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15:1  Alif Laam Ra. These (are) the Verses (of) the Book and Quran clear.
15:2  Perhaps will wish those who disbelieved, if they had been Muslims.
15:3  Leave them (to) eat and enjoy and diverted them the hope, then soon they will come to know.
15:4  And not We destroyed any town but (there was) for it a decree known.
15:5  Not (can) advance any nation its term and not (can) delay it.
15:6  And they say, "O you (to) whom has been sent down [on him] the Reminder, indeed, you (are) surely mad.
15:7  Why not you bring to us the Angels, if you are of the truthful?"
15:8  Not We send down the Angels except with the truth; and not they would be then given respite.
15:9  Indeed, We We have sent down the Reminder, and indeed, We of it (are) surely Guardians.
15:10  And certainly We (had) sent from before you in the sects (of) the former (people).
15:11  And not came to them any Messenger but they did at him mock.
15:12  Thus We let it enter in (the) hearts (of) the criminals.
15:13  Not they believe in it, and verily have passed the way(s) (of) the former (people).
15:14  And (even) if We opened to them a gate from the heaven, and they were to continue therein (to) ascend,
15:15  They would surely say "Only have been dazzled our eyes. Nay, we (are) a people bewitched."
15:16  And verily We have placed in the heavens constellations and We have beautified it for the observers.
15:17  And We have protected it from every devil accursed.
15:18  Except (one) who steals the hearing, then follows him a burning flame clear.
15:19  And the earth, We have spread it and [We] cast therein firm mountains and [We] caused to grow therein of every thing well-balanced.
15:20  And We have made for you therein means of living and whom you are not for him providers.
15:21  And not (is) any thing but with Us (are) its treasures, and not We send it down except in a measure known.
15:22  And We have sent the winds fertilizing, and We sent down from the sky water, and We gave it to you to drink. And not you of it (are) retainers.
15:23  And indeed, We, surely [We] We give life and We cause death, and We (are) the Inheritors.
15:24  And verily We know the preceding ones among you and verily, We know the later ones.
15:25  And indeed, your Lord, He will gather them. Indeed, He (is) All-Wise, All-Knowing.
15:26  And verily, We created humankind (out) of sounding clay from black mud altered.
15:27  And the jinn We created it from before from fire scorching.
15:28  And when said your Lord to the Angels, "Indeed, I (will) create a human being (out) of clay from black mud altered.
15:29  So, when I have fashioned him and [I] breathed into him of My spirit, then fall down to him prostrating."
15:30  So prostrated the Angels all of them together,
15:31  Except Iblis. He refused to be with those who prostrated.
15:32  He said, "O Iblis! What (is) for you that not you are with those who prostrated?"
15:33  He said, "Not I am (one) to prostrate to a human whom You created, (out) of clay from black mud altered."
15:34  He said, "Then get out of it, for indeed, you (are) expelled.
15:35  And indeed, upon you (will be) the curse till (the) Day (of) [the] Judgment."
15:36  He said, "O my Lord! Then give me respite till (the) Day they are raised."
15:37  He said, "Then indeed you, (are) of the ones given respite.
15:38  Till the Day (of) the time well-known."
15:39  He said, "My Lord! Because You misled me, surely, I will make (evil) fair-seeming to them in the earth and I will mislead them all
15:40  Except, Your slaves among them the ones who are sincere."
15:41  He said, "This (is) the way to Me straight.
15:42  Indeed, My slaves, not you have over them any authority, except those who follow you, of the ones who go astray."
15:43  And indeed, Hell (is) surely the promised place for them all.
15:44  For it (are) seven gates, for each gate among them (is) a portion assigned.
15:45  Indeed, the righteous (will be) in Gardens and water springs.
15:46  "Enter it in peace, secure."
15:47  And We (will) remove what (is) in their breasts of rancor (they will be) brothers on thrones facing each other.
15:48  Not will touch them therein fatigue, and not they from it will be removed.
15:49  Inform My slaves that I, I am the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful.
15:50  And that My punishment, it (is) the punishment the most painful.
15:51  And inform them about (the) guests (of) Ibrahim,
15:52  When they entered upon him and said, "Peace." He said, "Indeed, we (are) of you afraid."
15:53  They said, "(Do) not be afraid, indeed, we [we] bring glad tidings to you of a boy learned."
15:54  He said, "Do you give glad tidings on (me) although has overtaken me old age? Then about what you give glad tidings?"
15:55  They said, "We give you glad tidings in truth, so (do) not be of the despairing."
15:56  He said, "And who despairs of (the) Mercy (of) his Lord except those who are astray."
15:57  He said, "Then what (is) your business, O messengers?"
15:58  They said, "Indeed, we [we] have been sent to a people - criminals,
15:59  Except the family of Lut; indeed, we surely will save them all
15:60  Except his wife." We have decreed that she (is) surely of those who remain behind.
15:61  And when came (to the) family (of) Lut the messengers,
15:62  He said, "Indeed, you (are) a people unknown."
15:63  They said, "Nay, we have come to you with what they were in it disputing,
15:64  And we have come to you with the truth, and indeed, we surely (are) truthful.
15:65  So travel with your family in a portion of the night and follow their backs, and not let look back among you anyone, and go on where you are ordered."
15:66  And We conveyed to him [that] the matter that (the) root (of) these would be cut off (by) early morning.
15:67  And came (the) people (of) the city, rejoicing.
15:68  He said, "Indeed, these (are) my guests, so (do) not shame me.
15:69  And fear Allah, and (do) not disgrace me."
15:70  They said, "Did not we forbid you from the world?"
15:71  He said, "These (are) my daughters if you would be doers."
15:72  By your life indeed, they were in their intoxication, wandering blindly.
15:73  So, seized them the awful cry at sunrise.
15:74  And We made its highest (part) its lowest, and We rained upon them stones of baked clay.
15:75  Indeed, in that (are) the Signs for those who discern.
15:76  And indeed, it (is) on a road established.
15:77  Indeed, in that surely (is) a Sign for the believers.
15:78  And indeed were (the) companions (of) the wood surely wrongdoers.
15:79  So We took retribution from them, and indeed, they both (were) on a highway clear.
15:80  And certainly denied (the) companions (of) the Rocky Tract, the Messengers.
15:81  And We gave them Our Signs, but they were from them turning away.
15:82  And they used (to) carve from the mountains, houses, secure.
15:83  But seized them the awful cry (at) early morning,
15:84  And not availed them what they used (to) earn.
15:85  And not We created the heavens and the earth and whatever (is) between them except in truth. And indeed, the Hour (is) surely coming. So overlook (with) forgiveness gracious.
15:86  Indeed, your Lord, He (is) the Creator the All-Knower.
15:87  And certainly, We have given you seven of the oft-repeated and the Quran Great.
15:88  (Do) not extend your eyes towards what We have bestowed with it (to) categories of them and (do) not grieve over them. And lower your wing to the believers.
15:89  And say, "Indeed, I [I] am a warner clear."
15:90  As We sent down on those who divided.
15:91  Those who have made the Quran (in) parts.
15:92  So by your Lord, surely We will question them all
15:93  About what they used (to) do.
15:94  So proclaim of what you are ordered and turn away from the polytheists.
15:95  Indeed, We [We] are sufficient for you (against) the mockers
15:96  Those who set up with Allah god another. But soon they will come to know.
15:97  And verily, We know that [you] (is) straitened your breast by what they say.
15:98  So glorify with the praise (of) your Lord and be of those who prostrate.
15:99  And worship your Lord until comes to you the certainty.