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15:1  Alif, Lam, Mim, Ra (These are the names of letters of the Arabic alphabet, and only Allah knows their meaning here). Those are the ayat (Verses, signs) of the Book and an Evident Qur'an
15:2  (Probably) the ones who have disbelieved would often rather like that if they were Muslims
15:3  Leave them out to eat and enjoy (life), and let (false) aspiration divert them; then eventually they will know
15:4  And in no way did We cause any town to perish except that it had a known (prescribed) Book
15:5  In no way can any nation outstrip its term, and in no way will they (be able) to postpone it
15:6  And they said, "O you upon whom the Remembrance is being sent down, surely you are indeed a madman
15:7  Would you ever come up with the Angels to us, in case you are of the sincere?"
15:8  In no way do We send down the Angels except with the Truth; and lo, in no way would they (The disbelievers) be respited
15:9  Surely We, Ever We, have been sending down the Remembrance, and surely We are indeed Preservers of it
15:10  And indeed We sent (Messengers) even before you among the sects of the earliest (people)
15:11  And in no way did a Messenger come up to them except that they used to mock at him
15:12  Thus We insert it (Disbelief) into the hearts of the criminals
15:13  They do not believe in it; (The Message) and the enactment (The reward for good and evil) (for) the earliest (people) has already passed away
15:14  And (even) if We opened upon them a gate of the heaven (and) so they linger on winding up through it
15:15  They would indeed say, "Surely it is only that our be holdings (i.e., eyesights) are stupefied; no indeed, we are a people bewitched!"
15:16  And indeed We have already made in the heaven constellations, and We have adorned it to the onlookers
15:17  And We have preserved it from every outcast Shaytan (The all-vicious, i.e., the Devil)
15:18  Excepting him who (gains) hearing by stealth, (and) so an evidently flaming (meteor) follows him up
15:19  And the earth-We have extended it and cast on it anchorages, (i.e., mountains) and We have caused to grow therein of everything (evenly) weighed
15:20  And We have made for you (means of) subsistence therein and for the ones you do not even provide for (Literally: for whom you are not providers)
15:21  And decidedly there is not a thing excepting that its treasuries are in Our Providence, and in no way do We send it down except in a known estimate
15:22  And We send the winds impregnating, (and) so We send down from the heaven water, then We give it to you to drink, and in no way can you even be its treasurers
15:23  And surely We, Ever We, indeed give life and make to die, and We are the inheritors
15:24  And indeed We already know the ones of you who can go forward, and indeed We already know the ones who can postpone
15:25  And surely your Lord, Ever He, will muster them; surely He is Ever-Wise, Ever-Knowing
15:26  And indeed We already created man of dry clay of mud modeled
15:27  And the jinn race We created earlier of the fire (The Arabic word samum is sometimes understood to be pestilential wind) of a pestilential (fire)
15:28  And as your Lord said to the Angels, "Surely I am creating a mortal of dry clay of mud modeled
15:29  So, when I have molded him and breathed into him of My Spirit, fall down to him prostrating!"
15:30  So the Angels prostrated themselves, all of them together
15:31  Except Iblis; he refused to be among the prostrate
15:32  Said He, "O Iblis, what about you, that you are not among the prostrate?"
15:33  Said he, "Indeed I did not have to prostrate myself to a mortal whom You created of dry clay of mud modeled."
15:34  Said He, "Then get out (Literally: go out) of it; so, surely you are outcast
15:35  And surely the curse will be upon you till the Day of Doom."
15:36  Said he, "Lord! Then respite me till the Day they will be made to rise again."
15:37  Said He, "Then surely you are among the respited
15:38  To the Day of a known time."
15:39  Said he, "Lord! For (the fact) that You misguided me, indeed I will definitely adorn for them (i.e., make "evil" attractive to them) in the earth; and indeed I will definitely misguide them all together
15:40  Excepting Your bondmen among them, who are most faithful."
15:41  Said He, "This is for Me a straight Path
15:42  Surely over My bondmen you will have no all-binding authority, except the ones who closely follow you of the misguided ones."
15:43  And surely Hell will be indeed their promised (abode) all together
15:44  It has seven gates; and each gate has an appointed part (Literally: divided)
15:45  Surely the pious will be amidst Gardens and Springs."
15:46  "Enter them, in peace, secure!"
15:47  And We will draw out from them whatever rancor may be in their breasts; as brethren they will be upon settees facing one another
15:48  No toil will touch them therein, and in no way will they be made to go out of it
15:49  Fully inform My bondmen that I, Ever I, am The Ever-Forgiving, The Ever-Merciful
15:50  And that My torment is the (most) painful torment
15:51  And fully inform them about the guests of Ibrahim, (Abraham
15:52  As they entered to him (and) so they said, "Peace!" He said, "Surely we feel tremulous of you."
15:53  They said, "Do not feel tremulous. Surely we give you glad tidings of a knowledgeable youth."
15:54  He said, "Do you give me glad tidings, though being great (with years) has touched me? (i.e., I am an old man) Of what do you give me glad tidings?"
15:55  They said, "We have given you glad tidings with the truth, so do not be of the ones who are despondent."
15:56  He said, "And who is despondent of the mercy of his Lord excepting the erring?"
15:57  He said, "So, what is your concern, you Emissaries?"
15:58  They said, "Surely we have been sent to a criminal people
15:59  Excepting the household of Lut; (Lot) surely we will indeed safely deliver them all together
15:60  Excepting his wife. We have determined (that) surely she will indeed be of the laggards."
15:61  So, as soon as the Emissaries came to the house of Lut; (Lot)
15:62  He said, "Surely you are a people unrecognized (by me)."
15:63  They said, "No indeed, we have come to you with that about which they were wrangling
15:64  And we have come up to you with the truth; and surely we are indeed sincere
15:65  So set forth with your family in a watch of the night and closely follow after them in the rear, and let not any of you turn round; and pass away to (the place) where you are commanded."
15:66  And We decreed for him that Command, that the last trace of these was to be cut off in the (early) morning
15:67  And the population of the city came (to witness) the glad tidings
15:68  He said, "Surely these are my guests; so do not put me to shame
15:69  And be pious to Allah and do not disgrace me."
15:70  They said, "Have we not forbidden you (to entertain all) men?" (Literally: the worlds
15:71  He said, "These are my daughters (to marry), if you would be performing (that)."
15:72  By your life, surely they were indeed blundering in their stupor
15:73  Then the Shout took them (away) at sunshine
15:74  So We turned it upside-down, and We rained upon them stones of baked clay
15:75  Surely in that are indeed signs for the scrutinizers (i.e., Those who look for the destroyed cities)
15:76  And surely it is indeed on a way that still exists
15:77  Surely in that is indeed a sign for the believers
15:78  And decidedly the companions of the Thicket (i.e., the dwellers of Madyan) were indeed unjust
15:79  So We took vengeance on them; and surely the two of them were indeed on an evident record (or: register, literally:Imam)
15:80  And indeed the companions (i.e., the inhabitants) of Al- Hijr readily cried lies to the Emissaries
15:81  And We brought them Our signs, yet they were veering away from them
15:82  And they used to hew the mountains into homes, (therein dwelling) securely
15:83  So the Shout took them (away) in the (early) morning
15:84  Then in no way did whatever they used to earn avail them
15:85  And in no way did We create the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them except with the Truth; and surely the Hour is indeed coming up, so pardon, with becoming pardoning
15:86  Surely your Lord, He is The Sublime Creator, The Ever-Knowing
15:87  And indeed We have already brought you seven of the oft-repeated (i.e., the Opening Surah " Al-Fatihah", as it includes praise and laudation in seven verses) and the magnificent Qur'an
15:88  Do not definitely extend forth your eyes to what We have given pairs of them to enjoy; and be not grieved for them, and lower your wing to the believers
15:89  And say, "Surely, I, constantly I, am the evident warner."
15:90  Just as We sent down upon those who divide among themselves, (i.e., draw lots or divide by means of headless arrows)
15:91  Who have made the Qur'an into fragments
15:92  So, by your Lord, indeed We will definitely ask them all together
15:93  Concerning whatever they were doing
15:94  So profess openly what you have been commanded and veer away from the associators (Those who associate others with Allah)
15:95  Surely We suffice you against the mockers
15:96  Who make up with Allah another god; so they will eventually know
15:97  And indeed We already know that, for you, your breast straitens by what they say
15:98  So extol with the praise of your Lord and be of the prostrating
15:99  And worship your Lord until the Certitude comes up to you