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3:1  A.L.M. Allah Aleem, the Knower Whose Knowledge transcends Time and Space
3:2  Allah, there is no god but He, the Living, the Self-Subsistent Sustainer of the Universe proclaims that
3:3  He it is Who has sent down this Book to you (O Messenger) in Absolute Truth, confirming the authentic in what He has revealed before. He is the One who sent down the Torah and the Gospel
3:4  He has sent down guidance for mankind before, and now He has sent the Final Criterion between the right and the wrong. Those who reject the Revelations of Allah, theirs will be a strict retribution. Allah Almighty's Law of Requital carries all things and actions to their destination
3:5  Nothing in the Earth and in the Heaven is hidden from Allah
3:6  He it is Who shapes you in the wombs according to His Laws. There is no god but He. He is the Almighty, the Wise. (He uses his Power with wisdom and His Rule is the Rule of Law)
3:7  (The Book He has sent down bears an important Principle.) He it is Who has revealed to you (O Prophet) the Scripture. In it some verses are Literal, while some verses are Allegorical. The verses that pertain to Permanent Values have been presented literally. These verses, MUHKAMAT, are the Essence of the Divine Law. On the other hand, abstract phenomena, historical events, and the World of the Unseen are described in similes, metaphors and allegories for your understanding (MUTASHABIHAT). But those who are given to crookedness in their hearts pursue the allegories and try to give them literal meanings, thus creating dissension. None knows their final meaning (of such as the Essence of God, His Throne, His Book of Decree, the Eternity) but Allah. Those who are well founded in knowledge understand why the allegories have been used and they keep drawing lessons from them (74:31). They proclaim the belief that the entire Book is from their Lord. As the human knowledge evolves, many of the other allegories will unfold their literal meaning (41:53). But only the men and women of understanding will bear this fact in mind. (Each of the verses in the Qur'an is MUHKAM, Absolute Truth and you can understand which ones are to be taken literally and which ones are to be taken allegorically, by the context (11:1), (47:20). And each verse in the Book complements the other (39:23))
3:8  They say, "Our Lord! Let not our hearts waver, now that you have guided us, and bestow upon us Mercy from Your Presence. You, only You are the Giver of Gifts."
3:9  "Our Lord! You will surely gather all mankind together on a Day about the advent of which there is no doubt. Allah never fails in His Promise."
3:10  Those who reject Divine Guidance, neither their wealth nor their children will avail them against Allah's Law of Requital. They will be fuel for the Fire
3:11  Like Pharaoh's people and the ones before them, these people reject Our Revelations, and so Allah will seize them for their trailing behind in humanity. Allah's Law of Requital is strong in pursuing and grasping
3:12  (O Messenger) Say to the rejecters, "Soon you shall be overcome and then will be gathered together to Hell, a miserable bed to lie on."
3:13  (Only recently at Badr), there was a Sign for you in the two armies that met in combat. One was fighting in the Cause of Allah, the other denying Him. With their own eyes the two armies saw each other as twice their number. (The believers in their motivation saw the manifold enemy just twice their own numbers, while the deniers saw the smaller opponents twice the size they actually were). But Allah strengthens people with His support according to His Laws. (Allah helps those who help themselves). This must be a lesson for people of vision for all times
3:14  Beautiful for mankind is love of the joys that come from women and children, and heaps of gold and silver, and branded horses, and cattle and well-tilled land. That is comfort of the life of the world. Allah! With Him is a more excellent abode. (Believers in the Divine Laws see this comfort as the means to a higher Goal --- Service --- Self-actualization --- Paradise)
3:15  (O Messenger) Say, "Shall I inform you of something better than these, with which those who walk aright will be rewarded by their Lord? Gardens with flowing streams beneath, where they will live forever with spouses of spotless character and the Blissful Approval of Allah. Allah is Seer of His servants."
3:16  Those who say, "Our Lord! We have Conviction in You and Your Laws. Protect us from trailing behind in honor and save us from the punishment of Fire."
3:17  They are proactively steadfast, truthful in word and action, ever submitting to the Commandments, keeping their wealth open for the society, and guarding themselves early against any forthcoming challenge
3:18  Allah Himself witnesses that there is no god but He and so do the Universal Physical Laws, and men and women of Science who research in the right direction (21:22). There is no god but He, the Almighty, the Wise
3:19  Indeed the System of Life approved by Allah is Al-Islam (Submission to His Will). The people of the Scripture differ for self-interest and envy, after the Knowledge has come to them. One who rejects Allah's Revelations will find that His Law of Requital is swift in reckoning
3:20  If they argue with you (O Messenger), tell them, "I have submitted to Allah; I and those who follow me." Say to the People of the Scripture, and to those who claim no scripture, "Would you submit?" If they submit, then they have been guided but if they turn away, then your duty is only to convey the Message. Allah is Seer of His servants
3:21  Those who reject the Message of Allah, and wrongfully kill the Prophets or their Mission by mixing Truth with falsehood, and kill the advocates of justice in the society, promise them grievous retribution
3:22  They are the people whose doings shall be nullified in this world and in the Hereafter, and they will have no helpers at all
3:23  Have you noted those who were given guidance through the previous Scriptures? When they are invited to uphold this Book of Allah, to judge their disputes and apply it in their lives, a party among them declines and turns away
3:24  This is because they say that the Fire will not touch them but only for a few days. See, how that which they used to invent has deceived them in their own religion
3:25  How will they feel on the Day when We will gather them? The Day about the coming of which there is no doubt. And every person will be paid in full what he or she has earned. No injustice will be done to anyone
3:26  Say, "O Allah! Owner of all Dominion! You give power to nations according to Your Laws and You strip off power from nations according to Your Laws. You have established Rules for attaining honor and facing humiliation. All good emanates from Your Hand. You are all-Powerful and You have appointed due measure for all things in the Universe. Therefore Your Rule is the Rule of Law."
3:27  "We witness Your Laws in action throughout the Universe. You merge the night into the day and merge the day into the night. You bring forth the living from the dead and bring forth the dead from the living, and Your Laws sustain all creation indiscriminately."
3:28  (Those who reject the Laws of such an Omnipotent Creator, will not support the Divine Ideology). Believers should not expect them to be their supporters in the establishment of the Divine System instead of their fellow believers. If a believer did that, he would have nothing to do with (the Cause of) Allah. Exempted are those who are forced to do this to avoid persecution. Allah warns you of His Law of Requital, and to Allah is the Journeying
3:29  Say, "Whether you hide your strategy or reveal it, Allah is fully Aware thereof." And He knows all things and events in the heavens and all things and events in the earth. Allah is all-Powerful and He has endowed everything with the potential to become what it is meant to be
3:30  On the Day of Reckoning every "Self" will confront all its doings, good and evil. Every "Self" would wish there might be a long distance between it and that evil. Allah cautions you in advance, for He is Compassionate to His servants
3:31  Say (O Messenger), "If you love Allah, follow me; Allah will love you and grant you the protection of forgiveness. He will save you from trailing behind in humanity and in the community of nations. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful."
3:32  Say (O Messenger), "Obey Allah and the Messenger (as he conveys to you His Revelations and he is the Central Authority for establishing the Divine System on Earth). But if they turn away, Allah does not love the deniers of Truth since they choose to remain in darkness."
3:33  (This is the Final Perfected Guidance for all humanity). But Allah has chosen people before to convey the Message. Adam, the first humans were chosen (to have free will apart from the animal kingdom). Then Noah, the family of Abraham and the family of Imran were chosen above other peoples of their times
3:34  In one lineage. Allah is the Hearer, Knower of all things and events. (Muhammad belongs to the same progeny of Abraham through Ishmael, and Jesus belongs to it through the family of Imran). Now is related to you the truth about Jesus son of Mary. History has made fiction of these two real great servants of Allah)
3:35  The wife of Imran prayed, "My Lord! I have dedicated the baby in my belly to You entirely, (for the service of the temple). So accept from me. You are Hearer, Knower."
3:36  When she was delivered she said, "My Lord! I am delivered of a female." Allah knew best what she delivered; the male is not the same as the female. (The male she had prayed for could have not been like the outstanding daughter she was granted). "I have named her Mary, I request Your protection for her and for her descendants from the rejected Satan." (Allah knew that this female would have a role, which no male could have, in breaking the shackles of asceticism. As a custom, nuns were allowed to marry only monks during those times)
3:37  And her Lord accepted her graciously. (Mary was dedicated to the Temple) and she grew up in beauty and purity, a gracious upbringing, under the guardianship of Zechariah. (He was a Prophet of Allah and a distant uncle of Mary). Whenever he entered the chamber of Mary, he found that she had food. Knowingly he asked, "O Mary! Where does this food come from?" (Mary's devotees were taking good care of her. Like all saints) she said, "It is from Allah. Allah provides according to His Laws and sometimes in unexpected ways."
3:38  Seeing a lovely child grow before his eyes, Zechariah prayed to his Lord, "My Lord! Bless me by bestowing upon me a good child; You are the Hearer of prayer."
3:39  While he was still praying in the chamber, angels announced to him, "Allah gives you the good news of a son, Yahya (John the Baptist) who would reiterate the Word of Allah, be outstanding among men, and a strict disciplinarian, and a Prophet among those who greatly contribute to humanity."
3:40  Zechariah prayed to Allah, but then wondered, "My Lord! How could I have a son when old age has overtaken me already and my wife is barren?" He said, "So it will be, Allah does everything according to His Laws." The infertility in his wife was cured (21:90)
3:41  Thankful, Zechariah asked, "My Lord! Give a message unto me." He said, "The Message unto you is that you shall not speak to people three days, except by signs. Remember your Lord much and keep striving in His Cause night and day." (Abstaining from speech would save the elderly couple from people's curiosity)
3:42  (Mary kept a spotless character as she grew up into a young lady). Angels told her, "Allah has chosen you, given you spotless character and given you distinction among the women of your times." (She guarded her chastity and built a strong character in very adverse circumstances. Many monks and devotees of temples used to see the nuns with evil intentions. She was the first revolutionary feminine voice against the exploitations of monasteries)
3:43  She was told by angels to gather courage, quit monasticism, submit to the Command of her Lord and join her family for normal life bowing to the design of life Allah has ordained for people
3:44  (O Messenger) We are revealing to you these events of history so that you may dispel conjecture and rumor. You were not there when the monks cast lots and contended with one another to take hold of (the young beautiful) Mary after Zechariah
3:45  Angels said, "O' Mary! Allah gives you the good news through a word from Him. His name would be Christ Jesus, son of Mary, held in honor in this world and among the ones close to Me in the Hereafter."
3:46  Talking to people while very young and in ripe old age in good health."
3:47  Mary exclaimed! "O My Lord, How shall I have a son when no man has touched me?" He said, "Just as Allah creates everyone according to His Laws (3:40). When Allah decrees a matter, it starts happening." (In the repressive society Mary had to keep her wedding confidential in the family)
3:48  "And Allah will teach him the Scripture and the Wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel."
3:49  And he will be a Messenger to the Children of Israel. He will say to them, "I come to you with Revelation from your Lord. If you follow me, I will raise you from dust to the heights of glory by the Command of Allah (7:176). The blind among you will begin to see the Truth. Those of you who are spotted with sin, I will heal them, and I shall grant real life to those who are just dragging on without purpose; all according to the Laws of Allah. I am here to establish justice and equity. I shall see to it how much you hoard in your houses and how much you spend on the community. My teachings are sufficient signs for you to believe."
3:50  "And I confirm the truth in the Torah before me and to make permissible to you some of what was forbidden. I have come with your Lord's Revelation; be mindful of His Commands and obey me."
3:51  "Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so obey Him. That is the Straight Path."
3:52  This is what the angels had told Mary. When Jesus grew up He was commissioned to Prophethood. As he sensed their rejection, he called, "Who are my supporters towards Allah?" The disciples said, "We are Allah's supporters, we believe in Allah and bear witness that we are those who submit to Him."
3:53  They said, "Our Lord! We believe in what You have revealed and we shall follow this Messenger, so count us among those who become living witnesses to the Truth."
3:54  The opponents made some plans, but so did Allah. And Allah is the Virtuous of planners. (They schemed to arrest and crucify Jesus but Allah assured him)
3:55  "O Jesus! I will cause you to die of natural causes and I will exalt you in honor in My Court and I will clear you of the slander of the disbelievers. I will cause those who truly follow you to dominate the rejecters until the Day of Resurrection. Eventually, all of you will return to Me, then I will judge among you about what you used to differ."
3:56  Those who fail to understand and accept the Divine Laws operative in the Universe, My Law of Requital will cause them to suffer in this world and in the Hereafter. There is no help and there are no helpers for people contrary to these Laws
3:57  Those who practically believe in Divine Laws and help people, He pays their wages in full. Allah does not love those who displace reality with conjecture
3:58  (O Messenger) These are the Revelations that We convey to you, a wise Reminder
3:59  Verily, with Allah, the example or nature of Jesus is that of Adam (the other humans) who were initially created from dust and then evolved through different stages of life (22:5), (30:20)). He created mankind beginning from hydrated inorganic matter, then He said unto him, "Be! And he is." (The process of procreation of the humans goes on, "IS")
3:60  (O Messenger) This is the Truth from your Lord, so there is no room for you in this matter for argumentation
3:61  If anyone disputes with you regarding Jesus; after the correct knowledge has come to you, say, "Come! We will advise our families and followers and your families and followers, and ourselves and yourselves to maintain our respective beliefs and leave one another alone. Rejection of the Divine Truth deprives people of Allah's Grace." ('Bahl' = Leave alone)
3:62  Verily, this is the true account of Jesus. There is no god but Allah. This Proclamation comes from Allah, the Almighty Wise
3:63  If they turn away from the Truth, then Allah is Aware of the corruptors. (And His Law of Requital makes note of everything for due recompense)
3:64  Say, "O People of the Book! Let us come to a mutual agreement, that we shall worship and obey none but God. That neither shall we ascribe divinity to anyone beside Him, nor shall we take human beings as our lords beside God." And if they turn away, then say, "Bear witness that it is we who have surrendered ourselves unto Him."
3:65  O People of the Book! Why will you argue about Abraham, when the Torah and the Gospel were not revealed until after him? Do you not use your intellect
3:66  You argued in matters of which you had knowledge (with Moses and about Jesus); why dispute in matters that you know nothing about? Indeed Allah knows and you don't
3:67  Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was an upright man who had surrendered to Allah. He never ascribed divinity to anyone beside One True God
3:68  People most worthy of Abraham are those who followed him, and this Prophet and those who believe with him. And Allah is the Protecting Friend of the true believers
3:69  A party among the People of the Book wish to lead you astray. But, by doing so, they shall only lead themselves astray without knowing it
3:70  O People of the Book! Why do you deny the truth of God's Messages to which you yourselves bear witness? (Wasn't the Scripture revealed to you? And it foretells the advent of this Prophet)
3:71  O People of the Book! Why do you cloak the Truth with falsehood, and conceal the Truth that you are so well aware of
3:72  Some People of the Book say to one another, "Declare belief in what has been revealed to the believers in the morning, and reject belief in the evening so that the believers might waver and revert. Or let us declare belief in some part of the Revelation and deny the other to sound fair and cause confusion."
3:73  "And do not really believe in anyone who does not follow your own religion." Say (O Messenger), "The True Guidance is God's Guidance that has been revealed to this Prophet as it came to you before. Do you wish to contend about your Sustainer?" Say, "All Grace is in Allah's hand. He bestows His Grace of Revelation according to His Laws. Allah is all-Embracing, all-Knowing." And He has chosen a non-Israelite Prophet for this Grace (7:157)
3:74  He selects for His Grace whom He Wills. Allah, the Possessor of infinite bounties knows the proper time, place and person for His Revelation
3:75  Among People of the Scripture are some who can be trusted with a treasure, and they will give it back to you. Others among them cannot be trusted with a single gold coin; they will not repay you unless you keep after them. This is because they say, "We do not have to be honest when dealing with the Gentiles." Thus, they attribute lies to Allah and they know it
3:76  Nay, the chosen of Allah is the one who fulfills his pledge and walks aright. Allah loves those who are mindful of His Commands
3:77  Those who trade away Allah's pledge and their oaths for worldly gains, will have no portion in the Hereafter. Allah shall neither speak to them nor look upon them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He make them grow their "Self". Development of the personality can only be accomplished in this life. They have incurred a torment of suffering
3:78  Among them are those who distort the Scripture with their tongues, that you may think that what they say is from the Scripture, when it is not from the Scripture. And they say, "It is from Allah", when it is not from Allah. They speak a lie concerning Allah, and they know it
3:79  Never would a human being, whom Allah has blessed with the Scripture, Wisdom and Prophethood, say to people, "Be servants of me instead of Allah." Instead he would say, "Become men of God by spreading the knowledge of the Scripture and the teachings you learn there from."
3:80  Nor would he instruct you to take the angels and the Prophets for lords and patrons. Would he command you to disbelieve after you have surrendered to Allah
3:81  Allah made a Covenant with all the Prophets, and through them with their respective nations, that they would welcome each of the next Messengers in the process of Divine Revelations and support him. Allah said to the Prophets, "I give you the Scripture and Wisdom. Afterward there would come a Messenger who would confirm the Truth in your Scripture. You shall believe in him and help him." He said, "Do you agree and take this Covenant as binding on you?" They said, "We agree." He said, "Then bear witness, and I am with you among the witnesses." (This was the Covenant with their nations. The personal covenant made with each Messenger is mentioned in (33:7)
3:82  (The People of the Book must uphold this Covenant). Whoever after this shall turn away, has drifted away from the right path
3:83  Do they seek other than the DEEN of Allah, when all things in the heavens and the earth, willingly and unwillingly submit to Him, and to Him they will be returned. (All things in the Universe surrender to Allah, either by free will as the believers do, or through their innate nature such as animals, trees, stars, or the deniers in their physical as distinct from moral life etc.
3:84  Say, "We believe in Allah and what has been revealed to us and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and the Prophets of the Israelite Tribes, and that which was given to Moses, Jesus and other Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction among any of them (See (2:253), (17:55)). Unto Him we have surrendered."
3:85  Whoever seeks as religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him, and he will be a loser in the Hereafter. (This is because the religion, DEEN of the entire Universe is Islam i.e. submission to the will of God)
3:86  Even Allah will not guide those who go back to their old ways after experiencing the blessings of Faith, and after witnessing that the Messenger is true and after they have been given solid proofs. According to Allah's Laws those who choose conjecture instead of Realities of life, will not attain Guidance
3:87  The recompense of such people is the deprivation of the Grace of Allah and of the support of the angels (The physical Laws in the Universe), and of the support of the human society
3:88  They have chosen for themselves this deprivation in which they will abide without relief
3:89  But, If they repent and mend their ways, they will find Allah Forgiving, Merciful
3:90  But those who reject belief after attaining belief and go on adding to their defiance, their repentance will not be accepted (4:18). They are traveling in the wrong direction, so they cannot reach the destination
3:91  As for those who reject the Truth and die in that state, not the entire gold of the earth shall be accepted from them, if they could offer such ransom. They have incurred a painful doom upon themselves and there shall be no helpers for them
3:92  You will never attain exponential growth of your "Self" unless you keep spending on others what you love. Allah knows what you spend. Allah, the Knower of your "Self", reminds you that immortality and Paradise are for those who have attained self-actualization by giving (92:18)
3:93  (Jews wonder how certain foods have been declared Permissible in the Qur'an, while they were forbidden for them!) All food was lawful to the Children of Israel, except what Jacob had forbidden for himself before the revelation of the Torah. And there were things that were forbidden to you as a punishment for your transgressions (4:160), (6:147). Say, "Produce the Torah and read it to show what, in the DEEN of Abraham, was contrary to the Qur'an concerning food. Read it unto us if you are truthful."
3:94  Those who invent a falsehood after that, concerning Allah, will be wrong-doers
3:95  Say, "Allah speaks Truth. So follow the religion DEEN of Abraham, the upright that shunned all falsehood. He associated no partner with Allah."
3:96  In fact, he erected the first Sanctuary appointed for humankind at Bakkah (later known as Makkah) a blessed Beacon of guidance for all people
3:97  Therein are clear signs, the place where Abraham once took stand and was bestowed with leadership of humanity (2:124-125). Anyone who enters it finds inner peace and security. Pilgrimage to this House is a duty owed to God by all those who are able to undertake it. People can realize the blessings of unity by rallying around this Center (22:28). As for those who deny the Truth, verily, Allah is Independent of all creation
3:98  Say, "O People of the Scripture! Why do you deny the Revelations of Allah knowing that Allah Himself is Witness to all your actions?"
3:99  Say, "O People of the Book! Why do you repel believers from the Path of God, seeking to make it crooked, even though you are witnesses to the Divine Guidance?" Allah is not unaware of what you do
3:100  O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! If you obey a party of those who have received the Scripture before, they will make you disbelievers after your belief. (The very act of obeying others against the Messages of Allah is an indication that such believers have not understood the beauty in these Messages)
3:101  How could you choose the darkness of ignorance when Allah's verses are being conveyed to you and are being put into practice by the Messenger? Whoever holds fast to Allah, is already guided onto a Straight Path
3:102  O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Walk aright being mindful of Allah's Laws as it is due to Him. Let this submission be your resolve all along your life till death
3:103  You shall hold fast, all of you together, to the Cable of Allah and be not divided among yourselves. The Cable of Allah is your conviction in the Qur'an which is an Unbreakable Support and gives you the noble Ideology (2:256). Remember Allah's Favor upon you how you were enemies and He made friendship in your hearts. You became brothers and sisters by His Grace. You were on the brink of the Pit of fire, and He saved you from it. Thus Allah makes clear His verses to you that you may be rightly guided
3:104  Among the world communities, let yours be the community who rises up and implements the Divine Value System. Advocate what the Book calls virtue, and forbid what the Book calls vice. Such are the people who are truly successful and will eventually prosper
3:105  Be not like those who separated and differed after the clear proofs of Truth had come to them. For such there is an awful doom since they cause divisions instead of unity
3:106  On the Day, the faces of those who convey the Word of Allah clearly, will be lit up by the Light, and the faces of those who becloud the Light with their sectarian beliefs, shall be portraits of gloom. This is because choosing a sect in DEEN is tantamount to disbelief. So taste a befitting chastisement for your disbelief
3:107  Those whose faces lit up shall dwell in the Grace of Allah, eternally
3:108  The Rules given in these Revelations determine the Rise and Fall of nations. This is the Rock Solid Truth. Allah has revealed these Rules because He Wills no injustice in the Worlds, and Wills not that the humans get caught off guard
3:109  Unto Allah belong all things in the Highs and all things in the Lows. You can see that His Laws govern the heavens and the earth. All things are moving and evolving towards what they are meant to be and all things go back to Allah as their Source
3:110  Since you have been empowered by the Qur'an, you are the best suited Community that has been raised up for the good of mankind. It is your duty to enjoin the Right and forbid the Wrong, since you accept the Final Word of God as the Criterion (3:4). The Qur'an clearly educates you on the Permanent Moral Value System and decrees authoritatively what the otherwise vague terms of 'right' and 'wrong', and 'good' and 'evil' might mean. Now if the People of the Scripture had attained this kind of belief, it would have been for their own good. But only few among them are believers, while most of them are drifting away from the Truth
3:111  If you truly become worthy of the title of "The Best Suited Community" your opponents would scarcely do a trifling harm and if they come to battle against you, they would flee quickly and find no help
3:112  Humiliated are they wherever they may be, unless they grasp a bond with God, and a bond with the people. They have incurred displeasure of God, and are committed to disgrace. This is because they have been rejecting the Divine Revelations and have been opposing the Messengers of God, even wrongfully killing some of them. All this, because they rebelled, and persisted in transgressing the bounds of what is right
3:113  Not all the People of the Scripture are alike. Among them are those who take a firm stand for the right cause, reflect upon the Revelations of Allah by night and fall in full submission
3:114  They believe in Allah as the One True God, and in the Last Day. They advocate what Allah has decreed as virtuous, and forbid what Allah has decreed as vice. They try to lead in acts of social benefit; such are the ones who augment the human potential
3:115  No benevolent actions of this kind shall go un-rewarded. Allah knows those who walk aright
3:116  The wealth and children of the deniers will not avail them against Allah. They will end up in Hellfire to abide therein. (The punishment to humans is built in, in their actions. Allah is not like human tyrants who punish out of anger or displeasure (3:182), (4:111), (20:15), (7:147), (27:90))
3:117  The likeness of what they spend in this life of the world is the likeness of a biting, frosty wind that destroys the harvest of a people who wronged their own "Self". Allah wronged them not, but they wronged themselves. (They spent their wealth on themselves although it was a trust given to them to share with fellow human beings)
3:118  O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Do not take as intimates others than your own folk. They will do all they can to harm you. They love to see you in distress. Many of them have already voiced their hatred and what they hide in their chests is far worse. We thus clarify Our Commands for you so that you use your intellect
3:119  You endear them though they endear you not. You believe in all the Scriptures. When they meet you they say, " We believe as you believe"; but as soon as they leave, they bite their fingers out of rage towards you. Say, "Die in your rage." Allah is fully Aware of what is hidden in your hearts
3:120  If something good happens to you, it grieves them but if a calamity befalls you, they rejoice at it. Remain steadfast and keep walking aright, and no amount of their plotting or cunning will harm you. Allah's Law Surrounds all that they do
3:121  (O Messenger) Recall, on the day of the Battle of Uhud, you left your household early to station the believers to their positions. Allah is Hearer, Knower of all that transpires
3:122  Two groups among you fell short of steadfastness, and your men suffered a temporary setback. And Allah was their Protecting Friend. In Allah believers put their trust
3:123  Recall the year before. At Badr, Allah granted you clear victory although you were few and under-equipped. (Your resolve and steadfastness had made the difference). Be mindful of Allah so that you are grateful in word and action
3:124  You told the believers, "Is it not enough that your Lord supports you with three thousand angels, sent down?" Fearlessness, determination and courage are the angels Allah sends down upon those who strive in the Cause of Allah (8:10-12), (41:30)
3:125  Indeed if you steadfastly persevere and be mindful of Allah's Laws, and then the enemy attacks you suddenly, your Lord will support you with five thousand angels sweeping on
3:126  Allah gave the tiding allegorically only as a message of good cheer for you, and that your hearts might be at rest. Courage and steadfastness are Allah's angels. There is no victory contrary to the Laws of Allah, the Almighty Wise
3:127  He annihilated some disbelievers, or neutralized them and that they end up as the losers
3:128  It is not your concern (O Messenger), whether He forgives them or punishes them, for they are wrongdoers
3:129  Everything in the Universe and everything in the earth belongs to Allah. His Law of Requital deals with forgiveness and punishment in all fairness. The Forgiving, the Merciful Allah has designed His Laws
3:130  (The battle was about protection from the external threat. Your prime duty remains to preserve a benevolent society, to which usury is a big detriment). Usury is the return on money while trade is the return on labor (2:275). O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Do not eat up other people's money by way of usury that appears to you ever-increasing. But Allah's Law blights usury and flourishes acts of caring (2:276). Walk aright in the Way of Allah to attain true prosperity
3:131  And guard yourselves and the society against the Fire that has been prepared for the rejecters of the Divine Commandments
3:132  Follow the System of Allah that the Messenger has established. That is how you will achieve the development of your "Self". A benevolent society helps you to grow like a mother's womb nourishes the embryo
3:133  Move forward to the tranquil security that comes from your Lord when you follow His Guidance, and to the Paradise that transcends spatial boundaries, and it has been prepared for those who are mindful of Allah's Laws
3:134  The candidates to this Paradise keep their wealth open for mankind in favorable as well as in adverse circumstances. They divert and sublimate their anger and potentially virulent emotions to creative energy, and become a source of tranquility and comfort to people. They pardon people gracefully. Allah loves the benefactors of humanity
3:135  Such men and women quickly correct any wrong or indecency that has occurred from them, they remember Allah, and protect themselves from trailing behind in dignity. And who can absolve imperfections but Allah? They refrain from willfully persisting in error
3:136  Since they have worked sincerely, their reward is with their Lord in the form of magnificent Gardens with rivulets flowing underneath, wherein they will abide forever, a bountiful reward for sincere workers
3:137  Systems have passed away before you. (Man-made systems before you, and now before your eyes, are there to reflect upon). Do but travel in the land and see the outcome of nations that rejected the Divine Laws
3:138  This Qur'an is a declaration to the entire humankind, a Beacon of Guidance and Admonition for those who wish to journey through life in blissful honor and security
3:139  Do not ever lose heart, and grieve not, for you are bound to prevail if you are truly believers. (4:141)
3:140  If you suffer hardship, the enemy also suffers hardship. Such days of varying fortunes are governed by Universal Laws. Allah thus distinguishes the true believers, and blesses some of you with martyrdom. They have become witnesses to the power of Truth with their lives. Allah does not love those who displace courage with fear
3:141  The true believers emerge stronger from every challenge. On the other hand, the rejecters of Divine Laws wither away
3:142  Do you expect to enter Paradise without Allah distinguishing those among you who strive, and without distinguishing those who are steadfast
3:143  You used to long for death in the Cause of Allah before you faced it. Now you have faced it, right before your eyes. You understand that honorable life in this world belongs to those who have conquered the fear of death, and that death is the gateway to the Eternal life
3:144  Muhammad is but a Messenger. All Messengers before him have passed on. If he died or were slain, would you turn back on your heels? The System he has established is here to stay and to become a Beacon of Light for all humanity. If anyone turns away, he would not harm Allah. Allah will soon reward the appreciative. They will reap the fruit of the Benevolent System and then in the Hereafter
3:145  Allah's Law governs life and death. No one dies except by Allah's leave and at a term appointed per His Laws. Whoever seeks only the vanities of this world, We give him thereof, and whoever seeks the rewards of the Hereafter, We bless him thereof. The Qur'an shows you the Way to success in both worlds (24:55), (28:77). We will soon reward the appreciative
3:146  Many Prophets have fought in the Cause of Allah and with them a great many men of God, without wavering under adversity, nor did they hesitate nor became discouraged. Allah loves the steadfast
3:147  They only said, "Our Lord! Protect us from trailing behind, forgive our excesses, make our foothold sure, and give us victory over the rejecters of Truth."
3:148  Allah gave them excellent reward in this world and in the Hereafter. Allah loves the benefactors of humanity
3:149  O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! If you obey the (overt or covert) rejecters of the Divine System, they will make you turn back on your heels and you will become losers. (The Messenger will not be among you forever (3:144))
3:150  Remember, only Allah is your MAULA (Master) and He is the Best of helpers
3:151  (Our Law removes fear and grief from the hearts of people who submit to the Divine Guidance alone. (2:38)) And causes fear in the hearts of those who are bent upon denying the Truth since they ascribe divine powers besides Allah. People and idols would have no authority against the Laws of Allah. Fire is their abode, a miserable resting place for the wrongdoers
3:152  Allah made good His promise to you when you routed them by His leave. But then you wavered, disputed among yourselves, and disobeyed after He had shown you the victory you wanted. You were winning the battle of Uhud, but then some of you were distracted by the spoils of the world, while others were concerned with the Hereafter. You disengaged from the enemy and were tested according to His Law. When you mended, Allah pardoned you. Allah is full of Grace for the true believers
3:153  You were climbing up the hill without looking around and the Messenger was calling you. You suffered according to Allah's Law of Requital. Grieve not about the loss and hardship you have suffered. Allah's Law has adequate provision to nullify the effects of your misgivings. Allah is Informed of all your actions
3:154  After the setback, He sent down upon you calm that pacified some of you. While another group was anxious with their own feelings and wrong assumptions about Allah due to ignorance. (They were hypocrites worried for their lives). They said, "Do we have any control?" Tell them, "All control belongs to Allah." You can control events only within the framework of His Laws. These hypocrites concealed within themselves what they did not reveal to you. They said, "If we had nothing to do with this battle and had stayed home we would not have been harmed." Say, "Had you stayed in your homes, those destined to be killed would have crawled themselves to the circumstance of death." Allah thus lets you test your real convictions. Allah is Aware of what is in the hearts
3:155  Those of you, who turned back on that day when the two armies clashed, it was their selfish desire which caused them to backslide. This happened because of their imperfections. Allah pardoned them (since their good outweighed their shortcomings). Allah is Forgiving, Forbearing
3:156  O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Do not be like disbelievers who grieve that if their brethren had stayed home with them, rather than going out traveling or defending, they wouldn't have died or been killed. Such attitude creates anguish in the hearts according to Allah's Laws. Fear of death takes away "life" out of life. Allah gives life and causes death and Allah is Seer of your behavior
3:157  If you are slain or die in the defense of the Divine System, you did not give your life in vain. You leave behind a legacy of steadfastness against adversity, and protection for the society. You become worthy of the Grace of Allah that is better than whatever human beings might amass
3:158  Whether you die or get slain, life goes on to its Destination; you will be gathered before Allah
3:159  It is a Mercy of Allah that you (O Messenger), are lenient and compassionate with people. If you were harsh and fierce of heart, they would have broken away from you. Pardon their imperfections, arrange their protection and consult with them about the conduct of affairs. Once you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah. Allah loves those who do their best and then trust in Allah
3:160  When Allah helps you no one can overcome you. If He withdraws His help from you, who is there who can help you? If you ignore His Laws, His Laws forsake you. Believers put their trust in Allah (since He never changes His Laws)
3:161  No Prophet could ever act dishonestly. Anyone who acts dishonestly will have to account for it on the Day of Resurrection. That is when every "Self" shall receive the recompense and they will not be wronged
3:162  Is one who seeks the Approval of Allah the same as one who earned Allah's disapproval, and his destiny is Hell, the most miserable abode
3:163  They are at different levels with Allah. Allah is Seer of what they do. The ranks of all people are determined solely by their deeds, and your Lord is not unaware of anything they do (6:132)
3:164  Allah verily has done a great favor to the believers. He has sent a Messenger from amongst them, who conveys and implements the Revelations of Allah. He shows them the way to grow in humanity, and teaches them the Book and Wisdom therein. Before the Messenger came to them, they were in flagrant error
3:165  Now that you have suffered a setback at Uhud, remember you inflicted twice as much on the enemy at Badr. You say, "How did this happen?" Say (O Messenger), "This is from your own selves." (3:152). Allah has appointed due measure for everything
3:166  If you suffered when the two armies clashed, it happened according to Allah's Laws. He made it a test for the believers to know their strength and weakness
3:167  And that He might distinguish the hypocrites from the believers. They were told, "Come fight in the Cause of Allah, or at least defend the city." They said, "If we knew that confrontation were forthcoming, we would have joined you." On that day they were closer to disbelief than belief. They say with their mouths what is not in their hearts. Allah is best Aware of what they conceal
3:168  Those who sat back at home said that if their brothers who were fighting in the Cause of Allah, had listened to them they would not have been slain. Say (O Messenger), "Avert death from yourselves if you are truthful."
3:169  Think not of those, who are slain in the Cause of Allah, as dead. Nay, they are alive! With their Lord they have provision. (2:154)
3:170  They are jubilant in the bounty that Allah has given them. And rejoicing for those believers whom they have left behind and who have not joined them yet in Bliss. They shall have nothing to fear or to regret
3:171  They rejoice because of the favor from Allah and the blessings - they have seen that Allah does not waste the wage of the believers
3:172  Those who respond to Allah and the Messenger even after being wounded or harmed in the battle, such of them have truly worked collective good and walked aright. Theirs is an outstanding reward. Responding to the call from Allah and His Messenger gives humans the real life (8:24)
3:173  When people said to them, "A great army has assembled against you, so fear them." But the threat only increased them in their conviction. They said, "Allah suffices for us and He is the best Guardian."
3:174  They marched forward with conviction and returned with Allah's favor and blessings, and no harm touched them in either case. They sought Allah's Approval, and Allah is of Infinite Bounty
3:175  It is only Satan, your selfish desire in different guises, that instills fear. Fear not them! You shall fear Me and violating My Commands, if you are indeed believers
3:176  Let not the conduct of those who rush to rejection, grieve you. They harm the Almighty Allah not the least bit. It is His Law that such people deprive themselves of any portion in the Hereafter. For them is an awful retribution
3:177  Those who trade denial at the cost of belief, harm Allah not the least. For them is a painful doom
3:178  Let not the rejecters imagine that the Law of Requital is unreal. We give reprieve to Our servants to rethink and mend their ways. Those who persist in actions that deplete the capacity of the society invite for themselves a humiliating chastisement
3:179  Allah will not leave the believers confounded. He will clearly distinguish the good from the bad, the right from the wrong, and the true believers from the hypocrites. It is not the Purpose of Allah to let you know the unseen that the hypocrites hide in their hearts. But Allah chooses His Messengers to receive knowledge of the unseen as He Wills. So believe in Allah and His messengers. If you believe and walk aright, yours will be an Immense Reward
3:180  Let not those, who withhold what Allah has given them from His bounties think that this hoarding is good for them. Nay, it is bad for them. Their hoarded possessions shall be their collar on the Day of Resurrection. Whatever is in the heavens and in the earth is the heritage of Allah. He bestows His provision to humanity for equitable distribution to all (55:10). And Allah is fully Informed of all your actions
3:181  Allah has heard the taunt of those who said, "Allah is poor and we are rich!" They say this since most of the first followers of the Messengers have been indigent (11:27). We will record everything they say, just as We recorded their killing of the Prophets unjustly. We shall say, "Now taste the punishment of burning."
3:182  This, because of what you have earned with your own hands. Allah is never a tyrant over His servants
3:183  It is they (the Children of Israel) who say, "God has taken a promise from us that we shall not believe in any Messenger unless he brings us a burnt offering." (An animal sacrifice that a fire from the heaven shall consume, or that burning of the sacrifice shall be an ordinance). Say (O Prophet), " Messengers before me came to you with clear Revelations, and as you claim, with burnt offering. Why then did you slay them?" (I Thessalonians ii, 15 / Matthew xxiii, 37
3:184  If they reject you (O Messenger), remember they have rejected Messengers before you who came with clear signs, the Psalms and Divine Revelation giving Light
3:185  Every living being shall have to taste death. On the Resurrection Day you shall be paid in full what you have earned. Whoever is drawn away from the Fire, and gets admitted to Paradise, will have gained supreme triumph. Those who consider the life of the world as the end in itself should know that it is only a comfort of self-deception. The real success depends on striving for this world and for the Hereafter (2:201), (10:63-64), (14:27)
3:186  O You who have attained belief! You will be tried in (establishing and defending the Divine System) in wealth, life, labor and resolve. You will be tested in your families, your people and in your character. You will hear much ridicule from those who were given the scripture before you, and from the idolaters. If you persevere and walk aright, this will be a confirmation of your determination
3:187  Allah took a Covenant from those who received the Scripture, "You shall convey the Message to people and never conceal it." But they flung it behind their backs, and traded it away for a little gain. What a miserable bargain
3:188  (And yet they exult in that!) Think not that those who boast about their works, and love to be praised for what they have not done -- Think not, they can escape chastisement. For them is an awful suffering
3:189  To Allah belongs the Dominion of the heavens and the earth. He has Power over all things and events
3:190  In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, there are signs for men and women of understanding
3:191  Men and women of understanding keep learning how Allah's Laws are operational in the Universe. While standing, sitting and on their sides, whatever state they are in, they observe and reflect upon the wonders of Allah's creation in the heavens and the earth, in the Highs and the Lows. They exclaim, "Our Lord! You did not create all this in vain, be You glorified! Save us from the retribution of the Fire." As the humans harness the Universal Laws, coupled with adopting the Divine Value System, they shall move away from hell and get closer to establishing a Paradise on earth (45:13-14)
3:192  Reflecting on the Universe and upon their own role on the Planet, such people work for the betterment of humanity (13:17). They say, "Our Lord, whomever You commit to Hell, are the ones You have forsaken because they had forsaken You (59:19). For those who displace reflection with conjecture there are no helpers."
3:193  Our Lord! We have heard a caller calling to Faith, "Believe you in your Lord!" (The caller being the Book of Nature to which these verses are drawing our attention). And we have believed. Our Lord! Grant us the protection of your forgiveness, save us from trailing behind in humanity, help us correct our inequities, and let us be among those who advanced their personality before they passed on
3:194  They also say, "Our Lord! Since we have believed in the Messengers and tried to translate this belief into action, grant us what You promised through them. Save us from humiliation on the Day when humanity will stand on its feet, in this world and in the Hereafter. Verily, You never break Your Promise."
3:195  And their Lord has heard them, "I never let the effort of any worker, male or female, go vain. Men and women are from one another, so their Recompense shall be equal. Those who emigrated, or were driven out of their homes, and suffered harm in My Cause, and fought and were slain, I shall blot their inequities. The imprints of their misdeeds on their "Self" will be erased. I shall admit them into Gardens with rivulets flowing beneath." A Reward from Allah. And with Allah is the best Reward
3:196  (O Prophet) Let it not deceive you that the rejecters of the Truth seem to be able to do on earth as they please
3:197  It is but a brief enjoyment. Hell is their resting place; what a miserable bed to lie on! (They invested not in the Hereafter)
3:198  Those who walked aright as enjoined by their Lord, for them are scenic Gardens, with rivulets flowing beneath, a Gift of Welcome from their Lord. And the reward from Allah is the best for such people who have grown in humanity and eased the way for others
3:199  Among the People of the Book are some who believe in Allah, and in that which is revealed to you, and in what was revealed to them. They humble themselves before Allah. They trade away not Allah's Revelations for a little gain. Verily, their Reward is with their Lord and Allah is Swift in account
3:200  O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Be patient in adversity, outdo others in endurance, and remain united strengthening the bond of mutual brotherhood. Be mindful of your duty to Allah and be assured that your efforts will bear fruit