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9:1  Innocence/denouncement from God and His messenger to those who you promised/made a contract (with) them from the sharers/takers of partners (with God)
9:2  So walk/go/travel in the earth/Planet Earth, four months, and know that you are not disabling/frustrating God, and that God is shaming/scandalizing those who disbelieved
9:3  And announcement/information from God and His messenger to the people, (on) day (of) the pilgrimage the greatest/biggest , that God (is) innocent/renouncing , from the sharers/takers of partners (with Him) , and His messenger, so if you repented, so it is best for you, and if you turned away, so know that you are not disabling/frustrating God, and announce good news (to) those who disbelieved with a painful torture
9:4  Except those who you promised/made a contract (with) them, from the sharers/takers of partners (with God), then they did not reduce/decrease you (in) a thing, and they did not cooperate/support/help anyone on (against) you, so complete to them their promise/contract to their period/term , that God loves/likes the fearing and obeying
9:5  So if the months the forbidden/sacred ended/passed , so fight/kill the sharers/takers of partners (with God) where/when you found them, and take/punish them and restrict/confine them and remain/be concerned and prepared/beset for them (in) every lookout/observatory , so if they repented, and kept up the prayers and gave/brought the charity/ purification , so free their way/path , that God (is) forgiving, merciful
9:6  And if any (from) the sharers/takers of partners (with God) seeked your protection/defense so protect/defend him, until he hears God's speech/conversation (words), then deliver him/make him reach his safety/security, that (is) because they are (E) a nation (that) do not know
9:7  How (can there) be for the sharers/takers of partners (with God) a promise/contract at God and at His messenger, except those who you promised/made a contract (with) at the Mosque the Forbidden/Sacred ,so what they became straight/direct for you, so be straight/direct for them, that God loves/likes the fearing and obeying
9:8  How, and if they conquer/defeat on you, they do not observe/guard (respect) in you a relationship/contract and nor promise/contract/guarantee , they please/satisfy you with their mouths and their hearts/minds refuse/hate, and most of them (are) debauchers
9:9  They bought/volunteered with God's verses/evidences a small price, so they prevented/obstructed from His road/path , that they truly are bad/evil/harmful what they were making/doing
9:10  They do not observe/guard (respect) in a believer a relationship/contract and nor promise/contract/ guarantee, and those are the transgressors
9:11  So if they repented and kept up the prayers and gave/brought the charity/purification , so (they are) your brothers in the religion, and We detail/explain the verses/evidences to a nation knowing
9:12  And if they broke/violated their oaths from after their promise and they defamed/stabbed in yourreligion so fight/kill (the) leaders/examples (of) the disbelief, that they truly (have) no oaths/swearings for them, maybe/perhaps they terminate/stop
9:13  Do you not fight/kill a nation (that) broke/violated their oaths , and they got interested/began by forcing out the messenger, and they started/initiated (the) first time with you, do you fear them? So God (is) more worthy/deserving that you fear Him if you were believing
9:14  Fight/kill them, God tortures them with your hands and He shames/disgraces them and He gives you victory/aid on (over) them, and He cures/heals (the) chests (innermosts of) a believing nation
9:15  And He takes away/eliminates their heart's/mind's anger/rage, and God forgives on whom He wills/wants, and God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judiciou
9:16  Or (have) you thought/supposed that you be left, and God did not knowthose who struggled/exerted from you, and they did not take from other than God and nor His messenger and nor the believers a close and dependable friend/(for sharing) innermost thoughts or feelings, and God (is) expert/experienced with what you make/do
9:17  (It) was not to the sharers/takers of partners (with God) that they inhabit/tend to/visit God's mosques/places of worshipping God, (while) witnessing/testifying on themselves with the disbelief, those, their deeds (are) wasted, and in the fire they are immortally/eternally
9:18  But (those who) tend to/visit God's mosques/places of worshipping God (are) who believed by God and the Day the Last/Resurrection Day, and kept up the prayers, and gave/brought the charity/purification , and did not fear except God, so maybe/perhaps that those they be from the guided
9:19  Did you make the pilgrimage's drinking place/cup (water carrying) and tending to/visiting the Mosque the Forbidden/Sacred as who believed with God and the Day the Last/Resurrection Day, and struggled/exerted in God's way/sake ? They do not become equal/alike at God, and God does not guide the nation the unjust/oppressive
9:20  Those who believed and emigrated and struggled/exerted in God's way/sake with their properties/wealths and themselves, (are) a step/degree greater at God, and those, they are the winners/successful
9:21  their Lord announces good news to them with a mercy from Him and acceptance/approval , and treed gardens/paradises for them in it (is) continuing blessing/comfort and ease
9:22  Immortally/eternally in it, eternally/forever, that God at Him (is a) great reward
9:23  You, you those who believed, do not take your fathers and your brothers (as) guardians/allies if they loved/liked the disbelief more (preferred) over the belief, and who follows them from you, so those, those are the unjust/oppressors
9:24  Say: "If your fathers, and your sons, and your brothers, and your spouses and your father's near relations/tribe, and properties/wealths you committed/perpetrated it, and commercial trade you fear its slump/depression , and residence you accept/approve it, (are) more lovable/likable to you than God and His messenger and struggling/defending for the faith in His way/path , so wait/remain until God comes with His order/command, and God does not guide the nation the debauchers
9:25  God had given you victory/aid in many homelands/battlefields and Hunain's Day (the location of the famous battle between Arab tribes and Moslems), when your plentifulness pleased/marveled you, so (it) did not enrich/satisfy from you a thing, and the Earth/land narrowed/tightened on you with what (it) widened/broadened (its vastness/expanse), then you turned away giving (your) backs
9:26  Then God descended His tranquillity/calm on His messenger and on the believers, and He descended soldiers/warriors you did not see it, and He tortured those who disbelieved, and that (is) the disbeliever's reward/reimbursement
9:27  Then God forgives from after that on whom He wills/wants, and God (is) forgiving, merciful
9:28  You, you those who believed but/truly the sharers/takers of partners (with God are) impurity/contamination , so they do not approach/near the Mosque the Forbidden/Sacred after this their year, and if you feared need/necessity/poverty, so God will/shall enrich/suffice you from His grace/favour , if He willed/wanted, that God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious
9:29  Fight/kill those who do not believe with God and nor the Day the Last/Resurrection Day, and do not forbid/prohibit what God and His messenger forbid/prohibited, and do not take/adopt a religion the correct/right religion from those who were given/brought The Book , until they give/hand over the fee paid by non-Moslems living in a Moslem society (paid instead of Zakat by Moslems) from a hand, and (while) they are subservient/humiliated
9:30  And the Jews said: "Ezra (is) God's son", and the Christians , said: "The Messiah, (is) God's son." That (is) their saying/word/opinion and belief with their mouths, they equal/resemble (the) saying/word/opinion and belief (of) those who disbelieved from before, God fought/killed them, how (do) they be lied to/be turned away
9:31  They took their religious scholars and their monks (as) lords from other than God and the Messiah, Mary's Son, and they were not ordered/commanded except to worship one God, no God except He, His praise/glory from what they share/make partners (with God)
9:32  They want that they extinguish/put out God's light with their mouths, and God refuses/hates except that He completes His light, and even if the disbelievers hated (it)
9:33  He (is) who sent His messenger with the guidance, and the correct/truth religion, to make it apparent/visible on the religion(s) all of it, and even if the sharers/takers of partners (with God) hated (it)
9:34  You, you those who believed that many of the religious scholars , and the monks eat (E) the people's properties/wealths by the falsehood, and prevent/obstruct from God's way/path , and those who accumulate/herd the gold and the silver and do not spend it in God's way/path , so announce good news to them with a painful torture
9:35  A day (when) be heated on it in Hell's fire, so their foreheads' skin will be burned by an iron with it (the gold and silver), and their sides, and their backs, "That (is) what you accumulated/hoarded to your selves, so taste/experience what you were accumulating/hoarding ."
9:36  That the months' number/count at God (are) twelve in God's scripture , (on) the day He created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, from it four (are) sacred, that (is) the religion the straight , so do not cause injustice to/oppress your selves in them, and fight/kill the sharers/takers of partners (with God) all, as/like they fight/kill you all, and know that God (is) with the fearing and obeying
9:37  But the delayment/postponement (is) an increase in the disbelief, those who disbelieved become misguided with it, they permit/allow it (for) a year and they forbid/prohibit it (for) a year, to agree to (the) term (that) God forbid/prohibited, so they permit/allow what God forbade/prohibited, and (the) bad/evil (of) their deeds was decorated/beautified for them, and God does not guide the nation the disbelieving
9:38  You, you those who believed, why (is it) to you, if (it) is said to you: "Rush/hasten in God's sake ," you become heavy/burdened in the earth/Planet Earth? Did you accept/become content with the life the present/worldly life, (other) than the end (other life)? So the present world's/worldly life's long life/enjoyment is not except little/small in the end (other life)
9:39  Unless you rush/hasten , He tortures you a painful torture and He exchanges/substitutes a nation other than you, and you do not harm him (in) a thing, and God (is) on every thing capable/powerful
9:40  If you do not give Him victory/aid, so God had given him victory/aid when those who disbelieved brought him out/drove him out, second (of) two, when they (B) are (in) the cave , when he says to his companion/friend: "Do not be sad/grievous, that God (is) with us." So God descended His tranquillity/calm on him, and He supported him with soldiers you do not see it, and He made (the) word/expression (of) those who disbelieved the lowest/bottom most, and God's word/expression it is the high/elevated, and God (is) glorious/mighty , wise/judicious
9:41  Rush/hasten lights and heavy/loaded, and struggle/do your utmost with your properties/possessions and yourselves in God's sake , that (is) best for you, if you were knowing
9:42  If (it) was near/close enjoyable accessories/vanities , and an easy and light journey/trip , they would have followed you, and but the hard to reach distance it became distant/far on (for) them, and they will swear/take oath by God: "If we were able we would have gotten out/emerged with you." They perish/destroy themselves, and God knows that they truly are lying/denying (E)
9:43  God forgave/pardoned from you/for what you permitted/allowed for them, until those who were truthful become clear/shown to you, and you know the liars/deniers
9:44  Those who believe by God and the Day the Last/Resurrection Day do not ask for your permission/pardon that they struggle/do their utmost with their properties/possessions and themselves, and God (is) knowledgeable with the fearing and obeying
9:45  But those who ask for your permission/pardon (are those who) do not believe by God and the Day the Last/Resurrection Day and their hearts/minds became doubtful/suspicious, so they are in their doubt/suspicion hesitating
9:46  And if they wanted/intended the exit they would have prepared (E) for it tools/outfit and but God hated their urging to get out (to battle) so He blocked/ delayed them and (it) was said: "Sit/remain with the sitting/remaining."
9:47  If they got out/emerged in between you, they did not increase you except degeneration/corruption and they would have put in between and around you, (and) they desired (for) you the treason/misguidance , and in you (there are those) hearing/listening to them, and God (is) knowledgeable with (of) the unjust/oppressive
9:48  They had desired the treason/misguidance from before, and they turned/changed for you the matters/affairs until the truth came, and God's order/command appeared and they are hating
9:49  And from them who says: "Permit/allow for me, and do not test/misguide me " Is it not in the treason/misguidance (that) they dropped/erred , and that Hell is surrounding (E) with the disbelievers
9:50  If goodness strikes you it harms them , and if disaster/every thing hated strikes you , they say: "We had taken our matter/affair from before." And they turn away and they are happy/delighted
9:51  Say: "(Nothing) will never/not strike/hit us except what God ordered/decreed for us, He is our owner/master/ally , and on God so should rely/depend the believers."
9:52  Say: "Do you wait/remain with us except (that) one (of) the two goods (afflicts us), and we wait/remain with you that God strikes/hits you with torture from at Him or with our hands, so wait/remain , we are with you waiting/remaining."
9:53  Say: "Spend voluntarily or forcefully/involuntarily , (it) will never/not be accepted from you, that you are/were a nation (of) debauchers ."
9:54  And nothing prevented/prohibited them that their expenses/expenditures that (E) be accepted/received from them, except that they disbelieved by God, and with His messenger and they do not come (to) the prayers except and (while) they are lazy, and they do not spend except and (while) they are hating
9:55  So let not their properties/wealths , and nor their children please/marvel you, but God wants to torture them with it in the life the present/worldly life, and their selves perish/vanish and (while) they are disbelieving
9:56  And they swear/take oath by God, that they truly are from you (E), and they are not from you, and however they are a nation afraid/separating
9:57  If they find a refuge/shelter or caves or an entrance they would have turned away to it, and they bolt/run away uncontrollably
9:58  And from them who backbite/find fault in you in the charities, so if they were given/handed from it they accepted/approved, and if they were not given/handed from it, then they are hating/becoming angry
9:59  And if that they accepted/approved what God and His messenger gave/brought them and they said: "Enough for us God, God will give/bring us from His grace/favour and His messenger, we are to God desiring/wishing."
9:60  But the charities (are) to the poor/needy , and the poorest of poor/poor oppressed, and the doers/workers on it, and (those who) their hearts/minds (are) united/joined , and in the necks (freeing) slaves, and the obliged indebted , and in God's sake/path , and the traveler/stranded traveler (it is) a religious duty/stipulation from God, and God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious
9:61  And from them those who harm mildly the prophet and say: "He is hearing." Say: "(He is a) good ear/hearing for you, he believes by God and he believes to the believers, and mercy to those who believed from you, and those who harm mildly God's messenger, for them (is) a painful torture."
9:62  They swear/take oath by God for you, to please/satisfy you, and God and His messenger (are) more worthy/deserving (that) they please/satisfy Him, if they were believing
9:63  Did they not know that he/who angers God and His messenger, so that truly for him (is) Hell's fire, immortally/eternally in it, that (is) the shame/scandal , the great
9:64  The hypocrites are afraid/cautious that a chapter of the Koran be descended on them to inform them with what (is) in their hearts/minds . Say: "Mock/make fun , that God (is) bringing out what you are cautious/afraid of."
9:65  And if (E) you asked/questioned them, they will say (E): "But we were plunging into/engaging in conversation and we were playing/amusing ." Say: "Is with/by God and His evidences/verses , and His messenger you were mocking ?"
9:66  Do not apologize/find excuses, you had disbelieved after your belief, if We forgive/pardon on a group of people from you, We torture a group of people because they were criminals/sinners
9:67  The hypocrites (M) and the hypocrites (F) some of them (are) from some (they are for each other), they order/command by the defiance of God and His orders/awfulness/obscenity , and they forbid/prevent from the kindness/generosity and they grasp/tighten/hold their hands, they forgot God, so He forgot them, that the hypocrites, they are the debauchers
9:68  God promised the hypocrites (M) and the hypocrites (F) and the disbelievers Hell's fire immortally/eternally in it, it is enough for them, and God cursed/humiliated them and for them (is a) continuing torture
9:69  As/like those from before them they were stronger than you, (in) strength/power and (with) more properties/possessions , and children, so they lived long/enjoyed with their good luck/fortune, so you lived long/enjoyed with your good luck/fortune, as those from before you lived long/enjoyed with their good luck/fortune, and you plunged into/engaged in conversation as/like who plunged into/engaged in conversation , those their deeds (are) wasted in the present world, and the end (other life), and those, they are the losers
9:70  Did not (the) information/news come to them (about) those from before them, Noah's nation, and Aad , and Thamud and Abraham's nation, and owners (of) Madya/Madyan, and the overturned cities ?Their messengers came to them with the evidences, so God was not to cause injustice to them/oppress them, and but they were themselves causing injustice/oppression
9:71  And the believers (M) and believers (F) some of them (are) guardians/allies (to) some, they order/command with the kindness/generosity , and they forbid/prevent from the defiance of God and His orders/obscenity ,and they keep up the prayers, and they give the charity/purification and they obey God and His messenger, those, God will have mercy upon them, that God (is) glorious/mighty , wise/judicious
9:72  God promised the believers (M) and the believers (F) treed gardens/paradises the rivers flow from below/beneath it immortally/eternally in it and beautiful residences in treed gardens/paradises (as) eternal residence, and acceptance/approval from God (is) greater that it is the winning/triumph , the great
9:73  You, you the prophet, struggle/do your utmost (against) the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be hard/rough on them, and their shelter/refuge (is) Hell , and how bad (is) the end/destination
9:74  They swear/take oath by God, (that) they did not say, and (but) they had said the disbelief's word/expression ,and they disbelieved after their Islam/submission/surrender, and they got interested/resolved with what they did not take/receive/obtain, and they did not revenge/criticize except that God and His messenger enriched them from His grace , so if they repent (it will) be best for them, and if they turn away, God tortures them a painful torture in the present world and the end (other life), and in the earth/Planet Earth no guardian/ally and nor victorior/savior (be) for them
9:75  And from them who promised God: "If (E) He gave us from His grace/favour we will give charity (E) and we will be/become from the correct/righteous."
9:76  So when He gave them from His grace/favour they were stingy/miser with it, and they turned away and (while) they are objecting/opposing
9:77  So hypocrisy in their hearts/minds followed/succeeded them to a day they meet/find Him because (of) what they broke (their promise to) God (in) what they promised Him, and because (of) what they were lying/denying
9:78  Did they not know that God knows their secret and their confidential talk/secret conversation, and that God (is) all knower (of) the unseens/invisible/(unknowns)
9:79  Those who backbite/find fault in the volunteers from the believers in the charities, and those who do not find except their struggle/exertion so they humiliate/ridicule from them, God mocked/ridiculed from them, and for them (is) a painful torture
9:80  Ask for forgiveness for them or you do not ask for forgiveness for them, if you ask for forgiveness for them seventy time(s), so God will never/not forgive for them, that (is) because they (E) disbelieved by God and His messenger, and God does not guide the nation the debauchers
9:81  The remaining behind rejoiced/delighted with their seat/sitting place (position) opposite/behind God's messenger, and they hated that they struggle/exert with their properties/wealths and themselves in God's sake , and they said: "Do not rush/hasten in the heat." Say: "Hell's fire (is) stronger heat, if they were understanding/learning ."
9:82  So they will laugh (E) little and they will weep (E) much, reimbursement because (of) what they were earning/gaining/acquiring
9:83  So if God returned you to a group of people from them, so they asked for permission from you to the getting out/exit (battle), so say: "You will never/not get out/emerge with me ever (E), and you will never/not fight/kill with me an enemy, that you accepted/became content with the sitting/remaining behind (the) first time , so sit/remain with the remaining behind."
9:84  And do not ever pray on anyone from them (that) died, and do not stand on his grave/burial place, that they truly disbelieved by God and His messenger, and they died and (while) they are debauchers
9:85  And let (not) their properties/wealths and their children please/marvel you, but God wants that He tortures them with it in the present world and their selves go out/perish and (while) they are disbelieving
9:86  And if a chapter was descended: "That believe by God, and struggle/do your utmost with His messenger." Those of the wealth/arrogance asked for permission/pardon from you, and they said: "Leave us be with the sitting/remaining."
9:87  They accepted/approved with that they be with the remaining behind and, (it) was closed/sealed on their hearts/minds so they do not understand/learn
9:88  However the messenger and those who believed with him struggled/exerted with their properties/possessions and their selves, those, for them (is) the goodnesses/generosity, and those are the successful/winners
9:89  God prepared for them treed gardens/paradises the rivers flow from below/beneath it, (they are) immortally/eternally in it, that (is) the great, the triumph/salvation
9:90  And the apologizers/excuse givers from the Arabs came to be permitted/allowed to them, and those who denied God and His messenger sat/remained behind , those who disbelieved from them a painful torture will strike/hit (them)
9:91  Strain/sin/hardship is not on the weak ones, and nor on the sick/diseased, and nor on those who do not find what they (should) spend, if they were faithful/sincere to God and His messenger, (there) is not from a way/path on the good doers, and God (is) a forgiving, merciful
9:92  And nor on those when/if they came to you to carry/bear them, you said: "I do not find what I carry you on it." They turned away and their eyes flow/over flow from the tears, sadness/grief that they not find what they (can) spend
9:93  But the way/path (is) on those who ask for permission/pardon of you and they are rich, they accepted ,with that they be with the remaining behind, and God stamped/sealed on their hearts/minds , so they do not know
9:94  They apologize/excuse (themselves) to you, if you returned to them, say: "Do not apologize/excuse (yourselves), we will never believe for you, God had informed us from your news/information , and God will see your deed and His messenger, then you (will) be returned to knower (of) the unseen/absent and the testimony/certification , so He informs you with what you were making/doing
9:95  They will swear by God to you if you returned to them to object/oppose from them, so object/oppose from them, that they truly are obscenity/filth , and their shelter/refuge (is) Hell because (of) what they were earning/acquiring
9:96  They swear/take oath to you to accept/approve of them, so if you accept/approve of them, so that God does not accept/approve of the nation the debauchers
9:97  The Arabs (are) stronger (in) disbelief and hypocrisy, and more worthy/suited that they not know limits/boundaries/orders (of) what God descended on His messenger, and God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious
9:98  And from the Arabs who takes what he spends (as) an obligated burden/monetary harm/loss , and he waits/remains with you the circles/disasters; on them (is) the bad/evil circle/disaster, and God (is) hearing/listening, knowledgeable
9:99  And from the Arabs who believes by God and the Day the Last/Resurrection Day, and takes what he spends (as) approachment to God (offerings) at God, and the messenger's prayers, is it not an approachment to God (offering) for them? God will make them enter in His mercy, that God (is) forgiving, merciful
9:100  And the racing/preceding the first/beginners from the emigrants and the victoriors/saviors , and those who followed them with goodness, God accepted/approved of them, and they accepted/approved of Him, and He prepared for them treed gardens/paradises the rivers flow/run below/beneath it, immortally/eternally for ever in it, that (is) the great winning/triumph
9:101  And from whom (is) around/surrounding you from the Arabs (are) hypocrites and from the city's/town's people they were accustomed to rebelling/mutiny on the hypocrisy, you do not know them, We know them, We will torture them twice, then they be returned to great torture
9:102  And others confessed/acknowledged because of their crimes, they mixed/mingled correct/righteous deeds work and other bad/evil, maybe/perhaps God that He forgives on them, that God (is) forgiving, merciful
9:103  Take/receive from their properties/wealths charity, to purify/clean them mentally and physically , and to purify/correct/commend them with it, and pray/call (for) God's blessings on them, that your prayers (are) tranquillity/security for them, and God (is) hearing/listening, knowledgeable
9:104  Did they not know that God, He accepts/receives the repentance/forgiveness from His worshippers/slaves, and He takes/receives the charities, and that God, He is the forgiver, the merciful
9:105  And say: "Make/work , so God and His messenger and the believers will see your deeds, and you will be returned to knower (of) the unseen/supernatural and the testimony/certification , so He informs you with what you were making/doing."
9:106  And others (are) delayed/postponed to God's order/command, either He torturers them and either He forgives on them, and God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious
9:107  And those who took a mosque (as a tool for) harming, and disbelief, and separation/distinction between the believers, and (as) a watch/observation/ambuscade (ambush place/shelter) to who battled/fought God and His messenger from before, and they swear/take oath (E): "That we wanted/intended except the best/goodness ." And God witnesses/testifies that they truly are lying/denying
9:108  Do not stand in it ever (E), a mosque/place of worshipping God (E) founded (established) on the fear and obedience (of God) from (the) first day (is) more worthy/deserving that you stand in it, in it (are) men they love/like that they purify themselves mentally and physically , and God loves/likes the pure/clean
9:109  Is who founded (established) his building/structure on fear and obedience from God and acceptance/approval better ? Or who founded (established) his building/structure on (the) edge/brink (of) a cracking/falling/weakly undercut bank/shore , so it collapsed/fell down with him in Hell's fire? And God does not guide the nation the unjust/oppressive
9:110  Their buildings/structures which they built/constructed still is doubt/suspicion in their hearts/minds ,except/unless that their hearts/minds be cut , and God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious
9:111  That God bought from the believers their selves and their properties/wealths , with that for them (is) the Paradise, they fight/kill in God's sake , so they fight/kill and they be fought/killed, a promise truthfully in the Torah/Old Testament, and the Bible/New Testament , and the Koran , and who (is) more fulfilling/completing with his promise/pledge than God? So be announced good news with your sale/trade which you sold/traded with it, and that (is) the great, the triumph/salvation
9:112  The repentant, the worshippers, the praising , the travelers/tourists for knowledge , the bowing , the prostrating, the ordering/commanding with the kindness/generosity, and the forbidding/preventing from the defiance of God and His orders/obscenity , and the protectors/observers to God's limits/boundaries , and announce good news (to) the believers
9:113  (It) was not to the prophet and those who believed that they ask for forgiveness to the sharers/takers of partners (with God) , and even if they were of (the) relations/near from after what was clarified/explained to them, that they are the roaring fires'/Hell's owners/friends
9:114  Abraham's asking for forgiveness for his father was not except on a promise he promised it (to only) him, so when (it) was clarified/explained to him, that he (his father is) an enemy to God, he declared innocence from him, that Abraham (is a) clement groaner/moaner (E)
9:115  And God was not to misguide (a) nation after when He guided them, until He clarifies/explains to them what they fear and obey, that God was/is with every thing knowledgeable
9:116  That God (has) for him the skies'/space's ownership/kingdom , He revives/makes alive, and He makes die, and (there is) none for you from other than God from (a) guardian/ally and nor (a) victorior/savior
9:117  God had forgiven on the prophet and the emigrants and the victoriors those who followed him in (the) hour (of) the difficulty/hardship from after what (the) hearts/minds (of) a group/party from them, was about to/almost deviate , then He forgave on them, that He truly is merciful/compassionate, merciful with them
9:118  And on the three, those who remained until when the Earth/land narrowed/tightened on them with what (it) widened/broadened and their selves narrowed/tightened on them, and they thought/assumed that (there is) no refuge/shelter from God except to Him, then He forgave on them, (it is for them) to repent, that God, (He is) the forgiving, the merciful/most merciful
9:119  You, you those who believed, fear and obey God and be with the truthful
9:120  (It) was not to the city's/town's family/relation/people and who (is) around/surrounding them from the Arabs , that they delay (remain behind) from God's messenger, and nor they wish/desire with themselves from his self/himself, that (is) because they (E) (experience) no thirst, and nor hardship/fatigue , and nor hunger strikes them in God's sake , and they do not step on/set foot on a foothold (that) angers/enrages the disbelievers, and they do not take/obtain (win) from an enemy receiving/obtaining (winning) except (that) it was written/decreed for them with it, correct/righteous deeds , that God does not loose/waste/destroy the good doer's reward/wage
9:121  And they do not spend a small/little, and nor great/large expense/expenditure, and nor cross a valley, except it was written/decreed for them, (it is for) God to reward/compensate them (the) best (of) what they were making/doing
9:122  And the believers were not to rush/hasten all (to battle) , so if only (there were) a group from every group/party from them, a group of people to learn/comprehend/have knowledge in the religion, and to warn/give notice (to) their nation if they returned to them, maybe/perhaps they be warned/cautioned
9:123  You, you those who believed, fright/kill those who follow/near you evilly from the disbelievers, and they should find in you strength/coarseness , and know that God (is) with the fearing and obeying
9:124  And when any chapter of the Koran was descended, so from them who says: "Which of you (has) this it increased him faith/belief?" So but those who believed, so it increased them faith/belief, and they be announced good news to/be cheerful
9:125  And but those who in their hearts/minds (is) sickness/disease, so it increased them obscenity/filth to their obscenity/filth , and they died and they are disbelieving
9:126  Do they not see/understand that they are being tested in every year once or twice , then they do not repent, and they do not mention/remember
9:127  And when any chapter of the Koran was descended, some of them looked to some, (and said): "Does from anyone see you?" Then they went away/diverted , God diverted their hearts/minds , because they are (E) a nation (that) do not understand/know
9:128  A messenger had come to you from your selves, powerfull (painful/dear) on him what you suffered (from) exertion/hardship, holding onto stingily and desiring strongly (careful) on you, with the believers merciful/compassionate, merciful
9:129  So if they turned away, so say: "Enough for me God, no God except He, on Him I relied/depended, and He is Lord (of) the throne, the great."