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10:1  Alif, Lam, Ra. (Only Allah and the Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him] know the real meaning). These are the Verses of the Book which is all wisdom
10:2  Is it amazing for the people that We sent down Revelation to a (perfect) man from amongst themselves: ‘Warn (the disoriented and distracted) people (of Allah’s torment), and give glad tidings to the believers that there is high rank (i.e., exalted status) for them in the presence of their Lord’? The disbelievers said: ‘Indeed, this person is an evident magician.
10:3  Certainly, your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth (the upper and lower strata of the universe) in six days (i.e., aeons or phases, step by step). Then He established His sovereignty on the Throne (befitting His Glory with His supreme authority, i.e., after the creation of the universe He established His command and control by enforcing His law and system in all the worlds and heavenly bodies). He is the One Who devises strategies for all operations (i.e., makes everything function under a system). There is no one to intercede (with Him) without His permission. (The Glorious and Mighty) Allah is the One Who is your Lord; worship Him alone. So, do you not think (about accepting His direction and guidance)
10:4  (O people!) It is to Him that you are all to return; (that) is Allah’s true promise. Surely, He is the One Who originates the creation. Then He is the One Who will repeat it so that He rewards with justice those who believe and do righteous works. And those who reject faith and disbelieve, there is for them scalding water to drink and a painful torment, a reward for their disbelief
10:5  He is the One Who has made the sun (a source of) light and (with that) made the moon luminous, and appointed for it stages (to appear smaller or bigger) so that you might compute the number of years and the count (of time). Allah has not created (all this) but with a zero-defect strategy. (Through these cosmic realities) He expounds in detail the signs (of His creativity, unicity and might) for those who possess knowledge
10:6  Surely, in the alternation of night and day and in (all) that Allah has created in the heavens and the earth, there are (in like manner) signs for those who live by Godwariness
10:7  Verily, those who do not expect to meet Us and are pleased with the worldly life and are well-contented with it and who are neglectful of Our signs
10:8  It is they whose abode is Hell, a recompense for the deeds they used to earn
10:9  Indeed, those who believe and consistently practise piety, their Lord will take them, for their faith, (to the Gardens) with streams flowing (under their abodes, located) in the Gardens of Bliss in the Hereafter
10:10  (Finding these blessings and bounties,) they will pray in these (Gardens): ‘Holy You are, O Allah!’ And the word of their mutual greetings will be: ‘Peace.’ (Or the word for their reception from Allah and the angels will be: ‘Peace.’) And their supplication will end (with these words): ‘All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.
10:11  If Allah were to hasten evil (i.e., torment) for the (disbelieving) people, as they make haste for the worldly gains, then certainly their term (of life) would have been (hastily) completed for them (so that they reach Hell fast after dying). But We leave those who do not expect to meet Us in their rebellion (and revolt) so that they keep wandering disoriented
10:12  And when a misery touches (such a) man, he calls out to Us whilst lying on his side or sitting or standing. But when We remove from him his affliction, he passes on (forgetting Us) as if he (never) called out to Us in the pain that had touched him. This is how the (wrong) deeds which the transgressors do are made to appear to them fascinating
10:13  And indeed, before you We (also) destroyed (a number of) communities when they perpetrated injustice. And their Messengers brought to them clear signs, but they would not believe. That is how We punish the evildoers (for their impious behaviour)
10:14  Then, after them, We made you (their) successors in the land so that We might observe how you would behave (now)
10:15  And when Our enlightening Verses are recited to them, those who do not believe in meeting Us say: ‘Bring us a Qur’an different from this one or alter it.’ (O Glorious Messenger,) say: ‘I have no right to modify it of my own accord. I follow only (that) which is revealed to me. Indeed, I fear the chastisement of the Mighty Day if I go against my Lord.
10:16  Say: ‘Had Allah so willed, I would not have recited this (Qur’an) to you, nor would He (Himself) have made it known to you. I have indeed spent a (part of) life amongst you (even) before this (revelation of the Qur’an). So do you not understand?
10:17  So who is more unjust than one who fabricates lies against Allah or belies His Revelations? Certainly, the evildoers will never triumph
10:18  And (the idolaters) worship, apart from Allah, those (idols) which can neither harm nor benefit them, and (in justification of their false worship) they say: ‘These (idols) are our intercessors with Allah.’ Say: ‘Do you seek to inform Allah of the (fabricated) presumption (of intercession by idols) whose (existence) He is not aware of either in the heavens or in the earth (i.e., intercession with Him by any idol is not in His knowledge)? Holy is He, and far Exalted above those whom they set up as (His) peers.
10:19  And the entire mankind was one Umma ([Community] in the beginning). Then they (differed amongst themselves and) disintegrated. And if it had not been decreed by your Lord (that the torment would not be hastened), the matters would have been settled between them in which they disagreed
10:20  And (now) they say (because of the same respite): ‘Why has some (decisive) sign not been sent down to this (Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him]) from his Lord?’ Say: ‘The unseen is for Allah alone. So wait. I too am with you amongst those who wait.
10:21  And when We make the people relish (Our) mercy after they are afflicted with distress, their plotting immediately begins against Our signs (consigning Our favour to oblivion). Say: ‘Allah is Swift to punish intrigues.’ Surely, the angels We have sent keep writing whatever plots you contrive
10:22  He is the One Who (enables) you to travel through land and sea, until when you board the vessels, and they (the vessels), carrying the passengers, sail with the favourable wind, they rejoice over it. But (all of a sudden) a violent wind overtakes them (the vessels), and (the mounting) waves surge (towards) those (aboard) from all sides. And they start thinking that they are (now) besieged by them (the waves. At that time) they call out to Allah (with the mind) that they sincerely devote their Din (Religion) to Him alone (and submit: ‘O Allah,) if You deliver us from this (monstrous torment), we shall certainly become amongst (Your) grateful servants.
10:23  But when Allah delivers them, they take no time to act unjustly rebellious in the land (as before). O people (rebelling against Allah! The havoc wreaked by) your rebellion and revolt is directed only towards your own souls. (You may gain) some benefit of the worldly life but ultimately you have to return to Us. Then We will make you well-aware (of your works) that you have been doing
10:24  The example of the worldly life is like water which We sent down from the sky. Then, owing to this, there came forth from the earth a thick growth of vegetation which both men and cattle feed on, until when the earth took its (full) bloom and beauty and became fully embellished, and its inhabitants thought that (now) they had full control over it, then (suddenly) Our command (of torment) seized it by night or by day, and We made it mown down as if it did not even exist the day before. That is how We elucidate Our signs to those who apply reason
10:25  And Allah calls towards the Home of Peace (Paradise), and guides whom He wills to the straight path
10:26  For those who do pious works, there is good recompense rather more (added to it). And neither (dust and) darkness nor humiliation and disgrace will cover their faces. It is they who are the people of Paradise, its permanent residents
10:27  And those who have earned evil, the recompense of evil (for them) will be a matching evil and humiliation and ignominy will spread over them. There will be no one to rescue them from (the torment of) Allah. (It will appear) as if their faces have been covered by dark patches of night. It is they who are the inmates of Hell, its permanent residents
10:28  And the Day when We gather them all together, We shall say to the polytheists: ‘Remain at your respective places, you and your partners (false gods).’ Then We shall disunite them and their (sculptured) partners will say (to them): ‘It was not we that you used to worship
10:29  So, sufficient is Allah as witness between us and you, for we were (certainly) unaware of your worship.
10:30  At that (horrifying) stage, everyone will assess (the reality of the works) which he sent forward, and they will be returned to Allah, Who is their Real Master, and that fabrication of lies they used to practise will vanish from them
10:31  Say (to them): ‘Who provides you with sustenance from the heaven and the earth (i.e., from above and beneath)? Or Who is the master of your ears and eyes (i.e., hearing and sight)? And Who brings forth the living from the dead (i.e., animate from inanimate) and Who brings forth the dead from the living (i.e., inanimate from animate)? And Who manages (all the cosmic systems)?’ They will promptly say: ‘Allah.’ Then say: ‘So do you not fear (Him)?
10:32  So (the Lord of Glory and Might) Allah alone is your true Lord. So what else can there be apart from (this) truth except going astray? Then, distracted, where are you being turned away
10:33  That is how the judgment of your Lord is proved true against the defiant that they will not believe
10:34  Inquire (of them): ‘Is there any of your (so-called) partner-gods that originates creation, then restores it (after the total annihilation of life)?’ Say: ‘Allah alone initiates creation (bringing life into existence from non-existence), then He is the One Who will repeat it (as well). So where are you wandering disoriented?
10:35  Inquire (of them): ‘Is there any of your (so-called) partner-gods that may lead to the truth?’ Say: ‘Allah alone guides to the truth (Din [Religion]). Then who has greater right to be obeyed—He Who guides to the truth, or he who himself does not find the way unless he is shown the way? (i.e., it should be carried from one place to the other as the disbelievers used to carry their idols as and when required.) So what has gone wrong with you? How do you decide?
10:36  Most of them follow nothing but conjecture. Surely, conjecture cannot in the least substitute for the truth. Assuredly, Allah knows best what they do
10:37  This Qur’an is not such as could be devised without (the Revelation of) Allah. Rather, (it) validates those (Books) which have been (revealed) before it, and is an exposition of whatever (Allah) has written (on the Tablet or in the commandments of Shariah). There is not even an iota of doubt in its (veracity). It is from the Lord of all the worlds
10:38  Do they say: ‘The Messenger has fabricated it himself’? Say: ‘Then bring forth any (one) Sura (chapter) like it, and call on (for your help) all you can besides Allah if you are truthful.
10:39  The truth is that they are denying that (Word of Allah) whose knowledge they failed to encompass, and its truth had (also) not yet manifested before them vividly. Those who have passed before them also denied (the truth) the same way. So see how the wrongdoers met their fate
10:40  Amongst them there is someone who will believe in it and some other who will not believe in it. And your Lord knows them full well who rouse mischief
10:41  And if they belie you, then say: ‘For me is my work and for you is your work. You are not accountable for what I do, and I am not accountable for what you do.
10:42  And there are some amongst them who (apparently) lend you their ears, but will you make the deaf hear even though they do not have a little capability to understand
10:43  There are some amongst them who (apparently) look towards you. Will you make the blind see the path even though they have no sight
10:44  Surely, Allah does not do injustice to the people in the least, but they (themselves) do injustice to their own souls
10:45  And the Day when He gathers them, (they will feel) as if they had not stayed in the world but for an hour of the day. They will recognize each other. Losers indeed are those who denied the meeting with Allah, and they were not the rightly guided
10:46  And whether We show you (in the world) some portion of that (torment) which We promise them (and We execute it during your blessed lifetime), or We make you depart this life (before that), they (in any case) are to return to Us. Then Allah (Himself) is witness to what they are doing
10:47  And there has been coming one Messenger for every Umma (Community). So, when their Messenger came (with clear signs, but they did not believe,) then judgment was made amongst them with justice (and exactly the same will happen on the Last Day). They will not be wronged
10:48  And they say (sarcastically): ‘When will this promise (of torment) be (fulfilled? Tell us, O Muslims,) if you are truthful.
10:49  Say: ‘I am no master of any loss or profit for my own self except what Allah may will. A term is (appointed) for every Umma (Community). When their (appointed) term comes, they can neither stay behind nor advance by a single moment.
10:50  Say: ‘(O disbelievers,) just ponder: if His (torment) comes upon you (all of a sudden) by night or by day, (then what will you do)? What is it that the evildoers want in haste
10:51  Will you believe in it when this (torment) will have befallen? (Then it will be said to you: ‘You believe) now! (Now it is of no avail) whilst you (sarcastically) desired the same (torment) in haste.
10:52  Then it will be said to (these) wrongdoers: ‘Taste the everlasting punishment. You will not be recompensed (anything more) but for the same (deeds) that you used to earn.
10:53  And they ask you: ‘Is that matter of (everlasting torment certainly) true?’ Say: ‘Yes, by my Lord, it is certainly an absolute truth, and you cannot frustrate (Allah’s plan by your denial).
10:54  If every evildoer possessed (all) that (which) is in the earth, he would certainly offer it as ransom (to get rid of) the torment. (But even then he will not be able to escape from the torment.) And when (such people) see the torment, they will conceal their remorse. And judgment will be made amongst them with justice and they will not be wronged
10:55  Know! Whatever is in the heavens and the earth (all) belongs to Allah alone. Beware! Indeed, the promise of Allah is true but most of them do not know
10:56  He is the One Who gives life and causes death, and you will be returned to Him alone
10:57  O mankind! Surely, there has come to you an admonition from your Lord, and a cure for all those (diseases) which are (hidden) in the breasts. And it is guidance and mercy (too) for those who are blessed with faith
10:58  Say: ‘(All this) is due to the bounty and mercy of Allah (bestowed upon you through raising Muhammad [blessings and peace be upon him] as the exalted Messenger). So the Muslims should rejoice over it. This is far better than (all that affluence and wealth) that they amass.
10:59  Say: ‘Give your view: Allah sent down for you (pure and clean) provision, but you declared some of those (things) unlawful and (others) lawful.’ Say: ‘Did Allah accord you (its) permission? Or are you fabricating a lie against Allah?
10:60  And what do those who fabricate lies against Allah think about the Day of Resurrection? Truly, Allah is Most Gracious to the people, but most of them are not thankful
10:61  And, (O Glorious Beloved,) in whatever state you may be and whatever portion you may recite from the Qur’an, and, (O Umma [Community] of Muhammad, [blessings and peace be upon him]) whatever work you do, We witness and watch over you (at the time) when you are engaged in it. And not even the smallest particle in the earth or in the heaven is hidden from (the knowledge of) your Lord. Nor anything smaller or bigger than that (i.e., smallest particle) is there but is (recorded) in the clear Book (the Protected Tablet [al-Lawh al-Mahfuz])
10:62  Beware! Verily, the friends of Allah will not have any fear, nor will they grieve
10:63  (They) are the people who believe and (always) remain Godfearing, committed to piety
10:64  There is for them the good news (of honour and recognition) in the life of the world, and (also of forgiveness and intercession) in the Hereafter. (Or there are blessed spiritual visions in this world in the form of pious dreams, and in the Hereafter in the shape of effulgent disclosures of Allah’s absolute beauty and sight.) The commands of Allah never change. That is the colossal achievement
10:65  (O Glorious Messenger!) Let not their (hostile and malicious) conversation grieve you. Surely, all grandeur and authority belong to Allah alone (Who bestows upon whom He wills anything He may please). He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing
10:66  Know! To Allah belongs whoever is in the heavens and whoever is in the earth. And those who worship (idols) besides Allah do not (in fact) follow (even) their (own sculptured) partner-gods. They follow but only (their own) assumption and conjecture, and they merely indulge in wrong guesswork
10:67  He is the One Who has made the night for you so that you may rest and relax therein, and made the day bright (so that therein you may do your work). Surely, there are signs in this for those who listen (attentively)
10:68  They say: ‘Allah has adopted a son (for Himself,’ whereas) He is Holy. He is Self-Sufficient. Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth, all belongs to Him alone. You have no evidence with you of this (false allegation). Do you attribute that (thing) to Allah which you (yourselves) do not know
10:69  Say: ‘Surely, those who fabricate lies against Allah shall not prosper.
10:70  There is (but a few days’) enjoyment in this world. Then they are to return to Us. We shall then afflict them with a severe torment as recompense for their disbelief
10:71  And relate to them the account of Nuh (Noah) when he said to his people: ‘O my people (the children of Qabil [Cain]), if my stay and my admonition to you by Allah’s Revelations annoy you, then (bear in mind that) I have put my trust in Allah alone (and I am not afraid of you). Therefore, mature your plot (against me) jointly, and also (make) your (sculptured) partner-gods (join in and think hard so that no aspect of) your plot remains obscure to you; then do (whatever you like) against me and do not give me any respite
10:72  So if you have turned away (from my admonition), then I have not asked for any reward from you. My reward is only with (the bountiful obligation of) Allah, and I have been enjoined to observe perfect obedience and total submission (to His command).
10:73  Then his people belied him, so We delivered him and those who were with him in the Ark (from the torment of Deluge), and We made them successors (in the land), and drowned those who denied Our Revelations. So, see how those who were warned met their fate
10:74  Then (how many a) Messenger We sent after him towards their respective peoples! They brought them clear signs, but those people (too) did not prove such as would believe in that (matter) which they had already denied. That is how We seal the hearts of those who defy
10:75  Then, after them, We sent Musa and Harun (Moses and Aaron) with Our signs to Pharaoh and his chiefs. But they displayed arrogance and they were people given to crimes
10:76  So when the truth came to them from Us, they said: ‘Certainly, this is clear sorcery.
10:77  Musa (Moses) said: ‘Do you utter (such remarks) about the truth when it has come to you? (Apply your reason and use vision and see) if it is sorcery. And the sorcerers will never be able to prosper.
10:78  They said: ‘(O Musa [Moses],) have you come to us to turn us away from that (way of life) which we found our fathers (following), and that the upper hand of you both should remain (intact) in the land (of Egypt)? We are not the ones who will ever believe in you both.
10:79  And Pharaoh said: ‘Bring me every expert sorcerer.
10:80  So, when the magicians arrived, Musa (Moses) said to them: ‘Throw (all those things on the ground) which you want to throw.
10:81  When they threw (their strings and sticks), Musa (Moses) said: ‘Whatever you have brought (here) is magic. Allah will surely prove it false right now. Certainly, Allah does not set right the work of the mischief-mongers
10:82  And Allah establishes the truth by His Words, even though the evildoers continue to dislike it.
10:83  With the exception of a few youth from his people, (none) believed in Musa (Moses), owing to the fear of Pharaoh and their (tribal) chiefs and (nobles), lest they should afflict them with (some) misery. And Pharaoh was indeed a tyrant in the land (of Egypt) and a transgressor. And certainly, he was amongst those who exceed limits (in oppression)
10:84  And Musa (Moses) said: ‘O my people, if you have believed in Allah, then put your trust in Him alone if you are (truly) believers.
10:85  They submitted: ‘We have put trust in Allah alone. O our Lord, make us not victims of the oppressors’ injustice
10:86  And deliver us with Your mercy from (the dominance of) the disbelieving people.
10:87  And We sent Revelation to Musa (Moses) and his brother: ‘Prepare some houses for your people in (the land of) Egypt, and build these (houses) facing the Qibla (direction for offering Prayer), and (then) establish Prayer and give the believers glad tidings (of victory and help).
10:88  And Musa (Moses) said: ‘O our Lord, surely You have provided Pharaoh and his chiefs with the means of embellishment and (abundance of) riches in the life of the world. O our Lord, (have You given them all this) in order that they turn (the people) away from Your Path (sometimes by tempting and sometimes by terrifying them)? O our Lord, destroy their riches and make their hearts (so) callous that even then they may not believe until they see the grievous torment.
10:89  (Allah) said: ‘The prayer of you both has indeed been granted. So remain steadfast, both of you, and follow not the path of those who do not possess knowledge.
10:90  And We took the Children of Israel across the sea. Pharaoh and his army chased them with rebellion, tyranny and oppression until when he (Pharaoh) was seized by drowning, he said: ‘I believe that there is no god to be worshipped apart from (the God) that the Children of Israel have put faith in and I am (now) of the Muslims.
10:91  (Allah said:) ‘Now (you believe) whilst you have been (persistently) disobeying and defying before, and you were of those who spread disruption
10:92  (O Pharaoh!) We shall today preserve your (lifeless) body so that you may become a sign (of warning) for those who come after you. Indeed, most of the people are neglectful (in understanding) Our signs.
10:93  And We indeed provided the Children of Israel with a worthy place to dwell in and with pure and clean sustenance. They did not differ in anything, until knowledge and insight reached them. Your Lord will surely judge amongst them on the Day of Resurrection in the matters wherein they used to differ
10:94  (O listener!) If you have even a little doubt about this (Book), which We have revealed to you (through Our Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him]), then inquire (about its authenticity) of those who have been reading the Book (of Allah) before you. The truth has no doubt come to you from your Lord, so be not at all of those who doubt
10:95  And never be of those who deny the Revelations of Allah lest you should become of the losers
10:96  (O Glorious Beloved!) Indeed, those against whom the judgment of your Lord has proved true will not believe
10:97  Even though all signs should come to them so much so that they see the painful torment (as well)
10:98  Then why has there not been any town, except (the town of) the people of Yunus (Jonah), that believed and its belief brought it profit? When (the people of Yunus [Jonah]) believed (just seeing the sign of torment before it was sent down), We removed from them the punishment of humiliation (even) in the life of the world and We let them avail the profit for a time
10:99  And had Allah so willed, certainly all inhabitants on the earth would have believed. (When your Lord has not made them believe by force,) will you coerce the people until they become believers
10:100  And no soul has the capability to believe (on its own) without Allah’s leave. He (Allah) places the impurity of disbelief on those who do not put their reason to work (to grasp the truth)
10:101  Say: ‘(Just) observe what signs of Allah’s might are there in (the boundless cosmos of) the heavens and the earth.’ (These) signs and (the Messengers) who warn the people (of Allah’s torment) cannot benefit those who have no intention to believe
10:102  Are they waiting for (the evil days) similar to those of the people who have passed away before them? Say: ‘Wait (then); I am (also) with you amongst those who wait.
10:103  We then save Our Messengers and also those who believe in the same manner. This (provision) is a bountiful obligation upon Us to save the believers
10:104  Say: ‘O people, if you are in any doubt about (the authenticity of) my Din (Religion), then (listen) that I cannot worship those (idols) whom you worship besides Allah. But I worship that Allah Who causes you to die. And I have been commanded that I must (always) be from amongst the believers
10:105  And that, guarding against every falsehood, (with focused attention,) keep your direction towards the Din (Religion) and never be of those who associate partners with Allah.
10:106  (This command is being communicated to the Umma [Community] through the Messenger:) ‘Nor worship those (idols) besides Allah, which can neither profit nor harm you. Then if you do it, you will surely be amongst the wrongdoers the same moment.
10:107  And if Allah afflicts you with some distress, then there is none who can remove it but He. And if He intends any good for you, then there is none who can repel His bounty. He bestows His bounty upon whomsoever of His servants He pleases. And He is Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful
10:108  Say: ‘O people, surely the truth has come to you from your Lord. So whoever adopts the path of guidance adopts it for his own good, and he who is misguided goes astray for his own destruction. And I am not a custodian over you (that I should bring you to the path of guidance coercively).
10:109  (O Messenger!) Follow the same that is revealed to you, and be steadfast until Allah gives His Judgment, and He is the Best of the judges