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10:1  Alif Lam Ra. These are the signs of the wise book.
10:2  Are people astonished that We revealed to a man amongst them to warn people and give good news to the believers that the truthfulness they have sent before will be theirs with their Lord? The rejecters (of the truth) say: this is a plain magician.
10:3  For your Lord is Allah who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then He rose to the throne, He manages all affairs, there is nobody who could intercede with Him except after His permission, that is Allah your Lord, so serve Him, do you not take heed?
10:4  To Him is the return of all of you, a true promise of Allah, for He initiates creation then repeats it in order to reward those who believe and do good work in justice; and those who reject (the truth), for them is a drink of boiling water and a painful punishment on account of having rejected (the truth).
10:5  He is who made the sun a torch and the moon a light and decreed for it stages so that you know the number of years and counting; Allah only created this with truth, He explains the signs to people who know.
10:6  For in the alternation of night and day and in what Allah has created in the heavens and earth are signs for people who beware (of Allah).
10:7  Those who do not look forward to meeting Us and are content with the life of this world and are at ease in it and those who are careless about our signs,
10:8  Their abode is the fire on account of what they used to commit.
10:9  Those who believe and do good work, their Lord guides them by their belief; rivers flow amongst them in gardens of blessing.
10:10  Their call there is glory be to You oh Allah, and their greeting there is peace, and their final call is praised is Allah the Lord of all worlds.
10:11  And if Allah hastened for people the bad as they ask to hasten the good, their term would have already been decided, so leave those who do not look forward to meet Us to get lost in their rebellion.
10:12  And if harm afflicts man he calls Us on his side or sitting or standing, then when We remove the harm from him, he moves on as if he never called Us regarding any harm that afflicted him. In this way appeals to the wasteful what they used to.
10:13  And We already destroyed generations before you when they did wrong and their messengers came to them with clear proofs but they did not believe; this is how we reward sinful people.
10:14  Then We made you successors on earth after them to see how you behave.
10:15  And when Our clear signs are recited to them those who do not look forward to meet Us say: bring us a different reading (Qur´an) or change it. Say: It is not fit for me to change it by myself, I only follow what has been revealed to me, for I fear, if I disobeyed my Lord, the punishment of a tremendous day.
10:16  Say: if Allah willed, I would not have recited it to you nor would He have acquainted you with it, for I already stayed amongst you quite some time before that, so do you not think?
10:17  So who is more wrong than he who invents a lie against Allah or denies His signs: the sinful will not succeed.
10:18  And they serve besides Allah what does not harm them nor benefit them and say these are our intercessors with Allah. Say: Are you informing Allah of what He does not know in the heavens and on earth? Glorified and exalted is He above what they assign as partners.
10:19  And people were a single community, then they differed, and if a word from your Lord had not gone before, it would have been decided between them what they differed on.
10:20  And they say, why is not a sign sent down to him from his Lord? So say: the unseen is Allah´s, so wait, I am waiting with you.
10:21  And when We make people taste a mercy after harm afflicted them, they have a scheme against Our signs. Say: Allah is faster in scheming, for our messengers write down what you scheme.
10:22  He is who carries you on land and on sea until, once you are in the ship - and We let them travel with a good wind and they rejoice about it - a strong wind follows it and the waves come to them from everywhere and they think they are surrounded by them, they call Allah with a sincere religion: if You rescue us from this, we will be amongst the grateful.
10:23  Then when We rescue them, they transgress on earth without right. Oh people, your transgression is against yourselves, the provision of this world, then your return is to Us and We inform you of what you used to do.
10:24  The likeness of the life of this world is like water which We send down from the sky and the plants of the earth, of which people and cattle eat, absorb it until when the earth has adorned itself and looks appealing and its inhabitants think that they have power over it, Our command comes to it at night or in the day and We make it cut down as it if had not existed the day before. This is how we explain the signs to people who reflect.
10:25  And Allah calls to the abode of peace and guides whom He pleases to a straight path.
10:26  To those who do good will be good and more than that and neither impurity nor humiliation will cover their faces. Those are the inhabitants of the gardens where they will remain.
10:27  And those who committed bad, their reward will be a comparable bad and humiliation will cover them. They will have no protector against Allah, as if a piece of dark night was wrapped around their faces. Those are the inmates of the fire where they will remain.
10:28  And on the day We gather them all, then say to the idolaters: stay where you are, you and your idols, then we part them, and their idols say: you did not serve us.
10:29  Allah is sufficient as witness between us and you that we were unaware of your worship.
10:30  There catches up with each soul what it left behind and they are returned to Allah their true master, and what they used to invent deserted them.
10:31  Say: who provides for you from the sky and the earth, or who controls hearing and eyesight, and who brings out the living from the dead and brings out the dead from the living, and who manages all affairs? Then they will say: Allah, so say: will you not then beware (of Him)?
10:32  For that is Allah, your true Lord, and what is there after the truth except error, so where to are you diverted?
10:33  This is how your Lord´s word about the sinful comes true that they do not believe.
10:34  Say: is there any amongst your idols who initiates the creation then repeats it? Say: Allah initiates the creation then repeats it, so where to are you deceived?
10:35  Say: is there any amongst your idols who guides to the truth? Say: Allah guides to the truth. Has then He more right to be followed who guides to the truth or he who cannot guide except if he is guided? So what is the matter with you, how do you judge?
10:36  And most of them only follow assumptions, but assumptions are of no value compared to the truth, for Allah knows what they do.
10:37  And this Qur´an has not been invented by someone besides Allah, but it is a confirmation of what came before it and an explanation of the book without doubt from the Lord of all worlds.
10:38  Or do they say he invented it? Say: bring a comparable Surah and call on whomever you can besides Allah if you are truthful.
10:39  But they deny what they do not grasp in knowledge and whose outcome has not yet reached them. Likewise those before them denied, so see what the consequence was like for the wrongdoers.
10:40  And amongst them is he who believes in it, and amongst them is he who does not believe in it, and your Lord knows the corrupt best.
10:41  And if they deny you, then say: for me is my work and for you is your work, your are free of what I do and I am free of what you do.
10:42  And amongst them are those who listen to you, can you make the deaf hear even if they do not understand?
10:43  And amongst them are those who look at you, can you guide the blind even if they do not see?
10:44  Allah does not wrong people at all, but people wrong themselves.
10:45  And on the day He gathers them as if they had stayed only an hour of the daytime, acknowledging each other; those will have already lost who denied the meeting with Allah and were not guided.
10:46  And whether We let you see some of what We promise them or take you away, to Us is their return, then Allah is a witness of what they do.
10:47  And every community has its messenger, then when their messenger comes, it is decided between them in justice and they are not wronged.
10:48  And they say: when will this promise happen if you are truthful?
10:49  Say: I do not master harm for myself nor benefit except for what Allah wills. For every community is a fixed term; then when its term is up, they will not delay it for an hour nor speed it up.
10:50  Say: Have you considered if His punishment reached you at night or in the day, what of it would the sinful be in a hurry for?
10:51  Are you then going to believe in it when it happens? Now, but you were already in a hurry for it?
10:52  Then will be said to the wrongdoers: taste the punishment of eternity. Are you being rewarded for anything but what you committed?
10:53  And they ask you: is this true? Say: Sure, by my Lord, this is true and you will not escape.
10:54  And if every wrongdoing soul had what is on earth, it would give it up, and they start regretting when they see the punishment, and it will be decided between them in justice and they will not be wronged.
10:55  For sure to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and on earth, for sure Allah´s promise is true, but most of them don´t know.
10:56  He gives life and death and to Him you are returned.
10:57  Oh people, an admonition has already reached you from your Lord and a healing for what is within you and a guidance and mercy for the believers.
10:58  Say: Let them rejoice with the favours of Allah and His mercy, that is better than what they amass.
10:59  Say: Have you considered the provision Allah has sent you, then you turn it into forbidden and lawful. Say: Did Allah give you permission or did you invent against Allah?
10:60  And what do those who invent a lie against Allah think about the day of resurrection? Allah is full of generosity towards people, but most of them give no thanks.
10:61  And there is no condition you are in nor do you recite any of the Qur´an nor do you carry out any work except We are witnesses when you engage in it; and not the weight of a tiny speck on earth nor in the sky escapes your Lord, and there is nothing smaller or greater than that but it is in a clear book.
10:62  For sure the allies of Allah shall have no fear nor worry.
10:63  Those who believe and constantly beware (of Allah).
10:64  For them is good news in the life of this world and the next; Allah´s words will not be changed - that is the ultimate success.
10:65  And do not worry about what they say. All power belongs to Allah, He listens and knows.
10:66  For sure to Allah belongs whoever is in the heavens and whoever is on earth, and those who call on associates besides Allah only follow assumptions and only guess.
10:67  He is who made the night for you to rest in and the day to see. In that are signs for people who listen.
10:68  They say Allah has adopted a son. Glory be to Him. He is self-sufficient. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and on earth. Do you have any authority for this or do you say about Allah what you don´t know?
10:69  Say: Those who invent a lie against Allah will not succeed.
10:70  A provision in this world, then their return is to Us, then We make them taste the severe punishment on account of having rejected (the truth).
10:71  And recite to them the account of Nuh (Noah) when he said to his people: oh my people, if it burdens you that I stand here and remind you of the signs of Allah, then I rely on Allah, so agree on your affairs and your associates, then let not your affairs trouble you, but bring it to me and do not hesitate.
10:72  And if you turn away, then I do not ask any reward from you, for my reward is only upon Allah and I was commanded to be amongst those who submit (as Muslims).
10:73  Then they denied him, so We rescued him and those with him in the ship and left them behind and drowned those who denied Our signs, see then what the consequence was like for those who had been warned.
10:74  Then We sent messengers afterwards to their people and they came to them with clear proofs, but they were not going to believe in what they denied before; this is how we imprint on the hearts of the transgressors.
10:75  Then We sent afterwards Musa (Moses) and Harun (Aaron) to Pharaoh and his leaders with Our signs, but they were arrogant and were a sinful people.
10:76  And when the truth from Us reached them they said: this is only plain magic.
10:77  Musa (Moses) said: do you say about the truth when it reaches you that this is magic? The magicians do not succeed.
10:78  They said: did the two of you come to tempt us away from what we found our fathers doing and you have supremacy on earth? We are not going to believe you.
10:79  And Pharaoh said: Bring me every knowledgeable magician.
10:80  And when the magicians came, Musa (Moses) said to them: throw what you can throw.
10:81  Then when they threw, Musa (Moses) said: what you have brought is magic, Allah will nullify it, for Allah does not make good the work of the corrupters.
10:82  And He verifies the truth with His words even if the sinners resent it.
10:83  And nobody believed Musa (Moses) except descendants of his people, out of fear that Pharaoh and their leaders would harm them, for Pharaoh exalted on earth and was amongst the wasteful.
10:84  And Musa (Moses) said: oh my people, if you believe in Allah then rely on Him if you have submitted (as Muslims).
10:85  So they said: We rely on Allah, our Lord, do not make us a target for the wrongdoing people.
10:86  And rescue us by Your mercy from the people who reject (the truth).
10:87  And We revealed to Musa (Moses) and his brother: dedicate houses in Egypt for your people and make them a prayer location and keep up prayer and give good news to the believers.
10:88  And Musa (Moses) said: Our Lord, You have given Pharaoh and his leaders adornments and wealth in the life of this world, our Lord, so that they lead astray from Your way. Our Lord, destroy their wealth and harden their hearts, so they do not believe until they see the painful punishment.
10:89  He said: the prayer of you both has already been answered, so be steadfast and do not follow the way of those who do not know.
10:90  And We made the Children of Israel cross the sea, then Pharaoh and his soldiers followed them full of envy and enmity, until when he came to drown he said: I believe that there is no god except the one the Children of Israel believe in and I am of those who submit (as Muslims).
10:91  Now, when you disobeyed before and were of the corrupters?
10:92  So today we rescue your body to be a sign for those after you, and many people are careless about Our signs.
10:93  And We provided a good place of settlement for the Children of Israel and provided well for them, and they did not differ until knowledge had reached them. Your Lord will decide between them on the day of resurrection with regard to what they used to differ in.
10:94  And if you are in doubt about what We have revealed to you, then ask those who read the book before you. The truth from your Lord has already come to you, so be not amongst the doubters.
10:95  And be not amongst those who deny the signs of Allah, for then you would be of the losers.
10:96  Those upon whom the word of your Lord has come true do not believe.
10:97  Even if each sign came to them, until they see the painful punishment.
10:98  And why was there not a town who believed and its belief benefited it? Except the people of Yunus (Jonah), when they believed We removed from them the punishment of disgrace in this world and gave them provision for a limited time.
10:99  And if your Lord had willed, everyone on earth would have believed, so are you going to compel people until they believe?
10:100  And no soul will believe without the permission of Allah, and He places disgrace on those who do not understand.
10:101  Say: look at what is in the heavens and on earth, but the signs and warnings do not benefit a people who do not believe.
10:102  So do they wait for anything else but the days of those who passed before them? Say: then wait, I will wait with you.
10:103  Then We will rescue Our messengers and those who believed; the rescue of the believers is thus a duty upon Us.
10:104  Say: Oh people, if you are in doubt about my religion, then I do not serve those whom you serve besides Allah but serve Allah who will take you away (in death), and I have been commanded to be of the believers.
10:105  And to turn your face to this religion sincerely devoted and be not amongst the idolaters.
10:106  And do not call besides Allah on what does not benefit you nor harm you, for if you did that, you would be amongst the wrongdoers.
10:107  And if Allah afflicts you with harm, then nobody can remove it but Him, and if He wills good for you, then nothing prevents His favour; He gives it to whom He pleases of His servants, and He is the forgiving and merciful.
10:108  Say: oh people, the truth has reached you from your Lord, so who wants to be guided, then he is guided for his own good, and who goes astray, then he goes astray against himself, and I am not a guardian over you.
10:109  And follow what has been revealed to you and be patient until Allah judges, and He is the best of judges.