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6:1  Praises and thanks to the Who created the heavens and the earth and established darkness and light; yet those who disbelieve, [ungratefully] set up equals with their Creator
6:2  He is the One Who has created you from earthly materials and has predetermined a destiny for you (as well as a destiny for the universe); yet you dare to doubt him
6:3  He is the only One Who is present in the heavens and the earth and has knowledge over what you do privately and in publicly and what you are earning in account of your actions
6:4  In spite of his Greatness and omni-presence, the disbelievers turn away from each and every commandment of His
6:5  Since they have rejected the truth, which is hereby presented to them, pretty soon they have to face the consequence of what they were mucking at
6:6  Are they not afraid to be doomed like those generation who had to face my punishment. The latter were blessed even more than what these people are blessed with. I sent down rain from the sky and made the rivers to flow under their land; yet I destroyed them in account of their sins and replaced them with other generations
6:7  Even if I had sent them my revelations penned down in a paper (that they could have touched it [like the ten commandments]), they would have [turned away from it and had] said: "This is nothing but a magic!"
6:8  They say: "Why an angel is not sent down to him [so that we may see it with our own eyes?]" If an angel would have been sent down, the matter would have been solved and then [the worldly test and trial would have lost its meaning and] they would not have had their lives [to strive for their betterment.]
6:9  Besides, if I had sent an angel [as My Prophet], I would have sent clothed like a man [so that they could see it] and then they would be more confused [as to who is this man who claims to be an angel?]
6:10  The Prophet before you were also subject to the mockeries. It is ironical that the same thing that they used to muck at lead to their destruction
6:11  Say: "Roam the earth and see [with your own eyes] what the destiny of those who chose to disbelieve was
6:12  Ask: "Who owns whatever there is in the heavens and the earth?" Then [when you face their silence] say: "To the Lord; the One Who has decided to be Merciful. He will surely gather you all together on the Day of Judgment. Only those who have lost their souls choose not to believe."
6:13  To God belongs everything which falls in the [arena of the darkness of the] night or [whatever which find itself in the light of] the day. God hears everything and knows everything [that takes place at the darkness of the night and the light of the day.]
6:14  Say: "Why should I take other than the Originator of the heavens and the earth as my Protector? After all, is He not the One Who feeds and [unlike the others whom you take as your masters,] is not in need of being fed?" Say: "I am ordered to be the first [in belief and] in Islam (meaning submission to the Lord in Arabic) and distant myself from those who choose other than God as their Lords
6:15  Say: "I am afraid of [even thinking about] rebelling and [consequently] subjecting myself to the punishment of the Lord in that awful Day [of Judgment.]"
6:16  "Only in account of the Lord's Mercy, one may found himself spared from the punishment on the Day of Judgment; what a great achievement it will be."
6:17  If God subjects you to a misery [ such as Aids, cancer, death of a dear one, etc., for any reason], none can save you from it. If, on the other hand, God decides to shower you with a blessing [none can deprive you from the pleasure of its enjoyment]; this is in account of the fact [and indicating] that God is the Most Powerful
6:18  God has absolute control over His servants [creatures] as He is the Most Wise and the Most Knowledgeable
6:19  Say: "Whose testimony weights the most?" Say: "God witnesses that this Qur'an is revealed to me to warn you and whoever that [eventually] it may reach to. Sincerely, do you testify [from the bottom of your heart] that there are other lords than God?" Say: "I do not join you in bearing witness [that there are other gods beside God.]" Say: "there is only One God and I distant myself from your idol worshipping practices."
6:20  Those who have received the Scriptures (Jews & Christians) recognize this [that Qur'an is the word of God] as clearly as they recognize their own children. Only those [among them] choose to disagree that have lost their souls
6:21  And who is more unjust than the one who attributes a lie to God or denies His signs (God's words or miracles performed by His permission?) Such person is a failure
6:22  On the Day that I gather everyone together, I will ask the idol worshipers: "Where are those made believe gods of yours that you assigned as My partners?"
6:23  As they cannot come with any excuse, they will reply [as their last lie]: "By Lord we were never idol worshipers!"
6:24  Note how they deny their own selves as they see their [mirage like] "gods" disappear
6:25  Among them there are the ones who come to you pretending that they are listening; but [in account of their unforgivable sins] I have already made them blind and deaf to the truth. As they cannot understand it, their only "natural" response will be: "These versus are nothing than mythological stories of the past."
6:26  Then they forbid the others from [approaching to the Qur'an] and distant themselves from the belief. They do not realize that by doing so, they are destroying their own soul
6:27  If only you could see them when they face the Hellfire! They would say: "If we were only sent back, we would never deny the Lord's [miraculous] signs and would join the believers."
6:28  They say so, for the simple reason that their secret [defective nature] is exposed. The fact of the matter is: If they are sent back, they will behave the same way that they were behaving before [as they will forget their encounter with the Fire and what they saw in the realm of the unseen.] They are simply the liars
6:29  They say: "There is nothing beyond this worldly life and there is no such thing as the Resurrection [after death.]"
6:30  If only you could see them when they face their Lord. I will ask them: "Is this the truth or what?" They will reply: "By Lord it is the truth." Then I will say: "Face the punishment of your denial then."
6:31  The losers are those who deny that they have to meet their Lord until they suddenly find themselves at His presence. Then they become sorry and say: "Shame on us who wasted our worldly lives." They will carry loads of sins on their back; what a miserable load to carry
6:32  The life of this world is nothing but a pass-time entertainment (full of illusions and vanities.) It is the eternal life in Hereafter which is worth while to [sacrifice for by] those who chose righteousness. Do you not get it
6:33  I know well how their words hurt you. [Do not take it personally as] it is not your [ integrity] that they question; it is the Lord's commandments that the wicked [take lightly or flatly] reject
6:34  The Prophets before you were also rejected. They took it with patience until God [at the right time] helped them [to establish their positions.]
6:35  If their denial of the truth bothers you too much, rest assured that you can do nothing about changing their mind. Even if you could dig a deep tunnel in the earth or take a tall ladder to the heavens in order to bring an undeniable miracle, they would not believe in. If God wanted, He could have easily guided them all [but He does not want to deprive the man of his freedom of choice.] Therefore, do not join the ignorant people [by asking God to reconsider His global plan and questioning His Wisdom.]
6:36  Only those will [hear and] respond who listen. As to the dead people, [know that] God will resurrect them and eventually they will all return to Him [and have to stand in front of Him for the Judgment.]
6:37  They say: "How come God does not send a sing (a great miracle) to announce his prophet hood?" Say : "God is certainly capable of sending such a sign [and Hi has done so by sending this Qur'an which is the utmost miracle] but the majority of them do not get it [that the miracle does not change the people's mind as they did not in the case of the past prophets.]
6:38  Any animal on the earth, or any bird who flies with its two wings in the sky, is a creature like you and will be resurrected [like you] to meet the Creator. As you see, nothing is left out in the Book
6:39  Those who choose to disregard My Revelations are like deaf and blind people in the absolute darkness. Whoever God decides [based upon the person's "merit"], will be left in the darkness and whoever He decides, will be guided to the straight path
6:40  Ask them: "When you are in a big trouble (or when the last hour approaches), whom do you turn into beside the Lord? Answer, if you are truthful."
6:41  The fact is, in such moment of distress, you turn none but the Lord; then, if He pleases, He will save you from your misfortune. Yes; on such occasions, you forget all those whom you have raised to the level of God
6:42  There were other prophets sent to many other nations [such as Moses to the Egyptians.] I afflicted them with many misfortunes [such as nine disasters that the Egyptians had to go through] so that they may choose to believe and approach God with the utmost humility [by bowing down and prostrating before Him.]
6:43  How come [you may ask] they did not come to their senses when they were going through such disasters? Satan made their style of lives the most pleasing to them [as much as American way of life is the most pleasant to the Americans] up to the point that their inner conscious became insensitive to the truth
6:44  In spite of their [rebellion] and forgetting what was revealed to them, I showered them with many blessings. In response, they got totally involved in [nothing but the] entertainment and vanities. It was then that, all of a sudden, I seized them with the disasters and they were the most miserable
6:45  That was the way that the roots of the unjust people were cut off. Praise be to God; the Lord of the universe
6:46  Say: "If God took your sight away, impaired your hearing and made your conscious insensitive to the truth, which one of those (whom you have raised to the level of God) can restore them to you?" See how [plainly and clearly] I explain the truth and how they choose to turn their back to
6:47  Say: "What if the Lord decides to send you a disaster (with or without any warning), who else but the wicked will suffer [as was the case of the Egyptians of the Moses' time.]
6:48  As a matter of fact, I sent My prophets for the simple purpose of relaying the good news [about the Paradise where the righteous believers will end up in] and warning [the wicked about the consequence of their deeds here and Hereafter.] Those who choose to believe and reform their behaviors will have no reason for fear and sadness
6:49  As for those who choose to disregard My Revelations, a punishment is in reserve for their wickedness
6:50  Say: "I do not claim that I have access to the Lord's treasures, nor that I have knowledge over the world of unseen nor that I am an angel. I simply obey whatever revealed to me." Say: "Is the one who [closes his eyes to the truth and] is blind equal [in sight] to the one who is capable to see? Do you ever [use your brain to] think"
6:51  Warn those who are afraid of being resurrected and stand in front of their Lord [for the judgment] that they will find none but God as their Protector and Intercessor. May they [in account of this warning] adopt a God pleasing way of life
6:52  Do not dismiss those who [come to you to] worship God early in the morning as well as in the evening. By doing so, they simply seek to please the Lord. You will not be questioned for their deeds, neither they will be responsible for your deeds. If you dismiss them [in order to avoid the disbelievers' mockeries saying "only a bunch of poor & illiterates are around this prophet], you [the prophet of God] will be considered as an unjust [sinner.]
6:53  This is how I (God) test people in their daily confrontations. Thus, the disbelievers [fail in the Lord's test when they mockingly] say: "Are these [less privileged] people the preferred ones by God?" Do they not know that God knows who is the grateful and who the ungrateful
6:54  When the believers come to see you, greet them [with kindness] saying: "Peace be with you (in Arabic: Salamon-Alaikum.)" God [As a matter of fact] has chosen to be merciful. Therefore, if anyone (who has been involved in a wrongdoing out of ignorance) comes to Him in repentance (and chooses righteousness thereafter), will find Him the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
6:55  See how clearly I explain My revelations to make the wrongdoers' way of life clear (so that you may have a clear criterion and would not be confused as who is right and who is wrong.
6:56  Say: "I am forbidden to worship those (beside the Lord) that you are worshipping. Say: "{I will not follow your whims and vain desires. If I do so, I will be deviated from the straight path and will find myself far from those who are being guided [by the Lord.]"
6:57  Say: "I [believe and] rely upon the clear revelations of the same Lord that you have chosen to deny. It is not in my power to accelerate the punishment of your disobedience that you [mockingly] ask me to subject you to [as a miracle and sign of my prophet hood.] It is God who will decide [when to subject you to your punishment] and He is the best decision maker."
6:58  Say: "If it was up to me [to have the final word and] to subject you to the punishment (that you are so impatient to be subjected to), then the final word would have been said. [It is up to the Lord to make the final decision as] God knows the unjust people very well [and will deal with them in the most appropriate time.]"
6:59  The key to the unknown rests with the Lord. Only God has access to such treasure (knowledge.) God has knowledge over everything in the land and in the sea. Not even a leaf may fall without His knowledge. There is not a grain in the darkness (or the depth) of the earth, nor a fresh or dry [fruit or vegetable] which is not recorded in the Lord's profound book
6:60  God is the One Who puts you to "death" every night [or whenever you go to sleep.] He knows every detail of what you have done during the day [or when you have been awake.] God, then, returns you back to life [when you finish your sleep] and lets you live till the pre-determined moment of your [final] death. Once you die, you will return to your Lord and He will make you review your deeds [in your worldly life.]
6:61  God is in absolute control over His creatures. He puts His angels in charge of your protection and, once your moment of death arrives, the angel of death will take your soul away [from your body.] The Lord's angels never fail in their duties
6:62  When men are brought to the presence of their rightful Lord, the Almighty, they will find Him the most Just and quick in Judgment
6:63  Say: "Who else but the Lord saves you when you are caught in a disaster at the darkness of the sea or the land and pray (publicly or privately) sincerely promising to be the most grateful, if He takes you to a safe harbor?"
6:64  Yes; it is God who saves you from such disaster and many other distressful situations. Yet, [when you find safety,] you go back to your [old routine of] worshipping beside God
6:65  Say: "He is capable of sending you a disaster from the above (like a tornado) or from the beneath of your feet (such as an earthquake.) He may also let you divide yourselves into different sects and, in such confusion, let you fight against each other (for stupid reasons.)" Note how I clearly make my point so that you understand them
6:66  Yet, your people reject it (Islam.) Let them know that you are not their guardian [and that your only mission is to relay the message.]
6:67  Time will eventually reveal everything [and you will realize who is right and who is wrong.]
6:68  When you see that the disbelievers engage in mocking at My revelations (such as comedians who make fun of the religious matters on T.V., etc.), leave their company. You may join them as soon as they engage in another discussion. Now if the Satan makes you to forget this instruction, leave the unjust peoples' gathering as soon as you remember [that you should not stay where God's revelations are being mocked at.]
6:69  The righteous people are surely not responsible for the mockery of the disbelievers. However, if they admonish the disbelievers, the latter may come to their senses
6:70  Leave alone those who are so seriously involved in their worldly affairs that consider their religion as "another social function" [going to the church on Sunday (or Mosque on Friday) and once the service is over, taking "business is business" attitude.] Let them know that their evil deeds destroy their souls. They will find none but God as their Lord and intercessor [on the Day of Judgment] and even if they can offer a huge ransom, it will not be accepted from them. Such people who have destroyed their souls with their wrongdoings have to drink boiling water and submit themselves to a painful punishment in account of their denial
6:71  Say: "Why should we take others beside God as our lords, knowing that they can neither harm nor benefit us? Do you want us to return back to the days of ignorance after having received the Lord's guidance? Then we will be like those who have followed the Satan and are absolutely confused (as is the case with many people today) while their true friends are inviting them to follow the straight path." Say: "The Lord's guidance is the best guidance and the Creator of the worlds has ordered us to submit ourselves [in Arabic = be a Muslim] to His way of life."
6:72  "He has ordered us to worship Him on regular daily basis, keep Him with the utmost respect in mind and know that we will be returned back to Him."
6:73  God is the One Who has created the heavens and the earth for a reason. Whenever He wishes to create something, He simply says "Be" and here it is created! God's word [as presented in this Book] is the truth. He will be in absolute charge of the Day that the trumpet is blown. He has absolute knowledge over what you see and what you do not perceive. He is the Most Wise and the Most Knowledgeable
6:74  Recall when Abraham declared to Azar (his father): "How can you worship these idols of yours? You people have gone so far in darkness!"
6:75  I (God) showed Abraham the marvels of the heavens and the earth (what is referred today as out of body experience) and made him sure [of the Lord's absolute power.]
6:76  When Abraham [going through his out of body experience] saw a shining star [while going into the dark part of the earth,] he said: "This must be the Lord!" When the star disappeared, he said: "I do not like a god that disappears!"
6:77  When Abraham saw the moon appearing in splendor, he said: "This must be the Lord!" When the moon disappeared [beyond the light of the sun,] he said: "If God does not guide me, I will be like those who are lost."
6:78  When Abraham saw the sun appearing in splendor, he said: "This is my Lord as it is the greatest!" When the sun set [on the dark side of earth,] he said: "O my people, [now that I have seen what kind of things you take as God,] I denounce your associating "gods" with the Lord."
6:79  "I am sincerely going to turn my face to the One Who has originated the heavens and the earth. I am a firm believer in God and will never associate anyone with the Lord."
6:80  Then Abraham's people started to dispute with him. He replied: "Do you argue with me about the Lord while He is the One Who has blessed me with His guidance in person? I am definitely not afraid of your "gods;" after all, nothing can happen to me without the approval of God. My Lord is knowledgeable over everything. Is it not time that you come to your senses and worship Him?"
6:81  "If you are not afraid of God (Who is the Most Powerful and should be feared the most,) why should I fear what you have taken as your "gods" (which have no power to harm nobody)? Who [else but Satan] made you to fall into idol worshipping? Who deserves peace the most? Answer me, if you make any sense."
6:82  "Yes; only those deserve peace who believe in God and worship none but God. Such people are at peace and rightly guided."
6:83  Such was My reasoning relayed to them through Abraham. Thus I raise some [like Abraham] to a higher level. Indeed your Lord is the Most Wise and the Most Knowledgeable [and knows what He is doing.]
6:84  I blessed Abraham with Isaac [his son] and Jacob [his grandson] who were guided the same way that Noah was guided before them. I also guided their off springs: Job, Joseph, David, Solomon, Moses and Aaron. This is the way that I shower the righteous ones with my blessings
6:85  Zachariah, John, Jesus and Elias are also among the other righteous ones who were blessed
6:86  Among the others whom I raised in rank to anyone else in the universe are: Ishmael, Elisha, Jonah and Lot
6:87  There were many other [righteous ones] among the ancestors, descendants and the siblings of the above mentioned [prophets] whom I chose [and deserved] to be guided and put on the straight path
6:88  This is the favor of God. He chooses to guide, among His worshippers, whoever He decides [and deserve such guidance.] If His worshippers choose to worship others (such as idols, women, children, wealth, any boss or governor, etc.) beside Him, then He will nullify their [good] deeds
6:89  The above mentioned were the ones who are given the Scripture, prophet hood and wisdom. Now if they (the Jews) choose to disregard this guidance (Qur'an), then I have to entrust this (mission of spreading the will of God) to another nation (as it was entrusted to the Muslims.
6:90  The above mentioned were guided the same way that you (Mohammad/ Muslims) will be guided. O Mohammad, Say: "I am not going to charge you anything for this [service of] guidance of yours. This is a universal gift of the Lord (to whoever who wants to accept it.)"
6:91  Those [Jews] who say that God has not revealed nothing to nobody, do not appreciate the Lord. Reply: "Then who gave the Scripture (which was a beacon an guidance for the mankind) to Moses?" Is it not true that you put a part of the Scripture in writing and hide the rest of it? Were you not taught by this revelation of God what you and your forefathers did not know? Say: "It is God revealed the Scripture" and leave them play their games
6:92  Here is a blessed book [free of falsified insertions] revealed to confirm [ and be used to separate falsified portions from authentic part of] the previous Scriptures and to warn the inhabitants of the metropolis and its surroundings. Those who believe in Hereafter will believe in it (Qur'an) and worship the Lord on regular daily basis
6:93  Who is more unjust than the one who fabricates some lies [such as: "Heaven was split and God or Jesus said such and such"] and attributes them to God or falsely says that he has received some revelations from the Lord [thus creating false religions and confusing millions of people and generations to com] or says that he can come up with a book similar to the one of the Lord? Would that you could see these wicked ones when they face the death and when the angels extend their hands saying: "give up your souls; it is time that you get your reward for the false things that you attributed to God and your choice of not submitting yourselves to His Revelations."
6:94  Now you have come back to your Lord alone; the same way that I created you at first place. Now you have left behind all that I showered you with [and you thought that it belonged to you.] I do not see none of those "intercessors" that you idolized, believing that they will help you [on the day of resurrection.] All bonds between you are now cut off and those idols of yours have abandoned you
6:95  God is the One Who splits the grain as well as the [hard] date seed, letting them grow up into vegetations. The Lord thus creates life out of the death and makes the life to taste the death. Such is the Lord; how dare you to leave His path
6:96  God is the One Who breaks the dawn and has made the night for you a time of relaxation. He is the One behind the movement of the sun and the moon. Such has He destined out of His knowledge and Greatness
6:97  God is the One Who let you use the stars in the darkness of the land or the sea so that you may find your destination. See how clearly I make my points known to the knowledgeable people [with whom you can reason and show the greatness of the Lord.]
6:98  God is the One Who originated you from a single being. He then put you in your own way and appointed a destiny for you. See how I make my points to those who [take time to] think
6:99  God is the One Who sends down water from the sky causing all kind of vegetation to grow. That is the way that I create date trees with hanging clusters, gardens of grapes, olives and pomegranate (all from the same origin though different in shape.) Note how their fruits grow up and become ripe. This is the way that the believers understand [and discover the nature through observation.]
6:100  In spite of all these [clear signs,] some idolize the Jinns (extraterrestrials) while it is God Who has created the Jinns at first place. How ignorant of those who say that God has sons or daughters. Praise and Glory to the Lord Who is far above such claims
6:101  How is it possible for the originator of the heavens and the earth to have children while [you know well that] He has never had any mate? [The matter of the fact is that] God is the One Who has created everything and knows His creation the best
6:102  Such is your Lord. There is no other God beside Him. Therefore, worship Him alone; the One Who is in charge of everything
6:103  No eye is capable of seeing Him; yet He sees everything. He is the Most Sensitive and the Most Knowledgeable
6:104  [Say:] "Undeniable proofs have thus been presented to you. If you choose to see them, good for you. If, on the contrary, you choose to act like the blind, you have simply lost your own soul. I (Mohammad) am not your guardian [and responsible for the consequences of your choice.]"
6:105  See how I (God) present My Revelations again and again (in different manners) to reach those who are blessed with knowledge. Yet, instead [of thinking about them] they say: "You (Mohammad) have copied these (verses) from such and such place
6:106  Follow what God has revealed to you and disregard the disbelievers. There is no other lord but God
6:107  If God had willed, they would not [have lost the straight path and would not] have worshipped none but God. I have not appointed you (Mohammad) to be their guardian nor are you responsible for their deeds
6:108  Do not use bad language when you refer to their gods; unless they disrespect the Lord in their ignorance. After all, I have made every nations' deeds seeming good in their eyes! In the end they will return to their Lord and will be notified of their wrongdoings
6:109  They solemnly swear by the Lord that they will believe, if they are exposed to a miracle. Say: "Miracle takes place at the discretion of God [and that I cannot make any miracle.]" For all you know, even if an undeniable miracle takes place, they will continue their disbelief
6:110  As a result of their choice of denying these revelations (the most profound miracle), I will keep their minds and sights confused and leave them to wonder about in their rebellion
6:111  Even if I send the angles to them (as this miracle was presented to the previous nations), even if I make the dead to speak (as this miracle was presented through Jesus), even if I present all unknown things to them, they will not believe unless God wills it (and it is not the will of God to deprive them of their freedom of choice so that they do not have any choice but to believe.) Indeed most of them are [and choose to remain] ignorant
6:112  Thus, I have appointed for every prophet, men and Jinns (extra-terrestrials) of evil nature to oppose them. They glorify the vain desires to mislead the people. If God had willed, they would not have done it. Therefore, leave them do their "job"
6:113  This is permitted so that the mind of those who do not believe in Hereafter be pleased with such vain desires and earn whatever evil they deserve
6:114  Say: "Who better than God can judge between us? Do you know any better judge than the Lord Who has sent this Book which explains everything in detail?" The people of the Scripture know well that this Book in all truth is revealed from God. Therefore, do not harbor any doubt about [the Divine source of] this Book
6:115  The Word of your Lord is nothing but the truth and the justice. None can falsify these Words of God as He hears everything [that the conspirators say] and knows everything [that the enemies plan to falsify Qur'an and, consequently, will deal with them accordingly.]
6:116  If [instead of the Lord's Book,] you follow the opinion of the majority [as it is the case of today's democracies], they will divert you from the path of God. The majority of the people follow nothing but unfounded guess works [as they do not know the truth.]
6:117  Your Lord knows best who is in the right or wrong path [therefore follow what He says.]
6:118  Therefore, [follow the Lord's path and] eat only the meat of that animal over which the permission of God has been asked [for its slaughter,] if you are a sincere believer
6:119  God has already explained in detail what is unlawful for you to eat, except in case of emergency [that one can eat no matter what, just enough to survive.] Therefore, what excuse do you have in order not to eat the meat over which the name of God is mentioned? Indeed the majority of the people follow their vain desires and mislead you by their biased opinions. God surely knows who the wrongdoers are
6:120  Avoid committing sins [disobeying God] in public or in private. Those who commit sins are surely earning what they deserve (the Hellfire.
6:121  Do not eat the meat of the animal over which the name of God [as a sign of asking God's permission for its slaughter] is not mentioned at the time of the slaughter; this is indeed sinful. The evil ones dispute the Lord's commandments [asking for the wisdom of the laws like this] with you. If you give in to them, you have joined them in disbelief
6:122  Is the one who was dead, and then I (God) gave him life (and showered him by the light [of this Qur'an], so that he can walk on the straight path), is equal to the one [disbeliever who is disputing every law of the Lord and] who is wondering in the darkness [by choice] from which he can never escape? Thus [in response to their choice of disbelief,] I make the disbelievers' deeds seeming fair in their eyes [so that they continue their miserable life of confusion going through one trial and error to another one.]
6:123  As a matter of fact, I have given the power to the main wrongdoers of each land so that they may [choose to] implement their wicked plans. What they do not realize is that their scheme will fire back and destroy their very own soul
6:124  That is the reason behind their denying My Revelations and saying: "We will not believe until the message is conveyed directly to us." God knows whom He should trust His message to and how to relay it to the public. Pretty soon these criminals will be humiliated by the Lord and have to face their awful punishment for their wicked plans
6:125  God makes whoever He wills [and deserves] to receive His guidance, conscious of Islam (submission to God.) On the contrary, whoever God wills will be so resentful of submission to Him that his soul will fly away to the skies as soon as the subject of belief is brought up. Thus God turns the disbelievers into the "Impure" subjects
6:126  Here you are shown the straight path which leads to your Lord. See how clearly I explain it to the people who are sensitive to the truth
6:127  God, their Lord and Master, has prepared peaceful environment for them to live in, as a reward for their good deeds
6:128  The Day that all of them will be summoned up, God will say: "congratulations to you Jinns (extra-terrestrials)! You succeeded in deceiving many human beings." Their human companions will then say: "Shame on us for wasting our [precious] life span [that you granted us] at the company of these Jinns in pursuit of vanities." The Lord will then say: "The Fire is your place to live in forever." Only God may deliver them from the Fire. Indeed your Lord is the Most Wise and the Most Knowledgeable [and consequently will render the justice to the fullest.]
6:129  Thus, I will make the wicked ones to have the "displeasure" of having each other's company; they have earned such punishment for their wrongdoings
6:130  God will then ask: "Did I not send My prophets to you, Jinns and human beings, to recite My Revelations and warn you about this meeting of ours today?" They will [have no choice but to] confess that they fell prey to the vanities of the world, chose the disbelief and, thus, testify against themselve
6:131  This is said so that you know that your Lord does not destroy the nations of the wrongdoers without proper warnings
6:132  Everyone will receive a grade from the Lord base upon his deeds. God [does not grade the man blindly as He] is fully aware of what people doing
6:133  Your Lord is wealthy (for the simple reason that everything in the realm of creation belongs to Him) and graciously merciful. He may choose to remove you and replace you by whoever He wills, [if you choose to disappoint Him.] After all, He raised you from the offspring of other people
6:134  Whatever God has promised will take place and you cannot fight it
6:135  Say: "Do whatever you like and I will do whatever is the best; pretty soon you will see which one of us will succeed. The fact of the matter is that the unjust people will never attain the salvation."
6:136  These disbelievers [as the expression of their gratitude and charity] devote a part of their [agricultural/ cattle increase] to Allah [Arabic name of God] and then [out of ignorance] devote another part to the ones that they have made [in their imaginations] the Lord's partners! [The funny thing is], they do not mind to use the Lord's portion of the charity for themselves but consider the idol's part a sin to touch! What evil games they play
6:137  Now these idols (that the disbelievers have raised them to the level of God) make the killing of their own children [in account of being female, economic hardship or simple sacrifice to gods at the altars] seem fine to them! In fact these "gods" cause more pain for them and create confusion in their religion [way of life.] If God willed [and had taken their freedom of choice away from them,] they would not have done so. Leave them alone to follow their fabricated religion [so that they wonder around confused and believe that they are following the path of Abraham and Ishmael.]
6:138  They have come up with self-imposed laws [upon charity, for example,] and say that only those people can eat such and such animal that do such and such. they have forbidden some animals to give ride or to carry loads. They do not even ask the Lord's permission to slaughter an animal [after all, it is God Who has given life to these animals and His permission (as the real owner) should be asked for their slaughter.] They have fabricated all these nonsense, attributing them to God. Pretty soon God will deal with them accordingly
6:139  [As another example of their nonsense,] They say: "Such and such animal's newborn is forbidden for our females [and only the males can eat its flesh!" But when the animal gives birth to a dead newborn, they do not mind to [break their own silly vows and] share its meat with the females of their clan! God will surely punish them for such falsifications. God is indeed the Most Wise, the Most Knowledgeable
6:140  Those who (in account of their ignorance) kill their own children foolishly, are indeed the losers. They have forbidden for themselves what God has provided for them. They falsely attribute fabrications to the Lord. They are in a wrong path and far from the guidance
6:141  Know that it is the Lord Who has created [your] gardens of upright trees, vineyards and date-palm trees. It is God Who makes the crops (which yield different kinds of edibles) to grow. It is God Who has grown olive and pomegranate trees (whose fruits are of the [same] gender [made of genes and other basic stuff of life, as discussed in biology] but different in taste [and shape.]) Therefore, eat them [that God is creating at first place] freely, give a part of your harvest to the needy ones and do not be wasteful as God does not like those who waste [the basis for recycling and other means of conservations (such as energy conservation) in economics.]
6:142  As to the animals, it is God Who has created them to carry your loads, give you ride and [their skin, leather and fur] be used for your bedding. Therefore, eat from what God has provided for you and do not follow in the footstep of Satan, [who wants to see you forbid what God has made lawful,] as he is your most passionate enemy
6:143  As to [nonsense that they have fabricated such as] eight males and females cattle that they take first a pair of the sheep family and a pair of the goat family and [come up with the most unbelievable laws,] say: "Has God forbidden for you the males, the females or the unborn sheep and goats? What kind of games are you playing? Tell me, if you are true in your belief."
6:144  As to the laws [that they have come up with] concerning the camel and the cattle, ask them: "Is it two male, two female or the unborn animals that God has prohibited for you? Where you present when {according to you] God was commanding these prohibitory laws?" If not, then who can be more wicked than the one who fabricates lies and ascribes them to God [and turn the generations to come away from the straight path?] Indeed God will not guide such unjust people
6:145  Say: "As to what is revealed to me, I find that only the followings are forbidden to eat: the flesh of a non-slaughtered dead animal, the blood that has been shed [not trapped in the meat,] pork's meat (which is indeed disgusting [as disgusting as say eating dog or cat]) and the meat of animal which the Lord's permission has not been asked [in the moment of its slaughter.] Even these are permitted to eat in case of emergency [just enough to keep you alive,] as your Lord is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
6:146  As to the Jews, I forbade some extra food articles as a punishment for their rebellion. these items were: all animals with claws and the fat of oxen and goats except what is on their backs, their internal organs, or attached to their bones. These are the truth that I reveal to you
6:147  If the Jews continue to disbelieve you, say: "Your Lord's mercy is limitless [and even if you repent now and adopt the right way of obedience He will forgive you.] But [if you persist in your rebellion,] the guilty ones can not escape His punishment
6:148  Now the idol worshippers will say: "Had God willed, neither we nor our forefathers would have worshipped other than God nor would we declared unlawful the things which are made lawful by God [The funny thing is, by saying so, they admit that they are wrong and then they blame God for it!]" People before them had rejected the truth by recourse to such absurd excuses until they tasted the Lord's punishment. Say: "Do you have any proof to support your theory? The fact of the matter is, you are following nothing but a bunch of false assumptions that you have fabricated."
6:149  Say: "God has the most decisive argument. If He willed, you would all have been guided. [But His will is to let you have the freedom of choice.]
6:150  Say: "Bring those witnesses of yours who claim that God has prohibited such and such thing." If they [go so far that they] come up with such witnesses [who are willing to falsely testify,] Do not join them; you should never follow the vain desires of those who deny My Revelations [and come up with their own falsified commandments which they attribute to God,] do not believe in Hereafter and raise the others [such as Jesus Christ] to the level of God
6:151  Say: "Get together and let me recite what God has prohibited for you: <blockquote>&raquo; Do not associate any partner with the Lord.<br />&raquo; Be nice [and generous] to your parents.<br />&raquo; Do not kill your children for the fear of poverty. I will provide for you and them. [If one is going through economic hardship, it is just a trial. Even if one has to die from the hunger, it will be his pre-destined way of leaving this life and happens only once. Why then worry about it constantly?<br />&raquo; Do not approach (secretly or publicly) the indecencies [such as going to a bar, even though you do not intend to drink.]<br />&raquo; Do not kill any living being whom God has forbidden to kill, unless in the course of justice. These are the Lord's commandments, may you be mindful.</blockquote>
6:152  Do not approach an orphan's property [say using it as a short-term loan with the best intention of repaying for the simple reason that you may not be able pay it back] except with the best intention [such as investing it on their behalf, put it in a trust account, etc.] until they grow up [then you can ask them whether or not they are willing to give you a loan.] Give full weight and full measure when you trade. See I am not demanding more than what your soul can bear. Never lie; even though telling the truth may hurt your dearest ones. Deliver what you have promised to the Lord. These are the Lord’s commandments, may you be mindful
6:153  This is your Lord's straight path. Follow this path and do not follow the other paths which will divert you from My path. These are the Lord's commandments. May you be mindful
6:154  It was in this manner (through the revelation) that I blessed Moses with the Book which was a guidance and full of detailed laws, revealed out of My mercy [to the Jews,] so that they become sure about their eventual meeting their Lord
6:155  This [Qur'an] is a book which I have blessed you with its revelation; follow it and respect the Lord may you deserve My mercy
6:156  Now [that you have received this Qur'an] you can no longer [come up with any excuse and] say, "The Lord's Book was sent only to the two nations before us (Jews and Christians) and that we were not aware of its teachings."
6:157  You can no longer say, "If the Book had been sent down to us, we would have behaved more righteous than [God respecting] nations before us." Now that the Lord has blessed you (out of His mercy) with a clear beacon, who can be more unjust than the one who denies My Revelations and turns away from them. I will subject those who show such ingratitude to the severest punishment
6:158  What else do they expect? That the angels should come down before them or that your Lord Himself appear to them or another [and another and another] miracle? If such day comes, then no disbeliever's belief at that time [like Pharaoh's belief at the moment when he was being drowned] will benefit him. Your only response to these disbelievers should be: "Wait, if you will: We too will wait."
6:159  You have nothing to do with those who have divided their religions and created different sects [and dividing the entire humanity into fighting groups.] God [in the Day of Judgment] will take care of them and bring the severity of their crime into their attention
6:160  The one who come up with a good deed to His Lord will be rewarded ten times more that what the deed is worth and the one who come up with a wrongdoing will be punished only according to the severity of his deed; none shall be treated unjustly
6:161  Say: "My Lord has guided me on the Straight Path, the ever True Faith, the same Way paved whole heartedly by Abraham: the one who worshipped none but the Lord."
6:162  Declare: "My daily prayers and other acts of worship, my life and my death are all meant to please God; the Lord of the universe."
6:163  "God has no partner. This is what I am commanded to believe and I am the first one who submits to the commandments of the Lord."
6:164  Say: "Why should I look for [and worship] another lord when I know that God is the Lord of [and above] everything? Know that no soul will receive any reward unless it earns it and no one will carry the burden of someone else's wrong doing. Ultimately you all will return to your Lord and He will tell you the reality of what you were differing in."
6:165  God is the One Who has put you (as His representative) in charge of [and responsible for] the earth. He has put you in different positions of authority to try you [and prove to you whether or not you deserve to be delegated authority.] Know that your Lord's justice is swift; yet He is also Forgiving and Merciful