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10:1  A. (Alef), L. (Lam), R. (Raa), the Surah opens with these introductory letters from the Arabic Alphabet to draw attention to the miracle of the Quran which though written in the people's tongue, cannot be emulated. These divine words -the preceding and those to follow- are divinely discoursed, verses, constituting the Book -the Quran- and verses wisdom to divine knowledge
10:2  Is it so exceptional in peoples' sight to a degree exciting their wonder and astonishment that We inspire one of them with such divine knowledge to warn them and warn all people of the danger of denying Allah, and to announce blissful tidings to those of them who have recognized Him, that Heaven shall set them on their feet secure and esteemed high? Yet the infidels dispute the facts with perspicuous energy, declaring that this, man - Muhammad- is simply a necromancer who stands manifest of sorcery
10:3  Allah, your Creator is He Who has created the heavens and the earth in six* days determined by His own unit of time and proclaimed in His calendar. Then set He Himself on the Throne of supremacy and dominion, of grace and mercy. He conducts all affairs, and no intercessor is permitted to intercede on behalf of another without His permission. This is Allah, your Creator; you had better revere Him, regard Him with extreme respect and devotion and adore Him with appropriate acts and rites; can you not reflect
10:4  To Him shall be your return at the end of your life here below. His promise is absolutely true. He started creation and He continues to create and recreate, and on the Day of Resurrection all shall be created anew. Then He justly rewards those who recognized Him and obeyed Him, adored Him with appropriate acts and rites and vested their deeds with wisdom and, piety. He requites those infidels who denied Him with what is commensurate with their evil deeds. Their thirst shall be quenched with broiling water and their faculties of physical perception shall suffer torment by consequence of what their minds and souls had impelled them to do
10:5  He is it who made the sun -the central body of the solar system- emit light*, and the moon** -the satellite of the earth- derive its light from it. and reflect it to earth. He determined the divisions of the ecliptic*** for the moon to occupy them on successive days and present its phases according to the extent of its illumination**. This helps you to know the number of the years or reckon the time occupied by the sun in its apparent passage through the signs of the Zodiac and the period of the earth's revolution round the sun forming a natural unit of time, so that you be able to compute time and determine it by calculation. Never did Allah institute this and bring it about but for a serious end that conforms with the truth and agrees with reality. Thus does Allah expound His revelations and render His discourse readily understood by those who reflect
10:6  Indeed, in the variation in duration besides the constant alternation and succession symbolic of the night and the day* in addition to all that Allah has created in the heavens and the earth are evident signs betokening Allah's Omnipotence and Authority to people who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him
10:7  Indeed, those who do not entertain the thought and belief of meeting with Allah and facing Him resolutely, and they are content with life here and rest assured and satisfied with it and they are oblivious of His signs betokening Omnipotence and Authority, are they who have lost their way
10:8  Such persons were born to be losers. Their abode is Hell in requital of what their minds and souls have impelled them to do
10:9  But those whose hearts have been impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and their deeds with wisdom and piety, shall be recipients of Allah's mercy and grace. Allah guides them along the illumination proceeding from their innermost being to His path of righteousness ending in heaven's realm of beatitude where picturesque rivers flow beneath them as they enjoy a state of supreme felicity in the gardens of supreme bliss
10:10  Their invocatory prayer therein shall be: Glory be to Allah and extolled are His glorious attributes. Their hearty reception therein shall be "Peace", and the conclusion of their prayer shall express their thoughts, thus: Praise be to Allah, the Creator of the universe
10:11  If Allah were to hasten His response to people who deserve ill as they invoke Him to hasten His response to confer on them what is good, their Hereafter would be planted in the now. But We give those who do not entertain the thought the Day of Judgement plenty of rope to allow them free action to commit themselves to the loss in the maze of error
10:12  When man is touched or befallen with a misfortune or wedded to a calamity, he invokes us for relief, reclining on his side or sitting or standing, and when We deliver him from what was burdensome and exhaustive to the mind, he passes heedless of Allah as if he never invoked Him to relieve him from a misfortune that had befallen him. Thus are the extravagant in their accounts of themselves allured by false hopes springing eternal in their bosoms
10:13  Destruction and death of generations that preceded in order of time were events you people must have heard of. They were wrongful of actions. They received Messengers as spectacles and warnings but they refused to give credence to their messages and to the divine enlightenment, thus do We requite the wicked
10:14  Then We brought you people into existence and made you the successors to see how you would act and whether or not you would behave like people of sense
10:15  When Our revelations are recited to them -to the idolaters- emitting thoughts of piety and divine enlightenment, they react with revulsion of feeling and they insolently say: "Bring a Quran different from this or substitute the words We do not like for others to our taste" Say to them O Muhammad "it is not within my power to make changes of my own accord; I only follow all that is inspired to me, nor do I dare to disobey Allah, my Creator, for the penalty shall be the torment that is suffered on a Momentous Day"
10:16  Say to them "Had- Allah willed He would not have sent down a Book and I would not have had to recite it to you nor instruct you in practical divinity nor furnish you with authoritative directions as to action. I have lived in your midst for years before it was revealed to me; can you not Reflect! "
10:17  Who then is more wrongful of actions than he who relates to Allah falsehood or denies His revelations and signs demonstrating His Omnipotence and Authority! Indeed the wicked shall never prosper
10:18  They worship besides Allah what shall never hurt them nor profit them, and they claim that such objects of worship shall serve as their intercessors pleading on their behalf with Allah! Say to them O Muhammad: Do you inform Allah of what He does not know in the heavens and the earth!" Glory be to Him- and extolled are His glorious attributes; He is infinitely far beyond those whom or which they incorporate with Him
10:19  People were but one single nation, then they differed among themselves in opinion and each group cherished a certain view and belief and were altogether set at variance. Had it not been for Allah's word proclaimed beforehand to delay the decision on matters of doubt and dispute among them and to put punishment in respite, their Hereafter would have been planted in the now
10:20  They -the idolaters- insolently say: "If only a sign other than the Quran be revealed to evince both his wisdom and the truth of his mission!" Say to them O Muhammad: "Divination of things to come rests in the hands of Allah Who knows the hidden, the unknown and all that is destined to come, therefore, you just wait O people, I will also await with you future events"
10:21  Should We make people taste Our mercy and benediction following a touch of a misfortune that has befallen them, their cunning borders upon knavery and they direct their roguery against Our signs and revelations. Say to them: "Allah is prompt in having recourse to stratagem and indeed Our watchful guardian angels commit to writing every cunning act that your minds and souls impel you to do"
10:22  It is He who enables you to travel by land and sea and when you are on board a ship and a gentle breeze arises and the sails catch it and cause the vessel to move through the water before the wind, people rejoice beyond a common joy*. But when the light wind changes to a brisk gale** and waves rise in billows tossing them in every direction and they think they are enclosed by danger on all sides and they are bereaved of hope, they invoke Allah with an unconscious common feeling of an intuitive cognition and belief in Him, reasoning high exclusively of Providence to the end that if He delivers them from this catastrophe they would be indeed thankful
10:23  After He has rescued them from a sure disaster, they simply run riot and go unjustly beyond prudent and reasonable limits. O you people, who do not keep a promise nor honour a vow: You had better realize that your imprudence works against your own interest: The enjoyment in life here is evanescent and fleeting and suddenly and soon enough shall you be on your way back to us, and there and then We shall inform you of all that your minds and souls have impelled you to do
10:24  Life here below stands similitude exact of the soil which is stirred to activity and swells up by absorption of the rain water falling from the floor of the vault of heaven. The water is imbibed by soil which constitute the victuals of both man and animal causing the vegetal growths to flourish and grow healthy and vigorous. The earth is rendered beautiful and pleasing to the senses and the world comes to be adorned and furnished with all that is ornamental, the natural and the artificial, and when its inhabitants begin to think that it shall always minister to their necessities and pleasure and they are now the masters thereof, there comes Our command to pass by night or by day to convince mankind that it is not in mortals to command success, and we mow it down as if it never flourished the day before. Thus do We expound Our revelations and make Our discourse readily understood by people who reflect
10:25  Allah invites to a world of peace in His heaven's realm and He guides whom He will to the path of safety and righteousness
10:26  A world in the August presence where He shall requite those who vested their deeds with wisdom and piety with more than they expect; more than what is commensurate with their pious deeds. Never shall their faces be overlaid with unbroken and oppressing, mournful and painful gloom nor with humiliation and shame; these are the inmates of Paradise wherein they wit have passed through nature to Eternity
10:27  But those who have committed themselves to an evil line of conduct, the retribution for evil doing is evil of a like nature, in addition to the gloom and the mortification which shall overlay their faces. No one shall they find then to afford them protection against Allah's retributive punishment; their faces shall be coated with gloom; a painful distressing darkness they will have to assume, as if they were wearing a mask made by a mould of a pitch-dark night These are the Inmates of Hell wherein they will have passed through nature to eternal suffering
10:28  The Day We throng them all together, We will address them, thus: Stop, where you are, together with your predominant partners whom you incorporated with Allah; you shall hear His verdict and We keep them apart. There and then shall say those who were worshipped to their worshippers: "You did not really worship us, but you worshipped your lust and your inordinate self-esteem and determination."
10:29  And they add: Allah knows all the facts. He is a witness of our actions and of your actions and He corroborates our statement that we were oblivious of the reverence and veneration you paid to us and of your feelings which were akin to worshi
10:30  There and then shall every soul come to be fully aware of all that it had advanced in life of good and pious deeds and of all that it had committed of evil deeds. Now, they have been brought back to Allah, their Creator, Who is truth personified. Now they are renounced and forsaken by those whom they presumed to share with Allah His divine nature and who have failed their expectations
10:31  Say to them -the infidels- O Muhammad: "Who supplies you with the provisions from the Heavens and the earth and with the means of sustaining your lives? Who has control over the faculties of hearing and sight, faculties divine? Who causes the living* to egress from the dead and causes the dead to fall from the living? And Who conducts all affairs? Ironically, they will say: "Allah". Then say to them: "Will you, then, not entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him!"
10:32  This, then, is Allah, your Creator, Who is truth personified. If you disregard the truth, there remains only false beliefs and departure from moral righteousness. Therefore, how do you people counsel deaf and turn away from the truth
10:33  Thus was the word of Allah verified and proved true against the wicked who just do not give credence to the truth nor do they accord Allah recognition
10:34  Say to them: "Is there any one among your predominant partners whom -you presume to share with Allah His divine nature who can start creation from nothingness and reproduce it? Then say to them: " Allah does start creation from nothingness and reproduces it and on the Day of Resurrection He shall create all anew, therefore, how could you be strongly deluded so as to believe a lie
10:35  Say to them O Muhammad: "Is there anyone among your predominant partners whom you presume to share with Allah His divine nature, who can guide people into all truth!" Then say to them: Allah's spirit of truth guides to all truth, therefore, does He Who guides to all truth not merit to be followed, or he who cannot act as a guide and needs to be guided!" "What ails you people that you cannot apprehend mentally the difference nor arrive at a sound and correct Judgement."
10:36  Most of them only follow the false suppositions and the incitement arising from the state of their minds and feeling. An opinion offered on insufficient presumptive evidence cannot override the truth nor overrule it; Allah is 'Alimun (Omniscient) of all that they do
10:37  Nor could this Quran be contrived by anyone even if he is of singular ingenuity. Its inimitability, guidance and precision betoken its divine nature and exclude all else besides Allah. It corroborates and authoritatively validates all the divine Books revealed before it in time and serves as an excellent interpretation expounding all the statutes and ordinances past and present revealed to all intelligent creatures and exacts obedience from the whole. It is undoubtedly a Revelation emphatically revealed by Allah, the Creator of the universe and of the world-to-come
10:38  Or do they say: "He Muhammad has forged it" Say to them: "If you do believe I did, then produce one Surah the like thereof, and call on all those besides Allah whom you can possibly engage to venture upon this undertaking if indeed you are declaring the truth!"
10:39  The fact is that: they deny the Quran and assert that it is false without deliberating on its divine discourse and without knowledge of its precepts, nor has its interpretation been given yet. Similarly reacted their predecessors under the vexations of their minds, and you can see the fatal consequence of the wrongful of actions
10:40  Nonetheless, among them are some who give credence to it and hold it as true and divine, while others do simply refuse to receive it with favour or consenting mind. But Allah, your Creator, knows best those who are characterized with prepensed malice
10:41  However, if they should charge you O Muhammad with falsehood, you just say to them: "I am responsible for my deeds and you are responsible for yours; you are innocent of my actions and I am innocent of what your minds and souls impel you to do."
10:42  Among them are some who listen to your discourse on practical divinity but they counsel deaf. Therefore, do you think you will be able to communicate with those whose their hearts' ears are closed and they fail to reflect
10:43  Among them are those who stare at you with vacant minds, therefore, would you be able to guide those whose their minds' eyes are blind, unable to perceive mentally or apprehend by thought
10:44  Allah does not and shall not do injustice to any one not even in the slightest degree, but it is the people who wrong themselves through perversity of judgement or persistence and obstinacy in erroneous opinion
10:45  On the Day He throngs them before Him for judgement, they shall bring back to the mind their life below appearing to them, then, as though it had lasted for no more than one hour of the time of daylight, and they shall recognize each other by the distinctive features, the appearance and the character. There and then shall the losers be those who denied Resurrection and the audience of Allah, who were misdirected in action and thought and had the wrong purpose and intention
10:46  We either show you, in your life time O Muhammad some part of the promised retributive punishment, or occasion your death before you witness this punishment. Then to us they are destined to return, and Allah is Shahidun (Omnipresent) and He witnesses all that they do
10:47  To every people, generation or nation has a Messenger been sent to admonish them to seek Allah, their Creator and draw near to him. Following his death, the legacy of thought and the message of truth were committed to a delegate until another Messenger was sent, And in Day of judgment shall every Messenger bear witness to his peoples' response, and people shall be judged and every one is rendered his due and no one shall be wronged
10:48  The infidels ask as usual: "When shall it -the Day of judgment- be, if you - the Messenger and his followers- are declaring the truth?"
10:49  Say to them: "I have no control over what will come nor of what will befall me, be it bad or good, but as Allah Wills" And to every people, all and each, We have ordained a definite point of time, and when their. time is fulfilled never shall they be able to delay it or anticipate it for one hour or infinitely less
10:50  Say to them: "What if Allah afflicts you with a penalty by night or by day in requital of your evil deeds or your Hereafter be planted in the now; what benefit would you -the wicked- derive from it that you wish it to be hastened on
10:51  Is it only now that your Hereafter is planted you admit that it is carried on from discourse and design to reality and effect, when in life below you mockingly challenged it and wished it be hastened on
10:52  There and then shall the wrongful of actions be told: "Now taste the eternal punishment laid on the damned; shall you be requited but with what is commensurate with your evil deeds!"
10:53  They mockingly and insolently ask you O Muhammad with a strong bias toward the disparagement of Resurrection and of the Quran and its threat or menace of committing the infidels to Hell-Fire, and wonder interrogatively if this be true! Say to them: "By Allah, my Creator, it is indeed true; it is as true as is the needle to the pole, and you just cannot counteract the laws and statutes of the Realm nor can you escape."
10:54  If every sinful soul were so affluent that it held in possession all the riches on earth, it would gladly pay it in expiation of its guilt with pining regrets and vain repentances when they are confronted with the horrid punishment. There and then they are judged with equity and justice and no one shall ever be wronged
10:55  Indeed, to Allah alone belongs all that exists, be it visible or invisible, in the heavens and on earth. In point of fact the promise uttered by Allah is the truth personified but most of them -the infidels- do not seem to realize this fact
10:56  He gives life and causes animate existence and He occasions the moment of death, and to Him the whole and all in all are destined to go back
10:57  O you people, there has come to you from Allah, your Creator, an authoritative admonition exhorting you to recognize Him and urges you to what is good and laudable. It serves as an incitement to worship no one but Him and as remedy for your hearts and minds from sinful infirmities of idolatry and infidelity and as a guide and mercy to those whose hearts are impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues
10:58  Say to them: You people ought to rejoice at Allah's grace and mercy - His guidance to the path of righteousness, the illumination and enlightenment, reason, sense and endless advantages summed up in you and outweighing all that you accumulate of the mundane things of this life
10:59  Say to them: Do you see the victuals with which Allah has provided you of His bounty, both from heaven and from beneath your feet, and you took the liberty to classify them according to your desire into the permissible and the forbidden insisting that all pleasures are good! Was it Allah Who permitted you to do so or do you take a persistent stand to relate to Allah falsehood and promote your own falsehood
10:60  What shall you do then on the Day of Resurrection and Judgement when you stand before Allah indebted and committed for your intentional assertion of falsehood! Indeed, Allah's grace abounds in people but most of them show indisposition to acknowledge His bounty and display want of gratitude
10:61  We do know that you -the Messenger- have delivered the divine message, no matter whether you are engaged in the affairs of mankind or in the ordinary pursuits of life or in any other concern, and no matter how little, or how much you recite of the Quran, and no matter what you people do or undo or accomplish but We are witnesses thereof. We experience it by personal observation as you busy yourselves for good or ill. Nor is there anything in an atom's weight on earth or in heaven that escapes your Creator's knowledge nor lesser or larger in amount or degree but is recorded in a documentary book that furnishes evidence of facts and events
10:62  Indeed, those whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand who chose to be under Allah's tutelage are they who are safe and secure; they have no ground for alarm nor shall fear or dread fall upon them, nor shall they come to grief
10:63  They have faithfully recognized Allah with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and entertained the profound reverence dutiful to Him
10:64  The news of joyful events are hereby announced to them in this world and in the world-to-come. The words uttered by Allah are not alterable, meaning that divine assurance of present and future good or blessing is irrevocable and this is indeed triumph supreme
10:65  Therefore, let not their- the infidels' - vain and unreasonable discourse O Muhammad grieve you at heart. Might, honour and Omnipotence are all asserted as Allah's own; He is Sami'un (Omnipresent with unlimited audition) and 'Alimun
10:66  Indeed, all that exists in the heavens and on earth and all creatures in the heavens and on earth belong to Allah alone. Those infidels who incorporate with Him other deities pervert the facts; they only follow the false suppositions and the incitement arising from the state of their minds and feelings; they simply lie and indeed they lie in their teeth
10:67  He -Allah- is it Who designated for you a period of darkness -the night-* to take your natural repose and recuperate, and a period filled with -light the day- to have clear perception of things and acquire experience of the activities of human existence. These are phenomena emblematic indeed of Allah's Omnipotence and Authority, phenomena that are appreciated and faithfully recognized by people who bow down their ears to the truth
10:68  They -The infidels- insolently said: Allah has taken up a son; glory be to Him and extolled are His glorious attributes; He is infinitely Independent and Absolute. To Him alone belong all that is in the heavens and all that is on earth. Do you people have proof or solid information or a valid indication to evidence your ugly and false allegation ! Do you relate to Allah what you do not know nor able to prove
10:69  Say to them -the infidels-: "Those who charge Allah with false and malicious misrepresentation shall fare ill; they shall go farther and fare worse."
10:70  Possessions here and all that affords pleasure shall not be enjoyed for long; life here is a scene of evanescent and fleeting glory. Then back to us they return and there and then shall We afflict them with the torment laid upon the damned who thrived on denying Allah and on disobeying His commands
10:71  Narrate to them O Muhammad the story of Nuh (Noah); it might bring them to their senses. He said to his people: "My people, if you feel that my abode among you and my constant reminding you of Allah's message and of your duty to Him are annoying you and exhausting your patience, in Allah I trust and no one can stop me from doing my duty to Him. Therefore, get together with your predominant partners whom you claim to have authority over you besides Allah and decide on a course of action not objectively doubtful and fulfill it against me and give me no respite."
10:72  "And if you counsel deaf and disregard Allah's commands, I do not charge you a price for imparting to you Allah's revelations and disclosures, wisdom and practical divinity. My reward rests at the hands of Allah and I have been commanded to be among those who conform to Islam."
10:73  Yet they charged him with falsehood, and by consequence We rescued him by putting him together with those who fell in line with him on board ship -The Ark- and made them the successors. We drowned those who denied Our divine Message and signs. Now look to see what was the fate of those who were warned of impending danger and misfortune and they refused to pay heed
10:74  In succession, We sent Messengers, each carrying a divine message to his people. They presented them with enough signs to guide them out of want of spiritual and intellectual sight into illumination and enlightenment. But they would not give credence to what they had rejected aforetime. Thus do We deafen the hearts' ears of those whose thoughts thrive on disobedience and transgression
10:75  Subsequently We sent Mussa (Moses) and Harun (Aaron) to Pharaoh and his people to present them with Our divine message imparting intellectual enlightenment and illumination. But they turned indignant and displayed inordinate self-esteem and confirmed themselves in prepensed malice and were a people steeped in crime
10:76  They labelled the divine truth presented to them through Our Messenger Mussa necromancy displayed by a necromancer capable indeed of skilled sorcery
10:77  "Do you people" said Mussa, "Call the truth presented to you, sorcery! Is this sorcery! But indeed, never shall the sorcerer be able to withstand the truth"
10:78  They said to Mussa: "Did you come to us to dissuade us to disregard our fathers' system of faith and worship in order to be the distinguished above all others and the exalted in rank and station in the land! Never. Notwithstanding that we do not believe you nor do we give credence to your message."
10:79  There and then said Pharaoh to his commanders: "Fetch me every necromancer who is skilled in magic"
10:80  When all the skilled sorcerers assembled themselves unto Pharaoh. Mussa said to them: "Throw forth what you have up your sleeves"
10:81  And when they cast loose their devices, Mussa said to them: "What you have just displayed is simply an illusion which shall be extinguished by Providence. Allah does not make the work of the mischievous answer its purpose"
10:82  By His words does Allah assert the truth, even though it is hateful to the wicked
10:83  The people of pharaoh, knew Mussa to be in the right. Nonetheless, only a few of them gave credence to the message through fear of Pharaoh and of the Pharonic nobility lest they should persecute them. Pharaoh was indeed an unmerciful tyrannical ruler in the land, who strayed beyond just limits, and in every manner and degree was he flagrantly excessive
10:84  Then, Mussa said to his people: My people; if you have really accepted Allah and conformed to His will then in Him you must trust if indeed you have conformed to Islam
10:85  There, they said: "In Allah we trust". and they expressed their thoughts in the invocatory prayer, thus: "O Allah our Creator, uphold us and forsake us not, lest we should come to the wrong-headed's lure and be lured into their snare and suffer persecution."
10:86  "And deliver us through Your mercy from the infidels who are wrongful of actions."
10:87  There, We inspired Mussa and his brother Harun to provide their people with dwellings in the land of Egypt, and We said to them: "Make of your homes oratories representing a Qibla (Kib
10:88  Mussa prayed, thus: "O Allah, our Creator ", he said, "You have graced Pharaoh and the Pharonic nobility with material grandeur of impressive character and You gave them riches and abundance of valuable possessions which induced them to stray from Your path of righteousness" "O Allah, our Creator, reduce their riches to insignificance and deafen their hearts' ears to the end that they do not recognize You until they have apprehended by sight the torment laid upon the damned"
10:89  And there, Allah said: "The prayer petitioned by you and your brother O Mussa has been granted; you just keep to the path of righteousness and do not follow the path of those who are lacking intellectual acquaintance with the facts."
10:90  We led Bani Isra‘il (the Children of Israel) across the sea whereupon Pharaoh and his troops pursued them with the intention of persecuting them and unjustly and wrongfully torturing them. Such intention had prevailed until the moment when the sea- water overwhelmed them in abundance and Pharaoh realized that he was drowning. There and then he uttered his pining regrets and vain repentances and said: " Now do I realize that there is no Ilah but Him Who has been recognized by Bani Isra‘il and I submit to join those who have conformed to Islam."
10:91  "Now", said Allah that you are besieged by horror and caught in the jaws of death, you are willing to submit when as yet you have withheld obedience and refused to conform to My will and you were a byword for wickedness arid infirmity of purpose."
10:92  "Today", Allah added, "We deliver only your corpse so as to serve as a deterrent to your successors and to be a sign betokening Allah's Omnipotence and Authority, albeit many among people are indeed heedless of Our signs."
10:93  We confirmed Bani Isra‘il and provided them with good and satisfying dwellings and provisioned them with the good and wholesome victuals. Yet they only set themselves at variance after they had received divine knowledge illumination and enlightenment. But Allah shall judge between them in Day of Judgement on the strained points upon which the whole unreasoning turns
10:94  If you O Muhammad or any of your followers are in doubt of what has been inspired to you, then you may ask those who have been reading and perusing the Book before you and interpreting it in thought with understanding of what it meant and not what it merely implied. Therefore, do not let their assertion of what is false make you doubtful and anxious
10:95  Nor should you or anyone of those who followed you be among those who deny Allah's revelations and signs lest you be a part of those who were born to be losers
10:96  Indeed those whose thoughts thrived on disobedience have verified Allah's divine preordination declared in words thus: "These were born to it; they shall not conform to Allah's will nor to His system of faith and worship."
10:97  They just would not believe even if they be presented with every supernatural sign clearly betokening Allah's Omnipotence and Authority until they meet face to face with the torment Allah lays upon the damned
10:98  Wherefore Had any town conformed to Allah's will, inducing the people to piety profiting by it, but they did not, except the people of Yunus who no sooner did they conform to Allah's will than they were the recipients of His mercy. We cancelled their misfortunes which drew upon them worldly disgrace and shame and had greatly injured their name. And We granted them comfort and enjoyment and all that advantaged them of Allah's blessings in life, up to a predetermined point of time
10:99  Had Allah willed O Muhammad, He would have induced all people domiciled on earth to conform to His will and to His system of faith and worship. Would you then twist peoples' opinions into accordance with your party and force them to conform to Islam
10:100  No soul yields itself servant to Allah but by His leave, and Allah lays the charge to the doors of those who have come within the measure of His wrath. They are characterized with dullness of comprehension
10:101  Say to them -the infidels-: "Look attentively and contemplate mentally and take note of all that is in the heavens and on earth, all indicating an Omnipotent unique Maker! But what shall it advantage a man and what good do the signs and the warnings do to a people who simply refuse to recognize Allah and heed Him
10:102  Do they expect but the burdensome and troublesome days, the like of those eventful days exhaustive to the minds of their predecessors! Say to them: " You just await the justice prepared above in heaven's realm. I will await it also."
10:103  There and then will We deliver from peril Our Messengers together with those who accepted them and recognized their missions. Thus it is a duty incumbent on us to save those who conformed to Our will and to Our system of faith and worship
10:104  Say to them: "O you people, if you are in doubt of my religion the divinely approved system of faith and worship, you had better realize that I do not conform to Worshipping those whom you worship besides Allah, but I do adore with appropriate acts and rites the only Ilah, the Creator, Who alone controls your destiny and disembodies your souls". " And I have been commanded to be among those who have recognized Him with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues."
10:105  "Set your face and rest your eyes sincerely upon Allah and your heart on religion with sincere feelings and actions, and never be one of these who incorporate with Allah other deities."
10:106  "Nor invoke besides Allah what shall not profit you nor harm you, for if you do, you shall then be one of those who are wrongful of actions."
10:107  "You must realize that should Allah befall you with a misfortune or wed you to a calamity, no one shall be able to cancel it but Him. And if He mercifully befalls you with a good fortune, no one can obstruct His bounty with which He graces whom He will among His servants, and He is Ghafurun (Forgiving), and Rahimun (Merciful)
10:108  Say to them Muhammad: "O you people, now has the truth come to you from Allah, your Creator, and he who chooses to follow the path of righteousness shall only profit his own soul, and he who chooses to stray and loses himself in the maze of error shall only harm his own soul, and I am not here to watch over your innocence and folly."
10:109  And adhere O Muhammad to all that is inspired to you and exercise patience until Allah pronounces His judgement, for He is It Who gives the law whereas all other judges just interpret it