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al-Hijr (The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City)
as rendered by Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri rendition of Surah The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City(al-Hijr)
15:1 Alif, Lam, Ra. (Only Allah and the Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him] know the real meaning.) These are the Verses of the (Glorious) Book and the Enlightening Qur’an.
15:2 (Watching the scenes of Allah’s mercy on the believers in the Hereafter,) the disbelievers will persistently aspire: would that they were Muslims!
15:3 (Feel not aggrieved.) Leave them. Let them eat (and drink) and make merry and let (their) false hopes keep them negligent (of the Hereafter). Then they will come to know (their end) soon.
15:4 And never have We destroyed any township, except that there was for them a known inscription (law, which they violated and met their fate).
15:5 No people can go beyond their appointed term, nor can they step back (under the law of rise and fall).
15:6 And (the disbelievers) say (insolently): ‘O man on whom this Qur’an has been revealed, indeed you are insane.
15:7 Why do you not bring us angels if you are truthful?’
15:8 We do not send down angels but with the (judgment of) truth (i.e., We send them down to execute the torment when its time approaches), and they are not granted respite at that time.
15:9 Assuredly, We alone have revealed this Glorious Admonition (the Qur’an), and surely We alone will guard it.
15:10 And We indeed sent Messengers before you as well amongst the earlier generations.
15:11 And there did not come to them any Messenger but they would mock him.
15:12 That is how We infuse this (mockery and ridicule) into the hearts of the sinners;
15:13 These people will not believe in this (Qur’an), and (this) is what has been the practice of the bygone people.
15:14 And if We open to them some gate in the heaven (and also make this possible for them that) they keep ascending through (it) the whole day,
15:15 (Even then) they will certainly say (this): ‘Our eyes have been hypnotized (through some magic trick and deceit), rather we are spellbound.’
15:16 And indeed, We brought into existence constellations in the heavens (in the form of galaxies to safeguard the planets), and adorned this (spatial universe) for the beholders.
15:17 And We have ensured the protection of this (system of heavenly universe) from every outcast satan (i.e., from the destructive phenomenon of every rebellious force).
15:18 But anyone who tries to eavesdrop, an illuminating (i.e., blazing) meteor follows it.
15:19 And We have spread out the earth (despite its being round), and We brought about firm mountains in it (by allying different elements together), and in it We provided means of growth to all species in (requisite) proportion.
15:20 And in it We generated for you means of subsistence and also for those (human beings, animals and birds) whom you do not provide for.
15:21 And there is not a thing (in the universe) but that We have its treasures with Us, and We send it down only according to a fixed quantity.
15:22 And We send winds carrying the burden of clouds. Then We pour down water from the sky. Then it is you whom We give it to drink, and it is not you who maintain its reservoirs.
15:23 And indeed, We alone give life and cause death, and We alone are the Inheritor (and the Owner of all).
15:24 And surely, We know those who lived before you, and We also know those who will come after you.
15:25 Verily, it is your Lord Who will gather them together (on the Day of Resurrection). Surely, He is Most Wise, All-Knowing.
15:26 And indeed, We originated man’s (chemical) genesis from that dry sounding clay which, (first) having grown old (and under the heat of the sun and other chemical and biological effects), had turned into black stinking mud.
15:27 And We created jinn before this from a smokeless blazing fire.
15:28 And (recall) when your Lord said to the angels: ‘I am about to create a human organism from old (and) black stinking, resounding mud.
15:29 So when I accomplish the perfection of his (physical) constitution into his real being, and breathe My (divine) spirit into (the inner self of) this (human physical) organism, then fall down prostrate before him.’
15:30 So, (no sooner did the light of Allah’s effulgence illumine the human organism than) all the angels fell down in prostration together,
15:31 Except Iblis. He refused to join those who prostrated themselves.
15:32 (Allah) said: ‘O Iblis, what has happened to you that you have not joined those who have prostrated themselves?’
15:33 (Iblis) replied: ‘I cannot be the one who should fall down prostrate before a human being You have created from old (and) black stinking, sounding mud.’
15:34 (Allah) said: ‘Then get out from here, for you are indeed the cursed one (the outcast).
15:35 And, verily, the curse will (persistently) rest upon you till the Day of Recompense.’
15:36 He said: ‘O Lord, then grant me respite till the Day (when) people will be raised up (again).’
15:37 Allah said: ‘So, indeed, you are amongst those granted respite,
15:38 Till the Day of the appointed time (Resurrection).’
15:39 Iblis said: ‘O Lord, because You have led me astray, I will (also) best adorn and embellish for them (the sins, revolts and violations) in the earth and will certainly lead all of them astray by all means,
15:40 Except for those exalted servants of Yours who have attained freedom (from my deceits and intrigues of the ill-commanding selves).’
15:41 Allah said: ‘This (freedom from these deceits and intrigues) is the (very) path that leads straight to My Threshold.
15:42 Surely, you will in no way be able to influence My servants (who have attained this freedom from you) except the misguided lot who have adopted your way.
15:43 And verily, the promised place for all of them is Hell.
15:44 It has seven doors; for each one a fixed portion of them has been specified.’
15:45 Indeed, the Godfearing will be amid Gardens and fountains.
15:46 (It will be said to them:) ‘Enter them peacefully, casting aside all fears.’
15:47 And We shall remove from their breasts all spite that they had (in the world against one another due to misunderstanding). They shall be brothers seated on couches face to face (in Paradise).
15:48 No discomfort will touch them, nor will they be driven out from there.
15:49 (O Beloved!) Tell My servants: ‘Indeed, I am Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful.’
15:50 And (also warn) that: ‘It is My torment which is the most grievous torment.’
15:51 And (also) relate to them the news about the guests of Ibrahim (Abraham).
15:52 When they came to Ibrahim (Abraham), they greeted (him with): ‘Peace.’ Ibrahim (Abraham) said: ‘We are feeling somewhat afraid of you.’
15:53 (The guest angels) said: ‘Do not feel afraid. We give you the glad tidings of (the birth of) a son endowed with knowledge and wisdom.’
15:54 Ibrahim (Abraham) said: ‘You are giving me the glad tidings at a time when old age has already overtaken me. So what good news are you giving me now?’
15:55 They said: ‘We give you the good news which is true. So do not lose hope.’
15:56 Ibrahim (Abraham) said: ‘Who can lose hope of his Lord’s mercy except the strayed ones?’
15:57 Ibrahim (Abraham) asked: ‘O deputed angels (sent by Allah), what other assignment do you have (to accomplish besides these glad tidings for which you have come)?’
15:58 They said: ‘We have been sent towards a sinful people,
15:59 Except the family of Lut (Lot) all of whom We will indeed save,
15:60 With the exception of his wife. We have decided that she shall certainly be amongst those who stay back (to become the victims of the torment).’
15:61 Then, when those deputed (angels) came to the house of Lut (Lot),
15:62 Lut (Lot) said: ‘Indeed, you are (looking) strangers.’
15:63 They said: ‘(No indeed;) in fact we have come to you with the (punishment) about which these people have had doubts.
15:64 And we have brought you (the judgment of) the truth and we are certainly truthful.
15:65 So set off with your family sometime during the night, and follow them in the rear, and none of you should (even) look back, and proceed to the place (where) you have been commanded.’
15:66 And We informed Lut (Lot) of this judgment through Revelation that the root of these people would be cut off the moment it dawns.
15:67 And the people of the city (possessed by their lust) approached (Lut [Lot]), rejoicing.
15:68 Lut (Lot) said: ‘Surely, they are my guests, so do not put me to shame (about them).
15:69 And fear (the wrath of) Allah and do not humiliate me.’
15:70 Those (lost in wickedness) said: ‘(O Lut [Lot],) did we not forbid you (to provide protection to) all the people of the world?’
15:71 Lut (Lot) said: ‘There are my (people’s) daughters. If you desire to do something (then marry them instead of perpetrating indecency).’
15:72 (O Glorious Beloved!) By your (sacred) life, surely these people (too) are wandering astray, possessed by their lust (like the people of Lut [Lot]).
15:73 So, the blazing blast seized them at sunrise.
15:74 And We turned their town upside down and rained upon them stones of baked clay.
15:75 Verily, in this (occurrence) there are signs for those who possess the ability to probe into reality.
15:76 And truly that town lies along a frequented highway.
15:77 Surely, in this (episode of the people of Lut [Lot]), there is a sign of (warning) for the believers.
15:78 And, in reality, the dwellers of al-Ayka (the Thick Wood) too were hardened wrongdoers.
15:79 So We avenged Ourselves on them (as well), and (archeological remains of) both these (towns still exist) on the highway.
15:80 And no doubt, the people of the valley of al-Hijr (the Rock) too denied the Messengers.
15:81 And We (also) bestowed upon them Our signs, but they persisted in turning away from them.
15:82 And they used to carve out houses in the mountains without any threat and fear.
15:83 And the dreadful blast seized them (as well) the moment it dawned.
15:84 So (the riches) they used to earn could not repel (Allah’s punishment) from them.
15:85 And We have not created the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them without any purpose. And the Hour of Resurrection is certainly approaching. So, (O embodiment of excellent morality,) bear with (them) most graciously and effectively with perseverance.
15:86 Indeed, your Lord alone is the Creator of all things, All-Knowing.
15:87 And surely We have bestowed upon you the seven oft-recited Verses (i.e., Chapter al-Fatiha) and the Glorious Qur’an.
15:88 Do not even lift your eyes towards the things with which We have benefitted the disbelievers for their (few days’) luxury, nor grieve over their (turning away from the straight path), and keep your wings (of affection and care) lowered over the believers (to make them feel contented and cared for).
15:89 And say: ‘Indeed, I am (now) the open and clear Warner (of Allah’s torment).’
15:90 The (torment) that We sent down upon the dividers (i.e., the Jews and the Christians),
15:91 Those who divided the Qur’an into pieces (and split it, i.e., accepted the favourable Verses but rejected the others).
15:92 So, by your Lord, We shall indeed interrogate them all,
15:93 Pertaining to the works that they used to do.
15:94 So declare openly all those (matters) that you have been commanded, and turn away from those who set up partners with Allah.
15:95 Surely, We suffice you for (taking them to task) who scoff,
15:96 Who set up other gods along with Allah. So they will come to know (their end) soon.
15:97 And We indeed know that your (sacred) breast feels straitened by what they say.
15:98 So glorify your Lord with His praise and live amongst those who prostrate themselves before Him.
15:99 And worship your Lord till you attain to the station of certainty of faith (which goes with your glory, i.e., perfect cognizance of divinity or the moment of far-nearness to your Lord).


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