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11:1  A L R , a Book its verses/evidences were perfected/tightened , then were detailed/explained/clarified from at/by (a) wise/judicious, expert/experienced
11:2  That you not worship except God, that I am (E) to you from Him (a) warner/giver of notice, announcer of good news
11:3  And that ask for forgiveness (from) your Lord then repent to Him, He gives you long life/makes you enjoy good/beautiful long life/enjoyment to a named/identified (specified) term/time, and He gives/brings each (owner) of grace/favour/blessing His grace/favour/blessing, and if they turned away, so that I, I fear on you a big/great day's torture
11:4  To God (is) your return, and He is on every thing capable/able
11:5  Is it not that they truly fold/bend/double/twist (hide) their chests (innermosts) to hide from Him? Is it not that when they cover/darken themselves (with) their clothes/garments/dresses, He knows what they keep secret and what they declare/publicize/announce? That He is knowledgeable of the chests (innermosts)
11:6  And (there is) none from a walker/creeper/crawler in the earth/Planet Earth except (that) on God (is) its provision, and He knows its settlement/establishment/affixation, and its depository/storage place , all (is) in (a) clear/explained Book
11:7  And He is who created the skies/space and the earth, in six days/times, and His throne was/is on the water, to test you which of you (is) best/better (in) deed(s), and if (E) you said: "That you are being resurrected/revived from after the death/lifelessness." Those who disbelieved will say (E): "That, this (is) except clear/evident magic/sorcery."
11:8  And if We delayed the punishment from them to a counted/numbered generation they will say (E) what prevents/withholds it ? Is it not (on that) day (when it) comes to them (it is) not diverted/sent away from them? And surrounded/encircled with them what they were with it mocking/making fun of
11:9  And if (E) We made the human/mankind taste/experience from Us mercy, then We removed it from him, that he truly is (a) despairing/hopeless (E) (insistent) disbeliever/(insisting) disbelief
11:10  And if (E) We made him taste/experience blessing/goodness after calamity/disastrous distress touched him, he will say (E): "The sins/crimes went away (were) eliminated/(were) wiped out from me." That he is happy/rejoiced/delighted proud/arrogant
11:11  Except those who were patient, and made/did the correct/righteous deeds , those for them (is) a forgiveness and (a) big/great wage/reward
11:12  So maybe/perhaps you are leaving some/part (of) what is inspired/transmitted to you, and narrowing/tightening with it your chest (innermost), that they say: "If only a treasure was descended on him, or (an) angel came with him." But you are (a) warner/giver of notice, and God (is) on every thing (a) guardian/protector
11:13  Or they say: "He fabricated/cut and split it." Say: "So come or bring with ten chapters of the Koran similar/equal/alike to it fabricated , and call whom you were able from other than God if you were truthful."
11:14  So if they do not answer/reply to you, so know that (the Koran) was/is descended with God's knowledge , that (there is) no God except Him, so are you submitters/surrenderers/Moslems?"
11:15  Who was/is wanting the life the present/worldly life and its decoration/beauty/ornament, We fulfill/complete to them their deeds in it, and they in it are not being reduced/cheated/caused injustice to
11:16  Those are those not (nothing is) for them in the end (other life) except the fire , and what they made/did (was) wasted/invalidated in it, and is being wasted/annulled/canceled what they were making/doing
11:17  Is who was on an evidence from his Lord, and he reads/recites/follows it a witness/testifier from Him, and from before him/it Moses' Book a leader/clear road/an example and a mercy? Those believe with it, and who disbelieves from the groups/parties with Him/it, so the fire (is) his appointment/promise, so do not be in doubt from it, that it is the truth from your Lord, and but most of the people do not believe
11:18  And who (is) more unjust/oppressive than who fabricated/cut and split on God lies/denials/falsifications? Those, they are being displayed/exhibited/shown on (to) their Lord, and the witnesses/testifiers (the angels) say: "Those (are) those who lied/denied/falsified on their Lord." Is not God's curse/torture on the unjust/oppressors
11:19  Those who object/prevent/obstruct from God's way/path/sake , and they ask/wish/desire it (be) bent/crookedness/indirectness, and they, with the end (other life) they are disbelievers
11:20  Those, were not (to) be disabling/frustrating in the earth/Planet Earth and (there) were not for them from other than God from guardians/allies , the torture (will) be doubled/multiplied for them, and they were not able (of) the hearing (to hear)/listening (to listen) , and they were not seeing/looking/understanding
11:21  Those are those who lost themselves, and what they were fabricating/cutting and splitting (was) wasted/lost from them
11:22  Undoutably/certainly that they (are) in the end (other life), they are the most losers
11:23  That those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, and they became humble/tranquil to their Lord, those are the Paradise's owners/company/friends, they are in it immortally/eternally
11:24  The two groups'/parti es' example/proverb (is as) the blind, and the deaf, and the seeing , and the hearing , do they become (an) equal/alike example/proverb? So do you not mention/remember
11:25  And We had sent Noah to his nation: "That I am for you (an) evident/clear warner/giver of notice."
11:26  That do not worship except God, that I, I fear on you a painful day's torture
11:27  So the nobles/groups/assembly those who disbelieved from his nation said: "We do not see you except (as) a human similar/equal/alike to us, and we do not see you (that) followed you except those who are our lowest/most despised, the opinion/belief (is) apparent, and we do not see for you on us from grace/favour/blessing, but we suspect you (are) liars/deniers/falsifiers."
11:28  He said: "You (my) nation, did you see/understand if I was on an evidence from my Lord, and He gave me mercy from at Him, so (it) was blinding/confusing on you, that do we oblige/compel it to you , and you are to it hating?"
11:29  And you my nation, I do not ask/demand/beg you on it (for) property/possession/wealth, that my reward/wage is except on (from) God, and I am not with expelling/driving out those who believed, that they are receiving/meeting/finding their Lord, and but I only, I see/understand you (as) a nation being lowly/ignorant
11:30  And you (my) nation, who gives me victory/aid from God, if I expelled/forced them out, so do you not mention/remember
11:31  And I do not say to you: 'At me (are) God's safes/storages (treasures), and I do not know the unseen/absent .'And I do not say: 'That I am (an) angel .' And I do not say to those who your eyes/sights despise/belittle : 'God will never/not give/bring them goodness .' God (is) more knowledgeable with what (is) in their selves, that I am then from (E) the unjust/oppressors
11:32  They said: "You Noah, you had argued/disputed with us, so you increased arguing/disputing with us, so bring to us with what you promise us, if you were from the truthful."
11:33  He said: "But God brings with it to you, if He willed/wanted and you are not with disabling/frustrating."
11:34  And my advise does not benefit you, if I wanted/intended that I advise for you, if God was wanting/willing that He misguides/lures you, He is your Lord, and to Him you are being returned
11:35  Or they say: "He fabricated/cut and split it." Say: "If I fabricated/cut and split it so on me (is) my criminality/committing (of) sins, and I am innocent/renouncing from what you commit a crime/sin."
11:36  And (it) was inspired/transmitted to Noah, that (none) will never/not believe from your nation except who had believed, so do not be miserable/fallen in hardship because (of) what they were making/doing
11:37  And make/produce the ship/ships with Our eyes/sights, and Our inspiration/transmission , and do not address/converse with Me in those who caused injustice/oppression, that they are being drowned/sunken
11:38  And he makes/produces the ship/ships, and whenever a group/assembly/nobles from his nation passed on (by) him, they humiliated/mocked from him, he said: "If you humiliate/mock from us, so (that) we are humiliating/mocking from you as you humiliate/mock ."
11:39  So you will/shall know whom torture comes (to) him (that) shames/scandalizes him , and continuing torture (be) placed on him/deserved (to) him
11:40  Until when Our order/command came, and the hollow clay oven/furnace boiled over/gushed, We said: Carry/load/lift in it from every/each a pair/couple two, and your family/people/relation, except who the saying/words preceded on him, and who believed." And none believed with him except a little/few
11:41  And he said: "Ride/embark/board in it, by God's name its channel/passage/course , and its anchor/landing , that my Lord (is) forgiving, merciful."
11:42  And it flows/orbits with them in waves/surges as the mountains and Noah called/cried (to) his son, and (while his son) he was in a separation/isolation : "You my son, ride/embark/board with us, and do not be with the disbelievers."
11:43  He said: "I will take shelter/refuge to a mountain (that) protects/shelters me from the water." He said: "(There is) no protector/shelterer today, from God's order/command except who He had mercy upon." And the waves/surges came in between/intervened between them (B), so he was from drowned/sunken
11:44  And (it) was said: "You earth/Planet Earth/land swallow your water, and you sky/space cease/stop/clear up ."And the water reduced/receded , and the matter/affair/order/command was accomplished/carried out, and it straightened/leveled on the Joody , and was said: "Curse to the nation the unjust/oppressive."
11:45  And Noah called/cried (to) his Lord so he said: "My Lord, that my son (is) from my family , and that your promise (is) the truth , and you are most judicious (of) the judges/rulers."
11:46  He said: "You Noah, that he is not from your family/relation/people. That he is (a) not correct/righteous deed, so do not question/ask Me, what is not with knowledge to you with it (you have no knowledge of), that I advise you that you be from the lowly/ignorant ."
11:47  He said: "My Lord that I seek protection with You, that I ask/beg You what is not with me knowledge with it (I know nothing about), and unless You forgive for me and have mercy upon me, I will be from the losers ."
11:48  (It) was said: "You Noah, descend/enter with safety/security/peace from Us and blessings on you, and on nations from what/who (are) with you, and nations We will give them long life/make them enjoy, then painful torture from Us touches them."
11:49  Those are from the unseen information/news, We inspire/transmit it to you, you were not knowing it, you, and nor your nation from before, that, so be patient that the end (result is) to the fearing and obeying
11:50  And to Aad, their brother Hoodan/Hood, he said: "You (my) nation, worship God (there is) not for you from a God other than Him, that you are except fabricators/cutters and splitters
11:51  You (my) nation, I do not ask/beg you on it (from) a reward/wage/fee, that my reward/wage/fee (is) except on who created me , so do you not reason/understand
11:52  And you (my) nation, ask for forgiveness (from) your Lord then repent to Him, He sends the skies/space on you flowing/pouring abundantly, and He increases you strength/power to your strength/power , and do not turn away (as) criminals/sinners
11:53  They said: "You Hood, you did not come to us with an evidence, and we are not with leaving our gods from/on your saying/opinion and belief and We are not to you with believing."
11:54  That we say: 'Except some of our gods afflicted you with bad/evil/harm.' He said: "I make God a witness/testifier, and witness/testify, that I am innocent/renouncing from what you share/make partners (with God)."
11:55  From other than Him, so plot/conspire against me all/all together, then you will not give me time/delay me
11:56  That I relied/depended on God, my Lord and your Lord, (there is) not from a walker/creeper except He is taking with its forehead/foreheads' hair, that my Lord (is) on (a) straight/direct/balanced road/way
11:57  So if they turned away, so I had communicated/informed you what I was sent with it to you, and my Lord makes a successor a nation other than you, and you do not harm Him a thing, that my Lord (is) on every thing (an) honest protector/observer ."
11:58  And when Our order/command came, We saved/rescued Hoodan/Hood and those who believed with him, with mercy from Us, and We saved/rescued them from a strong torture
11:59  And that is Aad, they disbelieved and denied with their Lord's evidences/verses and they disobeyed His messengers, and they followed every stubborn's/obstinant's tyrant's/rebels' order/command
11:60  And they were followed in this the present world (by) curse/torture and the Resurrection Day, is not that Aad disbelieved (in) their Lord, is not destruction/death/curse to Aad, Hood's nation
11:61  And to Thamud their brother Saleh, He said: "You (my) nation worship God, (there is) not for you from a God other than Him, He created you in the Earth , and He made you inhabit/populate in it, so ask Him for forgiveness, then repent to Him, that my Lord (is) near/close answering/replying."
11:62  They Said: "You Saleh, you had been between us promising/hoped for before this, do you forbid/prevent us that we worship what our fathers worship? And that we truly (are) in (E) doubtful/suspicious doubt/suspicion from what you call us to it."
11:63  He said: "You (my) nation did you see/understand if I was on an evidence from my Lord, and He gave me from Him mercy, so who gives me victory/aid if I disobeyed Him, so you do not increase me except loss ?"
11:64  And you (my) nation this (is) God's female camel for you (as) an evidence/sign . So leave it eat in God's earth/ground/land and do not touch it with bad/evil/harm, so (then) near/close torture takes/punishes you
11:65  So they wounded it/slaughtered it/cut it/made it infertile, so he said: "Enjoy three days in your home/country , that (is) a promise not denied/falsified."
11:66  So when Our promise came We saved/rescued Saleh and those who believed with him, with mercy from Us and from that days' shame/scandal/disgrace, that your Lord, He is the powerful/strong, the glorious/mighty
11:67  And the loud strong cry/torture/raid took/punished those who caused injustice/oppression, so they became/became in the morning in their homes/countries stuck to the ground (dead)
11:68  As though they did not inhabit/enrich in it, is (it) not that Thamud disbelieved (in) their Lord, is not destruction/death/curse to Thamud
11:69  And Our messengers had come (to) Abraham with the good news. They said: "Greeting/security/peace ." He said: "Greeting/security/peace ." So he did not stay/wait/remain (before) that (E) he came with a toasted/well done (m) calf
11:70  So when he saw/understood their hands do not reach to it, he denied/did not recognize them , and he felt inner horror/fright fearfully/frightfully from them, they said: "Do not fear, that we, we were sent to Lot's nation."
11:71  And His woman (wife) standing , so she laughed/wondered, so We announced good news to her with Issac, and from behind Issac, Jacob
11:72  She said: "Oh my calamity/scandal/misfortune , do I give birth and I am old/weak and that (is) my husband old aged , that, that (is) an unusual/strange thing (E)."
11:73  They said: "Are you wondering/astonished from God's order/command/matter/affair, God's mercy and His blessings on you people of the house/home, that He is praiseworthy/commendable, glorious/magnified ."
11:74  So when the fear/fright went away from Abraham, and the good news came to him, (he) argues/disputes with Us in Lot's nation
11:75  That Abraham (was) clement/patient (E) groaner/moaner returning to God/repenting
11:76  You Abraham, turn away from that, that it truly, your Lord's order/command had come, and that they, (a) torture (which is) not being returned, is coming to them
11:77  And when Our messengers came (to) Lot, he felt bad/evil/harm because of them and he was impatient with them (became uptight) , and he said: "This (is a) very hot (difficult) day."
11:78  And his nation came to him rushing disturbedly/hysterically/madly to him, and from before they were making/doing the sins/crimes, he said: "You (my) nation those are my daughters, they are (F) purer for you, so fear and obey God and do not shame/scandalize/disgrace me in (front of) my guests, is (there) not from you a correctly/rightly guided man?"
11:79  They said: "You had (E) known (there) is not for us from (a) right in your daughters, and that you know (E) what we want."
11:80  He said: "If that for me (is) on you power/strength, or I take shelter to a strong corner/strong support."
11:81  They said: "You Lot that we (are) your Lord's messengers, they will never/not reach to you, so move/travel with your family/relation/people with parts/portions from the night, and no one of you turns around except your woman (wife), that it what struck/hit/marked them is striking/hitting/marking her, that their appointment (is) the morning/day break, is not the morning/daybreak with near/close?"
11:82  So when Our order/command came, We made its high/elevated, its lowest/bottom (up side down) and We rained on it stones of dry and hardened mud neatly piled over each other
11:83  Marked/identified at your Lord and it is not with far/distant from the unjust/oppressors
11:84  And to Madyan/Madya (We sent) their brother Shu'aib, he said: "You (my) nation, worship God (there is) not for you from a God other than Him, and do not reduce/decrease the measuring/weighing device , and the scale/weight , that I see/understand you with goodness , and that I, I fear on you a surrounding's/encircling's day's torture."
11:85  And you (my) nation fulfill/complete the measuring/weighing device and the scale/weight with the just/equitable, and do not reduce/cheat the people (of) their things, and do not corrupt in the earth/Planet Earth disordering/corrupting
11:86  God's remainder/remnant/rest (is) best for you if you were believing, and I am not with a protector/observer on you."
11:87  They said: "You Shu'aib, do your prayers order/command you that we leave/discard what our fathers worship, or that we do with our properties/wealths/possessions what we want, that you, you are (E) the clement , the correctly/rightly guided."
11:88  He said: "You (my) nation, did you see/understand if I were on an evidence from my Lord, and He provided for me from Him a good/beautiful provision , and I do not want that I differ/disagree with you to what I forbid/prevented you from it, that truly I want (nothing) except the correction/repair/reconciliation what I was able (to do), and my success/inspiration is except by God, on Him I relied/depended , and to Him I repent/obey ."
11:89  And you (my) nation (let) not my defiance/animosity (to you) make you commit a crime/sin that strikes you (with) similar (to) what stuck Noah's nation, or Hood's nation, or Saleh's nation, and Lot's nation is not with far/distant from you
11:90  And ask for forgiveness from your Lord, then repent to Him, that my Lord (is) merciful, loving/affectionate
11:91  They said: "You Shu'aib, we do not understand/know much (from) what you say, and that we, we see/understand you (E) (are) in us weak, and where it not for your tribe/group, we would have stoned you, and you are not with a dear on us."
11:92  He said: "You (my) nation, is my tribe/group dearer to you than God, and you took Him behind you forgotten behind the back? That my Lord (is) with what you make/do surrounding ."
11:93  And you (my) nation, make/do on your capacity/place/position, that I am making/doing/working, you will/shall know who comes to him torture (that) shames/scandalizes/disgraces him, and who he is lying/denying , and observe/watch that I am with you (an) observer/watcher ."
11:94  And when Our order/command came, We saved/rescued Shu'aib and those who believed with him with mercy from Us, and the loud strong cry/torture raid took/punished those who caused injustice/oppression, so they became/became in the morning in their homes/countries struck to the ground (dead)
11:95  As though they did no inhabit/enrich in it, is not (a) destruction/death/curse to Madyan, as Thamud was destroyed/dead/cursed
11:96  And We had sent Moses with Our evidences/signs and (an) evident proof/evidence
11:97  To Pharaoh and his nobles/group/assembly, so they followed Pharaoh's order/command, and Pharaoh's order/command is not with (the) correct/right guidance
11:98  He precedes/goes before his nation (on) the Resurrection Day, so He made them approach/near the fire ,and how bad (is) the army/thirst , the targeted/neared
11:99  And they were followed in this (by) curse/torture and (on) the Resurrection Day, how bad (is) the giving/support , the given/(desired) support
11:100  That (is) from the villages'/urban cities' information/news, We narrate/relay it on (to) you, from it (there are villages) standing and harvested/uprooted
11:101  And We did not cause injustice/oppression to them, and but they caused injustice/oppression (to) themselves, so their gods which they call from other than God did not enrich/satisfy from a thing from them (their gods did not help them in any way or thing), when your Lord's order/command came, and they did not increase them other than destruction/loss
11:102  And as/like that (is) your Lord's punishing , if/when He took/punished the villages/urban cities, and (while) it is unjust/oppressive , that His punishing (is) strong (severe)
11:103  That in this (is) a sign/evidence (E) to who feared the end's/other life's torture, that (is) a day/time the people (are) being gathered/collected to Him/it, and that (is) a witnessed day
11:104  And We do not delay it, except a term/time counted/prepared
11:105  (When that) day comes, a self does not speak/talk except with His permission, so from them (are people) miserable/unhappy and happy/fortunate
11:106  So but those who were miserable/unhappy, so (they are) in the fire , for them in it (is) deep exhalation and loud inhalation
11:107  Immortally/eternally in it as long as the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth continued/lasted, except what your Lord willed/wanted, that your Lord (is a) maker/doer, to what He wills/wants
11:108  And but those who were made happy/fortunate, so (they are) in the Paradise, immortally/eternally in it, as long as the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth continued/lasted, except what your Lord willed/wanted, a gift/grant not cut/broken (interrupted)
11:109  So do not be in doubt from what those worship, they do not worship except as their fathers worship(ed) from before, and that We are fulfilling/completing their share/fortune , not reduced/decreased
11:110  And We had given/brought Moses The Book , so it was differed/disputed in it, and were it not for a word/expression (that) preceded from your Lord, (it) would have ended/accomplished (settled) (E) between them, and that they are in (E) doubtful/suspicious doubt/suspicion from it
11:111  And that your Lord then, will fulfill/complete for them (E) each/every (one's) deeds, that He (is) with what they make/do an expert/experienced
11:112  So be straight/direct as you were ordered/commanded, and who repented with you, and do not tyrannize/exceed the limit, that He (is) with what you make/do seeing
11:113  And do not lean towards to those who caused injustice/oppression, so the fire touches you, and (there are) no guardians/allies for you from other than God, then you (will) not be given victory/aid
11:114  And keep up the prayers to (the) ends/edges (of) the daytime (to) parts from the night from the night; that the goodnesses wipe off/eliminate the sins/crimes, that (is) a remembrance/reminder to the praising/glorifying
11:115  And be patient, so then God does not waste/loose/destroy the good doers' reward/wage
11:116  So where it not for (owners) of a remainder/remnant , from the generations/centuries from before you, (who were) forbidding/preventing from the corruption in the earth/Planet Earth, except a few from whom We saved/rescued from them; and those who caused injustice/oppression followed what they were luxuriated ungrateful and arrogant in it, and they were criminals/sinners
11:117  And your Lord was not to destroy the villages/urban cities with injustice/oppression and its people (are) correcting/repairing
11:118  And if your Lord willed/wanted He would have made the people one nation, and they still/continue differing/disagreeing
11:119  Except who your Lord had mercy upon and for that He created them, and your Lord's word/expression (is) completed: "I will fill (E) Hell from the Jinns and the people all together."
11:120  And all (every thing) We narrate/inform on (to) you from the messengers' information/news, what We strengthen with it your heart , and in this came to you the truth and a sermon/advise/warning, and a remembrance/reminder to the believers
11:121  And say to those who do not believe: "Make/do/work on your capacity/place/position, We are making/doing working."
11:122  And wait/expect/watch, We are waiting/expecting/watching
11:123  And to God (is) the skies'/space's and the earth's/Planet Earth's unseen/surpernatural , and to Him the matter/affair all of it is returned, so worship Him, and rely/depend on Him, and your Lord is not with ignoring/neglecting/disregarding from what you make/d