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5:1  O’ you who believe, fulfill your obligations toward God (and obey His laws.) It is lawful for you to eat livestock, except those mentioned herein. It is prohibited to hunt (and eat the hunted animal) while you are performing the pilgrimage to Mecca ceremonies
5:2  O’ you who believe, have not disrespect for the rituals established by Lord, nor the sacred months, nor the animals to be offered, nor the garlands marking them, nor the people who head for Mecca seeking purification from God. Once you performed the rituals, then you may start hunting. Do not let your hatred toward those who prevented you of pilgrimage to Mecca lead you to engage in hostility with them. Help each other in righteousness and in acting according to divine laws; do not encourage commitment of sins and disobedience of God. Fear you Lord as He is sever in punishment
5:3  Do not eat pork [as it is already strictly ordered in the Bible], blood, the meat of an animal died of itself (including strangled, struck by an object, fallen from a height, pierced by a sharp object, attacked by a wild animal—unless slaughtered by you before its death-- ) and animals sacrificed for other than God. It is also prohibited to you to eat of the meat which is distributed according to the pagan rituals. Today, the disbelievers have given up the idea of exterminating you; do not, therefore, fear them. Instead fear Me (God), Today, I have completed your religion, perfected my blessing upon you and have decreed Islam (submission to God) as your religion. In case of emergency, it will not be sinful to you to eat of the above mentioned food as long as it is necessary to prevent you from death by famine; God is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
5:4  People will ask you (Mohammad) about lawful to consume food. Say: “Lawful for you are all good and pure [not offensive to good taste or universally been regarded as repugnant (such as eating dog or cat) by cultured people] things. you may also eat what trained to hunt dogs and falcons catch for you (as long as they are permitted to eat catches.) You must, however, mention the name of God [saying: “In the name of God...” as a gesture of asking for permission and that one is not taking it for granted that he is eating something which belongs to God and not hunting/killing it just for the sake of pleasure.] Keep God always in mind (and do not kill for the sake of pleasure) and know that God will punish you very fast for your wrongdoings (in this case for killing the creatures of God just for the sake of sport.
5:5  Today, I declare as lawful for you all pure (non-repugnant) and good (tobacco products, for example, are pure but not good for health) things. You may eat the food prepared by the people of the Scriptures (as long as they do not include those items which are strictly prohibited such as pork); for them, too, it is lawful to eat the food which is prepared by you. As to [the people’s question abut] marriage, marry morally pure believing women; you may also marry morally pure women of the people of the Scriptures. When you marry a woman, you must give them their [agreed upon] dowries and establish a real marital relationship and not a secret relationship just for sexual pleasures. Anyone who rejects faith has nullified all his good deeds and will find himself among the losers in Hereafter
5:6  When a believer wants to worship his Lord, he must clean himself up in the following manner [referred to as wuzu in Arabic]: Wash the face. Wash the hands. Wash the arms up to the elbows. Wipe the head. Wash the feet up to the ankles. If, due to sexual orgasm, you were unclean, you must take a full bath [referred to as ghosl in Arabic.] If you had any digestive excersion (urinated, defecated or passed gas), or had sexual contact with a woman and cannot find water (while stranded as a traveler or to weak in account of illness), then cleanse yourself with pure dust in the following manner [known as tayammum in Arabic]: strike you palm on dust and wipe your hands and face with it. This is because God does not want to make life difficult for you [by insisting upon the usage of water]. God wants to make you [get accustomed to be] clean and, thus, complete His blessing upon you; may you show gratitude
5:7  Always remember the Lord’s blessing upon you and never forget your covenant with God at the moment that you said: “I heard [the message] and I submit.” Keep the Lord constantly with the utmost respect in mind and know that He is aware of your innermost thoughts
5:8  O’ you who have chosen to believe, stand out firmly for the cause of God. Be just in giving witness to please God. Never let your hard feelings against a party prevent you from testifying the truth. Be fair as justice is a part of righteousness. Keep God with the utmost respect in mind and know that He is fully aware of what you do
5:9  God, hereby, promises to those who choose to believe, and adopt a righteous life, to forgive their errors and give them a great reward
5:10  As to those who chose to disbelieve and reject the revelations of God, they will end up in Hell
5:11  Remember the most recent favor of God upon you as He restrained the hands of those who wanted to harm you (reference to the Jews who invited Mohammad to a dinner and wanted to poison him.) Therefore, keep God with the most utmost respect in mind as the believers always put their trust on God alone
5:12  God took a solemn covenant from the Israelites and appointed twelve leaders from among them and said: “I am with you; if you worship God on regular basis, devote a part of your income to charity (as a loan to your Lord) and believe in My Prophets and support them, then I will surely wipe out your sins and admit you into gardens under which rivers flow. Beware that, anyone who chooses to disbelieve after this will not find the right path.”
5:13  Then they broke their covenant! Therefore, I put a curse on them and made their hearts insensitive to the truth. With a few exception, they are the ones who falsify the words of the Scriptures and disregard some of their commandments. You will be subject to their betrayal every now and then. Forgive them and disregard them as God loves graceful people
5:14  As to those who call themselves “Christians”, I took a similar covenant. but they, too, forgot much of their commandments. That is why [as a punishment] I broke them into different sects who will hate each other till the Day of Resurrection when I will bring to their attention what they were doing in this world
5:15  You people who believe in the Scriptures, My Prophet has come to reveal lots of commandments which has been hidden from you and to inform you of My forgiveness for many wrongdoings of yours. Indeed a beacon and a profound Book has come to you from the Lord
5:16  This Book will guide those who seek to please the Lord. God will lead them to the path leading to peace by taking them from the darkness, showing them the light and then guide them with His will in the right path
5:17  Those who say that Jesus, son of Mary, is God Himself [incarnated], have indeed forged a great lie. If God decides to destroy Jesus, his mother, and all the inhabitants of the earth, who has the power to prevent Him from doing so? To God belongs the Kingdom of the earth and the heavens and whatever is between. He creates whatever He decides [including Jesus] and has power over His realm of creation
5:18  Jews and the Christians say: “We are God’s beloved sons [wishfully thinking that God will not punish the].” Reply: “Then how come He punishes you for your sin? You are nothing but ordinary human beings created by God. He forgives whoever He wills and He punishes whoever He wills as to God belongs the Kingdom of the heavens and earth and anything between and to Him all shall return. (Confirmation of the theory of the contraction of the universe
5:19  O’ those who believe in the Scriptures; now you do not have any excuse and cannot say that: “No one ever warned us [about the falsified materials our Scriptures and the nature of the Hell] nor gave us any heart warming news [about the heaven.]” After a long time of having no Prophet (years after Jesus), now My Prophet has come to you as a Warner and as a bearer of good news. Indeed God has power (and control) over everything
5:20  Recite [the true story of Moses] when Moses said to his people: “O my people, remember how Graceful God has been to you. He chose so many Prophets from people among you, made you kings and gave you what He had never given to the people before you.”
5:21  “Now enter this holy land (Palestine) the way that God has ordered you (fight your way through) and do not [show cowardice and do not] show your back; otherwise you will become losers.”
5:22  They replied: “Moses, there are strong people living there; we never enter to the city unless they leave. If they leave, then we [will listen to God and] will go and live there!”
5:23  Two God fearing people among them whom God had showered them with His blessings said: “Just step in through the gate and God will help you to overcome them (you do not even have to fight them.) If you are true believers, you should put your trust in God
5:24  They replied: “Moses, we will never enter the town [while its inhabitants are there.] Your and “Your God” go and fight with them. We are sitting right here!”
5:25  Moses cried: “Lord, I am only responsible for myself and my brother (Aaron.) Please do not count me among these rotten people.”
5:26  The Lord replied: “Do not be sorry for these corrupt people, they will be punished by staying homeless and wondering in this desert for some forty years
5:27  Now recite the true story of the two sons of Adam. They made offerings to please God. The offering of one was accepted the offering of the other one was rejected. The latter said: “I will kill you.” The other replied: “[It is not my fault that] God accepts only the offerings of the pious ones.”
5:28  “Even if you make a plan to kill me, I [will defend myself but] will not come a plan of my own to kill you as I fear [the wrath of] my Lord.”
5:29  “I prefer that you bear the consequence of your own sin [of killing me] as well as my sin [any possible harming you in defense] rather than end up in the Hell which is the punishment of unjust people.”
5:30  [Even after this warning,] He followed his vain desire and killed his brother and became a looser
5:31  Then God ordered a crow to scratch the earth, showing him how to hide his brother’s corps [and bringing his ignorant nature to his attention.] He said: “Shame on me, I do not even know as much as this bird to bury my brother’s corps.” Then he [buried his brother’s corps and] became very sorry [for what he had done.]
5:32  Based upon this incidence, I decreed to the children of Israel (and such passages are missing in the existing bibles except a few verses in Thalmud) that: “Whoever kills a human being (unless the latter being guilty of murder or spreading corruption on earth) should be looked upon as though he has killed the entire humanity and whoever saves a life should be considered as the savior of whole mankind.” However, in spite of many Prophets which came to them with undeniable miracles, the majority of them chose to disregard the Divine laws
5:33  The punishment of those who declare war to God [by not submitting to His laws] and His Prophet and try to spread corruption on earth (where the Lord’s laws are established), is death, crucification, cutting off their alternate hands and feet or deportation (at the discretion of the judge and the severity of their crime.) These punishments are meant to disgrace them in this world; as to Hereafter, they will be subjected to a harsher punishment
5:34  Except those who repent before you catch up with them. [This break is given to them so that you] Know that God is Forgiving and Compassionate
5:35  O’ you who believe, always keep God with the utmost respect in mind and try to find the means [such as charity, sacrifice, patience, worship,...] to [please] him and strive in His way so that you succeed
5:36  As to those who chose the disbelief, they can not escape the punishment of the Day of the Resurrection, even though they owned and offered the entire wealth gathered on earth (and/ or the like of it.) They have to go through a horrible punishment
5:37  They wish to get out of Hellfire but it will be impossible for them to do so. They have to stay and suffer forever
5:38  The punishment for the theft (committed by male or female) is cutting their hand off. This is a punishment that they have earned and is decreed upon by the Lord. Know that God is Almighty and the Most Wise [do not challenge it by adopting alternative punishments such as imprisonment.]
5:39  Now if the thief repents [after this punishment] and turns into righteousness, God may accept his repentance (as punishment does not redeem the soul.) God is Forgiving and Compassionate
5:40  Do you not know that the kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs to the Lord? He may, therefore, punish whoever He wants [and deserved to be punished] and forgive whoever He wants [such as the case in vs. based on His Wisdom] and God has power over everything
5:41  O’ My Prophet, do not be upset about those people whose mouths say, “We believe,” but there is no belief in their hearts and, consequently, rush toward the disbelief [and engage in kind of activities which does not please the Lord.] Also, do not be upset about [the attitude of] those Jews who have heard nothing but lies about you. The latter have heard [these lies] from those Jews who have never met you and have presented them a falsified version of your speeches [after all, these are the same people who falsified their own Torah.] They say: “If Mohammad says such and such [to suit their lusts] accept it, otherwise reject it!” You can do nothing to save from God’s punishment a man who has failed the Lord’s trial. They do not deserve that God purify their hearts. They will be humiliated in this world and an awful punishment is waiting for them in the Hereafter
5:42  They [and their judges] are accustomed to appreciate listening to the falsehood and devour the forbidden [such as bribe.] If they bring their cases to you [as the head of the state and them most just man in the Arabian Peninsula], you may judge between them or refuse to do so and they cannot harm you in any manner. If you judge among them, be fair as God loves those who are just
5:43  Why do they ask you to judge among them while they [call themselves Jews and] have Torah containing the laws of the Lord? They turn away from it [hoping from a judgment on their behalf] for the simple reason that they have no faith
5:44  I sent them Torah, which is a beacon and a mean of guidance, so that all their Prophets use it for judgment among those who called themselves “Jews.” Likewise, their rabbis and leaders used Torah as the source of reference in their judgments and I asked them all to be the guardians of the Book of God and witnesses to it. Therefore, you Jews should not fear the people and fear me instead and do not falsify My revelations for a small worldly gain. Those who do not judge by the law of the Lord {and replace it by the civil laws, made by their ignorant politicians,} are indeed disbelievers
5:45  I decreed in Torah for the Jews: “Life for life, eye for eye, nose for nose, ear for ear, tooth for tooth and for all wounds equal wounds. However, if the victim forgives his attacker to please God, many of his sins will be forgiven.” Thus those Jews who do not submit to the law of their Lord are indeed unjust people
5:46  After all their Prophets, I sent Jesus, son of Mary, to the Jews. He confirmed whatever had still remained intact of the Torah in his time. I strengthened him with the Gospel [which is completely lost] which was a beacon, guidance and confirmation of Torah to warn God-fearing people
5:47  Then I ordered to those who believed in the Gospel to use its laws in their judgments. Those who disobey [and use their own “civilized” laws] are indeed [disbelievers, unjust and] corrupt
5:48  As to you (Mohammad), I have sent this truthful Book which confirms the intact verses of the previous Scriptures and protects the Book of God. Therefore, use this Truth which has come to you as your source of reference in your judgments and do not follow the people’s vain desires. For each nation, I have prescribed a law and a way of life. If I wanted, I would have made you all a single community. But I want to test you according to what I have prescribed for each of you [and promote a competition among you.] Therefore, try to beat each other in doing good deeds. You will all return to God and then He will inform you about what your differences were all about
5:49  You (Mohammad) shall rule among them (the citizens of newly established Islamic country) in accordance with the laws sent down to you. Do not follow their wishes; be on your guard that these people do not divert you the least from the Guidance that God has decreed upon you. If they do not submit to the Divine laws, know that God wants to punish them for some of their sins in this manner. Indeed many people are corrupt
5:50  Is it the laws of the ignorance (pre-Islamic) days that they want to return to? Never mind them as the Lord’s laws are the best for those who have chosen to believe
5:51  O’ Believers, do not take the Jews nor the Christians as your [intimate] friends and allies. They support only one another [like Western allies of Israel.] If you intimately befriend them, you will be counted among them [and deprived of God’s Mercy.] Know that God deprives the unjust people from His guidance
5:52  You see those [hypocrites] who suffer from the disease [of doubt] are always around them (Jews & Christians.) They say: “In case we (the Muslims) are defeated [then we will have a safe harbor.]” What if God gives you a victory or shower you with His blessings? How can they hide their shame of being hypocrites in that case
5:53  The believers will then say: “Are these the same people who swore by God that they will be with you (Mohammad)?” Know that all their good deeds are null and they are nothing but the failures
5:54  O’ Believers, if you turn away from Islam, God will raise new Muslims, whom He will love Him and they, too, will love Him. They will be kind toward each others and tough in dealing with the disbelievers. They will fight in the cause of God and will not mind the others blaming them the least. Such is God’s blessing; He will shower whoever He wants with as God is the Most Generous and the Most Wise
5:55  Your real friends/ allies are God, His Prophet and the believers (who worship the Lord on regular basis, engage in charity and bow down before God.
5:56  The one who takes God, His Prophet and the believers as his friends/ allies, should know that the final victory belongs to the party of God
5:57  O’ you who believe, do not choose your (intimate) friends among those who take your religion lightly and make fun of it as well as the disbelievers and those of the previous Scriptures. Keep the Lord with the utmost respect in mind, if you are true Believers
5:58  The latter make a fun of it when you invite the Believers to worship with your chant. This is because they are not capable of understanding
5:59  Ask them: “O you who believe in the Scriptures, why you make fun of us while our only “fault” is that we believe in God, what is revealed to us and what was revealed to you? The matter of fact is, most of you are corrupt.”
5:60  Say to them: “Let me tell you who are worse than the sinners, as far as God is concerned. They are the ones that God has already condemned them and have been under His wrath. God turned some of them into apes and swines as they started to worship beside the Lord. These idol worshippers are indeed worse than the sinners and are far away from the Right Path.”
5:61  When they come to you they say: “We have believed.” Indeed God knows what they are hiding in their hearts; the fact of the matter is, they come to you as disbelievers and leave you as disbelievers
5:62  You can see that most of them are rushing toward the sinful acts and wrongdoings and devour what is unlawful to them (such as interest. That is why Jesus entered to their temple and disrupted their usury business.
5:63  Why do their rabbis and leaders do not forbid them to say sinful words and devour unlawful things? What a miserable record they are preparing for themselves
5:64  The Jews say: “God has become stingy (and does not shower us with His blessing anymore!)” They do not realize that their miserable situation is due to the fact that God has cursed them [for what they have done (such as killing God’s Prophets), what they were doing during the advent of Islam and what they are doing in our time in Palestine] as God is the most generous. As a matter of fact, the message with is sent to you has increased the rebellion and disbelief of many of them. Therefore, I have cast animosity among them which will last till the Day of Resurrection. Rest assured that anytime that they ignite the flame of war, God will turn it off. They roam the earth spreading the evil (such as the practice of usury;) God dislikes the evil doers
5:65  If [instead of this unreasonable rebellion] the people of the Scriptures believe in and respect Me, I will cover their sins and admit them into the gardens of Paradise
5:66  Had they respected Torah and Gospel and other Books sent to them by the Lord, God would have showered them with His blessings from the above and beneath the earth [see LEVITICUS & DEUTERONOMY 28.] Though some of them are righteous, the majority of them are wrongdoers
5:67  O’ Prophet (Mohammad) deliver what is revealed to you from your Lord. If you do not do this, you have not accomplished your mission. God will protect you from the people (therefore, do not have any fear in delivering the Lord’s Message.] God will not guide those who choose to disbelieve [therefore, do not be disappointed when you see that the Message is not penetrating them.]
5:68  Say: “O people of the Scriptures, your only way to success is to follow the [original] Torah, the Gospel and the other Books which God has sent to you [which, by the way, are the same teachings that you will find in Qur’an and, therefore, there will not be any question of “changing” your religion but instead following it in the most proper manner.]” However, these revelations (Qur’an) will instead increase the rebellion and the disbelief of many of them [as they do not keep an open mind.] It is not, therefore, worth it for you to feel sorry for the disbelievers [as they have made a conscious choice.]
5:69  As to those who choose to believe and those Jews, Sabeyin/ Mandiyin (who follow Prophet John, the Baptist,) and Christians who: believe in the Lord, believe in the Last Day and do good deeds, have nothing to fear and will not be sorry
5:70  I took a solemn covenant from the children of Israel and sent many Prophets to them. Unfortunately, whenever a Prophet came to them, forbidding their lustful desires, they turned away from them or (even worse) killed them [e.g. John the Baptist and Zakariah.]
5:71  They were such deaf and blind that they did not even thought about the consequences of their wrongdoings. I forgave them for their wrongdoings but most of them went back to their old routines becoming deaf and blind again. God has been watching over what they have been doing
5:72  Those who say that Messiah, son of Mary, is God [re-incarnated] have indeed committed blasphemy.
[Translator has chosen to place the remainder of the meaning of this ayah in a footnote. See pg. 95]
5:73  Those who [believe in trinity and] say: “God is one of the three”, have indeed committed blasphemy. Indeed there is no deity other than God [Mark 12-32.] If these people do not stop saying such nonsense, they will be subject to an awful punishment
5:74  There is no reason why they should not return back to God and ask for forgiveness. They will then find God, the Most Forgiving and the Most Compassionate
5:75  Messiah, son of Mary was no more than a Prophet. Many Prophets like him came and gone. His mother was a righteous woman. they both ate food [as they were humans.] See how I clearly make my point and note how they still resent the truth
5:76  Say to them: “Do you worship a person other than God [Jesus, Mary or other idols] who can neither harm you or benefit you?” It is only God Who Hears [your pleadings] and Knows everything [you do.]
5:77  Say: “O’ people of the Book, do not falsify the truth in your religion and do not follow the same wrong path that the lustful ones before you paved and took so many believers with them too.”
5:78  As to those children of Israel who chose to disbelieve, they are already cursed by [Prophet] David and [Prophet] Jesus, son of Mary in account of their rebellion and sinful acts
5:79  They would not forbid each other of wrongdoings; what an evil way of life they had chosen [this indicates that encouraging the righteousness and forbidding the wrongdoings was a part of “original” Judeo-Christianity as it is one of the main pillars of Islam.]
5:80  You would see many of them take the side of the disbelievers. It is an evil end to which their soul has guided them as they have angered God and will suffer [in the Hell] forever
5:81  Had they believed in God and the Prophet (Mohammad) and in what was revealed to him (Qur’an), they would have never allied themselves with the disbelievers [after all, what kind of believer in God allies himself with the disbelievers against the Muslims who believe in God?] The fact of the matter is, many of them have become corrupt
5:82  You will find that the most hostile enemies of Islam are the Jews and the idol worshippers! As to those who call themselves “Christians”, they are friendlier in account of their lack of [false] pride, the institution of the monastery and the existence of pious scholars among them
5:83  When the latter hear what is revealed to the Prophet (Mohammad), you will see tear in their eyes as they recognize the words of God (which are the same they are accustomed to recite.) they will then say: “Lord, we believe. Please consider us among those who bear witness [to your greatness.]&rdquo
5:84  They are the one who say: “Why should we not believe in God and accept the truth that has come to us, when we are looking forward that God consider us among the righteous ones?”
5:85  Indeed for these expressions of theirs, God has rewarded them with the Gardens underneath the canals flow; they will live there forever as this is the reward of the graceful people
5:86  As to those who choose to disbelieve and deny My Words, they have earned the Hellfire
5:87  O’ Believers, do not prohibit the pure things that God has made lawful for you [and do not live like Hindu friars or the Christian monks who have forbidden for themselves lawful food, sex, etc.] and do not go beyond the limits [prescribed by the Lord] as God does not like those who are extravagant [and walk in either direction of disbelief or too much exaggeration in the religion.]
5:88  Eat and enjoy the pure and lawful things that God has provided for you and keep God with the utmost respect in mind, if you are the believers
5:89  God does not hold you responsible for “unintentional” oaths [such as swearing that you will not eat such and such lawful food, not sleep anymore with your wives, etc.] The Lord, however, will hold you responsible for your “intentional” oaths [such as swearing by God that you will do such and such thing for such and such person.] If you break a solemn oath, you have to feed ten poor person with the same food that you eat usually, to give them clothes or (if you cannot afford none of the above) three days of fasting. These hardships are imposed upon you so that you take your oaths seriously. God thus makes His Commandments plain to you so that you may show gratitude [for having laws for every situation and know what your responsibilities are.]
5:90  O’ Believers, intoxicating beverages, gambling, the altars of the idols and their superstitious acts are disgusting things suggested by Satan. Avoid these acts so that you may attain the success
5:91  As a matter of fact, Satan wants to create animosity among you through drinking and gambling. He wants to prevent you from the remembrance of God and worshipping Him in this manner. Will you not, then, avoid these things
5:92  Obey God and His Prophet. If you chose the disobedience, know that the only mission of the Prophet has been to plainly deliver My Message to you [the choice is yours then: Heaven or the Hell.]
5:93  The righteous ones who have chosen to believe, will not be held responsible for unlawful foods that they had eaten in the past, provided that they refrain from those unlawful things, be faithful, do good deeds and do not do forbidden things and believe in the Divine law. They should keep the Lord with the utmost respect in mind and adopt the righteous attitude as God loves such graceful people
5:94  O’ Believers, God is going to put you through a hard trial. In order to make it known to you who respects the “Invisible” Lord’s Commandments, [during the pilgrimage, in which hunting is prohibited] you will see all kind of animals come so close to you that you can easily hunt them. Those who do not respect the Lord’s order [especially] after this plain warning, should expect a painful punishment
5:95  O’ Believers, do not hunt while you set forth to the pilgrimage [of Mecca.] If anyone fails to obey this order, he should send either an offering to Mecca, feeding some poor people or fast; all these will be decided by two just men among you. This is a hardship to remind the guilty one of the evil work [of not obeying the Lord] that he has committed. God has already forgiven your past actions, but if anyone repeats the same, God will punish the sinner as He is the Most Serious when it comes to the punishment
5:96  Catching sea food is an exception (as people in the ship may not have access to any other food.) You may eat the caught sea food or take it with you for the later consumption. Hunting the animals in land, however, has been prohibited for you as long as you are in the pilgrimage cloth. Do not disobey the Lord that you will all stand in front of in the Day of Resurrection
5:97  God has appointed Kaaba (the oldest house of worship, built by Abraham in Mecca) as a sacred place of adoring the Lord and a peaceful place for the people. The sacred months and the animals dedicated to the sacrifice, which are marked by the garlands (so that people do not steal or harm them), too should be respected (so that people gather together in peace worshipping the Lord, increasing their brotherhood.) This is decided so that you [yourself think about the Wisdom of the Lord who provides a peaceful international gathering of millions of believers and] realize that the Lord knows anything that happens in the heavens and the earth and that God is the Most Knowledgeable
5:98  Beware that God is the Most Serious when it comes to the punishment and that [at the same time] He is the Most Understanding and the Most Forgiving
5:99  As to the Prophet, his only mission is to deliver the Message; [now it is your choice to follow the Message or to deny it and do not forget that] God knows whatever you reveal in public and anything that you keep as a secret
5:100  Let them know that good and bad are not the same. Even if the prevalence of evil (such as pornography, rampant divorce, adultery, etc.) impress you, you (who are given the brain to think) have to respect [the law of] the Lord, so that you may succeed
5:101  O’ Believers, do not ask [useless & unnecessary] questions about matters, which, if explained in detail, would cause hardship upon you (such as whether or not one should go to the Pilgrimage of Mecca only once or once a year.) If you ask them when Qur’an is being revealed [or perhaps when it is being penetrated in your heart,] the answers will be made known to you. God has forgiven you for what you have done up to this point as He is Forgiving and Understanding
5:102  Some people before you asked such questions; then they were driven toward the disbelief in account of their very own questions [as they could not face the answers.]
5:103  God has never ordained your superstitious practices such as: splitting the ear of a camel whose fifth new born is a male, to let loose a camel as a fulfillment of a vow, not to use the first born twin camel or respect the he-camel as soon as his “grandson” grows up and fits for riding! These practices are falsely attributed to the Lord and most disbelievers follow it blind folded without thinking about them
5:104  When it is said to them: “Follow the laws of the Lord which is revealed to the Prophet,” they reply: “We prefer to follow our forefathers way of life [even though it implies nonsense such as the above mentioned practices.]” What if their forefathers knew nothing and their “way of life” would lead them nowhere
5:105  ‘O Believers, you are only responsible for your own soul [even though it is a part of Islam to advise people against wrongdoings.] The others’ wrongdoings will not be reflected in your account. Know that you will all return to the Lord and He will remind you of what you were doing
5:106  O’ Believers, make a will in preparation of death and take two righteous/ trustworthy Muslims as your witness. In case of emergency (say in a foreign land), you may take two non-Muslims as witnesses to your will. If there is any dispute about the inheritance, detain the witnesses in the mosque after the Prayer and ask them to swear by God saying: “We will not testify to gain something personal and we will say the whole truth even though the heirs may be our relatives; otherwise, we would be sinners.”
5:107  If the witnesses are found to be guilty of this same sin, then choose two witnesses among those who were the victims to their false testimony. The latter should say: “By Lord our testimony is the whole truth and, if we lie, we will be among the unjust people in the sight of God.”
5:108  It is expected that in this manner the people will say the whole truth for the fear of their reputation being at stake as it may be challenged by the others’ testimonies. Fear the Lord and listen to Him. Know that the Lord will not guide the corrupt people
5:109  The Day will come when God will ask His Prophets: “What kind of response did you receive?” They will reply: “We do not know [what was in the heart of the believers]; only You have the full knowledge of all secrets.”
5:110  Then the Lord will [turn to Jesus and] say: “O Jesus, son of Mary, remember how I showered you and your mother with my blessings: I ordered Holy Spirit to help you; then you relayed my message to the people from the time you were in the cradle till your old age. . I gave you the wisdom and taught you the Book, the Torah and the Gospel. I turned a statue of a bird that you made of clay into a real bird. I gave you the power to heal the born-blind and the lepers and brought the dead person back to life. I also protected you against those Jews who mocked at you saying: “These are [not the miracles of the Lord and that they are] nothing but cheap magic.”
5:111  “I inspired your Disciples to believe in Me and you (as My Prophet); then they said: ‘We believe and declare that we are Muslims (in Arabic meaning submitters to the Lord.)”
5:112  One day the Disciples asked: “O Jesus, son of Mary, can your Lord send us some heavenly food?” Jesus replied: “You should respect the Lord [and do not wish silly things.], if you are the believers.”
5:113  They said: “We simply want to eat such food to get re-assurance, knowing for sure what you have told us is the truth and be witness to it.”
5:114  Then Jesus, son of Mary, prayed: “O Lord send us from the heaven a table fit for a feast; may the first and the last of us celebrate it as a sign from you. O Lord grant us our daily needs as you are the best Provider.”
5:115  The Lord replied: “I am going to send it down to you; now if someone among you turns to disbelief after this, I will punish him in such a manner that I have never punished anyone before in this world.”
5:116  God will ask [on the Day of Resurrection]: “O’ Jesus, son of Mary, did you ever ask the people to take you and your mother as deities beside the Lord?” Jesus will say: “O Glorious One, how could I [being your Messenger] have said such a thing? Had I ever said such a thing [see Matthew 7-& Luke 18-19], you would have known it as you know the innermost of my thought and I do not know nothing about your thoughts.”
5:117  “I only told them what you had ordered me to say: “Worship God, Who is my Lord as well as your Lord [see Luke 4-8 & John 20-17].” I was a witness to their conduct as long as I was living with them. As to how they behaved after my death, you are the One Who knows it.”
5:118  “They are your servants. It is up to you to punish them or to forgive them [here Jesus, unlike the Christians’ belief does not make any intercession of their behalf.] You are Almighty and the Most Wise.”
5:119  Then God will say: “This is the Day that the truthfulness of the truthful ones will save them. Theirs is the Gardens under which the rivers flow. They will stay there forever. God is pleased with them and they are grateful to their Lord; this is indeed the greatest success.”
5:120  To God belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and everything in them (therefore, saying give to Caesar whatever belongs to him is nonsense as everything belongs to God) and He has power over everything