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10:1  A L R , those are the wise/judicious Book's verses/evidences
10:2  Was it to the people astonishment/surprise that We inspired/transmitted to a man from them: "That warn/give notice (to) the people and announce good news (to) those who believed that for them (is) a foot (hold) (of) truth at their Lord." The disbelievers said: "That, that (is) an evident magician/sorcerer."
10:3  That your Lord (is) God who created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth in six days then He aimed to/tended to on the throne , He plans/regulates the matter/affair, (there is) no/none from a mediator except from after His permission/pardon, that one (is) God, your Lord, so worship Him, so do you not mention/remember/praise
10:4  To Him (is) your return all/all together, God's promise truthfully , that He truly starts/initiates the creation, then He returns/repeats it to reward/reimburse those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds with the just/equitable, and those who disbelieved for them (is) a drink from hot/cold water and a painful torture because (of) what they were disbelieving
10:5  He is who made/put the sun light/shining and the moon a light, and He predestined/evaluated it places of descent/sequences/descents to know (the) number/numerous (of) the years and the counting/calculating, God did not create that except with the truth , He details/explains the verses/evidences to a nation knowing
10:6  That in difference (of) the night and the daytime and what God created in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth (are) signs/evidences (E) to a nation fearing and obeying
10:7  That those who do not hope/expect meeting Us, and they accepted/approved with the life the present/the worldly life, and they became assured/secured with it, and those who they are from Our verses/evidences ignoring/disregarding
10:8  Those, their shelter/refuge (is) the fire because (of) what they were acquiring/gathering
10:9  That those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, their Lord guides them because of their faith/belief (to) the rivers flowing/running from below/beneath them in the blessing/goodness (of) treed gardens/paradises
10:10  Their call/prayer in it (is): "Oh/you God Your praise/glory." And their greeting in it (is): "Security/peace." and their last call/prayer (is): "That the praise/gratitude (is) to God the creations all together's/(universes') Lord
10:11  And if God hurries/hastens the bad/evil/harm to the people (as) their hurrying/hastening with the good/wealth , their term/time would have been executed/accomplished to them, so We leave those who do not expect meeting Us in their tyranny/arrogance being confused/puzzled
10:12  And if the human (was) touched (by) the harm he called Us to his side or sitting or standing , so when We removed/uncovered from him his harm, he passed as if/though he did not call Us to harm (that) touched him,as/like that (it) was decorated/beautified to the spoilers/neglecters what they were making/doing
10:13  And We had destroyed the generations/peoples of eras from before you, when they caused injustice/oppression, and their messengers came to them with the evidences, and they were not to believe, as/like that We reward/reimburse the nation the criminals/sinners
10:14  Then We made/put you (as) caliphs/successors and replacers/leaders in the earth/Planet Earth from after them to see how you do
10:15  And if Our signs/verses evidences are read/recited on them, those who do not hope/expect meeting Us said: "Come/bring with a Koran other than that or exchange/replace it ." Say: "(It) is not to me that I exchange/replace it from my self/spontaneously/willingly that I follow except what is inspired/revealed to me, that I fear if I disobeyed my Lord (from) a great day's torture."
10:16  Say: " If God wanted/willed I would not (have) read/recited it on you, and He would not (have) informed you with (of) it, so I had stayed/remained in (between) you a life time from before it, so do you not reason/understand
10:17  So who (is) more unjust/oppressive than who fabricated on God lies/denials/falsifications or lied/falsified with His verses/evidences ? That He does not make the criminals/sinners succeed/wi
10:18  And they worship from other than God what does not harm them and nor benefit them, and they say: "Those (are) our mediators at God." Say: "Do you inform God with what He does not know in the skies/space and nor in the earth/Planet Earth?" His praise/glory and high, mighty, exalted and dignified from what they share/make partners (with God)
10:19  And the people were not except one nation , so they differed/disagreed/disputed, and where it not for a word preceded from your Lord, (it) would have executed/ended (E) between them, in what they are in it differing/disagreeing
10:20  And they say: "If only an evidence/sign was descended on him from his Lord." So say: "But the absent/supernatural (is) to God so wait , that I am with you from the waiting
10:21  And if We made the people taste/experience mercy from after calamity/disastrous distress touched them, then for them (is) cheatery/deceit/schemes in Our verses/evidences . Say: "God (is) quicker/faster (in) cunning/scheming , that Our messengers write what you cheat/ deceive/scheme."
10:22  He is who makes you walk/move/ride in the shore/land and the sea (large body of water) until when you were in the ships, and We flowed/ran with them with a good/enjoyable wind/breeze, and they became happy/rejoiced with it, (then) a stormy/violent wind came to it, and the waves/surges came to them from every place, and they thought/assumed that they are (being) surrounded/encircled with them, they called God faithful/loyal/devoted for Him (in) the religion: "If (E) you saved/rescued us from this, we will become (E) from the thankful/grateful."
10:23  So when He saved/rescued them, then they oppress/transgress/corrupt in the earth/Planet Earth without the right , you, you the people but your oppression/transgression (is) on yourselves the life the present's/worldly life's long life/enjoyment, then to Us (is) your return, so We inform you with what you were making/doing
10:24  But the life the present's/worldly life's example (is) as/like water, We descended it from the sky, so the Earth's/land's plant mixed/mingled with it, from what the people eat and the camels/livestock, until the earth/land took its decoration/beauty and it became decorated/beautified, and its people thought/assumed that they are capable/overpowering on it, (then) Our order/matter came to/destroyed it at night or (at) daytime, so We made it uprooted as though it did not enrich/be inhabited by the yesterday/previous day, as/like that We detail/explain/clarify the verses/evidences to a nation thinking
10:25  And God, He calls to the safety's/security's/peace's home/house, and He guides whom He wills/wants to a straight/direct way/road
10:26  To those who did good, the best/most beautiful/goodness and an increase (more), and no smoke/dust and nor humiliation/disgrace burdens/depresses/oppresses their faces, those are the treed garden's/paradise's owners/company they are in it immortally/eternally
10:27  And (to) those who gathered/acquired the sins/crimes (a) reimbursement (of) a sin/crime with similar/equal to it and humiliation/disgrace burdens/depresses/oppresses them, none from (a) protector/shelterer (is) for them from (other than) God, as though their faces (are) covered/darkened (with) parts/portions (of) the darkened night. Those are the fire's owners/company , they are in it immortally/eternally
10:28  And a day We gather them all/all together , then We say to those who shared/made partners (with God): "Your place/position, you and your partners (with God)." So We separated/dispersed between them, and their partners (with God) said: "You were not us worshipping."
10:29  So enough/sufficient with God (as) a witness/testifier between us and between you, if we were about your worshipping ignoring/neglecting (E)
10:30  At that place and time every self will find it is foolish what it advanced, and they were returned to God their owner/master the true , and what they were fabricating misguided/nullified from them
10:31  Say: "Who provides for you from the sky/space and the earth/Planet Earth? Or who owns/possesses the hearing/listening , and the eye sights/knowledge, and He brings out/emerges the live/alive from the dead, and He brings out/emerges the dead from the live/alive, and who plans/regulates the matter/affair?" So they will say: "God." so say: "So do you not fear and obey?"
10:32  So that one (is) God, your Lord the truth , so what after the truth (is there) except the misguidance, so how/where (do) you be sent away/diverted
10:33  As/like that your Lord's word/expression became correct/true , on those who debauched , that they do not believe
10:34  Say: "Are there from your partners (with God) who starts/initiates the creation then he repeats it?" Say: "God starts/initiates the creation, then He repeats it. So how/where (do) you lie/turn away?"
10:35  Say: "Are there from your partners (with God) who guides to the truth ?" Say: "God guides to the truth .Is who guides to the truth more worthy/deserving that He be followed or who does not guide except that he be guided, so what (is it) for you how you judge/rule?"
10:36  And most of them do not follow except assumption/supposition , that the assumption/supposition does not suffice (replace) from the truth a thing, that God (is) knowledgeable with what they make/do
10:37  And this the Koran was/is not that it be fabricated from (by) other than God, and but confirmation (of) what (is) between his (Prophet Mohammad's) hands, and detailing/explaining The Book , no doubt/suspicion in it, (it is) from the creations all together's/(universes') Lord
10:38  Or they say: "He fabricated it ." Say: "So come/bring with a chapter of the Koran similar/equal to it and call whom you were able from other than God, if you were truthful."
10:39  But they lied/denied/falsified with what they did not comprehend with its knowledge, and its interpretation/explanation did not come to them, as/like those from before them lied/denied/falsified, so look/see how the unjusts'/oppressives' end/turn was
10:40  And from them who believed with it, and from them who does not believe with it, and your Lord (is) more knowledgeable with the corrupting
10:41  And if they lied/denied you , so say: "For me (is) my deed, and for you (is) your deed, you are innocent/renouncing from what I make/do , and I am innocent/renouncing from what you make/do ."
10:42  And from them who listen/hear to you, so do you make the deaf hear/listen and (even) if they were not reasoning/understanding
10:43  And from them who looks to you, so do you guide the blind/confused and (even) if they were not seeing/understanding
10:44  That God, does not cause injustice/oppression (to) the people a thing and but the people themselves cause injustice/oppression
10:45  And a day He gathers them as though they did not remain/wait except an hour from the daytime, getting to know each other, those who lied/denied with meeting God had lost, and they were not guided
10:46  And either We show you some/part (of) which/that We promise them, or We make you die, so to Us (is) their return, then God (is) witnessing on what they make/do
10:47  And to each/every nation/generation (is) a messenger, so if their messenger came, judgment was passed between them with the just/equitable, and they are not being caused injustice to/oppressed
10:48  And they say: "When/at what time (is) that the promise if you were truthful?"
10:49  Say: "I do not own/possess to myself harm and nor benefit/usefulness except, what God willed/wanted, to every/each nation/generation (is) a term/time, if their term/time came, so they do not delay/lag behind an hour, and nor advance/precede ."
10:50  Say: "Did you see/understand if His torture came to you at night/suddenly at night/overnight or day time, what (do) the criminals/sinners hurry/rush/urge from Him?"
10:51  Is it then when (it) happened! (expression of wonderment) you believed with it/Him now, and you had been with it/Him hurrying/hastening
10:52  Then (it) was said to those who caused injustice/oppression: "Taste/experience the immortality's/eternity's torture, are you being reimbursed except because (of) what you were gathering/acquiring
10:53  And they ask you to inform them: "Is it correct ?" Say: "Yes and (by) my Lord, that it truly is correct (E) , and you are not with disabling/frustrating."
10:54  And if to every self (that) caused injustice/oppression what is in the earth/Planet Earth, it would have ransomed/compensated with it, and they kept the regret/sorrow/remorse secret when they saw/understood the torture, and was passed judgment/ordered between them with the just/equitable, and they are not being caused injustice to/oppressed
10:55  Is not to God what is in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, is not God's promise true , and but most of them do not know
10:56  He revives/makes alive and He makes die, and to Him you are being returned
10:57  You, you the people, a sermon/advice/warning had come to you from your Lord, and a cure/recovery to what (is) in the chests (innermosts), and guidance, and mercy to the believers
10:58  Say: "With God's grace/favour and His mercy, so with that so they should be happy/rejoiced , He/it is better from what they gather/collect ."
10:59  Say: "Did you see/understand what God descended for you from provision so you made/created from it forbidden/prohibited and permitted/allowed?" Say: "Did God permit/allow for you, or on God you fabricate/cut and split
10:60  And what (is in the) thought/assumption (on) the Resurrection Day (of) those who fabricate on God the lie/falsehood ? That God (is owner) of (E) grace/favour/blessing on the people, and but most of them do not thank/be grateful
10:61  And you (do) not be in a matter/affair , and what you read/recite from it from Koran , and you do not make/do from deed(s) except (that) We were on you witnessing when you rush/hurry in it, and none from a weight (of) a smallest particle (smaller than an atom) in the earth/Planet Earth and nor in the sky/ space, and nor smaller/littler than that, and nor greater/magnified is far, hidden and distant from your Lord, except (it is) in an evident/clear Book
10:62  Is it not that God's patrons/followers (that there is) no fear/fright on them, and nor they be sad/grieving
10:63  Those who believed and were fearing and obeying
10:64  For them the good news in the life the present/the worldly life and in the end (other life), (there is) no exchange/replacement/substitution to God's words/expressions, that it is the winning/triumph , the great
10:65  And (let) not their saying/word/opinion and belief to sadden you , that the glory/might (is) to God all/wholly , He is the hearing/listening, the knowledgeable
10:66  Is it not that to God who (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth? And those who call from other than God partners, (they) do not follow (anything) except the assumption/supposition, and that they (are) except lying/speculating
10:67  He is who made/created for you the night to be tranquil/quiet in it, and the daytime to see , that in that (are) evidences/signs (E) to a nation hearing/listening
10:68  They said: "God took/received a child (son)." His praise/glory He is the rich, for Him what is in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, at you (is) no proof/evidence with that, are you saying on God what you do not know
10:69  Say: "That those who fabricate/cut and split on God the lies/falsehood do not succeed/win."
10:70  Long life/enjoyment in the present world then to Us (is) their return, then We make them taste/experience the torture the strong (severe) because (of) what they were disbelieving
10:71  And read/recite on them Noah's information/news, when he said to his nation: "You (my) nation, if my place/position and my reminding/mentioning with God's evidences/verses had become a burden on you, so on God I relied/depended , so gather/collect/unify your matter/affair and your partners (with God), then your matter/affair be not on you ambiguous/vague (covert) , then pass judgment/order to me, and do not give me time/delay me ."
10:72  So if you turned away, so I did not ask/demand (of) you from a reward/wage that my reward/wage (is) except on God, and I was ordered/commanded, that I be from the Moslems/submitters
10:73  So they denied him , so We saved/rescued him and who (was) with him in the ship , and We made/put them (as) caliphs/successors and replacers/leaders, and We drowned/sunk those who lied/denied/falsified with Our evidences/verses , so look/see how was the end/turn (result of) the warned/given notice
10:74  Then We sent from after him messengers to their nations, so they came to them with the evidences/verses , so they were not to believe with what they lied/denied/falsified with it from before, as/like that We stamp/cover/seal on the transgressors'/violators'/breakers' hearts/minds
10:75  Then (E) We sent from after them Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh and his nobles/groups/assembly with Our verses/evidences , so they became arrogant and they were a nation (of) criminals/sinners
10:76  So when the truth came to them from at Us, they said: "That truly (is) evident magic/sorcery (E)."
10:77  Moses Said: "Do you say to the truth when it came to you, is that magic/sorcery?" and the magicians/sorcerers do not succeed/win
10:78  They said: "Did you come to us to turn us away (divert us) from what we found our fathers on it, and the arrogance/greatness be to you (B) in the earth/Planet Earth, and we are not to you (B) with believing."
10:79  And Pharaoh said: "Bring to me with every knowledgeable magician/sorcerer."
10:80  So when the magicians/sorcerers came, Moses Said: "Throw/throw away what you are throwing/throwing away."
10:81  So when they threw/threw away Moses said: "What the magic/sorcery you came with it, that truly God will waste/annul/cancel it, that truly God does not correct/repair (the) deeds (of) the corrupting."
10:82  And God corrects the truth with His words/expressions, and even if the criminals/sinners hated (it)
10:83  So did not believe in Moses except descendants from his nation on fear from Pharaoh and their nobles/groups/assembly that he (Pharaoh) tortures them , and that Pharaoh (is) high and mighty (E) in the earth/planet Earth, and that he (is) from (E) the spoilers/exceeders of the limit
10:84  And Moses said: "You (my) nation if you had believed by God, so on Him rely/depend if you were Moslems/submitters ."
10:85  So they said: "On God we relied/depended . Our Lord do not make/put us (as a) test to the nation the unjust/oppressors."
10:86  And save/rescue us with Your mercy from the nation the disbelievers
10:87  And We inspired/transmitted to Moses and his brother that you (B) reside/establish houses/homes to your (B)'s nation by a city/border/region/Egypt, and make your houses/homes direction, and keep up the prayers, and announce good news (to) the believers
10:88  And Moses said: "Our Lord, that You, You gave/brought Pharaoh and his nobles/assembly decoration/beauty/ornament and properties/possessions/wealth in the present world/worldly life, our Lord, to misguide (E) from Your way/path , our Lord wipe out/destroy on their properties/possessions/wealths and stamp/hit on their hearts/minds so they do not believe until they see the torture the painful."
10:89  He said: "Your (B)'s call/request/prayer had been answered/replied to, so be straight/direct, and do not follow (the) way/path (of) those who do not know."
10:90  And We crossed/passed/passed through with Israel's sons and daughters the sea , so Pharaoh and his soldiers/warriors followed them (with) transgression and violating/breaking until when the drowning/sinking caught up/overtook him , he said: "I believed that He is, no God except who Israel's descendants believed with Him, and I am from the Moslems/submitters ."
10:91  Now, and you had disobeyed before, and you were from the corrupting
10:92  So the day/today We save/rescue you with your body/top set (of) armor to be to who (is) behind you an evidence/sign , and that many from the people (are) from Our evidences/verses/signs ignoring/disregarding (E)
10:93  And We had resided/settled to Israel's sons and daughters truthful residence/settlement , and We provided for them from the goodnesses , so they did not differ/disagree/dispute until the knowledge came to them, that your Lord passes judgment (settles) between them (in) the Resurrection Day in what they were in it differing/disagreeing/disputing
10:94  So if you were in doubt/suspicion from what We descended to you, so ask/question those who read The Book from before you, the truth had come to you from your Lord, so do not be from the doubting/arguing
10:95  And do not be from those who lied/denied/falsified with God's verses/evidences/signs, so you be from the losers
10:96  That those who God's word/expression (was) deserved on them do not believe
10:97  And even if every/each verse/evidence/sign came to them, until they see/understand the torture the painful
10:98  So where it not for a village/urban city (that) believed, so its faith/belief benefited it, except Jonah's/Yonis' nation, when they believed We removed/uncovered (relieved) from them the shameful/scandalous/disgraceful torture in the present world/worldly life, and We gave them long life/made they enjoy to a time
10:99  And if your Lord wanted/willed who is in the earth/Planet Earth all of them, all/all together would have believed (E), so do you compel/force the people until they be believers/believing
10:100  And (it) was not to a self that she/it believes except with God's permission, and He makes/puts the obscenity/filth on those who do not reason/understand/comprehend
10:101  Say: "Look/see , what is in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and the evidences/verses , and the warning/notices do not satisfy/suffice from a nation (that) do not believe."
10:102  So do they wait/watch (for) except as/like days/times (of) those who past/expired from before them, Say: "So wait/watch , that I am with you from the waiting/watching ."
10:103  Then We save/rescue Our messengers and those who believed, as/like that truthfully on Us We save/rescue the believers
10:104  Say: "You, you the people, if you were in doubt/suspicion of/from my religion, so I do not worship those whom you worship from other than God, and but I worship God who makes you die, and I was ordered/commanded that I be from the believers."
10:105  And that stand/keep up your face/front/direction to the religion (as) a submitter/Unifier of God , and do not be from the sharers/takers of partners (with God)
10:106  And do not call from other than God what does not benefit you and does not harm you, so if you made/did , so that you are then from the unjust/oppressors
10:107  And if God touches you with harm, so (there is) no remover/uncoverer (reliever) to it except Him, and if He wants/wills/intends you with goodness/generosity , so (there is) no returner for His grace/favour/blessing, He strikes/hits with it whom He wills/wants from His worshippers/slaves, and He is the forgiving, the merciful
10:108  Say: "You, you the people, the truth had come to you from your Lord, so who was guided, so but he guides for his self, and who misguided , so but he misguides on it, and I am not on you with a guardian/protector."
10:109  And follow what is inspired/transmitted to you, and be patient until God judges/rules , and He is best (of) the judges/rulers