One,
15:50  although My torment will be painful torment.
15:51  Advise them about Abraham's guests
15:52  how, when they entered his presence and said: "Peace!", he said: "We feel wary of you."
15:53  They said: 'Don't feel so wary; We bring you word about a knowledgeable boy."
15:54  He said: "Have you brought me word like this once old age has set in on me? What sort of word do you want to spread?"
15:55  They said: "We have brought you word of the Truth, so do not act so discouraged."
15:56  He said: "Who despairs of his Lord's mercy except those who are lost?"
15:57  He said: "Yet what is your errand, you emissaries?"
15:58  They said: "We have been sent for some criminal folk,
15:59  except for Lot's house; we will rescue them all
15:60  except his wife. We have decreed that she will be one of those who will be left behind."
15:61  When the emissaries came to Lot's household,
15:62  he said: "You are folk who should be ignored."
15:63  They said: Rather we have come to you about something they have been puzzling over.
15:64  We have brought you the Truth, for we are reliable.
15:65  Travel with your family at dead of night; you should follow in their rear, and let none of you glance around! Keep on going wherever you are ordered to.
15:66  We have passed judgment on that case for him so that those people's last remnant shall be cut off once morning dawns for them."
15:67  The people of the city came up joyful with the news.
15:68  He said: "These are my guests so do not disgrace me.
15:69  Heed Allah (God), and do not shame me."
15:70  They said: "Didn’t we forbid you to have contact with [anyone in] the Universe [outside]?"'
15:71  He said: "These are my daughters [for marriage] if you are going to do (something)."
15:72  Upon your life, they were groping along in their drunkenness
15:73  so the Blast caught them at sunrise:
15:74  We turned things upside down and rained down stones which had been dried in fire.
15:75  In that are signs for investigators;
15:76  and it lies along a permanent highway.
15:77  In that is a sign for believers.
15:78  The Companions in the Forest had been wrongdoers,
15:79  so We avenged Ourself on them. Both are a clear indication. (VI)
15:80  The inhabitants of Stoneland rejected the emissaries.
15:81  We gave them Our signs even though they had shunned them.
15:82  They had confidently hewn houses out of the mountains.
15:83  So the Blast caught them early one morning
15:84  and what they had been earning did not help them out.
15:85  We have only created Heaven and Earth and whatever lies between them except with justice. The Hour is coming on, so forgive with gracious forgiveness.
15:86  Your Lord is the Clever Creator!
15:87  We have brought you seven Oft-Repeated [verses] plus the Mighty Qur`an.
15:88  Do not strain your eyes towards what We let some types of them [disbelievers] enjoy; do not feel saddened by them, and lower your [sheltering] wing over believers.
15:89  SAY:"I am the plain Warner,"
15:90  such as We have sent down for the dividers [who divided the Quran into acceptable and unacceptable parts].
15:91  who have torn the Quran apart.
15:92  By your Lord, We shall question them all
15:93  about whatever they have been doing!
15:94  So proclaim whatever you are ordered to, and shun associators;
15:95  We will suffice for you against such scoffers
15:96  who place another deity alongside Allah (God) [Alone], They soon will know!
15:97  We already know how cramped your heart feels because of what they say:
15:98  so hymn your Lord's praise and be one of those who bow down on their knees (in worship).
15:99  Serve your Lord until conviction comes to