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15:1  A. L. R.         These are the signs in Al-Kitâb and Qurânum Mobin
15:2  Frequently, those who have disbelieved, desire and wish — that they had been Muslims
15:3  Leave them: they may eat and enjoy, and vain hope may beguile them, so very soon they will come to know (the reality in comparison to fantasy)
15:4  And we have not destroyed any of the town but (there is available) for it Kitâbun M‘auloomun
15:5  No Ummah (Community) outstrips its appointed life-span and they do not remain existent beyond (that)
15:6  And they said: “O you that on whom Az-Zikr. has been delivered, you are surely a fanatic
15:7  Why not you come to us with angels, if you happen to be out of those who speak the truth?”
15:8  We do not send down angels except under a rightful situation; and then they did not become those who are given respite
15:9  Surely, We, We, We sent down Az-Zikr (‘The Message’) and surely, We, for it are indeed Protectors
15:10  And surely, indeed, We sent before you amongst the sects (those who brought change in the Permanent Religion of Islam) of the earlier people
15:11  And there comes not to them out of a Messenger but they used to ridicule him
15:12  Thus do We let it (disbelief or breahead of state the religion into sects) enter into the hearts of the Mujrimûn
15:13  They would not Believe in this (Al-Kitab), and indeed the practices of the earlier people have gone forth (which resulted into their complete destruction)
15:14  And even if We opened to them a gate from the heaven and they were to continue ascending thereto
15:15  they would have surely said: “Our eyes have been dazzled. Nay, we are a people under effect of magic.”
15:16  And surely, indeed We have set Buruj in the heaven and We made it pretty for the beholders
15:17  And We have guarded it from every outcast devil
15:18  except that (devil) who attempted theft of listening, so a manifestly clear flaming object chased him (to burn him to ashes)
15:19  And the earth, We spread out and pegged therein firm mountains; and We caused to grow therein all kinds of things in due proportion
15:20  And provided for you therein means of sustenance and also (for) that one for whom you are not the providers of sustenance — (like insects, beasts, cattle, amphibians and numerous other seen and unseen creation)
15:21  And there is not out of a thing, but with Us are the unending stores thereof and We do not send it down except in a well-known measure
15:22  And We sent the winds, the filling ones (which saturate the clouds with water-vapour), then We showered rains from towards the sky, then We made you to drink that (clean and distilled water) and you are not the owners of stores of this (water)
15:23  And certainly We, indeed We, We give life and We cause death and We are the Inheritors
15:24  And surely, indeed, We knew who went before out of you (O mankind), and surely, indeed, We knew the latter ones
15:25  And verily, your Nourisher-Sustainer: He will gather you (all). Truly, He is All-Wise, All-Knowing
15:26  And indeed, We created mankind from sounding clay of a black fermented mud
15:27  And the jinn, We created aforetime from the flaming, smokeless fire
15:28  And (bring to mind) when your Nourisher-Sustainer said to the angels: “Surely, I am about to be a Creator of a human being from sounding clay of a black fermented mud
15:29  So when I have fashioned him completely and I have breathed into him of My Spirit, then you become for him as those who prostrate (to Me)
15:30  So, the angels prostrated, all of them, en masse
15:31  except (the jinn) Iblis — he refused to be alongwith those who prostrate
15:32  (Allah) said: “O Iblis! What is to you that you do not become alongside those who prostrate?
15:33  (Iblis) said: “I did not become: that I prostrate for a human — You have created from sounding clay of a black fermented mud.
15:34  (Allah) said: “Then get out from here, for verily, you are Rajim (an outcast; cursed one, chased one)
15:35  And verily, upon you (shall be) curse till the Day of Judgement.”
15:36  (Iblis) said: “My Lord! So give me respite till the Day they (the dead ones) are resurrected.”
15:37  (Allah) said: “So, verily, you are of those reprieved
15:38  till the Day: the Wellknown Time.”
15:39  (Iblis) said: “My Lord! Because you allowed me to be misled I will surely make appear dazzling to them (every evil) in the earth, and I will indeed mislead them all together
15:40  except your Ibad: the purified and sanctified amongst them.”
15:41  (Allah) said: “This becomes the Permanent Path which leads to Me
15:42  Certainly, My Ibad: there is no authority to overpower them in you, except (for him) who followed you, (being) of those who have lost the Track
15:43  And surely, Hell is indeed the promised place for them all
15:44  For it are seven (i.e., many) gates, for each gate (overhere is) an assigned class of those (sinners, transgressors, polytheists, pagans, disbelievers and those who did not respect the Oneness of Allah)
15:45  Truly! The Muttaqun will reside in the Gardens and water-springs.
15:46  (It will be said to them): “Enter therein, in peace, as those who have attained security.”
15:47  And we removed what was inside their hearts in the form of aversion or disinclination, (mahead of state them like) brothers facing each other on thrones
15:48  No sense of fatigue shall touch them therein and they will not be out of it (ever) as those who have been made to leave
15:49  Inform My Ibad that I: I am the Oft-Forgiving, the continuously Merciful
15:50  And that My torment: it is a torment extremely painful
15:51  And inform them about the (angel-) guests of Ibrahim
15:52  When they entered unto him, then they said Salaman (Peace)! (Ibrahim) said: “Indeed! We feel disturbed of you.”
15:53  They (the angels) said: “Do not feel disturbed. Indeed, we transmit you glad tidings of a son possessing deep knowledge.
15:54  (Ibrahim got astonished and) said: “Do you transmit me glad tidings (of a son) inspite of that old age has overtaken me ? So on what basis you transmit me the good news?”
15:55  They said: “We have transmitted you the good news with dependable authority. So do not be out of those who have lost hope.”
15:56  (Ibrahim) said: “And who despairs of the Mercy of his Nourisher-Sustainer except those who have gone astray?”
15:57  (Ibrahim further) said: “So, what is your assigned mission, O you the sent-ones
15:58  They said: “Indeed we, we have been sent to a nation of Mujrimun (criminals)
15:59  except the family-members of (Prophet) Lout. Indeed, we, surely we are rescuers to them all
15:60  except his wife, We have decreed: indeed, she is surely of those who get overwhelmed in dust and debris
15:61  So when the sent-ones (the angel-messengers) came unto the family-members of Lout
15:62  he said: “Verily, you are (the members of) a nation unfamiliar (to me).”
15:63  (The angels) said: ‘Nay! We have come to you with that (torment and punishment) which they have been doubting
15:64  And we have come to you with full authority, and surely, we are indeed those who speak the truth
15:65  So move away with your followers with a little part of the night (i.e., at the terminal part of the night) and you be in their rear and no one amongst you shall turn his attention (to the place he is leaving from) and continue to move as you are ordered.”
15:66  And We decided in his favour this matter: that the foundation of these people (would be) cut off, when they are those who face the morning
15:67  And there came the residents of the town rejoicing (to get hold of the ‘young men’)
15:68  (Prophet Lout) said: “Verily, all these are guests to me, so embarrass me not
15:69  And pay obedience to Allah and disgrace me not.”
15:70  (The gays) said: “Did we then not forbid you against (giving protection to people of) the worlds?
15:71  (Prophet Lout) said: “All these (females are like) my daughters. (They are purer for you to marry) if you are those who desire to be active.
15:72  Your life acts as a witness. Surely, they indeed, behaved as blind (to moral standards) in their wild intoxication
15:73  So As-Saiha seized them while they were about to be those who witnessed the sunrise
15:74  Then We turned the elevated things of that (habitation) to submerged things of that (habitation); and We rained over those people stones from the fully recorded (store house of such stones which are piled up over there and specifically marked for such purposes)
15:75  Surely in this are indeed signs for those who think and then derive the conclusions
15:76  And surely that (habitation in its time of bloom existed) right on the well-maintained Highway
15:77  Surely, herein is indeed a sign for the Believers
15:78  And indeed, the residents of Aika were surely transgressors
15:79  So We punished them in retribution. And both of these (habitations existed) right on the all-season Highway
15:80  And verily, the residents of Al-Hijr (the rocky tract) denied the Messengers
15:81  And We delivered them Ayaatina but they became to it as those who are averse
15:82  And they used to carve and hew out residential suites in the mountains (feeling) fully secure (against natural calamity)
15:83  But (when they transgressed beyond limits) As-Saiha overtook them while they were about to witness the morning
15:84  And did not provide benefit to them what they used to earn
15:85  And We created not the heavens and the earth and whatever is between these two except with a just and sound purpose. And surely, the Hour is indeed approaching-one. So overlook (the faults of others, and let this) overloohead of state (be) tender and pretty
15:86  Verily, your Nourisher-Sustainer, He is the Ultimate Creator, the All-Knowing One
15:87  And surely, indeed, We have bestowed upon you Saban min Al-Masani and Al-Quran-al-Azeem
15:88  Do not make your two eyes wide open at what We have bestowed thereby certain classes of them and do not grieve because of them. And lower your wing (of mercy) for the Believers
15:89  And say: “Certainly I, I am a warner, evident and manifest.
15:90  As We sent down (Our curse and disagreement) on those who divided (the Scripture out of their own whims into equal parts and thus mutilated the integrity of its Surahs) —
15:91  those who made Al-Quran into (thirty or sixty equal) parts (on the basis of the thickness of volume, completely disregarding the subject matter and the divisions sanctioned by the Divine Author)
15:92  So, your Nourisher-Sustainer becomes Witness! Indeed, We shall question them altogether
15:93  for that which they used to do
15:94  Therefore propagate openly that which you are commanded and keep away from Al-Mushrikun
15:95  Truly We, We sufficed you against those who ridicule (the Message and the Messenger)
15:96  those who accept and adopt alongwith Allah another ilah (god or deity), so, soon they will come to know (the repercussions)
15:97  And truly, indeed We know that your chest constricts (your heart takes it very hard on itself) at what they say
15:98  So remain very active with the Praise of your Nourisher-Sustainer and be of those who prostrate (themselves before Him). [There are some sects and many offshoots who have completely deleted the act of prostration from the format of canonical prayer invented by them)
15:99  And pay obedience to your Nourisher-Sustainer until there comes unto you Al-Yaqeen (‘the certain event’. It refers to the moment of death)