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15:1  Alif. Lam. Ra. These are the verses of the Book and Qur’an, which clarify.
15:2  Perhaps the disbelievers will [eventually] wish that they had submitted [to Allah].
15:3  Allow them to eat and frolic. Allow them to be preoccupied with their ambitions. [Someday] they will understand.
15:4  We never destroyed a population that did not have a set time.
15:5  People cannot anticipate their term or delay it.
15:6  They say, “O recipient of the message, you really are crazy!
15:7  “Why do you not bring angels to us if you really have the truth?”
15:8  We do not dispatch angels without a good reason. [If angels did come,] (the sinners) would not have a respite at all!
15:9  We have undoubtedly bestowed the message, and We will most certainly preserve it.
15:10  Certainly, before you [Muhammed], we sent messengers to the bygone communities.
15:11  A messenger never came to them without their mocking him.
15:12  Thus We allowed (doubt) to creep into the hearts of the sinners.
15:13  They did not believe in (the message). Certainly, the ways of the bygone people have passed.
15:14  Suppose We opened a gate to Heaven for them, and they were able to continually ascend.
15:15  They would only say, “Our eyes have been dazzled. We have been deceived by illusionists.”
15:16  We have patterned the constellations in the skies. We made them beautiful to observers.
15:17  We have protected them from every condemned, evil spirit.
15:18  Any eavesdropper will be pursued by a bright, flaming fire.
15:19  We have laid out the earth. We have put upon it firm mountains. We have produced on it all kinds of things in proper proportions.
15:20  We have provided on it a means of survival for you and for those for whose sustenance you are not responsible.
15:21  There is nothing without its resources with Us. We bestow whatever is needed in specific measures.
15:22  We send the pollinating winds, and then cause the rain to descend from the sky. With it, you have water to drink, even though you are not the guardians of its storage.
15:23  Truly, We give life and death. We will remain as inheritors.
15:24  We recognize the achievers, and We certainly recognize those who delay.
15:25  Certainly, your Lord will assemble them together. Truly, He is the Perfectly Wise, the All-knowing.
15:26  Certainly, We created humanity from pliable clay –from molded mud.
15:27  Earlier, We had created spirit-beings from smokeless fire.
15:28  Your Lord said to the angels, “I intend to create humanity from pliable clay –from molded mud.
15:29  After I have molded him and breathed into him of My Spirit, bow down in submission to him.”
15:30  The angels bowed all together.
15:31  Iblis did not. He refused to be among those who bowed.
15:32  (Allah) said, “O Iblis, what is your reason for not being among those who bow?”
15:33  (Iblis) said, “I am not one to bow to humanity whom You created from pliable clay –from molded mud.”
15:34  (Allah) said, “Get away from here for you are outcast.
15:35  “Condemnation will surely be upon you until the Day of Judgment.”
15:36  (Iblis) said, “O my Lord, give me respite until the day they are raised.”
15:37  (Allah) said, “Respite is given to you…
15:38  …until the day of the appointed time.”
15:39  (Iblis) said, “O my Lord, because You have put me in the wrong, I will make (the wrong) seem good to those on Earth, and I will mislead them.
15:40  The exception will be Your sincere servants among them.”
15:41  (Allah) said, “This is a way that leads straight to Me.
15:42  “Truly, you will have no authority over (My servants) except over those who follow you and go astray.
15:43  “Truly, Hell is the promised place for them all.”
15:44  Seven gates lead to (Hell). A different group is assigned for each gate.
15:45  The righteous will be amid gardens and fountains.
15:46  “Enter into peace and security.”
15:47  From their hearts, We will remove any bad feelings. As one family, they will face one another from thrones.
15:48  No sense of fatigue will touch them. They will never be made to leave.
15:49  Tell My servants that I am indeed the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.
15:50  My penalty will indeed be a horrible punishment.
15:51  Tell them about the guests of Abraham.
15:52  They entered his presence and said, “Peace!” He said, “We are truly afraid of you.”
15:53  They said, “Fear not. We bring you the good news of a wise son.”
15:54  He said, “Can you give me such good news now that old age has overcome me? What good news can you give?”
15:55  They said, “We give you good news of truth. Do not be in despair.”
15:56  He said, “Who would despair of the mercy of his Lord except one who is astray?”
15:57  (Abraham) said, “With what other errand have you come, O messengers?”
15:58  They said, “We have been sent for a people in sin.
15:59  The exception is the family of Lot. We will save them.
15:60  The exception is his wife. We have determined that she will be among those left behind.
15:61  Finally the messengers came to the family of Lot.
15:62  (Lot) said, “You are indeed strangers.”
15:63  They said, “In fact, we come to you about something they doubt.
15:64  “We have brought to you the truth. Be assured, we are telling the truth.
15:65  “Travel by night with your household during a portion of the night. Follow from behind. Do not let anyone among you look back. Travel as you are ordered.”
15:66  We made known to him this decree: The last remnants [of the city] will be destroyed by morning.
15:67  The people of the city came merrily. [They wanted to commit indecent acts with Allah’s messengers.]
15:68  (Lot) said, “Certainly, these are my guests. Do not disgrace me.
15:69  Fear Allah, and do not cause me shame.”
15:70  They said, “Did we not forbid you from [being hospitable to] strangers?”
15:71  He said, “Consider my daughters if you must.” [He offered his daughters for proper and honorable marriage.]
15:72  On your life, they certainly stumbled, drunk and stupid.
15:73  The blast [of the disaster] overwhelmed them by sunrise.
15:74  We turned (the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah) upside down. We rained upon them brimstones of baked clay.
15:75  In this are signs for those blessed with understanding.
15:76  These [cities] were on a major road.
15:77  Truly, in this is a sign for those who believe.
15:78  The people of the wood were also sinners.
15:79  We punished them. They certainly were all on a major highway, plain to see.
15:80  The people of the rocky tract also rejected the messengers.
15:81  We sent them Our signs, but they kept turning away from them.
15:82  Out of the mountains, they cut secure housing.
15:83  The blast [of a disaster] struck them one morning.
15:84  Everything they had done was of no use to them.
15:85  We did not create the skies and Earth and all among them except for good reason. The hour is surely coming. Ignore [human faults] with gracious forgiveness.
15:86  Truly, your Lord is the Creator, the All-knowing.
15:87  We have given you the seven repetitions [of Surah 1] and the amazing Qur’an.
15:88  Do not strain your eyes at what We have given to certain groups of people, and do not worry over them. Lower your wing [of humility] to all believers.
15:89  Say, “I am certainly a lucid warner.”
15:90  The same [punishment] as We deliver to those who carved [Biblical Scriptures]…
15:91  …goes for those who hack the Qur’an.
15:92  Your Lord testifies that We will surely call them to account…
15:93  …for all their deeds.
15:94  Therefore, expound openly what you are commanded and turn away from the idolaters.
15:95  Sufficient are We for you against the scoffers…
15:96  … –those who adopt another god with Allah. Soon they will understand.
15:97  We know how it breaks the heart of (the Prophet) because of what people say [against him].
15:98  But celebrate the praises of your Lord, and be among those who prostrate [in adoration].
15:99  Serve your Lord until that certain hour [of death] arrives.