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15:1  ALIF lām rā. These are the revelations of the Book, and a veritable Koran
15:2  The day will surely come when those who disbelieve will wish that they were Muslims
15:3  Let them feast and make merry; and let their hopes beguile them. They shall learn
15:4  Never have We destroyed a city whose term of life was not ordained and known beforehand
15:5  Communities cannot forestall their doom, nor can they retard it
15:6  They say: ‘You to whom the Admonition was revealed, you are surely possessed
15:7  Bring down to us the angels, if what you say be true.‘
15:8  We shall send down the angels only with the Truth. Then shall they never be reprieved
15:9  It was We that revealed the Admonition, and shall Ourself preserve it
15:10  We have sent forth apostles before you to the older nations
15:11  but they scoffed at each apostle We sent them
15:12  Thus do We put doubt into the hearts of the guilty
15:13  they deny him, despite the example of the ancients
15:14  If We opened for them a gate in heaven and they ascended through it higher and higher
15:15  still would they say: ‘Our eyes were dazzled: truly, we must have been bewitched.‘
15:16  And We have decked the sky with constellations and made them lovely to behold
15:17  And We have guarded them from every cursed demon
15:18  Eavesdroppers are pursued by fiery comets
15:19  We have spread out the earth and set upon it immovable mountains
15:20  We have planted it with every seasonable fruit, providing sustenance for yourselves and for those you do not provide for
15:21  We hold the store of every blessing and send it down only in appropriate measure
15:22  We let loose the fertilizing winds and bring down water from the sky for you to drink; its stores are beyond your reach
15:23  It is surely We who ordain life and death; We are the Heir of all things
15:24  We surely know those who have gone before you, as we surely know those who will come hereafter
15:25  and it is your Lord who shall herd them all together. He is wise and all-knowing
15:26  We created man from dry clay, from black moulded loam
15:27  and before him Satan from smokeless fire
15:28  Your Lord said to the angels: ‘I am creating man from dry clay, from black moulded loam.
15:29  When I have fashioned him and breathed My spirit into him, kneel down and prostrate yourselves before him.‘
15:30  The angels, one and all, prostrated themselves
15:31  except Satan: he refused to be with those who prostrated themselves
15:32  He said: ‘Satan, how is it that you are not with those who prostrated themselves?‘
15:33  He said: ‘I was not to bow to a mortal whom You created of dry clay, of black moulded loam.‘
15:34  Get you hence,‘ said He, ‘you are accursed
15:35  And the curse shall be on you till Judgement-day.‘
15:36  Lord,‘ he said, ‘reprieve me till the Day of Resurrection.‘
15:37  He said: ‘You are reprieve
15:38  till the Appointed Day.‘
15:39  Lord,‘ said Satan, ‘since You have thus tempted me, I will seduce those on earth
15:40  I will surely tempt them all, except those among them who are Your faithful servants.‘
15:41  He said: ‘This is My straight path
15:42  You shall have no power over My servants, only the sinners who follow you
15:43  they are all destined for Hell
15:44  It has seven gates, and through each gate they shall come in separate bands
15:45  The righteous shall dwell among gardens and fountains
15:46  in peace and safety shall they enter them
15:47  We shall remove all rancour from their hearts, and they shall take their ease on couches face to face, a band of brothers
15:48  Toil shall not weary them, nor shall they ever be driven out
15:49  Tell My servants that I alone am the Forgiving One, the Compassionate
15:50  and that My scourge is the woeful scourge
15:51  And tell them of Abraham‘s guests
15:52  When they went in to him and said: ‘Peace,‘ he said: ‘We fear your intent.‘
15:53  Have no fear,‘ they said. ‘We come to you with joyful tidings. You shall have a son endowed with knowledge.‘
15:54  He said: ‘Do you bring me such joyful tidings in my old age? What joyful tidings can you bring me?‘
15:55  They said: ‘We do gladden you with the Truth. Do not despair.‘
15:56  He said: ‘Who but the lost would despair of God‘s mercy
15:57  Envoys,‘ he said, ‘what is your errand?‘
15:58  They said: ‘We are sent forth to a sinful people
15:59  The house of Lot alone we shall deliver
15:60  except his wife.‘ We had decreed that she should stay with those who were to stay behind
15:61  And when the envoys came to the house of Lot
15:62  he said: ‘No one knows you.‘
15:63  No,‘ they said. ‘We bring you news of that concerning which they are in doubt
15:64  We bring you Truth, and what we say is true
15:65  Go with your kin in the dead of night; walk in their rear and let none turn round: go where you are commanded.‘
15:66  Such was the command We gave him; those were to be obliterated next morning
15:67  And the townsfolk came to him rejoicing
15:68  He said: ‘These are my guests; do not disgrace me
15:69  Fear God and do not shame me.‘
15:70  They said: ‘Did we not forbid you to entertain strangers?‘
15:71  He said: ‘These are my daughters: take them, if you are bent on doing the deed.‘
15:72  By your life, they were reeling in their frenzy
15:73  At sunrise the Cry took them
15:74  We turned their city upside down and let loose a shower of clay-stones upon them
15:75  Surely in this there are signs for prudent people
15:76  The road on which it stood is trodden still
15:77  Surely in this there is a sign for true believers
15:78  Surely the dwellers of the Forest¹ also did wrong
15:79  On them, too, We took vengeance, and made of both a manifest example
15:80  The people of Hijr² also denied the apostles
15:81  We gave them Our signs, but they ignored them
15:82  They hewed their dwellings out of the mountains and led their lives in safety
15:83  But one morning the Cry took them
15:84  Nothing did their gains avail them
15:85  It was but to reveal the Truth that We created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them. The Hour is sure to come: bear with them nobly
15:86  It is your Lord who is the all-knowing Creator
15:87  We have given you the seven oft-repeated verses³ and the Glorious Koran
15:88  Do not eye with envy what We have given some among them to enjoy, nor grieve on their account. Show kindness to the faithful
15:89  and say: ‘I am he that gives veritable warning.‘
15:90  As surely will We punish the schismatics, those who have broken up
15:91  the Koran into bits and pieces.⁴
15:92  By the Lord, We will question the
15:93  all about their doings
15:94  Proclaim, then, what you are bidden and let the idolaters be
15:95  We will Ourself sustain you against those that mock yo
15:96  and serve other deities besides God. They shall learn
15:97  We know you are distressed by what they say
15:98  Give glory in praise of your Lord and prostrate yourself
15:99  Worship your Lord till the inevitable overtakes you